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Other Bicycle Frame and Component Sources

Our Dreamride Special Edition (DSE) builds are no-compromise gems for the absolute purist. For clients new to Dreamride we concentrate on in-house fabricated frames from Moots, Ventana and Pegoretti, and our own Dreamride products. For DSE builds we focus on the very best components from Shimano, Marzocchi, Fox, Magura, SRAM, FSA, Chris King, DT, and Mavic. These are the absolute best products we could find in their respective categories. But, outside of the DSE aesthetic, if you have purchased a vacation or a bike from us in the past, we entertain special requests for price point projects that feature parts and frames from a wide range of manufacturers. Frame sources include KESTREL, DE ROSA, MERCKX, LOOK, PINARELLO, VOODOO, AZONIC, SOMA, BANSHEE, SURLY, BMC, SALSA, RETROTECH, RITCHEY, RIVENDELL, KHS, REDLINE, INTERLOC and many others. We also provide forks and shocks from MARZOCCHI, ANSWER MANITOU, ROCK SHOX and MAGURA as part of our price point offerings. We offer ZIPP wheels and components and a few other exotic wheel choices, though the best choice is always a handbuild Dreamride wheelset built from DT, Mavic and Chris King components. We have our favorites within this expanded pool of cycling products, and the knowledge to sort out choices for you. Maybe you want something for your wife or kid(s), a beater 29er, a bike for your vacation house, a beach cruiser, or something strange and unique for a freak show parade. If you are in our computer, call 435-259-6419 and we will help you find the right machinery for the job at the right price. If we don't know you, make yourself known by making a commitment to Dreamride by BOOKING A BIKE VACATION IN MOAB or purchasing a high end bike from us. After the initital purchase you will find that Dreamride is all about making you happy.

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