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The Classic Moots YBB


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Moots Gristle YBB Dreamride Custom Geometry
Moots YBBent Bicycles First, be sure to understand that if you are over 5"7" tall, you want a MOOTO-X YBB, our current favorite frame of all time. The Mooto-X YBB is a 29er version that has received some of the best features while retaining the best of the classic frame. The frame we are talking about on this page is the 26" wheeled version.

This Moots softail's solid construction and innovative suspension design has built a lasting reputation over more than two decades. It is simply a perfect frame, the first softail design EVER, and a testament to effective simplicity. You are not going to find another mountain bike frame to satisfy your desire for a no-maintenance, minimal suspension that helps you climb and keeps you comfortable on long rides. The YBB can also grace the Psycho-X cyclocross and Vamoots road frame models. The YBB frames can be customized somewhat through bending of the top tube to certain degrees in certain sizesm as pictured below.

Moots YBB 2012

Frame only: $3350 standard; $3105 YBBent; $450 for Moots Slider singlespeed dropouts: $450 for Rohloff option. $1200 for couplers (custom included). $600 for custom sizing (we mix and match existing tubesets to save a bit on custom sizing charges---next up headtube size is free, if you are looking to eliminate spacers under the stem).

All frame only sales come with a Chris King headset, free shipping in the contintental United States, no tax out of Utah, and a free seatpost to Utah residents.
Moots YBB Air

2012 Moots YBB bicycles
Special Edition
State-of-the-art build ~ Classic frame!
The MAX group is dead-set to satisfy the obsessed gearhead. If you are racing on tight, steep courses, or want no-compromise recreational fun on technical singletrack, the YBB MAX is THE traditional cross country bike for the connoiseur. Based on a top end SRAM XX or X.0 or Shimano XTR, the MAX group utilizes a Fox Float front fork and a choice of Magura or XTR disc brakes, both with remarkable modulation and low weight. The Max takes advantage of the increased strength, beauty and longevity of Moots' titanium stem and seatpost combo. The MAX parts list rolls on Dreamride-built SuperEgo wheelset based on Chris King ISO hubs and top notch Mavic or DT rims. Choose from an XTR, SRAM or FSA Mega K-Force Lite carbon crankset. This light and strong parts kit frees you from maintenance worries for a very long time. As with other Dreamride parts formulas, each MAX bike is completely unique to the individual. Parts, modifications, wheel construction, frame fabrication and finish can vary based on personal rider weight, desires and demands. Expect the complete bike to come in at 23 to 25 pounds, depending on YOUR weight. THIS IS THE BUILD THAT DESERVES THE LONGER WAIT FOR A CUSTOM PAINT OR ANODIZING JOB.

$8550 w/ XT drivetrain
$9150 w/ XTR or SRAM XX.0 drivetrain

Immaculately built in Moab, Utah.
Toll free tech support during and after your purchase.



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Dreamride Edition Moots Mooto-Xz and Gristle Custom Dreamride
Moots YBB Frames/Bikes

Dreamride bikes are labors of love that can be based on a custom frame. If you want us to work with Moots to present you with a YBB 69er, a rigid non-suspension compensated front end YBB, custom size or frame detailing, we are set up to help you.

Custom Dreamride Moots Gristle/White Rim Convertible--off road 69er The Moots YBB bike above and below are the same bike with an additional optional wheelset. This project was custom designed to replicate our Dreamride White Rim ti bike with a Moots quality frame for a specific client and his special needs. As a result this bike can be converted from a 69er with a suspension fork to a full 29 wheel set up with road tires and a rigid fork. This is accomplished without any problems or geometry quirks. Get the best of all worlds, off road and street. This is a fine handling off-road bike with all the advantages of both wheel sizes that converts into a city bike with 700c wheels. This was a Dreamride original project! Call for more info. Custom Dreamride Moots Gristle/White Rim Convertible--road, trail and city 29er Moots Mooto-x with 09 Magura Marta