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Welcome to Dreamride, living on bicycles in Moab, Utah since 1996, authorized dealer of PEGORETTI, MOOTS and PINARELLO bicycles, offering stock and custom frames and complete bicycles to passionate cyclists around the world looking for the very best. Maxed out Pegoretti road bikes Dreamride logoUltimate Bicycles
Moots, Pegoretti and much more!
One bike at a time for one person at a time!

Dreamride is a specialty shop hidden in the heart of Moab, Utah, expert in fitting and building up Moots and Pegoretti factory stock and full custom bicycles. We accurately size frames over the phone, in the shop, via email and/or via texting, or you can visit us in Moab for an in-person fitting. We ship Moots and Pegoretti frames and bikes around the world and only offer the best of each material: Moots titanium, Pegoretti steel, Pinarello carbon and Ventana aluminum. Each and every bike is given uncanny personal attention, always built by the only mechanic here, Lee Bridgers. Over the years we have moved from mostly mountain bikes to primarily high end road and gravel bike sales. Located in Moab, Utah, Dreamride has been a custom mountain bike and all road cycling vacation service for 23 years, providing packages of day rides in and about the Moab area for private parties. Our location and unique experience can easily turn your bike purchase into a vacation. We recently downsized tour operations, keeping all company resources for the entertainment of cycling clients. Take advantage of the opportunity to use our unique knowledge of the area, or fleet of bikes, nearby lodgings and ride your new bike with a personal guide and mechanic on hand. Or just call us to talk about the Pegoretti you want.
Dreamride Moots Psychlo-X RSL custom painted cyclocross racer
Moots Specialists! ~ State-of-the-Art Titanium Road, Gravel and Mountain!

FOR 2019 MOOTS REFINED TECHNOLOGY. Moots Road and Mountain Bikes
Moots' titanium frames have been classic, elegant, durable, reliable, smartly-engineered and the best in titanium in almost every category they compete in. As of 2019 Moots has added quite a bit more style, technology and a realistic focus on the types of bicycles that titanium is most appropriate for. The Moots Vamoots RSL is the titanium road bike to own and the Routt gravel bike is now king of sales at Moots. The Routt YBB we fought so hard for when Moots discontinued it, is now back in the lineup. Costmetics are greatly enhanced by ghosting, engraving. anodizng and reflective rainbow logos. The frames are now much more sophisticated with options for internal cable routing and electronic drivetrains. If you are looking for a lifetime bicycle, a Moots frame is the place to start and a Moots factory kit bike is the best deal we've ever offered. We will size you, get that stock kit built for you, or walk you through the parts selection, build up a stock frame size with a smart price point build or customize everything from fit, geometry, components to CUSTOM PAINT AND FINISH. Dreamride has been dealing, building and riding Moots bikes since 2000.

Complete bicycle kits from Moots can be shipped direct to you free in the 48 states. Optional finishes and logo treatments with etched and engraved graphics are available.

The Routt, Routt RSL and Routt YBB gravel bike frames are heaven sent, taking the Moots road aesthetic into the rough.

The Highline gives you a flat bar commuter road bike alternative.

The Baxter is what we always wanted, a drop bar 29er.

There is boosted clearance for 2.8 inch tires on ROGUE and ROGUE YBB 27.5 mountain bikes.

The FrostHammer (formerly FrosTi) fat bike is now offered year round in two models; one for snow, one for sand.

The VAMOOTS RSL, MOOTO-X RSL and PSYCHLO-X RSL frame models are absolutely current state-of-the-art no-compromise racing frames that compete at the highest level.

The beautiful MOOTO-X YBB is the absolute cream of frames in the 29er category, and could be the best bicycle frame EVER MADE).

The DIVIDE AND DIVIDE MX are phased out but we still have an 18" in the shop for sale in new condition, if you want the most expensive mountain bike frame ever at a buddy deal price.

Pegoretti Responsorium
Pegoretti Responsorium by Dreamride Pegoretti Road Bikes
Dario Pegoretti Lives On!
If you thought steel was obsolete as a material for bike frames, think again. While you are thinking, remember Tom Boonen won the green jersey in 2007 on a Pegoretti Marcelo with his sponsor's logo on it. And remember Dario built Miguel Indurain's frames and many others' racing platforms over the past quarter century. Dario Pegoretti's intricately crafted frames are canvases for some of the most amazing pop art to grace a practical tool. For an art collector, this is a fine way to own a piece of art that goes really fast and a true value in the art world at this point in time. Lee Bridgers, company owner, is an artist with three Fine Art degrees including a terminal degree, has taught and lectured fine art at colleges and universities around the world and had one-man shows as a painter, performance artist and filmmaker. Lee says, "Dario Pegoretti's hand painted frames have value as fine art, but because they are perfect machines, you are going to want to ride your Picasso. Go fast. Be mindful."

Pinarello Grevil 2019 Pinarello Bicycles
As of 2018 Drearide is an authorized Pinarello dealer. If you want any model, simply call us and we'll size you up and give you a great price on a stock bike, a frame only, an e-bike or factory overstock and blems at discount prices. We assemble your Pinarello and place it in an Air Caddy to be shipped to your door, ready to ride. Or your Pinarello road racer can be waiting for you to enjoy in Moab on your vacation arranged and/or guided by the folks at Dreamride.

Dreamride F-69
Dreamride Performance and Price Advantages
Dreamride Full Custom Full Suspension Mountain Bikes To bring our focus down to Pegoretti and Moots road and gravel bikes are selling off the tour company mountain bike rental fleet bkes, all custom-built full suspension mountain bikes we had fabricated in conjunction with Ventana and bikes built up here as prototypes, demos, the POE titanium hardtails, collector's bikes, junk yard dogs and all.

Dreamride POE 29er titanium hardtails are no longer in production but we have a few frames in stock and bikes new and used. Designed by Lee Bridgers to be the perfect ride-from-town mountain/gravel bike, suitable for all types of surfaces and trails, elevations--consider it a gravel bike with a slightly higher bottom bracket, mountain bars and four inches of front suspension. Short wheelbase. Small size is 15" 650B. The POE is a light, quick and agile titanium hardtail constructed of custom formed titanium tubing. The frame weighs three pounds. It sings on tight singletrack and flies on the road. New frames as low as $500.

Moab, Utah product research Special EditionProduct Testing in Moab, Utah

frequently asked questions The heart and soul of every Dreamride bike is company-financed testing in the real world of Moab, Utah.

As of 2019 Dreamride LLC has been a provider of high quality cycling vacations and exotic custom bicycles, a purveyor of dreams for 23 years. We base our dealerships and component combinations on real world experience. We ride and guide on bikes every day and in order to deliver top-dog two-wheeled fantasies we stick with the best, always. The few lines we carry have passed the test over many years. We offer Moots and Pegoretti for the quality in design, in-house fabrication, and for the control they allow us in production of each individual frame. Cooperation with these manufacturers, along with our unique understanding of parts combinations, suspension geometry, color-matching and wild finishes, means we offer handcrafted limited production collectables that kick ass.

Dreamride, the slickrock specialists Special Edition23 Years of Personal Service and Support for Cyclists

DSE in caseSometimes we sell frames to folks about as together as one can be about bikes and they build their own like a sacred ritual. We are like that, but we do it for other people and most of our clients want someone who will fill in the gaps of their experience and knowledge. Every bike or frame purchase begins with an interview/evaluation to determine correct frame style, model, budget, fit, appropriate parts combinations, special modifications that might be needed. Our bikes are based on carefully chosen components appropriate to use and the continued value of the bicycle. The parts formula can be manipulated to suit specific terrain, climate and and each client's personal riding style. The bike is built, then carefully packed inside an Air Caddy or a hardshell case. Sometimes we may partially disassemble the bike, but the bike is always tuned and ready to ride with only minor assembly required. The package is shipped to your door via FEDEX or UPS. We two international services that ship bikes for low rates but these require a wait time to get the bike put into a container for shipping. Patience is rewarded in the hundreds of dollars. We have a toll free tech support line for custom bike purchasers inside the United States.


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For information EMAIL DREAMRIDE or call us at 435-259-6419. Dreamride is an authorized international exporter of all lines we carry. Email or call (9 to 9 Mountain Time)for international orders. Read INFORMATION ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AND SHIPMENT prior to contacting Dreamride about an order to be shipped outside the United States.

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Necessity is the mother of invention. Dreamride is a bicycle fantasy provider in Moab, Utah and for 23 years our business has been to go faster and further with safety and efficiency. We've been riding what we build and selling what we ride. Dreamride offers the best in equipment we can find, period. hand made bicycles, hand painted American and Italian
Handmade Frames!

Pegoretti, Moots, Pinarello and Ventana: The best in-house manufacturers of truly handmade products in the world. Chosen for high quality manufacturing processes and superb customer service, these builders are top tier, presenting frame models for a wide range of uses and body types. Pinarello is our most recent acquisition and the products span a wide range. Shop PINARELLO. Pinarello is a monster, as you all know. There is overstock to die for and they build a fine Ebike. Get your Pinarello from us, so we can guide you to the right components and models for your budget, needs and interests.

We offer fine art and show quality paint on Moots frames. One-off custom frames are available for those outside of stock geometries and sizing. We are pleased to help anyone with unusual needs. We customize parts groups for mountain, city, cyclocross and road bikes and high end hybrids, but when it comes to Dario Pegoretti frames, which we known to specialize in, we stay within the limits of what it takes to maintain the value of the bicycle over time. Matching Italian parts are stocked for specific frames.

Moots Vamoots Compact painted Custom Moots titanium road, gravel and mountain bikes.
Dreamride provides religious experiences for mountain bikers and road cyclists seeking something different and collectable. The joy of owning a Dreamride-built Moots road bike lovingly graced with selected parts and a custom finish or even a fancy fine art paint job is about as good as it gets for us. Pegoretti Ciavete builds by Dreamride Pegoretti Ciavete Paint!
Dreamride builds of Pegoretti bikes utilize only the highest quality components to insure the bike's value as a collector's item far into the future. We go the extra mile to make sure the bike is cosmetically balanced and, in this case, made in Italy. Every bike is a work of art and the build must work as a frame for Dario's art and not clash with it or minimize its value as art. Dreamride Edition Pegoretti Marcelo Passion for Speed and Style
The frame the pros and movie stars want. Get on a Pegoretti and feel what you have been missing! Sure, they look great, but they represent proven and continually refined racing designs--fast, insanely stable, responsive and smooth rolling, a huge advantage in a sprint, high speed corner, side wind or on the long haul. Steel is not a second choice. Pegoretti Luigino headtube lugwork Only the best!
We use proven components from Chris King, Moots, Campagnolo, Fizik/Brooks, Mavic/ENVE, Fulcrum, DMagura, Thomson, SRAM, Shimano, Cinelli, Deda, Fox, 3T, Easton, FSA, Tune, Phil Wood, DT, Look, Time, Vittoria, Continental, Schwalbe, Selle Italia, Selle Royale, Kestrel, WTB and a variety of rare European specialty manufacturers producing obsessively light and beautiful road racing parts. We are licensed dealers and/or distributors for most products we offer. Dreamride bike and trail services in Moab Skill + Commitment = Elite Services
Fit riders who invest in Dreamride road, gravel or mountain bike will find a world of ways to enjoy our cycling vacation services. Click on the image to tour our vacation website.