Lee Bridgers/Musiek

Master of Fine Arts 1989

San Francisco Art Institute -- San Francisco, California
Major: Filmmaking/Video Personal Documentary
Minor: Computer Arts
Awards: Spring Show Award, 1st Place Award San Francisco Art Institute International Film Festival 1987

Bachelor of Fine Arts 1987
San Francisco Art Institute -- San Francisco, California
Major: Filmmaking
Minor: Computer Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts 1972
University of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Major: Painting
Minor: Creative Writing
Awards: Drawings, paintings and short stories placed in university collection.



Film performance documentation: PLACENTA PROJECT
Photography slideshow: PHOTO TRIP


Dreamride LLC, owner, operator -- Moab, Utah

Cycle Touring and Equipment Accident Litigation Consultant

Specializing in evaluations and expert testimony in the defense or prosecution of bicycle tour operations, land management agencies, equipment manufacturers, guides, recreational bike parks, shuttle services or individuals in cases involving mountain bike and road cycling accidents. (Note: If you or your client got hurt on the Whole Enchilada Trail in Moab, call. I can help you.)

Have worked for these law firms: Daniel T. Massey, P.C., Rawlins, Wyoming; Stritmatter Kessler Whelan Coluccio, Seattle, Washington

Writer and print photographer

Beachway Press ~ Globe Pequot Press
MOUNTAIN BIKE AMERICA: MOAB guidebook and rewrites of other books published by Globe Press
Released April 2000.

Falcon Press
Released September 2003.
Also edited several other guidebooks by other authors for Falcon Press.

Contributing writer
State University of New York Press
State University of New York/Illinois Press (Contributed chapter entitled Out of the Gene Pool, Into the Food Chain.)

Contributing author
Hi-Torque Publications
Contributed to fact checking. Wrote the only environmental article published in this magazine.

Mountain Biking Media Consultant

Partial list of news media clients: ABC News; Time Magazine; National Geographic; Outdoor Life Network; Discovery Channel.

Mountain Bike Media Production Clients (partial list): McGillivray and Freeman Films IMAX production of EVEREST; Ford Motor Company; Giant Bicycle; The Custom Family

General Media Production Clients: College of Eastern Utah at Moab; Boulder Dairy Center for the Arts; Panasonic; US West; National Endowment for the Arts; University of Colorado Department of Psychology (videographer for on-site research); Dale Smallin Productions; A&M Music Publishing; Dinosaurpatties Records; SIR; SVT; John Cale; Snakefinger; Stevie Ray Vaughn; Randy Jackson; John Fogerty; Carlos Santana.

"Lee is a top-notch person of excellent technical knowledge but also extremely wise in a 'grass roots' way. Not only can he handle a camera, be it a movie or video, but he knows and knows well, the world of sound. He's a good man to have behind the camera."-- George Kuchar

Media Arts Producer
Bridgers Productions/Brainjanitor Publishing

Film, sound and video work distributed by: The University of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Film Center in Boulder, Colorado; City Hall Records in San Rafael, California, Canyon Cinema and Art Com in San Francisco. Work curated by the Smithsonian Institution and shown on television, in galleries, at festivals and Universities around the world. "Best Technical Experimentation" Award at Canyonlands Film and Video Festival 1997.

"Bridgers' work is skillful and demonstrates a complete understanding of his craft, but what truly sets it apart is the infusion of a purely personal point of view. Not only does he tell the story, but we feel the story through his eyes."--Stan Brakhage

"Bridgers brings a filmic sensibility to video that is altogether unique."-- Christine Tamblyn, San Francisco Chronicle


Instructor --- 1997-98
College of Eastern Utah at Moab
Interactive Film and Film Criticism courses taught live over the internet to 14 separate campuses across the state.

Director --- September, 1995 to March, 1996
Piedmont Community College
Film and Video Production Technologies Program in Yanceyville, North Carolina, as part of the University of North Carolina Film Studies Department in Winston-Salem. Created and wrote curriculum; Researched and purchased equipment and film library; Hired staff; Fund raiser and public speaker at numerous local functions and state-wide events such as the Wilmington Film Symposium. Facilitated donation of an entire town square that you can currently see in many films.
Director, Executive Director --- August, 1990 to September, 1995
Rocky Mountain Film Center --- Boulder, Colorado
Ran the nation's oldest media center, taking it from full grant support to complete independence within three years. Wrote the proposal to the university to obtain funding for the project to make the film center independent of grant funding. Researched and purchased equipment. Set up entire technical facilities. Wrote the curriculum. Hired instructors and assistants. Created a number of substantial video productions for the University of Colorado, the Native American Resource Fund, the Sierra Club, the CU football team and other entities within the university and from the outside. Provided camera personnel, self included, to document various scientific projects, among them Elaine Bleckman's extensive research into communication disorders in children done for the Pyschology Department within the Denver public school system. Assisted in production and completion of films and videos featuring Native American health issues.
Instructor --- August 1990 to September 1995
University of Colorado
Film Studies Program --- Boulder, Colorado
Taught small format film and video production to classes of up to 60 students. Classes also involved three lab sessions a week for each class, so basically teaching three classes per course. This is how universities make lots of money off a hungry lecturer.
Instructor --- August 1992 to May 1994
University of Colorado Continuing Education --- Boulder, Colorado
Taught multi-genre film history and criticism to the general public.
Instructor --- August 1990 to August 1995
Rocky Mountain Film Center --- Boulder, Colorado --- from August, 1990 to September, 1995
Taught multiple workshops per semester in film and video formats, including production, screenwriting, cinematography, animation, lighting, documentary interview techniques, etc.
Instructor (video production) --- February 1991 to May 1991
Niwot Community School District --- Niwot, Colorado
Instructor (watercolor painting) March 1990 to August 1990
Sharon Arts Studios --- San Francisco Parks and Recreation in Golden Gate Park
Instructor August 1987 to December 1989
San Francisco Art Institute --- San Francisco, California
Filmmaking and sound for film as a visiting artist, for the Institute's Extension Program, the Young Artists Program and as a teacher's assistant to George Kuchar, Larry Jordan, Gunvor Nelson, and Roy Ramsing. Was roundly considered the best student teacher ever at the Art Institute.
Instructor (college credit guitar classes) March 1974 to September 1974
Wayne Community College --- Goldsboro, North Carolina
Visiting Artist
San Francisco Art Institute, University of Colorado First Person Cinema (Boulder), Alterna TV (Denver), Video Cafe (Boulder), Pirate Gallery (Denver), Hong Kong Baptist College (Hong Kong), Humboldt State University, University of North Carolina (Wilmington), University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), US West (Boulder), and many more.


Computer --- Digital Non-linear Editing: Avid, Media 100, D-Vision and Panasonic Post Box. Graphics and Digital Photography: Master of Photoshop. Word Processing: PageMaker, Word Perfect, MS Word, Final Draft, etc. Digital Video and Solid Modeling Animation: Video Toaster, Lightwave 3D, and Cubicomp.

Still Photography, Motion Picture Camera, Sound, and Lighting --- NPR, ACL, CP, Arriflex, Bolex, and Beaulieu 16mm cameras; Nagra 3,4, and SN sync recorders; Sony DAT recorders; all sorts of microphones and sound collecting equipment, including Fritz the headmike, booms, shotguns, parabolics, etc.; Mole Richardson and Lowell lights; assorted lighting control and gripping equipment; JK optical printers and animation stands; Chem Rapid, Steinbeck, Showcron and Moviola flatbeds. NPR, Beaulieu, or Bolex 16mm camera, CP, ACL, and Arriflex. Great at teaching still photography using manual spot metering and timed exposure night work. Locations are my specialty!

Video Production and Post Production --- Sony, Panasonic, JVC, and Ikegami pro 3-chip cameras of every format; Sony, JVC, and Panasonic tape editors in SVHS, 3/4" and Beta formats. Specialize in video interview.

Set and Prop Construction -- Wood working skills. Contracted Luthier for guitar manufacturers in San Francisco from 1974 to 1989 (Doug Roomian, Modulus Graphite, Chris Madison, Stars Guitars, Haight Ashbury Music Center). Specialty; fine neck work. Carved now infamous five string bass neck for Modulus Graphite--immortalized as a high tech carbon fiber forming mold gracing most of Modulus' classic basses. Worked on the renovation of Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco--audio isolation and reflection. Props and sets for commercials and films for Techniques in Francisco 1989. Miniatures and models for George Kuchar 1988.

Painting --- International one man shows as a portrait and landscape painter in the early 70's.

Sound and Music Production --- Bandleader, composer/arranger for music performance and recording ensemble, Mindsweeper, in the late 70's and early 80's in San Francisco. Mindsweeper performed over countless shows with the largest audience being 40,000. Mindsweeper was known as Frank Zappa's favorite club band during the early 80's, a band's band. Producer, engineer and studio musician for bands, individual artists, and studios in the bay area. Vast experience with live sound mixing and 24 track studio recording and mixing on Neve, Soundcraft, Tascam, and other consoles. Worked with many digital sound manipulation systems, sampling devices and units, MIDI, as well as many different types of microphones. Helped to design and install effects circuits for sound manipulation for a variety of stringed musical instruments.

Graphics --- Web site design for Ellsworth Bicycles, Dreamride, Moab Film Group, and others. Print ads, posters, and album sleeve art for the Flammin' Groovies, SVT, Colye Management, The Bac Dor, The Mabuhay Gardens, The Berkeley Square, and other bands, agencies, and publications in the Bay area.

Fundraising and Grant Writing --- Within three years of taking over the Rocky Mountain Film Center it was independent of federal grants funding. Secured donation of campus buildings and cash for film program at Piedmont Community College. Studied under the master, Virgil Grillo, former head of Media Arts Funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, former chief funding executive of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and Professor of English at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Grillo started NEA media arts funding in this country and established a nationwide system of media centers focusing on film and television art and education. Virgil singlehandedly started the film program at the University of Colorado. From him I learned the skills of justification, of being brief, thorough and clear, of social candor when begging, of wearing more than one hat and knowing when to put each one on my head.

References available upon request.

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