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Moab Tested Kits

*Dreamride Special Edition (DSE) Parts Specifications
*Note: We mix and match parts from these groups according to your budget and needs.

Work-A-Day Parts for Kit Bikes

Special Edition Dreamride's jumping coyote logo signifies special services.
*Top-level Dreamride kits of Serotta, Moots, Lynskey, Pegoretti and Dreamride frames are accompanied by our jumping coyote petrogyph logo. Frames with the asterix (*) come with value-added services and advantages, made possible by our unique location, vocation (we run a tour company as well as a bike studio) and relationship with choice manufacturers. Jumping coyotes get toll free tech support, on-line logs and manuals, entertaining and educational journals, and specially formulated prime vacation packages offered by invitation only.

BIKE PRICING CAN INCLUDE SHIPPING IN THE 48 STATES AND A SERFAS HARDSHELL CASE. NO TAX OUTSIDE OF UTAH. Since the flight case is not sized into a freight category, shipping fees are lower, offsetting the cost of the case and virtually guaranteeing your bike will arrive undamaged. This durable case comes with rollers, hand strap, and easy-to-operate lockable, rust-proof twisting latches. To see a bike in the case ready for shipment, click on BIKE SHIPMENT. Click on STUFF for case-only sales.


NEW FOR 2011!
ModMAX 29er Parts Kit

Suitable frames: *Moots Mooto-X RSL ~ *Lynskey Helix Pro-29

The MODMAX is our newest parts combination specific to top of the line 29er frames utilizing BB30 and inset headsets. This group is absolutely the most exotic parts list available, producing a no-compromise racing build. Inspired by the new Moots Mooto-X RSL, the kit focuses on lightest, strongest possible components. Parts include a Fox Talas adjustable travel fork with 15mm axle, a choice of complete SRAM XX or Shimano XTR 10 speed drivetrains, Margura Marta SL Magnesium brakeset, Moots stem-post-bar combo, Fizik saddle, Dreamride wheelset (Chris King ISO hubs, DT rims and spokes), a bountiful choice of tires, Elite bottle cages and Chris King Inset headset. Each build is meticulous with great attention to detail and color combinations. Dreamride will CUSTOM PAINT any of the frames that accompany the jumping coyote logo.


RFT Parts Kit

Suitable frames: *Any Moots 29er ~ *Lynskey 29ers ~ Ventana 29ers

The RFT includes a lightweight parts kit designed to suit the rider who needs a do-it-all bicycle that can get you to the trailhead over any kind of road surface, then function as an efficient and capable mountain bike once you hit the trail. This produces a good all-around bicycle that can even be used as a commuter. The kit leans toward light weight componentry, narrow-ish tires, steeper angles and an agressive position. An RFT bike can also serve as a cross country racer. Shimano or SRAM drivetrains are used with modifications and combinations suitable to your budget. For the best example of this kit, click on MOOTS MOOTO-XZ.


XDT Max build

Suitable frames: *Dreamride Fully F-69 or Mutant HD ~ Any Ventana long travel frame

Special Edition
The XDT-MAX kit was formulated as a top end build for 6" travel All Mountain/Freeride bikes. The performance of this kit spans rough cross country to extreme trail riding and is best for larger or more agressive riders. Combining elements of the XDream MAX XC kit and others from our classic XDT kit, this parts combo lightens up a sturdy long travel trail bike without sacrificing strength. The XDT-MAX includes a Fox Rp-23 shock and a choice of appropriate Fox or Magura forks. Chris King hubs with 20mm thru-axle front and solid-axle rear are combined with a choice of All Mountain and DH Mavic rims according to your riding style and weight. The XDT MAX includes Moots titanium seatpost and stem (drop the Moots parts and go with Thomson to reduce the price by up to $500), FSA K-Force DH carbon handlebars (light and VERY strong), and a combination of Shimano XTR/Saint drivetrain components. For a list of current parts, click on XDT MAX KIT FOR DREAMRIDE FULLY.


ClimbMax mountain bike parts specification

Designed specifically for the *Dreamride Fully ~ *Moots Cinco ~ *Moots Zirkel

Special Edition Marta with 180mm rotor
The ClimbMAX group combines shimano XTR or SRAM XX, custom King hubs and Moots titanium stem and post. A Moots, Dreamride or Ventana frame decked out with ClimbMAX parts is as light, reliable and pretty as we can make it. Period. It produces a bike that does just about everything short of repeated big drops, and is designed to work ontight technical steep singletrack with surprising ease. This build on a Dreamride frame will pedal over rocks, tall ledges and roots with confidence and amazing efficiency. It will take the abuse of higher speeds afforded by up to 6" of finely tuned travel of the Fully and F-69, our best mountain bike. The diverse parts group blends into a balanced unit that goes up fast, down a whole lot faster, safer and more efficient than factory XC bikes. This grouppo includes a Fox RP23 air shock and a Fox Talas fork. Other fork and pre-built wheel choices are available for special needs, such as distance racing.


Superlite Cross Country parts group

Suitable frames: *Was originally designed for Moots mountain bike frames ~ Lynskey hardtails ~ Serotta Mountain

Special Edition
Along with our new MODMAX group, this is THE decadent, light, rugged cross country racing and singletrack kit for rigid, front suspended and short to moderate travel XC frames. Designed originally for the Moots Smoothie (now the Zirkel), the MAX kit found its way into the All Mountain category with only a few modifications--it is that strong. The XDream MAX kit creates a light climber that tracks well up a variety of surfaces. We used Fox F-series or Magura Durin or Laurin forks for this build (DT and White Brothers carbon rigid forks are an option). Dreamride SuperEgo wheels with color-coordinated Chris King hubs combine with a choice of Mavic's lightest mountain bike rims to create a wheelset built for YOU! . . . or you can opt for pre-built wheels from Stans or Mavic, if they will work for your purpose. We stop the bike with Magura Marta SL disc brakes in black, silver, red or gold. There is the option to go with rim brakes for this original MAX grouppo, a choice of Paul Motolite or Shimano XTR V-brakes. We increase the overall strength, beauty and longevity of the package with beautiful titanium Moots stem and seatpost. Depending on your riding style and weight, the handlebar will be either FSA carbon or Moots titanium. Bar ends are optional. Rear suspension features Fox RP-23 rear shock. We use Shimano XTR triggers or SRAM double tap or twist shifters and a matching rear derailleur. Front derailleur is XTR or SRAM. Choose XTR, SRAM XX or FSA Mega 9 K-Force carbon cranks. The MAX simply builds an awesome race bike for endurance or XC events or the ultimate fantasy cross country trail bike for the serious recreational rider.


SuperEgo mountain bike parts group

Suitable frames: *Dreamride Fully ~ *Moots Cinco ~ *Moots Zirkel ~ Ventana El Saltamontes ~ Ventana X-5 ~ Ventana El Ciclon

Special Edition
The SuperEgo is smart upper-end compromise group. It combines Shimano XT or SRAM X.9 level components with Thomson post-stem and FSA bars. It is bascially an industry standard build tweaked with a high end wheelset, suitable for hardtails to 6" travel XC to Light Freeride frames. The SuperEgo was our most popular kit for many years, a blend of high end parts, carefully selected to create a balance of function, reliability and beauty at the moderate price. We insist on the investment in Chris King ISO hubs with 20mm front thru-axle and headset, color-keyed to each frame's finish for stunning visual effect. Magura Marta brakes are light, reliable, elegant and very powerful. Cranks are XT or FSA Mega K-Force Afterburner in silver or black. Saddle is WTB Pure V with ti rails. Fox, Rock Shox, Magura or Marzocchi forks suit the frame and your needs. Expect a SuperEgo bike to weigh 25 to 32 pounds, depending on YOUR weight, fork, frame, rim and tire choice.


XDream Trail mountain bike parts group

Suitable frames: *Dreamride Fully Mutant HD ~ *Ventana All Mountain and Freeride Frames

Special Edition The XDreamTrail reflects our location, Moab, Utah. The XDT covers trail riding to light freeride, designed for frames witht travel 6" or more. The XDT is for the rough rider whose trails are more demanding than most. XDT works fine for North Shore style riding, but is certainly more attunded for rough ground rather than smooth ramps, due to the pedal efficiency of the Ventana four bar rear end. XDT retains reasonable light weight for distance rides. We match state-of-the-art ultra-light weight downhill racing parts with choice exotic cross country and all mountain parts to serve up a balanced blend. We work to keep the bike light for steep climbs with your XC buddies, but upright, stable and responsive to nail them to the wall over rough terrain and steep descents. Every part is chosen with an eye toward intuitive control over a variety of trail surfaces, expanding the envelope of safety. Pedal fast through babyheads and loose rubble and take the occasional drop with confidence. Whatever works best is on the bike, no compromise. The basic package includes a 20mm thru axle fork (the best from Marzocchi, Fox, Magura or Rock Shox). The handbuilt Dreamride AlterEgo wheelset features solid axle King hubs, Mavic EX729 rims (best ever), 2.35 to 2.6 tires, and Magura Louise Freeride disc brakes with a choice of rotor styles and sizes. Cranks are Shimano Saint. Shifting is Shimano XT thumb shifters and rear derailleur. FSA Freeride stem and FSA DH K-Force carbon or aluminum FR bars create a light yet very strong cockpit. A WTB saddle on a Thomson seatpost keeps the top end light and strong. The XDT can be used as a shuttle monkey, but it is such a fine climber that you will not want to waste the gas. Parts of the XDT spec are color-keyed for visual effect. Expect an XDreamTrail build to weigh in from 32 to 38 pounds, depending on the frame, tire choice and sizing.


RoadMAX road bicycle parts group

Suitable frames: *All Pegoretti Frames ~ *All Moots road bike frames ~ *All Serotta Road Frames ~ *All Moots road bike frames ~ *All Lynskey road bike frames

Special Edition
This build includes options for a variety of exotic parts that include Campy, SRAM, Zipp, Tune and a few rare European manufacturers of very light exotic parts. The RoadMAX parts group for Moots features a Dreamride road wheelset built from Chris King, DT or Campy Record hubs and Mavic, Edge or Zipp rims combined with just the ride stem and bar combo to suit the cosmetics of the particular frame. For Pegoretti we favor a complete Campagnolo Record group with a choice of Dreamride or exotic factory-built Campy wheelset and a choice of Deda, Cinelli or FSA components to match the aesthetics of the individual Pegoretti frame. As with full custom parts groups, every detail of frame building and each component option reflects the needs of the client as it relates to the chosen frame. Choose from our favorite FSA Pro-Wing, Wing Ergo or K-Wing handlebars or from Bontrager, Deda, Cinelli, etc.--the idea is to make the bike as cosmetically perfect and performance-oriented as possible. Moots frames with RoadMAX include Moots stem and seatpost for the ultimate in strength, longevity and light weight and especially to maintain the value of the investment. We offer the option of Connex Wipperman chains as subsitutes for Campy, SRAM or Shimano, if you need the extra reliability, ease of maintenance and longevity. In the case of Dario Pegoretti's work, every opportunity for balance in cosmetics is used to build up a bike that is deserving of such a beautiful frame. Moots, Serotta and Lynskey titanium frames can be CUSTOM PAINTED.


La Sal Mountain Road bicycle parts group

Suitable frames: *Moots Road and Cyclocross ~ *Serotta Road and Cyclocross ~ *Lynskey Road and Cyclocross

Special Edition
The Loop build is for those who steep mountains and need a fast efficient road bike that is comfortable on the long haul. We offer three styles of handlebar to suit your needs and preferences; drop, flat or mustache bar. With a Moots Psychlo-X or a Serotta or Lynskey CX frame, you can have the option to go off-road on a whim. Suited up with a Serotta Classique, Moots Vamoots or Lynskey Cooper frame (Lynskey is the choice for the budget conscious), you will end up with a bike that can handle the steepest mountain passes. The kit is flexible, allowing combinations of a select group of road bike components. We will combine mid-level parts such as SRAM Apex and Campy Chorus with upper level parts from the SRAM Red and Force or Campy Super Record and Record groups. For mustache builds we use Shimano Dura Ace or SRAM barcon shifters. For flat bars we use SRAM grip shifters. For drop bars we use any of the current upper end SRAM or Campy ergo shifters. Cranks can be triple or compact; FSA, Campy, SRAM. Lower gearing offers relief from relentless steep climbs, saving your knees and lungs for help with even longer distances. This build was inspired by La Sal Mountain Loop Road, a nasty pavement ride that heads up into the La Sal Mountains just outside of Moab, skirts the peaks at almost 10 thousand feet, then drops down into Castle Valley. There are sections of dirt road and chip seal, cattle guards and random potholes. The road twists like Chubby Checker and gets brutally steep on the up and down. This build not only works for keeping you fresh during mountain rides, it builds a perfect casual century bike, especially if the century involves climbing. This build is similar to our Dirt Road Flyer (DRF) build for rigid 29ers, using custom Moots titanium stem and post. The wheels are Dreamride-built with a choice of Mavic road rims combined with Campy Record black or Chris King hub colors (SRAM and Shimano compatible). Each wheelset is built specifically for the client's body type and weight.

Moab Rental Clone Grouppo Moab Rental Clone (MRC) Parts Kit

The MRC parst list is based on our Moab fleet, obviously EXTREMELY well-tested. This is where budget considerations come into play, but performance and durability must not suffer. It is a "workman" parts list including XT, X-9 and specific chosen lower level parts designed for hard work. Anyone who rents bikes in Moab knows the drill. Things below a certain level of quality fall apart. Shit happens, so you must replace drivetrain parts on a regular basis. The MRC is specifically manipulated to enhance the performance and affordability of Ventana and Lynskey frames. These individual (and customized) parts are chosen to be compatible, solid, reliable and easy to maintain. The rough trail version of a MRC grouppo starts with a mid-range Marzocchi, Magura, Rock Shox or Fox fork and includes Shimano Deore trigger shifters, XT rear derailleur, FSA Mega K-Force Afterburner cranks (outboard bearing). Wheels are XT disc hubs-Mavic XM321 rims-DT spokes. Brakes are Magura Louise. WTB Pure-V saddles. King headset (or for the same reliability and ease of service at a lower price, WTB Greaseguard). Thomson seatpost and stem. FSA XC-190 bar or equivalent. If you want a great deal on a complete bike with the MRC group, consider one of our MOAB FLEET BIKES new or used. For updates on bikes available, click on SEASONAL SALES

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Congratulations, you have found the best mountain bikes on the planet. Dreamride is a personal full service outfitter located in Moab, Utah, riding what we build and selling what we ride. Because we are mountain bike guides, it is our business to go faster and further safely on rough terrain. Better equipment is a necessity, so we invest in product testing as others invest in advertising. Custom Mountain Bikes American made frames!
Our frame manufacturers build in-house in the United States, giving us the opportunity to customize. Close relationships with Ventana and Moots benefit our clients during and after purchase. Dreamride offers true hardcore mountain bike vacations to purists. The Dreamride Fully is ultimate full custom trail bike. It doesn't get any better, and maybe never will again. Ventana X-5 with SuperEgo long travel option Moots Smoothie Only the best with no compromise.
If something breaks, we toss it. If it is not a classic, we laugh. If quality drops, we run away. If something works perfect and the manufacture is consistantly tops in customer service, we work to improve performance and cosmetics, and lessen warranty issues through careful parts combination and product testing. In the Dreamride paint box are frames from Ventana, Moots, and Dreamride, matched with Chris King, Marzocchi, Magura, Thomson, Moots, SRAM, Shimano, Answer, Easton, and FSA parts. We are licensed dealers and/or distributors for all products we carry. Dreamride SuperEgo Edition Ventana El Saltamontes Dreamride, THE slickrock specialists! We love tough trails and rough roads.
Our trail bikes are inspired and assaulted by the rocky and extremely varied terrain of Moab, Utah, our home. We wear stuff out in a hurry if we want to. We know what breaks, what creaks, and what fits your needs. Dreamride Edition La Sal Mountain Loop Moots Vamoots YBB Dreamride began as a stunt coordination service for the film industry.
In the early 90's, while running film schools in the Rockies and on the East Coast, Lee Bridgers started a mountain bike film, photo and video service. In 1996 Lee took his maps and bike smarts and began offering remote, solitary rides in Moab, Utah along with versions of the bikes he built to scout, ride and guide on. Lee's builds are recognized for their rugged, flawless function, attention to detail and stunning beauty. Dreamride SuperEgo Edition Ventana El Saltamontes Skill + Commitment = Elite Services
Those who invest in the highest level of equipment, who demonstrate a level of dedication to our high end tour operations and possess advanced to expert mountain bike skills, gain access to the ultimate in full charter mountain bike vacation support services. Skilled Elite clients may lock out our facilities, staff and gear for access to rides up to 200 miles from our Moab homebase. If you crave our most guarded vacation secrets and access to our toys and joys, the best place to start is with the purchase of a bike marked by the jumping coyote. We use Chris King hubs exclusively. Mutant climbs