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NEWS FOR 2008: "MUTANT" IS NOW THE DESIGNATION FOR A BEEFIER VERSION OF OUR FULLY. Enjoy the pictures and info below, but click on FULLY for pricing and current frame and component details.

Dreamride franchises Meet the Mutant
Ultimate All Mountain~Freeride

Handbuilt for speed, efficient pedaling, and solid intuitive handling over really gnarly terrain, the Mutant has been described as, "The Ducati of human-powered vehicles." With six (or seven for larger riders) inches of travel front and rear from a rock-solid, beefed-up, no-frills four bar linkage equipt with the best dampers we could find, the Mutant sports thoroughly tested, state-of-the-art extreme high quality parts. Each Mutant is built from the ground up for one client at a time.

Custom-fitted like a fine Italian suit?
The Mutant is proof that attention to detail, needs of the individual rider, quality and vision are alive in the sport of mountain biking. Each Mutant frame is configured around the individual client's body mass, designed to put frame weight necessary for an acceptable level of strength and rigidity for each individual client, as close to the ground as possible. Each Mutant's overall weight is dependent on the weight and riding style of the one person who will be riding it (bike weight range is from 32 to 38 pounds). Don't let the beef fool you, this bike acellerates easily over rough ground and is a remarkably quick handler. The Mutant never feels heavy when ridden aggressively. It can handle freeride ramp drops, but it is truly for riding down in the woods in natural terrain, not feet above the terrain on manmade surfaces. Ramp bikes don't need to pedal over obstacles. The Mutant must. Once you understand this bike and the way it wants you to put power down, you will be comfortably traveling much faster than you ever thought possible on a mountain bike, and not just downhill. The Mutant, as its name implies, is not a mountain, downhill or freeride bike at all. It does it all and does it all well. Wearing the well-tested XTD parts kit (tuned to the rider), a Dreamride Mutant is state-of-the-art mean and nice. It pedals with amazing efficiency over nasty rocks, yet is stable and predictable at speed. Exits from high speed turns, that throw flexy fliers with pivots on the chainstays into the woods, are rock solid due to the thoroughly proven rigid four bar rear end, the fat straight gauge tubing of the front secion, the quad bearing pivots at all points and exceptionally sturdy wheelset. No idiots allowed. Only Mutants. Freaks. You guys know who you are. Mutant X-frame The Mutant's rugged construction and Moab-inspired rough trail handling traits have been refined through years of research and development to create a high performance off-road bicycle for going fast and quick over very rough ground. The Mutant came to life as the result of a special challenge: Build the perfect bike for the roughest side of Moab, a bike to take on the most difficult trail and those rock freeride challenges only found in this area of the country. The Mutant retains the ability to efficiently travel long distances over diverse terrain conditions, while remaining sturdy enough and stable enough at speed and in the air to play hard when you get to the big slickrock. Basically, this bike was designed to surf big rock, but also to travel to and across it without sapping energy.

Mutant golden hour.

cable fittingscable fittings The Fox DHX-5 shock's from-the-saddle adjustable ProPedal circuit tunes the suspension to the ground while you are riding, but you won't need it much because the rear end of the Mutant is extremely pedal efficient. The swingarm and rocker arms are as close to parallel as possible for efficient power transfer and braking. The tuned front section and rear wheel are knitted together by a single four bearing pivot at the bottom bracket and a solid rear axle, creating a remarkably rigid suspension with the power transfer advantages of a four bar linkage. Low mass weight distribution counters effects of the relatively high bottom bracket, enabling extremely efficient pedaling over large rocks and roots, while skirting rock sidehills and through washbottom wedgies. All parts above the wheels are as light as possible, but well-known to be reliable, stiff, strong, . . . and very beautiful. The wheelset, like the frame, is tuned to the individual rider's weight and inseam (leverage) to match frame stiffness to create a more unified, responsive pedaling and handling platform.

The Mutant benefits from research and development invested in the Dreamride Fully, our long travel trail bike. Over the years we have perfected frame details, geometry and component selections to suit the needs of hardcore trail riders around the world. The collaboration between Lee Bridgers of Dreamride and Sherwood Gibson of Ventana has allowed these obsessions to grow, flower and mutate. Combined ideas of these two men, based on a compulsive drive for meticulous construction, balance and function, can now best be seen in the details of the Mutant. This is Superman's cross country rig.

NBS* ~ No Bull Shit Suspension Technology

The Mutant's parallel beam four bar linkage is the most efficient pedaling platform we have ever offered, crushing other designs with bullshit patents and marketing-oriented alphabet soup labels. We have tested every U.S. patented design and the Mutant was built to surpass them in all aspects of performance. The swingarm is reinforced at the bottom bracket and brake mount. Pivots are smartly engineered to kill flex with quad bearings and steel sleeve inserts. The rocker arm is as short as can be for long travel use, designed and fabricated to be stiff laterally and vertically. All of these features combined with our revolutionary Moab all mountain geometry and matching tested parts selection add up to create a rear end that pedals through big rocks into fast turns, holds a line on exits, and accelerates out with shocking efficiency. Quickness and speed add up to getting you through the obstacles fast and slick. A high bottom bracket is unique to Dreamride and our clients consistently rave over their ability to pedal over stuff that stops other all mountain and freeride bikes in their tracks.

red Mutant

Custom frame sizing, geometry and construction

Dreamride has built a reputation for accurately fitting equipment to people for comfort and performance. Even those who think a stock frame feels alright are shocked at the intuitive fit of a custom Dreamride. Mutant top tube lengths are fitted in quarter inch increments. All frame angles and tube lengths are fair game when it comes to sizing the bike perfectly for each client's needs. The Mutant's head angle is steepish (it varies from 66 to 71 depending on body position) and bottom bracket high (around 14.5 unsagged) compared to stock freeride bikes because we design them to pedal, not coast, and to go UP and come down efficiently. The Mutant is not designed for jumping or ramp riding though it can handle that quite well. We designed it as a mountain bike, not as a pig for dropping and downhill. The unique geometry gives the Mutant intuitive handling traits while pedaling through obstacles and quick handling at slow speeds to allow for tight turns and body English. It coasts fast with the low and slow steering bikes (get your weight back), but if you want to accelerate over big rocks, the Mutant will show you just how low and slow other designs really are. While they are whacking pedals and trying to get that pig up to a speed where it works, the Mutant is already through the section and gone.

Big boys get X-frames.

Custom fit for big, tall, short, small, freaks, mutants!
Yes, the big boys like Dreamride. Nowhere else are they going to get an expert-fitted true hardcore trail bike constructed from the ground up just for their body size and weight. The Mutant can come with a custom X-frame front section, allowing a solid well-placed setting for a tall seat tube and a big rider.

Dreamride Mutant bottom bracket yoke

Frame Only Pricing ~ See Fully Mutant HD for complete bike pricing

Complete bike pricing includes a hardshell flight case. All prices include ground shipping in the continental United States. No tax outside of Utah.
*Custom-fitted Mutant frames are $3200. Custom-fitted Mutant X-frames are $3500. Comes with DHX-5 Coil shock to your weight.

*Orders: Each Mutant frame is a custom-sized one-off. Expect 4 to 5 weeks for delivery. If you are ready to make the commitment to the Ducati of rough trail mountain bikes, call 1-888-662-2882 to initiate your order. A 50% deposit is required. Serious inquisitors can EMAIL DREAMRIDE with questions.

Serfas flight case*XDREAMTRAIL (XDT) MAX PARTS SELECTION: Fox DHX-5 coil. Marzocchi Z-1 RC2 ETA coil fork. Dreamride titanium or FSA DH carbon riser bar. Moots titanium seatpost. FSA FR200 OS or Easton Mag90 DH stem. Shimano Saint crankset and BB. SRAM X.0 thumb shifters with XTR front and SRAM X.0 rear derailleur. Magura FR brakes with 210 and 180 rotors. Handbuilt Dreamride wheelset--Mavic EX729, DT spokes, ultimate modified Chris King hubs (solid axle, steel freehub body, QR adapter for rear axle, King lock ring [if required]), and XTR cassette. Chris King headset. Salsa seatpost collar quick release. WTB Power V saddle. WTB Motoraptor 2.4 Race tires. Oury lock-on grips.

On-line support for your purchase.
If you recently ordered and/or received a Dreamride Edition build of a Ventana, Moots or Dreamride house brand frame, click on the "Care and Feeding" icon for info on unpacking, maintenance and support materials for your personal purchase. Clients can always CONTACT DREAMRIDE for current passwords and stay abreast of new builds, new Moab trails, maintenance tips, industry updates, action shots, invitations to Moab events, insider information on company developments, downloads and helpful information. Use of passworded portions of Dreamride websites is restricted to clients only.
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For those who like it rough ~
"Wow. Down eroded gullies, mach speed. Needing more protection than my shorts and shoes. Slalom like never before down the roughest sections with no difficulty. Fun bike, revolutionizes my riding. So freakin fast. Don't notice the weight. The fit is phenomenal. Never anything even close before. Yeah, that fit. I'm really amazed. Very pleased." ~ David Cain, Mutant owner, Honaunau, Hawaii Dreamride Mutants on the rock Mutant drops ledges Dreamride Mutant headtube gusset Mutated drop-in Mutant climbs ledge Mutant reflections Mutant X-frame Mutant climbs