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Hawaii Bicycle and Surf Vacation Adventures

For Fit Baby Boomer Couples Only!
Private Bicycling & Watersports Vacations on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Dreamride offers fully guided and supported private vacations for one or two couples only. This smallest private group insures attention to detail, incredible access to remote sites, personal service, efficient logistics, choice accommodations, and a peak experience. We wouldn't do it any other way. Health and fitness are prerequisites. Above average swimming and biking skills are necessary.

Miki Bridgers, Dreamride owner. Looking for safety AND adventure, strenuous cycling and luxury where it counts? Do you want the most exotic cycling vacation on an island in the Pacific? Avoid the pitfalls, find the magic and break-in your new Dreamride-built Serotta, Moots or Ventana bike with a guided and escorted cycling and water sports vacation on the Big Island. Like the bicycles we build in Moab, Utah, Dreamride's Hawaii trips are custom fitted to each private party. Imagine any combination of road cycling, mountain biking, snorkeling and surfing, then imagine being in the best spots for each. Timing is everything on the Big Island when it comes to cycling and water sports. Ride over rolling grasslands, across expansive lava fields, along the coast and through dense tropical forests. Surf and snorkel with us at prime spots in Kona, Puna and Kohala. Stay in carefully researched lodgings in the best locations on the island. Meals can be prepared by our private chef, prepared by traditional native cooks, or we will drive you to the best restaurants. It is all based on your needs, wants, desires, skills, fitness, interests and your budget. Dreamride specializes in getting you away from the crowds and into quiet beauty and solitude. Just follow us! Let us treat you to the island we know and love.

All sports equipment can be included. Shipment and ongoing maintenance of your new Dreamride bike(s) is included. The rides are tuned to your skills and fitness, to take advantage of the capabilities of your new MOOTS or VENTANA bicycle(s). 29 INCH WHEELED MOUNTAIN BIKES are most appropriate for long distance paved and dirt road rides on the island. S&S couplers are preferred by those who travel with their bikes often. Full suspension bicycles can be completely disassembled for shipment. To fly with your bike Dreamride provides hardshell Serfas flight cases.

Hawaiian history and remote ocean coast mountain biking.

Hawaiian Petroglyphs. Flexibility and timing

A small private package means we are not bound to a set schedule. Flexibility is a feature of Dreamride's private small group trips. Opt for any combination of road riding, mountain biking, watersports, hiking, and caving within the week. The timing and ratio of activities is determined through personal interview(s). An itinerary is formulated with alternate plans for each day, while we remain supremely flexible to allow for weather, surf conditions and special opportunities. No "stink time" allowed!

Lava tubes, anyone?

Knowing the island like a local is a good thing. Knowing the right local people is important, too. Native friends are a most valuable resource, providing rare opportunities and extended services, such as private tours of secret attractions, REAL traditional Hawaiian food, and presentation of arts and crafts in a truly down-home native Hawaiian setting. The spirit of Hawaii is best experienced far from the hordes who flock to Hawaii to take an "adventure" on a bus to a luau with two hundred white people at a crowded beach resort surrounded by manicured lawns and golf courses. Dreamride is different. We get you away from those people.

Mountain Biking is the core of a Dreamride vacation.

Mud Lane ride. Mountain bike trails on Hawaii include moderate to technical, rooted and sometimes muddy singletrack, easy to very rugged Jeep roads, rough narrow pavement roads, and smooth narrow pavement with a wide variety of side spurs. Trails go around volcanos, to remote beaches, across sugar cane fields, through lush tropical fern and over desert lava fields. Surfaces are paved, hardpack, sharp a'a lava, bumpy pahoehoe lava, sand, mud, loam, wet roots and loose lava rocks. Though the Ironman competition offers a grand appearance of "exotic" road riding, road courses are mostly difficult due to extreme traffic, lack of shoulders and lack of shade. There are ways to overcome these discouraging factors and we know them well, how to deal with them and are practiced in doing so. For a sample description of trails on the Big Island click on HAWAII TRAILS. Listed trails are on public land or county maintained roads legal to mountain bikers. The listing is by skill level to give you an idea of what to expect. We do not list our favorite trails or road routes to maintain privacy and show respect for the locals, the fragile wildlife and historic artifacts.

Food ~ Entertainment

Meals are flexible according to the itinerary. We travel with a private chef on-board to prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners when we are not in the field, and we know the best restaurants for unique atmosphere and healthy food. We provide boxed lunches on rides when needed. Transportation methods vary with itinerary, as well. We generally provide a rental van or 4WD SUV, if there is an event you are interesed in. We use lodgings appropriately to avoid use of shuttle, but road riding will almost always require a support vehicle.


No flights are included in package estimates, but we will reserve flights to and from Hawaii and on Hawaii for a 5% fee as part of your booking. Costs go up, availability down, closer to departure, so reserve now. If you wish to take an air tour during your time alone on the island, we will point you in the right direction. If you want to focus on photography for a day in your series or want truly unique access, then consider a charter air tour with your guide as navigator. Lee Bridgers has worked for decades as a movie location scout, so he knows the ropes when it comes to access with a helicopter.

Photography Services are Optional

Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner, has an MFA in filmmaking, is a professional photographer, filmmaker, movie location scout, movie aerials and stunts cooridinator, and former university film school director. Clients can opt for a day focused on a certain kind of photography as part of the trip. Reefs, volcanic landscapes and eruptions, sports action shots, portraits, caves, craters, vegetation, birds, wild goats and donkeys, turtles, whales, dolphins--it's all possible.


Hawaii packages are reserved on demand. Up to one year advanced booking is recommended to guarantee choice lodgings and activities. Traditional holidays are discouraged due to congestion on the island, but we will book ANY dates with sufficient advanced notice. Booking from June 15th through August is best due to lower tourist visitation. Summer bookings can be reserved no sooner than 4 months in advance.

Copyright Dreamride 1997-2006 ~ None of the material, written, graphics, or photographs, may be broadcast, published, re-written, re-edited, or used in any way outside of this site without the written consent of Dreamride Mountain Bike Tours and Film Services and Lee Bridgers. Use of this site signifies agreement to terms of use.

About pricing:
Base price is $10,000 for a weeklong Kohala package with 6 days of guided activities and 7 nights of lodgings. Pricing never includes flights, unless flights are scenic tours. This base-price is based on lodgings in a single location and a focus on three basic activities; cycling (road or mountain), hiking and simple water sports (snorkeling and/or swimming/surfing--board, body or boogie). Travel maximum for the base price is 750 miles (total for the week). Box lunches are provided when necessary for a specific activity. Lodgings, transport and guides are included. Read further for expanded travel and alternate activities that expand the possibilities (and raise the price). Over the years the average price for a Dreamride Hawaii package has been $15,000 for a couple. The average length of the package has been 7 days and 8 nights. Each package is custom designed for the interests of the private party, so keep your mind open and your imagination working. We are open-minded always, so do not hesitate to ask about ways to reduce costs further or to expand the trip to include point to point rides with multiple lodgings, helicopter tours, photography workshops, SCUBA, fishing, etc. If you think $10K is a lot for a week in Hawaii, be sure to keep track of your expenses if you do not use our services. You will be surprised at the money you could have saved and the inconvenience we could have avoided for you. We kill "stink time" by getting you to the best spots at the perfect time of day.

Bruce and Lois Jacobs at the Jaggar Museum

Dreamride provides fully guided, completely private weeklong tour packages. Itineraries are customized for each party's personal needs and desires. Daily activities are carefully tuned to skills and fitness. Choose mountain biking, road cycling, snorkeling, surfing, hiking, caving, bird watching, kayaking, whale viewing and/or visits to magical scenic, historic, and geological points of interest.

Lava tube hike. Lava tubes make good subjects for the photographer. What seems like a hole in the earth to some, is a truly special opportunity to get creative with a camera, with lighting and exposure. Some caves have clear fresh water in them. Underwater Shaka Visit old Honaunau and the City of Refuge for a snorkeling treat, or swim or hike with us to snorkel the Captain Cook Monument where the Captain finally got his comeuppance. Honaunau, Kona City or Refuge We have several favorite snorkeling areas for being with turtles, dolphins and manta rays. White tip sharks that are sometimes aggressive in other areas are simply a treat to see in Hawaii. Colorful fish, lava arches, calm low water pools--the Big Island is best for snorkeling. Sea Turtle What we do best is get you away from crowds and to remote coastline and hidden white and black sand beaches. Some offer body surfing or snorkeling. Some are simply spectacular and majestic. Puna Coast Mountain bike trails on the Big Island of Hawaii range from beach cruises to gentle cow tracks to lava hell rides. We put you on trails that suit your skills and equipment.

Hawaii singletrack

Dreamride is an authorized dealer of Moots, Ventana, Pegoretti and our own Dreamride Bikes. A most appropriate purchase as part of a Hawaiian trip with Dreamride is a MOOTS MOOTO-X YBB. Order one with S&S Couplers for the ultimate travel bike.


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