Moab trails courtesy of Dreamride

This is a sample of slickrock areas near Moab, Utah available to Dreamride vacation clients. Dreamride LLC provides exotic day tour series for jaded mountain bikers.


Moab Slickrock Areas


Exotic sandstone geological formations that you can surf on a mountain bike!

desert safety infoAccess to bike surfing spots is a Dreamride specialty. We are renowned for taking people to magical slickrock locations for fun, film, video, and photography and providing stunt riders specifically for slickrock riding. Slickrock bowls, jumps, steep dropoffs, half pipes and sandy bottoms, surreal landscapes of undulating sandstone hills and cross bedding beckon a certain breed of mountain biker. Moab is the only place in the world that contains these pleasures in abundance. Among our guides you will find the very best slickrock riders in the world. A slickrock skills clinic, as seen on ABC's Good Morning America, led by riders like Shaums March, Nathan Toone, or Kevin Dwyer may be just the ticket for you and your friend or friends. We guarantee that nowhere else will you find such extreme mountain biking pleasure for a fee. We recommend and can provide full face helmets and body armor, but it all depends on your commitment to whatever style of riding you prefer. It doesn't have to be an extreme thing. These areas can be enjoyed by smart riders of moderate skills.

For safety's sake and the sake of the environment, we keep the very best areas a secret. If you choose to seek them out please read THE MOAB MOUNTAIN BIKE SAFETY PAGES. Get some skills tips by clicking on SLICKROCK SKILLS.

The Secret Entrada Options including Bartlett Wash

Intermediate to Expert

Entrada In Moab canyon country many geological layers are exposed on the surface due to millions of years of erosion. This means everything from fossils to valuable mineral deposits require little effort to find. The Moab Entrada Slickrock Tongue is well known to geologists that come to the area to study the rare formations surrounding the Moab Valley. This layer is the very best sandstone for mountain biking. Surfaces provided by the Entrada geological layer vary from extremely technical and fantastically eroded ruts, knobs, chutes and potholes to areas of vast, smooth, very fast natural "parking lots." The variety is great for BMXers, trials riders, downhillers, photographers, and just plain hardcore mountain bikers. Dreamride offers a countless variety of Entrada Sandstone routes, with over ten in the Rainbow Rocks area alone. The number grows with every passing season as we explore more and more routes, further further from our Moab home base. We do not list or present maps on the web because of the need to preserve these environments for our clients and our children. A mountain biker, motocrosser, ATV enthusiast or fourwheeler with little knowledge of environmental concerns that arise in this subdesert climate, can do damage that is irreversible. If you ride with Dreamride you will appreciate the tight lips and in-depth knowledge. Thankfully, vertical exposure, complex route finding, and deep sand do a good job of scaring away the less adventurous, and Dreamride takes advantage of all the obstacles in the way. We make sure you arrive in style, enjoy in solitude, and leave with a stupid grin on your face. We evaluate needs and desires and take you to the appropriate spots. For those who hate sand, we 4WD through it to the base of the rock. Our own custom routes are designed to minimize impact and maximize enjoyment. We also provide skills and caution tips, and first aid backup. Some routes require scrambling up rock faces with a bike. There are so many options that you will never ride them all, from legendary areas to places no one rides but us. We can keep you busy for quite a while.

For environmental information you should study before coming to the Moab click on DESERT SAFETY.

Click on SLICKROCK SKILLS CLINICS for rates on daily instruction, professional photography, and week long skills sessions with pros such as Shaums March, Nate Toone, Lee Bridgers, or Kevin Dwyer.

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Extreme mountain biking

Moab Slickrock Trail Options

Strong Intermediate to Expert

The Moab Slickrock Trail is marked well. Yes, you don't really need a guide to ride this famous loop, but if you are looking to get away from the herds of inexperienced mountain bikers who flock to this trail, you may want to experience one of our custom routes in the Sand Flats area. We can take you from Moab all the way to Porcupine Rim on technical jeep trails featuring some of the best Navajo sandstone riding in Moab, and IN SOLITUDE. These routes can add up to 35 miles to the already brutal 10 miles of the Slickrock Bike Trail, if you are looking for an epic ride. We employ three guides who almost exclusively ride the Moab Slickrock Trail. They know the surrounding private playgrounds like the back of their hands. These rides are only for folks with upper intermediate to advanced to expert skills, however.

Surfaces: Various slickrock surfaces of the Navajo formation, sand.
Distance: 17 miles or so.
Attractions: Slickrock technical roller coaster. Scenery.


Kokopelli Options

Intermediate to Expert

There are a few slickrock areas less than a mile off of the Kokopelli Trail east of Moab that offer great slickrock play from roller coaster technical to slickrock canyon rims overlooking the La Sals and Professor Valley. They are a ways from Moab, but offer Entrada and Navajo sandstone that is incredibly picturesque and unique.

Surfaces: Various slickrock surfaces, hardpack, sand, loose rock, 4WD road and freeform rollies.
Distance: Optional.
Attractions: Slickrock rollercoaster and smooth rock ride out to cliff exposure and amazing scenery. More scenery.

Slickrock extreme mountainbiking

Poison Spider

Intermediate to Advanced

Poison Spider Mesa, a well known Moab trail, contains some very challenging Navajo Sandstone slickrock beyond the marked bike trail on and around the 4WD trails that drop behind the Gold Bar Rim. We'll assist you in attacking the steep and challenging sections past the mesa where most bikers turn around and go home. Beyond the turnoff to Gold Bar Rim is the Golden Spike Trail where we can turn you onto some REALLY monstrous slickrock ledges. We can take you to a huge sandstone half pipe just off of the trail. This area is similar to the Moab Slickrock Trail, in that it provides a lot of variety to locals who spend the time to get to know the alternatives beyond the publicized route and the ways in and out. Traveling off trail is not advised to those who are not familiar with the area or the environmental concerns that must be addressed in this climate.

Surfaces: Technical 4WD track, sand, slickrock, ledges, banked sandy and/or packed turns.
Distance: 16 miles
Attractions: Sickrock riding at its best! The view from the head of the Portal Trail is worth the price of admission. Great variety. Freeform. Some really big stuff.

For more photos click on: Poison Spider Photo 1 Poison Spider Photo 2

Extreme slickrock


Intermediate to Expert

Currently we have about twenty areas of tight sandstone moguls to present to those who love tight and technical riding, as well as fast and furious rollies and surprises. This is downright fun for a select few who love to bang it out all day until the stress fractures demand retreat. Just like it sounds--Moguls. Jumps. Berms. Build speed, pop up off the ground. Dippity do. Most of these areas are very enviromentally fragile if ridden without caution. If you know the drill and have the skill then we can take you there without worry.

Surfaces: Rolly slickrock on a slant, just like moguls at the ski resort, but it's rock.
Distance: Whatever. Ride till you puke, if you like.
Attractions: Banging, bumping, weaving until the wheels come off.

For photos click on: Moguls Moguls 2 Moguls 3

Extreme slickrock

The Camel to QuasiMoto

Intermediate to Expert

This stuff is fairytale slickrock. A stone wash with water in the bottom. Bowls with water in the bottom. Flowers in May like no other place! Joe Camel offers quite a bit of variety and can be enjoyed by all skill levels, but is best for intermediates to experts. The slickrock wash behind Joe Camel is a technical slickrock rider's dream with lots of swooping and diving around tiny ponds and smacking tight berms. The vast slickrock playground allows great games of follow the leader. Nowhere is the desert flora and fauna more enjoyable. The desert shrimp out here grow to be the size of small crabs. The surface is Entrada and Navajo, so the ever changing textures make this place the spot to learn how to rock out. This is the home of many of our skills classes and must be visited with a great degree of environmental respect.

Surfaces: Various slickrock surfaces of the Entrada formation, sand.
Distance: As much as you can stand.
Attractions: Slickrock technical rollercoaster. Scenery.

For Camel photos click on: Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4

Moab Slickrock

Monitor and Merrimac

Intermediate to Expert

A private slickrock area with steep sections, garden patches, and fantastic scenery await those who brave the sand slogging nightmare out to the Monitor and Merrimac Buttes. The sand wringer means that the place offers solitude. Most people hate sand enough to avoid it. All the better for us that the wimps and impatient locals have lots of other places to ride. Frankly we love the sand work out. This spot is in the middle of the huge area known as Rainbow Rocks with lots of options to more and more slickrock. Rides here can be augmented with visits to many other slickrock areas. A ride around Courthouse Pasture with Dreamride means you are shown all the little ins and outs of areas that are quite invisible to the passing rider.

Surfaces: Various slickrock surfaces of the Entrada formation, sand.
Distance: As much as you like.
Attractions: Slickrock technical rollercoaster. Scenery. Gentle rollies for folks who get scared by the big stuff. Options. Routes galore.

For more photos of this area click on: M&M Photo 1 M&M Photo 2 - Photo 3

Moab Slickrock

Tongue and Cheeks

Novice to Intermediate

This section of the Moab Entrada Slickrock Tongue offers miles and miles of some of the best technical slickrock imaginable. Dreamride has spent many many hours exploring twisting figure eight routes that utilize old mining roads and unmarked slickrock areas. Places with names like The Finger, The Toilet Bowl, Butthole Ridge, and The Tongue is Flappin, we hold these routes very close to our vest. If you are advanced we can take you in complete solitude to highly technical narrow slots carved by water erosion, offering challenging steps, tight turns in small flood carved sandstone bowls, and deep sandy bottoms. You will not see another mountain biker and on most of these trails you will not see another mountain bike track that wasn't made by us the week before.

Surfaces: Various slickrock surfaces of the Entrada formation, sand.
Distance: As much as you like.
Attractions: Tight and technical or wide and easy. Scenery.

Moab Slickrock


Advanced to Expert

NOTE: You want TONS of exotic slickrock, we got it. You want scary solitude, we got it. You want a solo ride on slickrock and a guarantee of not seeing another rider, you got it. If you choose to ride with us for a multi-day slickrock vacation we will be glad to throw quite a few more places at you.

Click here for our Slick Week Vacation Package. We also offer Slickrock Skills Clinics of up to one week in duration. For other trails click on your skill level.


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