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Please, read all of the information below, follow the links and choose the bike you want BEFORE you call. Rates for guided use are listed with each bike. Pictures of the bikes may be out-of-date, but text descriptions are usually accurate.

These bikes were built in Moab for Moab terrain from the most efficient and reliable parts available. Rent a bike and, if you want to purchase it, we will deduct rental fees from the listed sale price! If the bike is shipped out of Utah, there are no taxes.

SMALL TO SMALL MEDIUM (up to 5' 10") | MEDIUM TO MEDIUM LARGE (5' 7" to 6' 2")

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mountain bike toursRental Policies, Advice and Responsibilities

These bikes must be maintained at a high level of function and efficiency for your safety. The terrain in Moab is challenging and rough. Only the best components stand up to general use, but nothing can survive stupid. If you break a component or damage a frame, you will pay for parts and labor necessary for the repair.

$20 Mud Fee:
Mud, clay, gumbo, and wet sand require lengthy, careful cleaning with soap and water, lubing, retuning and some rebuilding. We charge a minimun mud fee of $20 for this service after each muddy ride. If you are using the bike on a guided ride, we do not cancel rides for wet weather, unless conditions are dangerous, so expect to pay a mud fee, if you ride in rain, through wet shale or repeated creek crossings. There are some salt creeks in the area. We will not allow our bikes to be ridden through salt water.

Simple mechanical problem can become a big deal: Rock hits derailleur.
How it happens: You bump the rear derailleur on a rock at speed and don't realize you hit a rock or tossed a rock into the rear derailleur. Or you simply lay your bike down on the "expensive side." The duty of a rear derailleur hanger is to bend to absorb impacts and avoid damage to the frame. If you bend it even slightly shifting gets funky. If you don't stop immediately, you can create a problem that will may require pushing the bike back to the shuttle vehicle. If, when you deraileur hanger is bent, you shift hard into the lowest rear cog, the chain will drop into the spokes behind the cassette and the spokes will be burred or completely severed and the rear hub can be damaged. In either case, all the spokes on that side of the wheel must be replaced. This is a common, completely preventable problem and one of the many reasons we only rent our bikes to expert riders if they are not going out with a guide. Each bike's drivetrain is checked before and after every ride for alignment and the rear derailleur is set to stop at the last cog. To make sure the bike is shifting correctly we will ask you to pedal and shift through all the gears in the staging area prior to departure. Whatever happens on the trail is your responsibility. To fix spoke damage done to a rear wheel we charge $25 to $100, depending on the extent of the damage. A rear hub can cost $500! Remedy: Listen to the bike. Never ignore a minor shifting adjustment. Stop IMMEDIATELY if you are experiencing shifting problems. DO NOT USE CROSS GEARING! If you ride through a boulder field and sense impacts to the bike, stop and check equipment before traveling on. Don't just hunker down and ride through a shifting problem. Stop and tell your guide. Fix it before it bites someone.

Most expensive move on slickrock:
Laying a bike down on a slickrock slope and letting it slide grinds off aluminum or magnesium parts as if they were styrofoam, taking the sides off pedals (not usually a problem) and/or removing a lot of material from the side of the fork (a serious problem, especially if this compromises seals at the top of the fork). We will charge you for scapes, but, if you scuff up a fork to the extent that seal fittings are compromised, the fork must be replaced. Forks on our bikes cost from $500 to $1500. If you slide down on the drive side, you may compound the damage and expect the above "rock hits the derailleur" situation, as well. Our bikes are very expensive, not run-of-the-mill variety rental bikes that come out of a box. Solution: Don't ride beyond your known abilities. Err on the side of caution and the bike will be fine and you will leave Moab in one piece.

Drivetrain replacement:
If you are a good rider, you are going to love the way we maintain our bikes, but if you are a novice and do not follow instructions on how to operate the system, it can mean a very expensive day on the trail. A typical novice move is to shift under pressure. If you are in a cross-gear over bumps and force a shift you can collapse chainrings, shear off teeth and kink the chain, not to mention ruin the ride for everyone. Most of the time, if a bike has been abused in this manner, we must replace the entire drivetrain. At a minimum this means the chain and all gears on the crank and cassette. Worst cases demand replacement of the crank and both derailleurs. New systems are incompatible with old derailleurs, so this is sometimes necessary to keep drivetrain components compatable. The total expense for careless treatment of an expensive mountain bike drivetrain can be anywhere from $400 to $1000, depending on the level of components on the bike.

mountain bike salesNo refunds on purchase of used equipment. Shipping and handing fees are NOT included in any listed sales prices.

Dreamride accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, wire transfer, money order, cashier's check (with time allowed for clearing).


Dreamride carries Serfas hard shell flight cases for sale (and rental to vacation clients). If you are bringing your own bike to Moab or buying a bike to take back with you, the case is a must. Click on SALES for current pricing. These cases have casters, lockable twist lock latches and are extremely durable. Check the case as airline baggage for a fee. UPS shipping fees are minimal because the case is sized at the limit of oversized #2 rates, NOT COSTLY FREIGHT RATES. You can fit anything up to complete downhill bikes in this case, along with helmets and clothing. Fee for unpacking and tuning a bike shipped in a flight case is $95. Handling fee for re-packing is $75. Shipping and insurance fees are additional.

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