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Dreamride POE titanium bicycleThe RFT is not just for very fit riders who just want to ride. The RFT can be for anyone who wants to enjoy the scenery of Canyon Country from the saddle of a bicycle. It simply means we do not use a shuttle vehicle unless it is absolutely necessary or an emergency. Families or novices who reserve an RFT package can opt to pay a fee at any point to secure a short shuttle ride to avoid motorized traffic in town.

Since we added the Dreamride POE Titanium bicycle to our rental fleet, the roads and trails close to Moab have become a great alternative to shuttled rides that take up to two hours just to get to and from the trailhead. Maybe you want to ride the road with us and just don't like drop bars. The POE is a hardtail designed to be equally efficient on road and trail. A small POE uses 650B wheels and all other sizes are 29ers. The frame is very light (3 pounds) and the complete bike is from 19 to 23 pounds. Reserve or purchase a POE when you book your vacation.

Be Green!
Ride with us from Moab to enjoy nearby singletrack trails.

Two Packages Available:
RFT-3: 3 rides (no gas) with a rest day included. Best with five nights of lodging.
RFT-2+2: 2 rides from town (no gas) and 2 shuttled rides (shuttled in SUV) with a rest day in between. Best with 6 nights of lodging.
Click on RATES for fee scales.
Ride From Town Group
How to Get to MoabGood News! The newly constructed pedestrian bridge over the Colorado River and paved bike road north of town have created new enthusiasm for Ride-From-Town packages. Company owner, Lee Bridgers, is now guiding RFT ride series specifically focused on 29 inch wheels. We literally go out of our way to assist anyone looking to use alternative transportation when coming to Moab, offering great package deals for anyone who buys a 29er when booking a vacation package. Dreamride is authorized dealer for DREAMRIDE, MOOTS, PEGORETTI and VENTANA.
Old Moab Highway
NO GAS ALLOWED! The Ride From Town (RFT), like all of Dreamride's tour offerings are only for private parties and this trip is most effective for 29er riders. Our warm-up rides to the trails are insanely scenic, peaceful and solitary. This is a great way to ride the classic trails near town, get to know the immediate Moab area, and feel good about using minimal fossil fuels for recreation. This is a perfect choice for strong riders new to Moab.

Our MOAB BIKE SHOP AND GUESTHOME sits next to the Mill Creek Parkway and Bullock Creek singletrack. Connections to county roads leading to famous rides like the Moab Slickrock Bike Trail and Procupine Rim are made via in-town trails just out our door. The Ride-From-Town (RFT) package includes three day rides of from 6 to 8 hours, depending on your fitness and interests. Each day ride departs from our Moab shop at a time determined by the guide and clients.

Old Moab Highway
Each day ride is chosen for your skills and fitness. The trails, pavement and county dirt roads we use for this package can be arranged in a series of easy cylcing tours to physically moderate to extremely difficult distance rides. Trails accessed without a shuttle can be technically easy to difficult, but you have to be fit. The first day in any series serves as an evaluation of fitness, skills and an environmental etiquette lesson. Specific trail and route requests are considered, but only after the evaluation. We reserve the right to keep you on an appropriate trail for safety's sake. A sample of trails that can be ridden from town:
Mountain Bike Routes

Moab Slickrock Bike Trail
Fins and Things
Pipe Dream (Underwire Bomber)
Porcupine Rim (hardcore)
Flat Pass
Moab Rim
Gemini Bridges Area Options
Arches Loop (and options)
Willow Springs
Cowboy Loops (Moab Brands singletracks--all of them)
Hurrah Pass Options
Amassa Back Options (including Captain Ahab)
Jacob's Ladder (Old Spring Race course)
Sand Flats Road Options
Kokopelli Trail Options
Pritchett Canyon to Gatherer Canyon
Kane Springs Canyon

Road Routes

Potash Road (moderate)
Kane Springs Road (easy)
Old Moab Highway Roadbed Bikeway (easy to moderate)
Spanish Valley Road (easy)
La Sal Mountain Road (moderately difficult to very difficult)
Arches National Park (moderate to difficult)
Canyonlands National Park (very difficult)
Dead Horse Point (difficult)
Moab Town and Country Tour (easy)
Scenic Highway 128 (moderate--ask about full moon rides)

29er Routes

Sand Flats Road Options (easy to difficult)
Potash Road and Long Canyon Loop (strenuous, long pavement and dirt)
Hurrah Pass (long pavement and dirt)
Kane Springs Road (easy)
Cowboy Loops (Moab Brands singletracks, most of them)
Pipe Dream
La Sal Mountain Road (pavement with some off road possibilities, difficult)
Kokopelli Trail to La Sal Mountain Road (long dirt climb and descent with very long dirt loop option)
Old Moab Highway and Options North (moderate to very difficult)
Old Arches National Park Road (Willow Springs Road, difficult)
Moab Town and Country Tour (easy to moderate)

About evaluations: The first ride of any series serves as personal evaluation and environmental etiquette instruction. For RFT-3 these duties are performed on a trail chosen by your guide, but usually the best place to evaluate intermediate to expert mountain bikers is Fins and Things. For 29er pilots, the best first ride is usually Sand Flats Road with options on Fins and Things. For road riders, the best first ride is Potash Road. Evaluation rides offer challenge for the experienced while avoiding continuous vertical exposure or dangerous traffic situations.

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DreamrideMoab RFT 3 Day Rides Rates
There is a 7.8% state sales tax on all services and equipment.

Note: When booking a 3 day RFT, there is a rest day included after the first two rides. The final ride always takes place on the day after the rest day. All rides are from town. Expect longer distances. No refunds for those who find it too hard, but we will use a shuttle if this occurs.


$450 per guest for a private group of four to six riders (only with the RFT do we offer packages for more than four participants)
$1350 for a private solo (one rider, one guide)
$1495 for a private couple (two riders, one guide)
$1800 for a private group of three (three riders, one guide)

WELCOME BIKE CLUBS! $395 per guest for private groups of four to six. Must bring own equipment.
Note: This is the only package Dreamride offers accepting ride-together groups over four riders. All participants must be skilled, fit and bring capable equipment. No Boy Scouts, please!


DreamrideMoab RFT 2+2 Rates
There is a 7.8% state sales tax on all services and equipment.

Note: The RFT2+2 is the best of all worlds, a completely private vacation package in Moab. We ride to the best rides nearby town for two days, rest for one, then shuttle into the desert or mountains for two more days. We can move the shuttled rides around by request. Rides are chosen for your skills and interests, and weather conditions. Two rides are from town. Two rides are van shuttled. Expect fun.*


$595 per guest for groups of four (four riders, one guide)
$1795 for a private solo series (one rider, one guide)
$2150 for a private couple (two riders, one guide)
$2375 for a private group of three (three riders, one guide)

Note: All participants must be skilled, fit and bring capable equipment, if not renting from Dreamride.

WARNING TO MOUNTAIN BIKERS! Mountain biking in the immediate Moab area tends to be difficult. If you are not a fit mountain biker with moderate skills, riding from town is not advised.

Mountain bike tours of Moab territory


DreamrideRental Rates and Policies for RFT Packages

mountain bike sales BIKE RENTALS: Dreamride rentals are custom built in our Moab shop specifically for Moab's rough trails and we have a fleet of 29er Dreamride titanium hardball 29er and 650b hardballs specifically for riding road and trail. Size choices are limited. These bikes are stable, extremely capable and perfectly suited for the job at hand. Both versions, long travel freeride and front suspended 9er or 650B hardball, are available to RFT-3 clients. The other half of the fleet is comprised of extreme high end demos and showroom bikes. All of our bikes are for sale as part of a rent-to-buy program. Elite rentals are available to RFT clients. Some are for very specific riding situations. We reserve the right to refuse to rent a fancy bike to anyone for any reason. If you treat your fancy bike like a "rental," bring your own fancy bike. Our rentals are only for Dreamride's guided tours and are not available for unsupervised rides for your safety.

IMPORTANT! "Ride from Town" means "ride from town" on a bike, not a gas powered vehicle. If you arrive in town and discover that riding from town is a harder than you thought possible, we'll use the shuttle and charge our basic rates. Shuttle pricing is: $100 minimum per day for any group size plus $2.50 per person per mile. Don't even consider the RFT as a way to save money, unless you are fit enough to enjoy it. Reserve it if you love to ride longer distances and enjoy the feeling of not being tethered to the shuttle. If you don't WANT to ride from town, click on MOAB 3D. All of the other packages include a range of shuttle services.

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It is not over until you have done the paperwork. Please download the pdf documents directly below. Fill out the questionnaire and waiver and send them via fax to 435-259-8196 or EMAIL.


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Environmental Tour Methods
BE GREEN! Let's face it, we encourage fossil fuel consumption when we market the best mountain biking on Earth to mountain bikers around the globe. Dreamride's owners are environmentalists first and mountain bikers second. We do everything in our power to keep our impact to a minimum. Our group size limit is about taking care of the environment. Now, we offer you the chance to conserve fuel, save money, and enjoy classic trails and dirt and gravel roads near Moab. This is the way many longterm locals get their kicks, by riding directly from town. Along the way we will show you points of interest. The list of Ride From Town trails that eliminate the need for a shuttle vehicle is more than adequate to keep you busy and some of the trails are not at all far from town and we generally ride to them without shuttles anyway. But on many of the rides you've got to be strong enough for the extra mileage. Moab Colorado River Pedestrian Bridge Leopard Lizard Old Moab Highway

The Best Bike for RFT
If you are going to combine the purchase of a 29er with a Dreamride vacation in Moab, the RFT is a best choice. The DREAMRIDE RFT BUILD OF THE MOOTS MX DIVIDE is a very capable All Mountain rig that weighs 24 pounds.
Custom Bike Purchase and Vacation Package
Combine your trip to Moab with the purchase of an extreme high quality bicycle. Dreamride is authorized dealer of MOOTS, VENTANA and DARIO PEGORETTI ROAD BIKES. We offer our own DREAMRIDE POE titanium hardballs in combination with this group with a 10% discount on the entire package.
Moab 3 day mountain bike vacation
Our three day package is most popular with novices to advanced riders who have limited time to enjoy a mountain bike vacation.
Moab 5 day mountain bike vacation
For those who want just the right amount of time in the saddle to get pretty sore, the 5 Daze was for many years out most popular package with intermediate to expert riders. As of 2014, the 2+2=5 became the most popular package with the inclusion of a first day skills clinic and a rest day in the middle.
Moab 5 day ultimate slickrock mountain bike vacation
The Moab Slickrock Ultimate is the Moab 5 Daze on steroids. The Ultimate includes all Elite perks and our best slickrock routes in a five day/six night package length.
Moab slickrock skills clinics
Add a skills clinic to any package. Substitute a clinic for the first day or two in a package and, if you are a strong novice to upper intermediate rider, expect to be riding at a much higher skill level by the end of the day.
Guided day hikes around Moab
Dreamride was Moab's first guided day hike provider. Substitute a hike for any day in an RFT package to rest the cycling muscle groups. Hikes are shuttled.