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mountain biking in moab, utah

secret Moab SlickrockDreamride's Most Popular
Moab Mountain Bike Vacation

The Five Daze package includes: Six nights of accommodations to suit your needs and budget. Five mountain bike rides of from four to eight hours in duration on Dreamride's custom routes in the desert, canyons and mountain lands surrounding Moab, Utah. Transport to and from the trail each day. Tech support, riding tips, and personal guiding and interpretation. Access to our shop mechanic, needed accessories, components, bikes and parts. Information on Moab's restaurants and attractions is generously offered. Special local discounts are granted to Dreamride clients at some local businesses.

For a sampling from long ago click on: Slideshow

elite package upgrade If you are looking for the ultimate mountain bike vacation, then consider the Elite Upgrade option for the package below. The five day format was our most highly rated vacation by first time and repeat clients over the first ten years we were in business. The Elite Upgrade insures daily rides are guided or overseen by Dreamride company owner, Lee Bridgers. This option also allows access to our extreme high-end Elite-Only rentals and an expanded range from Moab featuring exclusive slickrock freeride areas. The Elite utilizes our custom Toyota Sequoia for transport and means a more social after-ride atmosphere with refreshments and options such as DVD rentals and photography services. For more information click on the Elite banner.

SLICKROCK SKILLS CLINICS can be part of any package in Moab. Play and learn on unimagined landscapes of sandstone by choosing to add or substitute one or two days of intensive skills instruction. Enjoy Moab's unique geology; huge slickrock domes, deep chutes and sandstone moguls. Learn tricks and action photography. Take photos better than the magazines. One day clinics are taught by our Moab guides. Action photography is taught by Lee Bridgers, company owner. Offered to riders of all skill levels. Especially effective for intermediates.

mountain biking moab, utah

Choice of Accommodations
Lodgings are near to our Moab house and shop, carefully selected to suit your budget and desires for comfort, convenience and luxury. You can book your own lodgings, but we know the ropes, the best rooms and you end up paying the same price but without the hassle. If you are interested in combining the absolute best services we offer in Moab in a five day package, try the MOAB ULTIMATE, a luxurious private mountain bike vacation based on this same Five Daze plan but including upscale accommodations and all ELITE LEVEL perks such as creative multi-vehicle transport, extended range, more difficult rides, access to Elite Rentals, plus supervision and/or guiding by Lee Bridgers. Elite groups may be served by two guides, depending on need. Elite groups also gain access to our guesthouse for after-ride refreshments.
Sovereign Trail, Moab, Utah

Flexible Skills-Specific Ride Series

Moab magicSkill level rating for each package is determined with paperwork, an interview and an on-trail evaluation. You may request rides gleaned from our network of connecting MOAB TRAILS (this is a woefully inadequate list just here to give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into). We reserve the right to guard your safety by placing you on trails appropriate to your skills and fitness. Many custom routes are TOP SECRET to preserve the trails and the solitude we crave. A first day's bike/eco skills evaluation determines rides to follow. Guide to guest ratio is four to one and we may add another guide. Extended services, such as a guide for every two riders to further increase safety, are available. For off-season weather conditions or for private groups searching for a variety of activities, combine mountain biking with hiking, road biking, photography, canyoneering or skiing (season allowing). During summer months we recommend a hike/swim or bike/swim combo for a day in the series. We access a canyon oasis where the water is clear and cool, the waterfalls spectacular.

More About Skills Evaluations: The first day of any series serves as a skills and fitness evaluation, environmental etiquette lesson, and basic instruction in techniques specific to Moab's challenges. Go to SKILLS INDEX to begin your skills training right now. Evaluation Day duties are usually performed in one of three areas chosen for this task. These areas present riders with real challenges without extreme vertical exposure in places with relatively easily access in case of an emergency. These areas are among the best, with loads of the beauty and challenge Moab is famous for.

Mountain bike rentals ~

We have a fleet of mountain bikes built in our shop especially for Moab terrain. These bikes do not come out of a box. They are customs, just for us. There are also demo bikes, examples of the best mountain bikes we sell, available as rentals for ELITE level packages.

slick rock mountain biking in moab

DreamrideSample Advanced Level Itinerary
Entrada magicDAY 1
Entrada Slickrock Tongue "orientation day." Moderate to advanced slickrock, sand, and ledges and a steady climb and fast descent offer the chance to adjust to Moab terrain and get some pointers on how to smooth out your style for the bumbs to come. This is where you learn about the Cryptobiotic soil crusts and the importance of being careful in a fragile environment. You will see pristine vegetation, juxtaposed with lands damaged by mountain bikers. You will also see dinosaur bone, gastroliths and tracks. You will get a dose of technical slickrock. Spectacular scenery. For Elite level advanced riders there are alternate extended routes into more technical slickrock areas. If you are into mining history or love old machinery and dark shafts, there are copper and uranium mines here. Just ask to see them. SAMPLE PICTURE.

Quasimoto. A step up. Breathtaking scenery and technical terrain make this a ride where you have to stop every now and then to take it all in. You may wish to do more than one ride with us out here. Great slickrock freeform. Sand and ledges on a long climb. Downhill speeds along the edge of a cliff expanse. Pictured in the photo above. SAMPLE PICTURE. SAMPLE PICTURE.

Eagle's Perch. Step up to 2200 feet of climbing, slickrock, loose rock, ledges, an eight mile downhill run, and vistas that give you an excuse to get your lungs back. There are opportunities for extended mileage if your legs are up to the task. We visit bizarre rock formations and other geological points of interest. Don't forget the camera! SAMPLE PICTURE. Moab Slickrock

Sample Elite Level Rides: Behind the Rocks Epic or The Gap Epic. These are among the most magical, technicallly challenging and physically difficult rides we offer. Either can be considered brutal or simply be a great desert trek through tight canyons and across great vistas. All surfaces! Variety, scenery, serious physical and technical challenges, remote location and rare solitude mean these choices are for advanced to expert riders only. For intermediates we can trim the course a bit, but if you are a strong biker we do the whole thing with freeform thrown in. For pictures of this ride click on ADVANCED TRAILS and scroll down the page once it has loaded. There are also great photos of Behind the Rocks in our skills clinic SLIDESHOW. Photos of The Gap can be found at SECRETS.

Sample Elite Level Rides: The Devil's Playground or Red House. Step up to the absolute cream of slickrock riding--lots of spectacular scenery, and a chance to learn how to sidehill, ride the sand, and hammer the moguls. These areas allow for hardcore bike surfing or an easy or technical cruise along slickrock to enjoy more swoops on the smooth surface and shockingly beautiful scenery. For sample pictures go to BIKE SURFING.

Needles District, Canyonlands National Park

DreamrideClassic Ride Series
We have permit for all the new singletracks constructed over the past few years, so the trails listed below have surprises for folks who have not been here in a while. We don't list the new stuff in hopes that people won't find out about them. We want to keep you in solitude if we can.
Advanced/Expert Classic Package: 1) Poison Spider Mesa; 2) Moab Slickrock Bike Trail; 3) Amasa Back; 4) Gold Bar Rim; 5) Porcupine Rim

Classic Slickrock Package: 1) Klondike Bluffs; 2) Poison Spider Mesa 3) The Camel; 4) Bartlett Wash; 5) Moab Slickrock Bike Trail

Intermediate Classic Package: 1) Klondike Bluffs; 2) Quasimoto; 3) Eagle's Perch; 4) Fins and Things; 5) Flat Pass.

Strong Novice Classic Package: 1) Klondike Bluffs; 2) Gemini Bridges; 3) Hurrah Pass; 4) Uranium Arch; 5) Potash Road.

Newspaper Rock petroglyph panel


Reserve your mountain bike vacation with Dreamride.

Dreamride5 Daze Rates
There is a 7.8% state sales tax on all services and equipment.

*As good as it gets!
ELITE UPGRADES are available when this package.


$1995 for private solo.
$2350 for private couple.
$2550 for a group of three.
$2695 for a group of four or private group of three.


Rates below are for six nights of lodging and include hotel taxes, though they do not include Utah sales tax. There are four levels of accommodations listed. Prices vary according to quality, location and luxury. Click on the level for a description of included accommodations. The first night of lodging is prior to the ride series (first ride is the morning after your first night of sleep in town). The last night of accommodations is after the ride series, allowing a good night's sleep and relaxed morning departure from Moab.

Private Solo (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).

Level 2 ~ $2500
Level 3 ~ $2825 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $3065 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 4 ~ $3090
Level 5 ~ $3605
Level 6 ~ $3875

Private Couple (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).
Level 2 ~ $3295
Level 3 ~ $3625 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $3865 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 4 ~ $3905
Level 5 ~ $4405

Group of three or four individuals (or two couples) sharing a single room--prices listed are for each of you. Alternative arrangements can be made to suit the make-up of our group.
Level 2 ~ $1025
Level 3 ~ $1190 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $1270 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 5 ~ $1435

Level 6 ~ $1530

Dreamride Mountain Bike Tours

Moab Active VacationsStandard Package Provisions
Extended Elite Level Services

For more information on Moab, Utah: Click on MOAB HOMEPAGE for overall information on Moab operations. Click on LOGISTICS TO MOAB for general info on airport shuttles, rental cars, flights, and shipping your bike. Click on MOAB WEATHER for local weather stats. Click on CLIENT TESTIMONIALS for encouragement. Click on MOAB TRAILS for a sample list of trails for skill level ratings. Solo with guide/photog on the Moab Slickrock Trail

PROVISIONS: Packages come with or without four levels of accommodations. Rides are from four to eight hours departure to return, shuttled and guided. Groups are matched skills, no larger than five. We have the very best rental fleet for Moab terrain. Body armor is provided.

EXTENDED SERVICES: *Elite service upgrades give you even more flexibility and luxury.

*As good as it gets!
ELITE SERVICE UPGRADES are available for Moab mountain bike vacations of two days or more. Upgraded services include: Guiding by company owners; Flexible ride schedules; Comfortable Toyota Sequoia 4WD trail shuttle; Access to the GUESTHOME; Options for desert slickrock night rides; Private chef services; Hiking or swimming; DVD rentals; Internet access, . . . and more. The Elite and Super Elite Upgrades are best for COUPLES or anyone desiring a mature, and/or more hardcore approach to mountain bike touring.
at the deep end of the pool

SLICKROCK SKILLS CLINICS can be part of any private package in Moab. Play and learn on unimagined landscapes of sandstone by choosing to add or substitute one or two days of intensive skills instruction. Enjoy Moab's unique geology; slickrock domes, deep chutes and sandstone moguls. Learn the tricks of action photography. One day clinics are taught by our Moab guides. Action photography is taught by Lee Bridgers, company owner, when available. Offered to riders of all skill levels. Especially effective for intermediates, but beneficial to all skill levels.

mountain bike sales

BIKE RENTALS: All Dreambike rentals are custom built for Moab and there is a wide choice of types and styles. Rental bikes are only for Dreamride's guided tours and are not available for unsupervised rides.

Click Here for Travel Logistics to Moab

It is not over until you have done the paperwork. Please download the pdf documents directly below. Fill out the questionnaire and waiver and send them via fax to 435-259-8196 or EMAIL.


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Extended Services for Private Moab 5 Daze Packages.
Upgrade a private package with luxury and personal attention off-the-bike. Use your vacation with us to purchase a new bike. Modify your trip to include a skills clinic, rest days, other sports activities, or combine Moab with other locations we offer.
Elite guide and vacation service upgrade.
Elite service upgrades increase luxury and flexibility for private solos, couples and groups of no more than three or four.
Custom Bike Purchase and Vacation Package
Dreamride is authorized dealer of MOOTS, VENTANA and Pegoretti bicycles and offer courtesy sales of other brands. We build our own DREAMRIDE line of full custom long travel mountain bikes and titanium hardball 29ers.
Moab 3 day mountain bike vacation
Our three day package is most popular with novices and those who have limited time to enjoy a mountain bike vacation.
Moab 3 day mountain bike and/or road ride series
If you have a group of club riders, want to save money, save gas and/or include road biking in a five day package, consider the "ride from town" option. We offer a three day ride from town (RFT) package than can be expanded to five days.
Moab 5 day ultimate slickrock mountain bike vacation
The Moab Slickrock Ultimate is the Moab 5 Daze on steroids. The Ultimate includes all Elite perks and our best slickrock routes in a five day/six night package length.
Two to six day guided mountain bike package pricing.
Mystery Tours two day mountain bike tour packages that can be sequential or include a rest day.
Moab slickrock skills clinics
Add a skills clinic to your package. Substitute a clinic for the first one or two days in a package.
Guided day hikes around Moab
Dreamride was Moab's first guided day hike provider. Substitute a hike for any day in the package. Elite solos, couples and groups can combine hiking at any time with the option for the group to split up for different activities.