Night rides in Moab, Utah

Private Night Rides in Moab, Utah

Dreamride provides night rides on the road and trail as part of the Elite Services Upgrade. Reserve any Elite package to take advantage of this possibility. Night rides are offered during a two week period from waxing half moon to waning half moon, from April through September. Click here for moon phase calculation.

The most popular and well-known roads and trails around Moab are deserted after dark year round. The best time to join Dreamride for a night ride or night ride series is mid-summer during the week surrounding the full moon. Night rides in the Spring and Fall are also quite enjoyable for reasons stated below. Dreamride's night rides are always timed to take advantage of the light of the moon with full moon dates set aside as prime. As Moab's original ride ride provider we use our many years of experience to choose the trail and time each ride for most effective use of moonlight and battery power and to match your skills and interests with the experience. Why use an experienced guide? Because a vaguely marked trail that is mostly easy to trace during daylight hours, can be extremely difficult when darkness complicates route-finding, and you will ride right past the most interesting features. Your guide is used to riding in the PM without lights, utilizing the light of the moon and recognizing subtle landmarks. Clients require the security of lights to follow, but during dusk, dawn or in the light of the moon, Dreamride guides are creatures who favor the night.

Reasons to Ride the Night with Dreamride

The best reason to ride the night is to experience the beauty of Southeastern Utah in moonlight. We don't have much shade here. Our rocks are pastel colors and Moab Entrada caprock is white. When the moon is out this place lights up with a magic that cannot be described or experienced anywhere else.

Summertime temperatures are brutally hot from 10AM until after dark, while temps are heavenly between 10PM until shortly after dawn. Riding at night eliminates sun damage to your skin and reduces chances of dehydration.

Winds are usually calmer during the night hours.

Anyone interested in wildlife is going to see a lot more of it during night hours. Desert animals are mostly nocturnal and are impossible to see without nighttime viewing. If wildlife is your reason for riding, be sure to let us know. We will put you in the right situation for encountering nocturnal creatures.

Solitude is becoming more and more difficult for the average rider to find in Moab as off-road tourism has exploded over the past decade. Dreamride is the only provider that can guarantee you will not see another human being on certain rides and, if you crave avoidance of human beings, their noise and smells, ride with Dreamride to get away from the crowds of shuttled cyclists and motorized stupids. Night rides are always solitary, calm and quiet. The quieter we are, the more chances of encountering nocturnal wildlife.

Challenge is also a reason to ride at night. Trails that are moderate in skill requirements become a bit more intimidating in the light of the moon. Obstacles flatten with the use of lights. More attention is required, making one more aware of his or her surroundings, bringing a heightened sense of awareness and accomplishment.

We visit ancient sacred archaeological sites during the rising sun. Morning prayers never seem more appropriate. Quiet happens.

It is helpful to bring your own light system, but we do have rentals on site and offer sales Night Rider, NightSun and several other brands. Those who arrive with their own light system (head and bar) will be considered more experienced to gain access to more difficult trails and/or longer ride times.

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Moab Night Ride
Reservations & Pricing

Night rides can be reserved for dates within one week on either side of the full moon. Night rides are reserved as part of an ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE (follow the link to read about all the services provided as part of the Elite Upgrade). Night rides can be part (or all) of any length booking from one to five days, with or without included lodgings. To calculate night ride costs add the Elite Service fee of $125 (for a solo reservation) or $100 (each for two or more riders) per day to the standard package costs found at links below. You do not need to pay Elite fees for the entire package, unless you want the added services for your entire series. In the case of night rides, you may specify night rides only as upgraded to Elite Services. Elite services include breakfasts when needed for early morning departures [or lunch if you are not riding at night], extended shuttles and range, hosted by company owners, etc. Light rentals (head and/or bar) are $25 per night ride. Below are links to standard rates for packages from one to five days.








The Moab Ultimate package includes Super Elite Upgrade and the possibility of night rides at no additional charge.