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mountain biking vacations in moab, utah

Mountain Bike Moab
3 Days 4 Nights

At the heart of the Moab "3D" package are three mindfully selected guided mountain bike day rides tuned to challenge specific skills and fitness of a solo, couple, or private group of three or four riders. The 3D comes with or without four nights of in-town ACCOMMODATIONS at a choice of levels of luxury. Comfortable shuttle transport to and from trailheads is included. You may book any available dates at any time of year. Peak season dates go as far as a year in advance. A private 3D package may be reserved with upgraded ELITE LEVEL SERVICES, offering a higher level of luxury and after-ride entertainment and dining, further flexibility in ride schedule and frequency, access to our GUESTHOME AND BIKE SHOP, and the chance to add or substitute other activities during your stay. Bike rentals are not included in standard 3D costs, but are included in upgraded Super Elite packages. CONTACT US for answers to specific questions.


3D budget package for novices and intermediates

DreamrideSkills-Specific Ride Series

The 3D is based on three day rides, from 4 to 8 hours each. Each ride is chosen with careful consideration to your abilities. A questionnaire helps us determine a level of skill and interests prior to your arrival and the first day in a series serves as further skills evaluation along with an environmental skills lesson. Specific trail requests are considered after the first day ride, but it is always best to let our guide choose trails for you after considering your fitness, interests and skills.

Dreamride LLC offers hundreds of routes and thousands of miles of trail in the Moab area. Every ride series is flexible and different, custom designed to take weather, skills and special interests into consideration. Standard packages remain within 30 miles of Moab. Upgrading to Elite level extends range from 30 to 50 miles from Moab, and allows for a much more flexible schedule. Super Elite upgrade extends range up to 200 miles from Moab with the option for remote lodgings.

About evaluations: The first ride of any series serves as personal evaluation and environmental etiquette instruction. These duties are performed in one of three trail networks within 20 miles of town. These areas were chosen for the variety of routes, surfaces and challenges they offer. At any time the route can be changed "on the fly" to accommodate the skills and fitness of the particular rider or group. Diverse routes within the evaluation area offer challenge for experienced riders while not confronting the novice or intermediate with continued vertical exposure. All evaluation areas facilitate, as best is possible, evacuation in case of injury.

Directly below is a sample of a popular 3D ride series for a group of INTERMEDIATE SKILLED RIDERS. Trail choices have greatly expanded over the years since Dreammride has been in operation. We do not list or promote the best of the trails here, though we offer every legal trail in the area:

Day One ~ Evaluation!

mountain bike dinosaur tracking

Klondike Bluffs Area
5 to 7 hours 12 to 20 miles

A classic Moab ride that has been expanded into a complex mountain bike park with many trails of varying skill level. A ride in the Bluff can be relatively easy to extremely physical and technically difficult. We can combine slickrock with technical singletrack and/or rugged jeeps roads. This is the perfect area to present any group with many challenges specific to a range of skills. After many years of taking almost every group out here at least once in their stay, our guides know this area like no others in Moab. We make it interesting every time we ride there.

Attractions: A great place to get to know a variety challenges such as slickrock, sand, stone ledges and a range of singletracks (novice to expert). Miles of moderate slickrock, loose rock, sand and ledges allow newcomers to get a taste of classic Moab. If you are a rockhound, be sure to tell us before we take you to Klondike Bluffs. There are many interesting mineral deposits and formations in the area. Klondike Bluffs is the best dinosaur tracking destination near Moab. Dreamride has been active in the fight to preserve these remarkable resources in the face of overuse and abuse. Some of the more popular sections of trail with dinosaur tracks alongside have incurred damage, but we get you to where tracks are unharmed and pristine for photography. Areas of geological and historical interest abound, such as old movie sets, mine shafts and vast exposed areas of the Moab Slickrock Tongue, the formation that gives name to style of riding. Stone age middens are scattered across the rock. Some free form play is possible after learning basic skills of environmental protection. Some of the most stunning views in Arches National Park are available from Klondike Bluffs.

Day Two ~ intermediate to advanced skill level

Gemini Bridges Singletracks and Jeep Roads
5 to 7 hours 10+ miles

The Mag 7 singletracks are among the very best in the world and we have designed out many routes of varying lengths and difficulty that incorporate jeep roads of varying difficulty and visits to various geological wonders.

Attractions: Technical high desert singletrack with sections to challenge even the most experienced cyclist. Geological formations. Fossils. Spectacular vistas.

Day Three ~ intermediate with advanced options

Courthouse Pasture, under Merrimac ButteCourthouse Pasture Options
From 5 to 7 hours Up to 25 miles

Courthouse Pasture has long been our most popular intermediate to advanced ride area. It is a huge plateau above and west of the Moab fault. We ride through tight canyons, across streambeds, through sand and over convoluted slickrock and rocky sediments, up and down steps and crags to the edge of a 600' vertical cliff overlooking Arches National Park. The views are spectacular and the downhill run back to the shuttle is a blast. We can complete a huge loop around the Pasture or perform a number of figure 8 rides in the middle, taking advantage of the bare rock and 4WD routes. Your guide can choose to make the ride longer at any point.

Attractions: Dinosaur quarry; beautiful canyons; breathtaking views into Arches National Park and the La Sal Mountains; bizarre rock formations; a breathtaking climb and descent; challenging trail surfaces of all kinds from quicksand to smooth slickrock; Indian middens; perfect for action photography.


skills and environmental respect gain access
Reserve your mountain bike vacation with Dreamride.

DreamrideMoab 3D Rates
There is a 7.8% state sales tax on all services and equipment. Bike rentals are not included. It is customary to tip your guide.

*As good as it gets!
ELITE UPGRADES are available when this package is reserved for private parties of one or two, or any party of three or four.


$1195 for private solo.
$1675 for a private couple.
$1775 for private group of three.
$1900 for a private group of four.


Rates below are for four nights of lodging and include the upcharge for hotel taxes, though they do not include sales tax. There are levels of accommodations listed. Prices vary according to quality and luxury of the lodgings. Click on the level for a description of included accommodations. The first night of lodging is prior to the ride series (first ride is the morning after your first night). The last night of accommodations is after the ride series, allowing a safer, more relaxed morning departure from Moab.

Private Solo (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).

Level 1 ~ $1500
Level 3 ~ $1810 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $1990 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 4 ~ $2030
Level 5 ~ $2330
Level 6 ~ $2510

*Solo within a private party of two to four (private lodgings for each person)
Level 3 ~ $1080
Level 4 ~ $1150
Level 5 ~ $1470

Private Couples
Level 1 ~ $1895
Level 3 ~ $2125 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $2285 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 4 ~ $2465
Level 5 ~ $2730
Level 6 ~ $2910
Level 7 two-bedroom suite ~ $3510

Group of three or four individuals (or two couples) sharing a single room or condo--prices listed are for each of you. Prices may vary according to your needs and lodging configuration.
Level 3 ~ $600 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $765 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 5 ~ $1050
Level 6 ~ $1100
Level 7 (two-bedroom suite) ~ $1250


Dreamride Mountain Bike Tours

Moab Active Vacations Standard Package Provisions
Extended Elite Level Services

For more information on Moab, Utah: Click on MOAB HOMEPAGE for overall information on Moab operations. Click on LOGISTICS TO MOAB for advice on airport shuttles, rental cars, flights, and shipping your bike. Click on MOAB WEATHER for local weather stats. Click on CLIENT TESTIMONIALS for encouragement. Click on MOAB TRAILS for a sample list of trails with skill level ratings.

Solo with guide/photog on the Moab Slickrock Trail

PROVISIONS: Packages come with or without levels of accommodations. Rides are from four to eight hours departure to return, shuttled and guided. We have a rental fleet for Moab terrain and ride from town options. Body armor is provided.

*As good as it gets!
ELITE SERVICE UPGRADES include: Guiding by company owners; Flexible ride schedules; Comfortable Toyota Sequoia 4WD trail shuttle; Access to the GUESTHOME; Options for desert slickrock night rides; Private chef services; Hiking or swimming; DVD rentals; Internet access, . . . and more. The Elite and Super Elite Upgrades are best for COUPLES or anyone desiring a mature, and/or more hardcore approach to mountain bike touring. Take the opportunity to combine purchase of a DREAMRIDE DREAMRIDE or MOOTS bicycle as part of your trip and receive a discount on tour services.

at the deep end of the pool

SLICKROCK SKILLS CLINICS can be part of any private package in Moab. Play and learn on unimagined landscapes of sandstone by choosing to add or substitute one or two days of moderate or intensive skills instruction. Enjoy Moab's unique geology; slickrock domes, deep chutes and sandstone moguls. Learn the tricks of action photography. One day clinics and action photography workshops are taught by Lee Bridgers, company owner. Offered to riders of all skill levels. Especially effective for intermediates, but beneficial to anyone.

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