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Moots Bicycles
Custom Moots Mountain, Road, Cyclocross and Commuter Bicycles

NEWS! As of 2018 the Moots line has undergone a slight change of direction and a more focused vision. The Routt bikes are the best selling Moots models ever. The Moots RSL road and cross frames are still hot. The Moots Mountaineer YBB frame is the new king of the mountain bike treking bikes with clearance for 3 inch tires (perfect fatness). The Mooto-X frames remain as the best 29ers ever. Boosted rear axles and flat mount brakes improve on the best. The fat Frost Hammer is available as stock frame and comes in two models. And then there is the back door: There is a Moots trail maintenance bike for carrying tools in the outback. Custom singlespeeds feature Slider or hooded track dropouts. We offer custom sizing, custom frame geometry, custom tube bending, custom handlebars (now including low riser bars), show-level custom paint and detailed component cosmetics.

Ordering: Allow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery of a frame. Sometimes longer for customs at certain times of year. Custom paint takes three to four months additional (most graphic layer paint jobs need time for paint to cure). CONTACT DREAMRIDE for info and pricing on complete bikes. Call 1-435-259-6419 to order.

Outside of Utah Moots frame-only sales get free King headset and free shipping in 48 states! Inside Utah clients pay no sales tax (8.6% savings).


Dreamride holds the keys to Moab

Custom builds to suit your personal needs.
Why Moots? It's the joy of ownership combined with the performance and longevity of the bike. Ask a Moots owner. Test ride a Moots, if you can find a demo. Ask anyone about the legendary customer service! Look at the pictures and realize we can customize these frames if needed for perfect fit, and every bike we sell is built for one client and his or her personal needs. We specialize in the pursuit of perfection and Moots is as good as titanium gets. This is where it all comes together, from the origins of the company, its cycling location and staff of cycling pros or serious recreational enthusiasts to Dreamride with our cycling location and professional cycling base. You may notice Dreamride only offers manufacturers with the ability to custom build a single frame at a time. We provide this service in coordination with Moots' excellent staff of engineers and fabricators to present you with the bike that suits your needs.

Vintate Moots Bicycles
Moots Bio in Brief: Originally producing steel road bikes in 1981, Moots reached its stride in 1989 when founder Kent Erikson designed and produced the world's first softail mountain bike, YBB, or "why be beat?" In the early 90's Moots moved from steel to titanium, introducing what many consider to be first truly perfect "suspension" mountain bike, the titanium Moots YBB, which in 2012 became what we at Dreamride consider the best traditional lmountain bike frame ever produced, the Mooto-X YBB. Over the years Moots has combined an old-school aesthetic with high tech production. Moots has changed hands three times over the years and their have been investments made in their facility and staff, taking Moots to a new level of service, support and innovation. Moots currently employs four schooled frame builders included a couple of very talented tube benders and shapers who also design and build machines to manipulate and weld the material. The guys and gals at Moots run one of the cleanest and most efficient bike manufacturing facilities in the states and the company has always treated clients and dealers with the greatest of respect. All you have to do is ask around to know which frame and which builder to work with. A Dreamride Moots ups the pace!
Kent on the Bridgeport
Special Edition Vamoots YBB
Quality and high tech meet in Steamboat Springs: The techno-geek in us loves titanium. Anyone looking for a completely custom titanium ride would be wise to take advantage of Dreamride's experience, parts specifications, and attention to detail. Moots knows frame building and we know parts combos and custom and stock frame fitting and custom detailing. Moots frames can be custom sized and modified, so every detail of the build can be fitted to your needs. S and S couplingsWith a full range of frames from road racing to mountain biking, we can create a quiver of bikes that will certainly last your lifetime. We will build the only bike you will ever need, if you only want one. You can be assured that your grandchildren will be riding the bike. Titanium's fatigue life is off the charts and the heat of a weld only makes titanium stronger, so they can be repaired as many times as necessary. If you just want a frame, we can help you tweak it's construction to accommodate a rigid or longer travel fork, an unusual body type, or specific requirements for a certain terrain, but our true value is in creating the complete bike specific to your needs. Get the perfect fit and the perfect combination of components to match. It is not just about numbers anymore. Fit is not a science, it is an art form that combines science with real world experience. We have that experience in spades.

The extras: Moots custom building allows us to add multiple waterbottle mounts, S&S couplings for easy travel with your bike (pictured), custom cable routing, custom titanium stems, seatposts and bars. The true value of a Dreamride-built Moots bike is not just the meticulous attention to detail, quality and tailored fit, but ongoing customer service and VACATION OPPORUNTIES that can only be offered by a company like Dreamride through experience and continued passion for cycling. As a tour company Dreamride guides and hosts in Moab and Moots clients get special attention. Just let us know and we will set up a special ride for you to break in your new bike.

custom paint on a Dreamride Moots CR road bicycle
For a limited time Dreamride offers high quality wild custom paint jobs by Lee Bridgers, company owner. Take advantage of this opportunity to own a piece of fine art that goes really fast.
Moots Snow Show Bike
Our one color custom option creates a show quality Moots road, cyclocross, singlespeed or commuter bike. Eye-catching!

Serfas flight caseComplete Dreamride mountain bikes can be shipped in hardshell flight cases. Road bikes are shipped in reuseable Bike Caddy boxes. There is no tax outside of Utah for bikes shipped to you. For clients who are residents of Utah, we cover the taxes for you, an 8.6% savings.

Special Edition Dreamride's jumping coyote logo signifies special services.
Dreamride Special Edition Moots purchasers who like our style and want to take advantage of our tour operations in Moab receive special attention. Lee Bridgers will personally guide you on a road or mountain bike ride or two for tips. But, for those who want something truly special, we offer simple logistical travel agent-style cycling specialty services from airport shuttles up to completely supported, escorted and guided excursons with lodgings and meals included in Moab, on the Big Island of Hawaii, in Colorado, on Navajo Nation lands and other destinations worldwide. The highest level of personal service is available here, made possible by our unique experience, location, vocation, and resources.

Mountain Bike Purchase and Tour Combination in Moab, Utah

How to order and how to navigate this site.

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For information EMAIL DREAMRIDE or call us at 435-259-6419. Email or call for international orders. Read INFORMATION ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AND SHIPMENT prior to contacting Dreamride about an order to be shipped outside the United States.

Dreamride MAX Moots Mooto-X RSL Custom Dreamride Bikes
Based on Moots Frames

Dreamride bikes are labors of love that can be based on a stock sizing or custom frame. If you want us to work with Moots create a customized frame with a wild paint and/or general custom sizing and frame detailing, you will not be disappointed. This is what we do: One bike at a time for one client at a time.

Fitting Sessions in Moab
For most clients we use a phone interview and a sizing chart, but if you come to Moab we can measure your body and/or use a Serotta Size Cycle. The best use of the sizing cycle is for mocking up stock frame sizes and geometries to give you a chance to sit and spin on the stock size to see if it will work for you. A deposit in advance is necessary to reserve a date and time for fitting. If you are getting a mock-up, the Fit Cycle will be set-up to specs before the appointment.

Dreamride Moots Vamoots Compact Dreamride Mooto-X YBB MAX Dreamride Moots Vamoots Compact SL Dreamride Moots Vamoots Moots MX Divide Dreamride style Moots Psychlo-X