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Moots Cinco suspensionBike weight as low as 25 pounds!
We have chosen the Moots Cinco as the platform to build the ultimate XC bike. This is the ONLY way we will build it, no compromises whatsoever! Parts options listed within the MAX group that reduce the price a bit do not compromise any aspect of the bike's performance or look. Thanks to Moots for putting a proven Ventana four bar rear end on a finely crafted titanium front triangle, producing something that is far superior to any other titanium suspension frame and probably the best product at this travel setting. Dreamride chose this specific rear end long ago and uses it for our 6" travel Dreamride Fully. This intimate knowledge is extremely helpful when it comes to the Cinco. Want more standover? Need a custom top tube length or more bottom bracket height? Getting the bike to fit your body and trail needs is what we do best. Selecting components appropriate to a Ventana four bar rear end is what we have been doing for years, but for the Cinco, we just let it all hang out without consideration to anything but the highest quality and the highest standard of beauty. A Dreamride-built Cinco could be the ultimate mountain bike at this point in time.


Moots Cinco MAX front end

Stock frame pricing and sizing:
$3625 MSRP for frame (always with free shipping, no tax out of Utah, and a free Chris King headset)
15" (21.9" TT), 16.5" (22.5 TT), 18" (23.25 TT), 19.5" (24" TT), 21" (24.75" TT).


Superlite Cross Country

Special Edition 2008 Moots Cinco Dreamride MAX
Best Mountain XC
Here it is: The titanium freak's ultimate full suspension freak out. This is the best of the best, an ultimate investment for a racing privateer who wants to train and race on one bike, and needs the bike to hold up for seasons on end. For the recreational perfectionist looking for the ceiling, here it is. The MAX group, originally formulated for the Moots Smoothie, has been tweaked and upgraded over the past ten years. It now suits the Cinco and Zirkel frames, sparing no expense or labor to decrease weight and increase overall quality, performance and cosmetic appeal. MAX is best described as balanced compatibility, where no part overwhelms the part next to it. The MAX includes a Moots titanium stem (Open [oversized four bolt] or Ti-Beam [two bolt]) and seatpost (Cinch layback) combo with a choice of Selle Italia, WTB or Brooks saddles (WTB reduces cost, Brooks Titanium railed Swallow increases price). An FSA carbon fiber handlebar is stock, but we will sub in any suitable bar. Fork choices are Fox 32F-RLC (as priced below). A Shimano XTR or SRAM XX.O 10 speed triple drivetrain is matched to color-matched Magura Marta SL discs. Choose a top-of-the-line ultra-light FSA hollow carbon crankset, XTR or SRAM crankset. The light, strong, handbuilt Dreamride SuperEgo wheelset is based on your weight and riding style with color-matched Chris King ISO hubs, a choice of DT spokes, and rims suited to your weight and the bikes use (Mavic XM717, XM719, 817UST, 823UST or XM321). You have the choice to reduce the price of the overall package by substituting Magura Marta discs and XT-level drivetrain components without sacrificing performance attributes. Like the parts list and overall cosmetics of the bike, cables are finely worked, guided and laced for straight-lines, smooth operation and easy cleaning, and are color-matched. Tires are chosen for your specific terrain, riding style and cosmetics. As with other Dreamride parts formulas, each bike is cosmetically unique, fitted and detailed for one person. Expect the complete bike to weigh 25 to 29 pounds, depending primarily on component level, rims, spokes, and tire choice. This bike is recommended to recreational riders under 225 pounds and racers under 210 pounds, but we can work with Moots to custom build frames for any size, weight or level of aggression--within reason. If you are looking for similar bike with custom sizing built into the price, more travel, more lateral rigidity and equal weight and is more suitable to agressive riding over rough terrain, click on DREAMRIDE FULLY or VENTANA ALL MOUNTAIN FRAMES. The MAX parts group is a perfect match for any MOOTS mountain frame, by the way.

$8595 w/ XT drivetrain
$9050 w/ XTR drivetrain
$9995 for SRAM XX-0 custom Cinco 69er!

Immaculately built in Moab, Utah.
Price does not include shipping or flight case.
Toll free tech support after purchase--Just call 1-888-MOABUTAH.
special Moots Invitationals in Moab and Steamboat Springs.

Dreamride Moots Cinco MAX
Moots Cinco in flight case.

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We miss you, Ricardo.
Dreamride Moots Cinco MAX "Did my first ride Saturday. I cleaned every uphill first try on a track that I have accomplished that feat on only once before. And I have not been riding so skills are rusty. Climbs steep short technical stuff like nothing I have ridden. Credit the moots geometry, beautiful wheelset and the tires. They really seemed to bite, very nice choice. Also a word about the f120. You were right. 120 is perfect for the cinco. Any more and I would have to run too high of pressure in the rear to balance it out when seated so as not the destroy the handling. 120 let me keep the rear end plush for much better rear end bite over bumps and roots, maintained optimal handling in the corners, and let me keep my weight centered on the uphills for grip without worrying about the front end popping. Bike tracks very well over rough stuff. Credit the ventana rear end which completely transforms the bike relative to the smoothie which got squirrelly at speed. Luv the xtr controls and front derailleur. Not convinced the rear is a lot better than the x0 but it sure looks pretty. New xtr cranks are the best I have ever ridden period. Extraordinary stiffness and power transfer. It feels like a smoothie on steroids (the good kind). It has all of the smoothies great qualities plus way better rear end + more suspension = faster more confident bike. It hits the sweetspot for what I ride around here and will therefore get ridden a lot. Perfect. Cheers, Calvin" ~ Calvin Schlenker, owner of bike pictured above, Houston, TX. Dreamride Moots Cinco MAX Dreamride Custom Moots Cinco MAX Full Custom Moots Cinco MAX
For better fit and performance Dreamride will work with Moots to build a custom Cinco frame. If you are outside the stock frame sizing, need a more precise fit for long torso or legs, or you are just an agressive rider wanting more lateral rigidity in the entire package, we can base your bike on a custom fabricated frame. Click on the bike directly above to see a bike specifically built for a small woman. This is a perfect opportunity to get a one-off mountain bike. Dreamride Moots Cinco with Chris King green Gold Moots Cinco rear brake and hub Dreamride Moots Cinco in Hawaii Dreamride Moots Cinco MAX 2009