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custom paint on a Dreamride Moots CR road bicycle
Custom Paint and Matching Components

One color

For cycling art lovers.
Water based bicycle paintDreamride offers very unique one-off paint jobs by Lee Bridgers, company owner. Custom paint is offered on Moots bicycle frames purchased from Dreamride only. Each painting is personalized for the individual client. The paint is just the beginning as Lee carefully chooses high performance components for a completely cosmetically balanced bicycle.

Artist Bio in brief: Fine art degrees: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (BFA painting); San Francisco Art Institute (BFA and MFA in film, video, performance and multi-media). One man shows on three continents in painting, film, video and performance. Bicycle painting featured in Art Business in America magazine. In the collection of the Smithsonian Institute (video). Spring Show Award, SFAI. Ackland Musuem Award. First Place San Francisco Art Institute Film Festival 1986. Support from curators of the Stedilijk Museum in Amsterdam (painting). Teaching: Watercolor painting at Sharon Arts in Golden Gate Park; Fine Art Film/Video lecturer and department administrator at University of Colorado/Boulder; Director of Film/Video Tech Program for University of North Carolina; many others. Fine Art restoration in Europe and America. Graphic design for numerous projects in the music business (posters and advertising). Registered street artist in San Francisco.

Moots Vamoots RSL with custom one color paint job

Fine Art on a Bicycle Frame Pricing and time frame varies widely according the the job!
A one-color no-logos show-quality paint job that includes painted frame, fork, stem, handlebar and seatpost is $1250. Freeform multi-color paint starts at $1250 for frame and fork. Design/painting/curing can take one month to a year to complete depending on complexity of the process. Techniques are based on traditional and non-traditional paint application methods and a lifetime of experience in multi-media painting. Application is done with air brush, hand brush, liquid pens, cloth, mesh, masking with a variety of media and objects, dripping, splatter and more. Client may request colors and a general theme. Interpretation is up to the artist.

The process: The frame is fabricated to our specifications by MOOTS, based on careful measurements and an interview to determine your riding style. We suggest a visit to Moab for a personal hands-on fitting utilizing our fit cycle and hands-on measurements, but we have been successfully fitting people over the phone for 15 years using our own unique methods and a standard sizing form. Powdercoat primed frames create a rugged base that can withstand any solvent used to get special effects, like those pictured on "Cupcake", the frame with painted spirals and layering techniques. In this case prime red was used as the base color. The palette was vaguely suggested by the client ("Red is my favorite color").

Colors are mixed from prime red, blue and yellow, pure white, and black, with use of special pearlized, candy and metallic pigments and additives. Waterbased, waterborne and urethane pigments are used for graphic layers. Clear coats are urethane.

we paint Moots bicycle frames

Techniques: Application with custom cut and shaped brushes, fabrics, sponges, shaped foam, leather, liquid pens, splatter tools, and air brushes, are enhanced by hand cut masks. "Each and every stroke of the brush or airbrush is carefully considered as I abuse, sacrifice and destroy anything necessary to get the effect I want. Every application of the paint is like a musical theme, jazz performed in line and color. Be forewarned: I will only do this kind of work if I am allowed to be spontaneous and sensitive to the desires of the client as well as the art that unfolds in front of me. I do not respond to direct requests for literal images or copies of other paint jobs. You can suggest a theme and a base color, but how I interpret is my responsibility." ~ Lee Bridgers

Lee Bridgers Custom Paint for F-Series Mountain Bikes

Water-based and water-borne paint are used for graphic fields. Urethane paints are used for splatter effects, some basecoats and clearcoat. Lee's favorite American painter is JAY DEFEO, if you are interested.

Exotic Custom Bicycle Paint

No matter the medium, the layering process creates its own color range, producing depth and special effects through various ways of mixing pigments in the can, on the palette and on the frame. After colors are layered and paint is allowed to cure, the frame is given a Urethane clearcoat, then set aside for as much as three months to cure and dry.

Auto Air Colors on a Serotta bicycle frame

Ordering: You can order a stock frame size from us to be painted or Lee will customize a complete bike for specific needs based on a custom-fitted and fabricated frame. CONTACT DREAMRIDE for more info on pricing. Call 1-888-MOABUTAH to order.

Moots Vamoots RSL one color
Paint and build by Lee Bridgers
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Featured in Art Business in America Custom Paint by Lee Bridgers
Featured in Art Business in America Magazine
Dreamride bikes are labors of love that articulate passion and appreciation for the object of art. There is nothing like a bike that is actually alive, that speaks to you, that requires love in return. It might be strange to be speaking in these terms of a bicycle, but these paint jobs come as close as anything to convincing the rider that this thing is, "ALIVE!" You will have an irresistable urge to pet it. Dreamride Serotta Classique

Custom Paint and Build on Serotta frame and fork by Lee Bridgers Paint by Lee Bridgers Dreamride color matched custom paint and Chris King hub Dreamride Moots Vamoots Compact Dreamride Moots Vamoots Compact Serotta Colorado steel road frame with Dreamride custom paint Moots Vamoots RSL with custom paint