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Reserve your mountain bike vacation with Dreamride.
Mountain Bike Vacation Extended Services

"Life doesn't get any better." ~ Mountain Bike Action



mountain bike toursUpgraded Guide and Vacation Services

Dreamride's Elite Vacation Service Upgrades enhance the enjoyment and challenge of any Dreamride cycling vacation with food services, far more access, flexibility that allows longer ride times and more effective seasonal adjustments to weather condition and special opportunities. These expanded services are for those looking for even more exotic challenging rides and luxury off-the-bike. Anyone can reserve with an Elite Service Upgrade simply for personal attention, marvelous meals (after-ride lunch is provided and you have the option to reserve private chef services to cover any and all of your food needs) and the interesting place to hang out and gather information in the afternoon.

Elite Couple
Elite Upgrade Services ~

Elite costs, detailed below, are from $100 to $200 a day, depending on your reservation as a solo, couple, group of three, or as a private party (see below).
~ hosted by company owners
~ more flexible ride schedule and resources for night rides, pre-dawn to sunrise rides, road rides, 9er rides, extended travel, etc.
~ creative shuttles up to 50 miles from Moab
HIKING/SWIMMING/SCRAMBLING may be substituted for mountain biking upon request
~ after-ride lunch, plus coffee, snacks and drinks (healthy organic foods only)
~ option for private chef services (gormet pre-dawn breakfasts, boxed lunches, kosher grass fed buffalo meals)
~ access to DVD and book library
~ free copy Mountain Bike Moab guidebook
*Elite Rates and Policies ~

For a solo reserving a private package Elite services are $150 per day in addition to private package costs.

For a private couple Elite services are $250 per couple per day (for both of you) in addition to private package costs.

For a private group of three Elite services are $125 per day per person in addition to private group package costs.

For a private group of four (all groups of four are private!) Elite services are $125 per day per person in addition to standard package costs.

About Rentals ~

The Elite upgrade grants access to our complete rental and demo fleet. Elite rental rates and policies are found by clicking on DREAMRIDE MOUNTAIN BIKE FLEET. Bikes marked in gold as "Elite Package or Special Use" are ONLY available as part of Elite bookings. Bikes listed as "no discount for multi-day use" can be ridden for a day at a time, allowing you to try out more than one bike during your stay.


Lee Bridgers, Super Elite Guide

mountain bike toursSuperElite Guide Services

The ultimate in flexibility and maxed out vacation services, guided and hosted by company owners! Custom itineraries!

     SuperElite Services are limited to four day, six night packages (including rest day) and involve the direct participation of company owners, Lee and Miki Bridgers. For anyone looking for the best in an active vacation, SE services combine exotic mountain biking and road riding, night rides (try Monument Valley and Arches National Park in the full moon), quality relaxation (in Moab we insist you stay at the Gonzo Inn which is next door to our shop), appropriately designed meals, secretive routes and riding areas, and a creative, flexible approach to riding conditions and abilities. The SuperElite guiding upgrade is designed to provide ultimate support for the best rides in the Moab area and beyond. SuperElite parties can choose to stay in Bluff, Utah for half of the package, granting access to even more remote rides and actives on Navajo Nation lands.

     "If you're looking for a guide and are willing to pay top dollar for top-dollar services, give Lee Bridgers a call at Dreamride. Lee pioneered many of the area's best rides and shares them only with elite mountain bikers who appreciate highly customized service: you'll eat in his house, listen to him play the guitar, and try to keep up as he shows you secrets."
                                                                                                     ~ Outside Magazine

      "I had the honor of having Lee Bridgers himself (founder of Dreamride) guide me on some of the best (and little-known) trails out in Moab. All I can say is WOW - it proved to be an adventure of a lifetime that went WAY beyond my expectations.
      "I was looking for a no-frills, genuine, 'hardcore' mountain bike experience in what has been heralded as the mecca of mountain biking; I got all that and much more. Highly-personalized rides, lessons in geology and wildlife, historical tidbits and awareness of the natural environment: it was all part of the package.
      "Indeed an adrenaline-filled, breathtaking, epic adventure that also appeals to one's soul and conscience. Highly recommended. You CANNOT find a better guide elsewhere, period."
                                                                                                     ~ Shing Ee Tan," May 25, 2009

Super Elite Features ~

Toyota Sequoia ~ Services include all Elite Package features listed above plus the following:
~ Always hosted AND guided by company owners along with an assistant driver/guide when needed
~ Nutritional support--timed meals necessary for early morning departures and multiple daily activities--not the run-of-the-mill tour company fare--ingredients are high quality organic--we serve Lakota-raised, grass-fed Kosher buffalo!
~ Toyota Sequoia 4WD transport to and from the trails
~ Longer average times on the trail
~ Option to substitute or add NIGHT RIDES during late spring, summer and early fall around full moon dates
~ Long range shuttles to mountain singletrack and distant slickrock
~ Top secret rides and hikes where you will not see another human being
~ Solitude is enhanced by the very best in colorful educational interpretation of the area's history, geology, and wildlife.
~ Super Elite packages can be custom designed (with enough advanced notice) to include activities with overnight lodgings away from Moab, allowing trips deep into NORTHERN ARIZONA/NEW MEXICO and COLORADO.

SuperElite Package Rates and Policies ~

For Private Parties Only! Full Custom Trips!
SuperElite vacation guide services are separate from the packages listed in our catalog. Each SuperElite package has a custom itinerary set up for a private party. If this boggles your imagination, consider that you have the most knowledgeable guide in the area at your disposal, someone who not only knows hundreds of miles of trail in the Moab area, but also knows the best road and mountain bike routes up to 200 miles away from home base.

SuperElite services bring a daily charge for guiding by company owners (and assistants/drivers), expanded shuttle services, timed meals for most effective and best weather ride times. For SuperElite parties there is every third day is a rest day (two consecutive days, then a very restful activity). Guides and/or chefs on the third day are optional. *Lodgings are not included in SuperElite charges. *Because SuperElite Services allow for travel up to 200 miles from Moab, there is an additional mileage fee for travel beyond 75 miles (per day).

$750 a day for a private solo.
$1250 a day for a private couple.
$1750 a day for a private group of three
$2250 a day for a private group of four.

*Lodging costs are not included. We manage and reserve all lodgings at no additional charge. Breakfasts and after-ride meals are included. Dinners are not included unless necessary due to location.

*$2.50 per mile for any single daily trip that requires travel beyond 75 miles.

There is a discount of 10% on SuperElite services with purchase of a Dreamride or Moots bicycle (solo or couple). Call for more info, or click on THE PACKAGE.

free ride for folks in the music business

Dreamride houseSuper Elite level clients are invited for after-ride refreshments at the bar (after showering), on the couch (after showering), in the yard (you can stink), and/or in the shop (stink, OK). Dreamride's staging facility is a six hundred square foot BIKE SHOP attached to a split level guesthome next to wild park lands in downtown Moab. Downstairs are guide quarters and a MUSIC ROOM. If you are a musician, bring an instrument. A city bike path and network of singletrack trails connect just outside our door, meandering from Sand Flats Road to the Colorado River Portal. The guesthome is available as lodgings for for the right SuperElite client or couple with enough advanced notice. Our location is simply the best in Moab!

Collared Lizard


mountain bike toursFree with Elite and SuperElite Service Upgrades

Moab guidebook MOAB REVEALED!! Written by Dreamride owner, Lee Bridgers, MOUNTAIN BIKING MOAB is free to Elite-level vacation guests!

"This is a different type of guide book. This little gem has attitude. It's also packed with useful information for anyone planning a mountain bike trip to Moab, Utah. It is 300 pages filled with detailed descriptions of over 40 top Moab trails." ~ Mountain Bike Action

"Bridgers praises Moab, and he's set down some great dope on more than 40 major trails." ~ Outside Magazine.

"There are trail guides; and then there's the real deal." ~ Bike Magazine

"This guide is setting a new standard for guidebooks. Lee Bridgers' first-hand accounts give the reader a sense that they have some behind-the-scenes information about Moab." ~ Brian Fiske, Senior Editor of Mountain Bike Magazine

"Moab . . . the good, the bad and the hilarious." ~ reader review on

*Trails used for the Elite level packages are not included in this book to guarantee your solitude during rides with Lee, but use the listed trails to get an idea of Lee's depth of knowledge and to understand areas that you will be passing through. The book's information on Moab and the sport in-general are required reading. You'll get a signed copy with your reservation packet.

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