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The Moots Smoothie has been replaced by the Zirkel, but stay tuned for the return of the full Ti Smoothie in 26 and 29 inch wheels.

The Moots Zirkel frame is now available with an aluminum rear end. It retains the arcing suspension design of the Smoothie with some changes in the shock mount. We have not performed any testing on this frame and therefore do not offer it built up. Frame only price is $2750 with our usual free King headset and shipping perks. We are waiting for a full ti version before we begin to offer complete bikes (if it passes the test). In the meantime, if you are looking for a short travel rig built up by Dreamride's Lee Bridgers, we offer the best, the VENTANA EL SALTAMONTES. All info below is outdated, but left of the site for now as a tribute to what we considered to be the best full titanium full suspension frame ever. May it rest in peace while others rest in pieces.
Moots Smoothie Bicycles

Moots Smoothie MAX
Best in Category! ~ Short Travel Cross Country/Mountain

Moots Smoothie Max"The mountain bike magazines really dropped the ball on this frame. I guess 'perfection' is not in their dictionary, or Thesaurus. Maybe they don't know how to built it up. This is one hell of a smart frame, hands-down the best titanium mountain frame on the market. Everything about the design and execution is distinctly honest, refined over many years of titanium frame production. Each design feature is there for more than one reason, painstakingly thought out and executed with artistry. Each year I tweak perfect builds for this particular frame. If you are looking for the ultimate titanium mountain bike, you need look no further, . . . . or go ahead, doubt my word. Find a way to truly compare, visually, in the saddle, and/or on paper. Call us for a catalog. Read the specs. Forget the stupid mountain bike magazines. See for yourself. Study the delicious welds, the engineering ideas and goals, fat tube specifications, geometry and travel. Visit the factory in Steamboat. In the end you will certainly agree that the Smoothie is not only the best in titanium, it may be the best short travel cross country bike, period. The Smoothie AL is the best value in a cross country bike. Understand, that when I lay a 'best of' rating on a bike frame, it is not from stuff I read or a first impression, or even an impression gathered over days of testing, but longterm experience with this frame. Moab puts bikes to the test. It stresses them. I personally have five mountain bikes in my guiding arsenal, and own a collection of fourteen personal bikes. If there was a fire, I would grab my Moots Smoothie Max, first." ~ Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner


Moots Smoothie Frames

Moots Smoothie Frame Sales

Dreamride's best-selling Moots bike, the Smoothie, provides over three inches of travel from a Moots articulated arc rear suspension design that eliminates the need for a dropout pivot. Large sealed bearing pivots keep the frame just about maintenance free, and further enhance lateral stiffness. The Smoothie Ti comes in seven stock sizes. An 18" Smoothie frame with Progressive shock weighs just under 5.5 pounds.

Note: Complete bike prices listed below are based on the full titanium frame. You can order all models with any of the three Smoothie frames.

Frame only: Smoothie Ti $3150, Smoothie AL $1650, Smoothie Blend (ti front/al rear) $2540

All MSRP frame sales come with a Chris King headset and free shipping in the contintental United States, no tax out of Utah.


Top dog Smoothie build.

Moots Smoothie Max Special Edition Moots Smoothie Bicycles The MAX grouppo was originally formulated specifically for the Moots Smoothie to produce the absolute ultimate cross country classic, a maxed-out version of the very best full titanium frame. It is framed by a refined, elegant, and detailed build. This is THE traditional cross country bike for the gearhead with taste. Its only competition in this category is the Moots Cinco, which is a loud echo of the classic Smoothie ride. Both climb like goats, sing on singletrack and eat open fire roads. The Smoothie sacrifices a bit of leg to be completely contructed of titanium. The Smoothie, despite limited suspension travel, is tops in the overall picture. It is not for everyone. The Cinco IS for everyone, which is why it is there to entice. The Smoothie, however, is best under an experienced rider who appreciates light weight, low center or gravity and distinctive handling and whose trail challenges match the abilities of the bike. If you ride smooth to moderately rooted and loamy singletrack, this is the bike for those few who absolutely want the lasting quality of titanium. The Smoothie Max is a way for a titanium hardtail rider to appreciate suspension without loosing touch with the ground. It is a way for a rider accustomed to All Mountain or freeride equipment to get back in touch with classic mountain biking. Each individual bike is suspension-tuned to your needs, from stable and smooth to hot and quick, but it will always reflect the frame's suspension best attributes. There are no compromises in time or parts to achieve a balanced ride, smooth operation and a smart looking package. The guy who builds your bike owns a Smoothie Max, and a Cinco Max, and he lavishes love on your Smoothie Max as he would for his own new bike. He outfits every Smoothie to balance one rider's body, skills, and terrain needs with frame size and component choice. Magura Marta SL disc brakes are the best mountain bike brake ever for a bike like this, and if we didn't believe that, they wouldn't be on the bike. As for the Moots stem and bars, a Smoothie looks out of place without them. If we didn't make you get them now, you would have to get them later. They lighten, strengthen and enhance the value of the complete bicycle. We use SRAM X.0 twisters or X-9 triggers (X.9 is current high mark) and X.0 rear derailleur. The Smoothie Max rolls on handbuilt "SuperEgo" wheelset based on color-matched Chris King ISO hubs and Mavic rims. Spoke and rim are set for your trail needs. Even the derailleur cabling is set to the climate where you will be riding. Cranksets are current model XTR or FSA Pro Team Issue Carbon (still our favorite). The result of all this thinking, testing and obsession is a light and strong parts kit that works hard to lessen maintenance costs and warrantee worries. If you don't see your favorite part listed in this kit, we have not tested it or we tested the item and it is not our choice for this combination. The Max build is suitable for all titanium framesets from MOOTS (Rigor Mootis, Smoothie, or YBB). The Max group is also offered with the VENTANA EL SALTAMONTES which is recommended for heavier or more agressive riders looking for a sexy light "All Mountain" bike. The Max upgrade is also available on our own DREAMRIDE FULLY full custom "All Mountain" bikes. As with all Dreamride parts formulas, each Max bike is completely unique to the individual. Parts, modifications, frame construction and finish vary based on fit, needs and wants. An 18" Smoothie Max weighs 25 pounds, complete with stainless steel Eggbeater pedals and water bottle cages. You can opt for any of the various titanium Eggbeater pedals at additional cost. You can also opt for modifications to the King ISO hubset at additional charge. CUSTOM PAINT AND ANODIZING ARE AVAILABLE.



Travel adjustable Marzocchi Marathon SL fork and Progressive air shock.

Immaculately built in Moab, Utah.
Shipped to your door in its own hardshell flight case!
Toll free tech support during and after your purchase.
Invitation to exclusive Dreamride Moab events.

Moots Smoothie Max ready to ship

Moots Smoothie Max in shipping case

Moots Smoothie Max at home in England.


XDream SuperLite Kit
Special EditionMoots Smoothie XDream Superlite
This is for weight freaks and retro wheenies. No vomiting necessary. It is light enough already. A light rim brake build suits a classic like the Smoothie frame. The parts selection cuts no corners to remove weight while remaining strong and tuned to your body weight and terrain you ride. It features Paul Motolite brakes and levers, Chris King hubs, carbon fiber crank arms, SRAM X.0 twisters and derailleur, Moots titanium stem and post. With or without cork wrapped bar ends, handlebar to suit. Expect the complete bike to weigh 23 to 25 pounds, depending on rider weight, tire choice. PRICING INCUDES THE FULL TITANIUM MOOTS SMOOTHIE FRAME. If you have specific questions, call 435-259-6419. Go to XDREAM SUPERLITE for more kit info.

$6525 -- shipping in a hardshell flight case is included.


SuperEgo Kit
Special EditionMoots Smoothie SuperEgo
The SuperEgo exotic parts selection has been a best seller on most frame models it is offered with, a no-compromise selection of exotic parts, tuned to work together flawlessly. Every part is current state-of-the-art, cosmetically spectacular, light and supremely functional. Our custom SuperEgo wheelset and the glitz of extreme high end components are augmented by very refined build that features striking colors and attention to detail. Brakes are Magura Marta, the best brakes on the market. Stem and post are Thomson with the option of an Easton magnesium stem. Bars are Answer Pro-Taper carbon or Easton Monkeylite. You can choose between SRAM X.0 or a SRAM X.9/X.0 combo. Each bike is individually built, tuned to your weight, size and the terrain you ride.. PRICING INCUDES THE FULL TITANIUM FRAME. If you have specific questions, call 435-259-6419. Go to DREAMRIDE SUPEREGO for more on SuperEgo parts.

$6145 -- shipping in a hardshell flight case is included.

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