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Special EditionLynskey Bicycles and Frames


Lynskey Titanium bicycle frames built up by DreamrideLynskey takes titanium fabrication further than most manufacturers with advanced in-house titanium tubing manipulation. Their Helix twisted diamond top and downtubes increase rigidity while maintaining light weight. 6al-4v alloy tubing also increases strength while reducing weight. As professional bicyclists we have extensive knowledge of geometry and component matching that augment Lynskey's manufacturing talents, from building up a budget titanium 29er to pulling together a one-off exotic road frame with custom paint and the ultimate parts selection to match. We offer Lynskey's stock frames as part of our FRAME, FORK & HEADSET KITS (call for the best deals on frame-only). We offer all factory deals listed on their website, but with thorough support and interface and an additional cost break on shipping. We also offer Lynskey's stock and custom frames with Dreamride's Moab-tested cosmetically balanced parts groups for road, city and mountain bicycles.

Lynskey has a fine website that explains what they do, so click on LYNSKEY CATALOG to see the models available in road, triathlon, and mountain bike frames. Check out detailed specs and pricing there, then call us at 1-888-MOABUTAH and we will process your order and size you for a stock size or custom sized frame. As riding professionals vastly experienced at dealing one on one with perfectionists, affectionados, jaded professionals and inexperienced cyclists. We know better than anyone how to fit and finish your bicycle.

Lynskey Ridgeline 29er Lynskey Ridgeline Dreamride MRC

The Ridgeline is the best value in a titanium 29er frameset, so we are building it up with a component package that is the best value for the dollar without sacrificing performance, our MRC group. The MRC mixes mid-range drivetrain components (Shimano XT and SLX, and FSA crankset) for the right weight savings in places where it counts most. This build is suitable for rough terrain. It is rugged, easy to service and inexpensive to replace parts in harms way. We do not compromise on fork choice (we use Fox F-29 FIT for this build) because, like the frame, the fork must LAST, be stiff laterally, yet plush vertically, light and easy to service. While we consider this build to be a perfect match for the Ridgeline, if you want to spend more, scroll down further for the exotic MAX group, a top of the line Dreamride Special Moab Edition Ridgeline or Pro 29 Helix build. We will work toward a price point, if you like.

Parts list for the MRC is: Lynskey Ridgeline frame; Fox F-29 FIT 100 fork; FSA Afterburner crankset; Shimano SLX shifters and derailleurs; Shimano XT cogset; Shimano XTR chain; Dreamride-built wheelset featuring strong Mavic A319 rims, XT disc hubs and DT spokes; Magura Louise brakes; reliable, strong and easily-serviced WTB Greaseguard headset; WTB kevlar beaded tires; Thomson seatpost and stem; FSA handlebar; Kenda tubes; Stan's rim tape; WTB SST saddle; Pedals are NOT included.

$4450 for built bike ~ $4195 for Ridgeline MRC Kit
No tax out of Utah! We pay for wire transfers!


Superlite Cross Country Special EditionDreamride MAX
Lynskey Pro 9 and Ridgeline

This is the extreme top end kit for our top end titanium frames. The MAX creates a light, fast, strong and very technically capable 29er mountain bike. The Max includes the best current 9er front fork (Fox F-29 RLC or Talas 29 RLC) and all the very best components from Shimano or SRAM (full XTR or XTR/X.O combo), Chris King, Magura, Mavic, and Moots. We only offer 29er builds with the best wheelset we can build. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise on a 9er! See the grouppo below.

We also offer custom sizing and detailing of Lynskey frames, so if you have a special request or want suggestions as to how to better the performance of the bike through custom geometry, mention this when you order. We are professional riders as well as builders and specialize in 9er and 69er frames and builds, do extensive product testint and produce our own 69er frame built by Lynskey, so this is the place to get the right geometry and very parts combos for a performance advantage. All MAX bikes are built by company owner, Lee Bridgers.

SUSPENSION FORK: Our fork choice for a hardtail 9er in 2011 is the Fox Talas RLC or the Fox F-29 RLC.

MAX GROUPPO: XTR cranks, Magura Marta SL hydraulic brakes; custom-color keyed Chris King hubs and headset; Moots titanium seatpost and stem; Moots titanium flat bar or FSA carbon riser; XTR (or SRAM X.0 or XX.0) shifter pods, cassette, chain, and derailleurs; WTB Pure V Stealth or Pure V Gel saddle (Fizik, Selle Italia or Brooks saddles may be substituted at additional cost); Mavic or DT rims, DT spokes and nipples to suit your body weight; Oury lock-on grips; kevlar beaded tires to suit your trails and use.

$6975 for Ridgeline
$7475 for the Pro 9 Helix

See below for lower prices on a modified MAX build.

No tax out of Utah! We pay for wire transfers!

Lowest price on top-end titanium 9er!
Lynskey Ridgeline VF MAX-Reducer ~ $5450
Lynskey Pro 9 (Helix) VF MAX-Reducer ~ $5950

The MAX-Reducer gets the pricing down on a no compromise MAX build through some substitutions, deletions and a more specific payment method. Performance remains much the same. Weight goes up by about a half pound. MAX-Reducer substitutes XT for XTR drivetrain components, Magura Marta brakes for the SL versions and Thomson stem and post and FSA bars for the titanium Moots items. Price includes shipping in the 48 states, but does NOT include the hardshell flight case. No tax out of Utah! Since we are cutting every corner to get the price as low as possible without sacrificing much in the way of cosmetics or peformance, MAX-Reducer clients must utitilize wire transfer or personal check for payment. Credit cards literally push pricing up on every product you buy. If you choose to use a credit card for payment, add $250 to the pricing listed above.

Limitless Paint and Finishes

And if you don't want bare titanium, Let us tempt you to put some paint on it with limitless wet paint options. We will help you with your personal design and pass it along to the Lynskey paint shop.

Lynskey bare titanium finish examples

Lynskey paint finish examples


How to order and how to navigate this site.

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We offer all Lynskey products and will be listing specific parts kits for road frames in the near future. We are especially focused on the budget side of the Lynskey line-up, specifically the Ridgeline and the Cooper models. If you are interested in high end road and mountain kits for Lynskey frames, use the MOOTS MOUNTAIN LISTINGS, MOOTS ROAD LISTINGS, or SEROTTA ROAD LISTINGS for sample builds. Vertical fixed dropout on the Lynskey Ridgeline 29 and Pro 9 frames A Lynskey Ridgeline frame is half the price of a Moots Mooto-X. Arguably the Moots is worth the difference for ther right client, but who can argue with such amazing pricing at such a level of performance. The Ridgeline is one of our favorite frames of all times. Made in Chatanooga, Tennessee to go . . . fast. Lynskey R420 Road frame Lynskey's paint schemes can be quite good looking and they are open to taking care of custom requests for custom paint jobs. Bridgers custom paint for Lynskey frames If you want something truly unique and beautiful, Dreamride owner Lee Bridgers custom paints Lynskey frames. Go to BICYCLE PAINT WEIRDNESS for info and pricing.