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How to Get to Moab

Keep it simple: After 22 years in business, as of January 2018, we are serving private couples only. That means two people. One party at a time. Exceptions will be made for repeaters. Anyone purchasing a Pegoretti or Moots bicycle rides with mechanic and company owner for tips. Click on MOUNTAIN BIKING for guided Moab day tour packages. Click on ROAD BIKING for guided and sag supported skinny tire rides based from Moab.

Peak Season Packages
PRIME DATES REQUIRE BOOKING FAR IN ADVANCE! Moab is becoming known for its large sporting events, which is a tragedy, but we work around these bloated mass assaults on the environment with good timing and advanced warning. Without our help you could find yourself in a noisy hotel or on a trail with hundreds of inexperienced fools. Lodgings can be next to impossible to find well up to a year in advance for some dates, so we recommend that if you are looking at being in Moab around Easter or Memorial Day, reserve a year in advance to guarantee you get what you want. Reserve with ELITE UPGRADE for ultimate flexibility and service.

All-Road Cycling Packages
MOAB ROAD CYCLING TOURS AND VACATIONS can be from town or shuttled. Each trip is custom designed to suit your personal needs, equipment and schedule. We have the best scenic paved and dirt roads in the country. Reserve with ELITE UPGRADE for ultimate flexibility, service and access to the full range of rentals. Offered to road cyclists of all skill levels.

Off-Road Cycling Packages
MOAB MOUNTAIN BIKE TOURS AND VACATIONS can be from town or shuttled. Each trip is custom designed to suit your personal needs and interests. Book a mountain bike guided tour package as private ELITE for ultimate flexibility and service.

Single day and half day tours!
MOAB MOUNTAIN BIKE DAY TOURS from Dreamride, Moab's original mountain bike day tour provider. Our day tours might cost more than the group tours you can join at MacTours on Main Street, but we do it right, and we do it only for private parties so you don't have to wait for someone and you won't have to worry if you are the one who is dragging. It is all about fun, so we let you specify a day of challenging technical riding, scenic vistas, photography, dinosaur tracking, rockhounding and/or wildlife viewing. We do not reserve day tours more than three weeks in advance and do not reserve lodgings for day tour clients.

Two day mountain bike packages!
MOAB MTB MYSTERY TOURS are our two day tour offerings. You can choose to ride two days sequentially, with a rest day in between, and/or turn one of the days into a MINI SKILLS CLINIC. Two day Mystery Tours can only be reserved less than a a month from departure dates.

3 days ~ a taste of Moab! Termination Towers
MOAB 3D MOUNTAIN BIKE VACATION is a three day mountain bike vacation with or without four nights of in-town lodging. It is the best option for novice to intermediate riders with good fitness levels or anyone who is just going to be here for three to five days. The 3D can include packaged lodgings. Reserve with ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE to include or subsitute road biking, hiking, or canyoneering/swimming.

Be green!
RIDE FROM TOWN (RFT) No shuttle or you can reserve a short shuttle at any point for a fee. Our new POE bicycle was designed for riding road and trail and it makes rides from town a hell of a lot of fun. Maybe you want to ride the road, but hate drop bars. Since everything is private, you can pick and choose. You can call it a gravel ride if you like, but there are many options that include pavement, singletrack and jeep roads. There are two basic package choices: Three days riding from town, or four days combining two rides from town and two shuttled rides. Both RFT packages have a rest day within the series. Non shuttled rides depart directly from our Moab shop. These trips are perfect for 29 inch wheels! Offered to novice to expert riders.

Ride in Moonlight!
NIGHT RIDES Include a night ride in your multi-day package. Dreamride was the originator of commercial night rides in Moab, Utah. Moab terrain is perfect for riding in moonlight with little shade and white Entrada cap rock reflecting the moon's blue light enough to ride without the aid of lights. We provide transport, guides, lights and bikes. Night rides can only be reserved within two nights of the full moon. Offered to intermediate to expert skill level who reserve with the Elite Service Upgrade.

4 days ~ 6 nights: Recommended!
MOAB 4D MOUNTAIN BIKE VACATION is a four day, six night, mountain bike vacation with or without in-town accommodations. A rest day is inserted into your ride schedule (usually on the third day) to allow you to more fully enjoy each and every ride. As a result, rides may be longer and/or more difficult. Each ride is tuned to the skills and interests of the party. This series can be altered to include road biking, hiking, night riding and/or canyoneering/swimming with an ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE. Offered to fit riders of any skill level.

4 days ~ 6 nights w/ Skills Clinic and Elite Services: New in 2008!
MOAB ELITE 4D WITH MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS CLINIC was formulated to be a perfect offering to include a day of intensive skills instruction, or a simple "Mini Clinic." This is the package Goldilocks would like, if she was a mountain biker looking to do Moab right. This is a PRIVATE luxury active vacation that begins with a skills clinic, a follow-up skills-tuning day, then a rest day, then two more challenging rides to put those skills and fresh legs to good use. THE ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE is included as part of the package. This means after-ride food, hosting and guiding by company owners, options for extended range, substituted hikes on request, two rides in one day, night rides and/or road rides, and more. This package is set up to be difficult and physically challenging while allowing recovery on the rest day. This means you leave refreshed and glowing, ready for your travel day back home with a big smile and a wish to return. Offered to fit riders of any skill level.

5 days ~ our most popular package for strong intermediate to expert riders!
FIVE DAZE MOUNTAIN BIKING IN MOAB is a five day, six night, mountain bike vacation with or without in-town accommodations. Daily rides are tuned to the skills and interests of the party. Moab Slickrock Bike TrailThe series can be altered to include road biking, hiking, or canyoneering/swimming with an ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE. Five straight days of riding in Moab is more than enough, so we do not offer more than five days in a row. Offered to fit riders of strong novice to expert skill level.

5 days of bikesurfing!
MOAB SLICKROCK ULTIMATE MOUNTAIN BIKING PACKAGE is a PRIVATE five day/six night package for those wanting a variety of strange slickrock rides and the absolute best in mountain bike vacation services in the Mecca of the sport. The Moab Slickrock Ultimate (MSU) comes stock with the highest level of in-town accommodations and all SUPER ELITE GUIDE SERVICES. The MSU features skills-specific slickrock riding, from rolling scenic tours to full-blown bike surfing. Offered to fit intermediate to expert bike handlers.

Hire the area's best guide while you can! Daily rates!
SUPER ELITE SERVICES allow total flexibility for experienced mountain bikers looking to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of company owner, Lee Bridgers. Bike to ruins, over exotic slickrock, onto the Navajo Reservation and much more. Expanded off-trail services include gourmet food and exotic rentals, a Toyota Sequoia shuttle vehicle, and the opportunity to rent our guesthome. Offered to mature private parties of no more than three fit riders of intermediate to expert skills.

Secret Entrada photo Smoke your buddies back home!
MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS CLINICS can be part of any package. Recommended to riders new to Moab's rough trails, loose rock, sand, huge slickrock domes, chutes and sandstone moguls, a clinic will help you with confidence on any trail long after your Dreamride vacation in Moab. Learn basic to advanced skills amid unimagined landscapes. Choose to add or substitute one to three days of intensive skills instruction to a package booked by a small private party. Learn basic skills to advanced riding techniques on rock and sand, and the tricks of action photography. Dreamride's clinics have been featured in magazines and on television around the world. We are now offering MINI CLINICS for those who simply want a classic ride with skills instruction. Offered to riders of all skill levels, but no raw beginners, please. Especially effective for intermediate to advanced riders.

A new bike ~ experience the dream!
THE PACKAGE is a way to set up a private Elite level custom cycling vacation that accompanies delivery and utilization of a Dreamride-built Moots, Pegoretti or Pinarello bicycle. This Package opens up Hawaii and other destinations, and is guided and hosted by company owners. Offered to mountain or road cyclists who want the very best of both worlds.

Custom-built rental bikes just for Moab!
MOAB RENTAL BIKES in the Dreamride fleet are available only on guided rides. We have free-ridey bikes and 29er and 27.5 titanium hardtails specifically for our RIDE FROM TOWN.

Landscape photos to die for!
PRIVATE PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS, CLINICS, EXPEDITIONS AND VACATIONS for amateur videographers and photographers are available based from Moab. Led by company owner Lee Briders, who has a Masters Degree is film production and has directed and taught in film schools around the country. Offered to fit photographers and videofiles.

Dreamride was the original private day hike outfitter in Moab!
DAY HIKES AND HIKING VACATIONS in the Moab area provide an endless variety of scenic treks in desert, mountain and canyonland wilderness. We have several fantastic crystal clear swimming holes and canyon cliff diving spots that are especially rewarding and enjoyable in the hot summer months. With an ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE private parties can supplement a mountain bike or road tour package with a hike and a swim.


Hawaii Charter Mountain Bike Vacations

Honeymoons Bike Purchase Vacation Combos

Benefit completely from Dreamride's unique bicycle services. Break-in your new ride with a Dreamride vacation for yourself alone or for you and your wife, family and/or friends. Bike purchase services include custom itineraries with a wide range of options and services, over-the-phone or on-site consultations, guide/escort/mechanic services or discounted full service vacations listed in this catalog. Extended services such as creative reservations, private chefs, drivers, and additional guides are available.

This is why we are called Dreamride.
MOAB VACATIONS COMBINED WITH MOUNTAIN OR ROAD BIKE PURCHASE are discounted and extended or free to include special opportunities such as prime night ride dates, hardcore slickrock rides unknown to the mountain bike community and incredibly scenic and challenging road tours.

Best dates and locations!
CHARTER BICYCLE TRIPS are one-off vacations focusing on prime dates and locations for certain activities. Click on the link for destinations outside of Moab. Offered to private parties of no more than four, but sometimes we can be talked into one or two more riders, if we are familiar with your group, and it is suitable to your destination and activities.

Hawaii sports vacations We share our favorite vacation for the last time in 2014!
THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII was once the home of company owners, who ALWAYS lead trips on the Big Island. If you are an avid cyclist with a passion for snorkeling and body surfing, you've hit the jackpot. Our Hawaii trips don't have to include the purchase of a bicycle, but this has been the case with every Hawaii package we have run. We offer fully supported trips of from a week to ten days with all transport, equipment and food services included, and guide-driver escorted travel based on a well-thought-out and fully prepared custom itinerary (custom for each private party). We guarantee best lodgings for your needs and interests in the best location for each activity as long as reservations are advanced and you choose a suitable time of year to avoid the hordes of tourists. Providing meals for athletes and recreationists is an art. We are masters at effective recovery after strenuous exercise. We provide private chef services or we can take you to the best sources for traditional Hawaiian food and a range of amazing restaurants chosen for you according to your tastes, needs and any given location. We can set up a round-island road cycling tour or a series of difficult mountain bike rides, or any combination. Hiking and watersports are necessary components. If you don't like the ocean, don't vacation in Hawaii. Each trip and itinerary is customized to clients' interests, desires, fitness and skills. THIS IS THE LAST YEAR WE WILL OFFER HAWAII! For fit groups no larger than three!

Incredible scenery and cultural appreciation!
THE FOUR CORNERS region is home to the Dineh (Navajo), the most prolific native peoples in North America. All trips into Dineh territory are escorted by company owners and native guides. Vast expanses of Navajo Nation Lands are forbidden to motors and non-guided tourists, providing supreme solitude, REAL adventure and a true educational and cultural awakening. Itineraries are custom fitted to the clients' interests, skills and fitness. Click on ARIZONA SLICKROCK PICTURES to access a file of photographs.

The best city in America!
SAN FRANCISCO is the family home of company owners. There are great trail and road rides right in town and Marin County rides are accessed via a scenic ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. Nowhere else are you going to find the quality of food, hospitality and diversity of culture than in Twisted Frisco. Prime dates are around the Gay Pride Parade at the end of June, but any dates are fine. Great destination for anyone with a new 9er or road bike. We will help with itineraries, reservations, or we will travel with you as your guides and drivers, but we prefer to do this one loose and funky!

*There are no taxes on guide services outside of Utah: This includes guides, transportation and any other non-lodging costs. There are always Hotel taxes, but these are calculated within prices listed. There is a 7.75% tax on all services within Utah. Calculation for hotel taxes within Utah are included in package costs listed.

mountain bike sales RENT or BUY a custom-fitted road or trail bike from Dreamride as part of a Moab tour package. This is your best chance to own a Pegoretti, Ventana, Moots, or full-custom, handmade Dreamride mountain bike or a Pinarello race bike fitted to your body and riding needs. Combine purchase of a Dreamride Special Edition (DSE) Moots bike with a vacation in Moab and receive free upgrade to Elite Level Services. Click on the dream catcher for product information. We carry a full range of cycling products. Order any bike, fork, article of clothing or special component and it will be waiting for you upon your arrival.


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Necessities of survival and all tools of joy are made possible by the planet we ride, so all true thanks to Mother Earth and the Great Mystery. Best trails in the West thanks to whomever or whatever combined to create them. Much gratitude to those who care for them. For the ability to offer these great trails commercially we thank the Utah State Educational Trust Lands, United States Bureau of Land misManagement, National Forest Service, Navajo Nation, and private land holders in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii.

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Dreamride Cycling of Moab, Utah specializes in custom cycling vacations for the smallest private groups. We offer personalized day tour series packaged with appropriate lodgings. Each ride series is set up for the individual party, whether you be a weekend warrior, hardcore fanatic, or a couple or family group. Elite guide and vacation service upgrade. Moab 3 day mountain bike vacation Moab 3 day mountain bike and/or road ride series Moab 5 day mountain bike vacation Moab 5 day ultimate slickrock mountain bike vacation Two to six day guided mountain bike package pricing. Bicycling the Roads of Canyon Country Moab slickrock skills clinics Custom Bike Purchase and Vacation Package Guided day hikes around Moab Moab area photo trips and clinics Navajo Reservation mountain biking Big Island active combos