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Dreamride Bike Vacation Charters

mountain bike toursCreative Custom Cycling Charters
for Couples and Small Groups

Dreamride's owners, Lee and Miki Bridgers, personally offer guided custom charter trips to places they know well. Charter trip consultations are $200 (deducted from vacation cost) to fully inform those interested in the expanded opportunities. Study each destination, then call. Use the information to set up your own trip, or use us as guides.


Lukachukai, Arizona The Four Corners region is where the slickrock formations that have made Moab famous got their names, the Navajo, Entrada, and Kayenta sandstone geological layers. In Indian territory of Arizona the slickrock of Moab begins to look very accessible and easy. Navajo Reservation slickrock rides contain amazing variety, outrageous scale, ridiculous technical challenge and solitude beyond your wildest dreams. We have gained access to many private land slickrock areas that border deep canyons where native farmers still grow corn, and live off of wild cattle and small sheep herds. This is made possible by the fact that Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner, is an adopted member of a Navajo family residing in the most beautiful area of the Navajo Reservation. He follows their religion and attends Dineh traditional healing ceremonies as part of general family life on the rez. Dreamride has spent years scouting the most out of the way regions for slickrock routes. The cultural possibilities are the only thing that surpasses the incredible rock rides of Northern Arizona. Go to
NAVAJO to get the picture.


Hawaii The Bridgers family once lived on the Big Island. We know great trails, remote beaches and the very best diving and surfing spots on the island. Dreamride's business partners and special contacts on the island of Hawaii facilitate rare opportunities for bikers and surfers alike. We have researched the best (the good, bad and ugly, actually) bed and breakfasts on the Big Island. Our favorite B&B's are owned by friends, located in prime spots for access to trails and best surf spots. For Europeans, we offer Flemish, Dutch, German, and French interpretors on the Big Island. Along with packaged trips and custom charter trips, we construct custom itineraries that include contacts, maps, rentals and reservations. Click on HAWAII, THE BIG ISLAND KONA COAST AND WIAMEA.


Estes Park, ColoradoAlong with our offerings in FRUITA, COLORADO, we offer custom trips on the Front Range of Colorado. Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner, headed the Rocky Mountain Film Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder from 1990 to 1996, living near Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. The trails along this section of the Front Range vary in skill level and elevation, and a handful are among the best and most technically challenging alpine trails in the world. All of the trails are between 7000 to 12,000 feet of elevation and include rolling terrain, strenuous steep climbs and technical descents. Since this area of Colorado is relatively undiscovered by mountain bikers, the trails offer rare solitude. For repeat clients and referals Lee is available for trips to the Estes Park as a personal mountainbike/cross country ski guide with adequate advanced notice.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, CaliforniaThe TWISTED FRISCO is a special offering. It is certainly not for everyone, but take a look at the listing for a glimpse of what is possible. We can set you up with a custom itinerary and contact info for a fee or personally guide you ourselves. Local trails and urban assault rides combine with local nighttime entertainment for an unusually wild behind-the-scenes look at the city. We can hook you up with a variety of lodging opportunities from the plush and opulent to funky and cool. Our home base is in the Haight Ashbury District. Utilize Lee Bridgers' many years of experience in the music, art and mountain biking communities of Northern California. We can hook you up with "legends" of Marin as your guides, folks like Jackquie Phelan or Charlie Kelly. This is definitely a chance to get a look at the underbelly of the most interesting city/mountain biking destination in the United States. COUPLES OR VERY SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY! Offered to all skill levels, but it is best to be fit. Those hills can be tough.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, HollandNew for 2007!
Company owners, Lee and Miki Bridgers, lived together on a houseboat in Amsterdam in the early 70's. While there, Lee guided the city on foot and bicycle for American and British tourists, with a focus on museums, breweries, the Red Light District, music and comedy clubs, Indonesian restaurants and "Dutch coffee shops." Because Lee was a working artist and candidate for a lifetime grant through the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art, he knows the city and the museums as an art historian. Lee has a Masters degree in Fine Art and had one man shows in Holland as a painter and musician. In 2007 Lee and Miki secured use of a flat in the middle of town just two blocks from where they once lived on the houseboat. If you want to see the exact spot, watch the movie DO NOT DISTURB with Jennifer Tilly and William Hurt. Lee and Miki's houseboat was located just below the South Church where the helicopter pullout shot begins as the credits role at the end of the film. This is the very heart, the absolute middle of the Amsterdam City Center, the highest rent district in the entire country. Miki Bridgers' Limburg family home is about an hour and a half south of Amsterdam by train, but much more interesting on a bicycle. This is where the bicycle is respected as a mode of transportation! In between Amsterdam and Limburg are canals and bikeways for touring the ancient towns of northern Belgium (it used to be southern Holland until the French got greedy--at least that is what the Limburgers say). This allows options for destinations including Antwerp and Brugge, as well as lesser known gems where English speaking tourists do not venture. Miki speaks Dutch and Flemish, so all is good. Most Amsterdam Dutch speak English anyway, but the Belgians don't want to. We prefer those seeking a guided trip in Amsterdam be "left wing hedonist", but anyone who understands that Amsterdam is not the best destination for prudes or fraidy-cats can call to inquire.

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