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Reserve your mountain bike vacation with Dreamride.
4 Day ~ 6 Night Moab Mountain Bike Vacation

DreamrideFour Day Rides ~ One Rest Day
Six (or more) Nights of Choice Lodgings

Our four day package was added in 2008 as a result of years of custom trips for private solos and couples from abroad. We see it as a Goldilocks offering. For intermediate to advanced riders it is not too short, and not too long--just right! Riders leave satisfied, but not exhausted. The 4Day format comes with six nights of lodging, allowing a rest day amid the ride series. You may opt for an additional day of lodgings at the onset to allow your body and mind to adjust for jet lag, or you can substitute a hike on the first day for an interpretive experience that will give you more respect for this place before we put out tires on it. The rest day can usually be moved, if needed. Elite and SuperElite private parties have access to a hiking guide for second daily activity; a Cowboy Jacuzzi hike/swim (a natural water massage).

Package includes ~

Six nights of accommodations to suit personal tastes for luxury (see below); Four shuttled and guided mountain bike rides from four to eight hours long; Transport to and from the trail; Tech support, riding tips, and personal guide interpretation; Access to accessories, components, bikes and parts; Information on Moab's restaurants and attractions is generously offered upon request. If you are a private party interested in a more personal experience, add the ELITE LEVEL option to this package for upgrades such as extended range from Moab, after-ride food, creative shuttles, and the guide services of company owners. If you want a skills clinic and upgraded services as part of the package, go to <46skills.html>2+2=6 for our most popular offering.

Lodging choices ~

Choose from a range of accommodations including motel-style, hotel, cabin, apartment-style, or bed and breakfast inns. Upscale lodging includes spas, pools, etc. Our convenient Moab shop location is easy walking distance to and from the best lodgings and restaurants in Moab's center. A singletrack departs from the property, giving us access to trails on the east side of Moab.

Mountain bike rentals ~

We have a fleet of rentals built in our shop especially for Moab terrain. These bikes do not come out of a box. They are customs, just for our fleeet. There are also demo bikes, examples of the best mountain bikes we sell, available as rentals for ELITE level packages.

at the deep end of the pool
DreamrideSkills-Specific Ride Series
Skill level is evaluated with a questionnaire and interview and on the first ride.

Solo with guide/photog on the Moab Slickrock TrailYou may request rides gleaned from a network of classic MOAB TRAILS (this is a woefully small list in comparison to the actual slate of trails we are permitted for), but it is always best to let us decide the trails for you and we reserve the right to guard your safety by placing you on trails appropriate to your skills. Rides are chosen daily to preserve solitude and provide as pure a mountain biking experience as possible. The first day's bike/eco skills evaluation in an area of infinite route choices determines rides to follow. Maximum group size is four and all packages are private. We can accommodate a group of up to eight by splitting the group in two, but we prefer couples. The smaller the group, the more fun we all have. With larger groups, everyone must be fit and healthy. Guide to guest ratio is never more than four to one, depending on skills, experience, compatibility and maturity of the group. Extended services, such extra guides, are available. To allow for changing weather conditions, the Elite Service Upgrade can combine mountain biking with hiking, photography, canyoneering, or skiing. During summer months we recommend a hike to a swim in a clear creek in a deep canyon for one day in the series.

About Skills Evaluations: The first day of any series serves as a skills and fitness evaluation and environmental etiquette lesson. This is where we put "sea legs" under you with basic instruction in techniques specific to Moab's challenges. Go to SKILLS INDEX to begin. Evaluation duties are usually performed in one of three areas chosen for this task. Evaluation areas present riders with many challenges without extreme vertical exposure in a place easily accessed in case of an emergency.

Reserve your mountain bike vacation with Dreamride.
Dreamride4D Rates
There is a 7.8% state sales tax on all services and equipment.

*As good as it gets!


$1595 for a private solo.
$1995 for a private couple.
$2495 for a private group of three.
$2995 for a private group of four.


Rates below are for six nights of lodging and include hotel taxes, though they do not include Utah sales tax. There are four levels of accommodations listed. Prices vary according to quality, location and luxury. Click on the level for a description of included accommodations. The first night of lodging is prior to the ride series (first ride is the morning after your first night of sleep in town). The last night of accommodations is after the ride series, allowing a good night's sleep and relaxed morning departure from Moab.

Private Solo (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).

Level 1 ~ $2350
Level 2 ~ $2500
Level 3 ~ $2825 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $3065 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 4 ~ $3090
Level 5 ~ $3605
Level 6 ~ $3875

Private Couple (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).
Level 1 ~ $2995
Level 2 ~ $3295
Level 3 ~ $3625 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $3865 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 4 ~ $3905
Level 5 ~ $4405
Level 6 ~ $4675

Group of three or four individuals (or two couples) sharing a single room--prices listed are for each of you.
Note: We will reserve any configuration of rooms necessary for your group and in the cases. Prices will vary with season and arrangements.
Level 2 ~ $995
Level 3 ~ $1150 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $1225 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 5 ~ $1465


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It is not over until you have done the paperwork. Please download the pdf documents directly below. Fill out the questionnaire and waiver below and send them via fax (435-259-8196) or EMAIL.

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Company Favorite!
The 4 day ~ 6 night vacation format is a company-recommended format. Due to the physical difficulty of our best trails, a rest day is a blessing. With this particular format the four days of ride activities are broken by a rest day after the second ride. Private Solo Trips Available Add a one-day skills clinic.
The 4 Day format was originally formulated for our most popular package, a custom Elite package allowing for a rest day after a skills clinic or a particularly difficult day ride. This format has traditionally been very effective in combination with an additional private day-long skills clinic, but if you don't need the clinic and upgraded services, this stock four day, six night package was formulated for you. Dreamride's On-site Skills Course Moab slickrock skills clinics For more flexibility upgrade to Elite Services!
Service upgrades are available that include more elaborate shuttles, additional guides, longer rides, night rides, two rides in one day, road rides, mountain singletrack, organic gormet after-ride food and drink, and more. Click on the panel below for more information on Elite level services and "luxury" trips. Elite guide and vacation service upgrade. Click here for Moab Vacation listings.