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     Welcome to the Dreamride bike vacation catalog. Click on your destination above or scroll down for links to individual packages.

mountain bike sales RENT or BUY a mountain bike from Dreamride. Purchase a custom-fitted road, mountain, freeride or cross bike. All vacation packages come with the opportunity to rent, buy or rent-to-buy a Ventana, Ellsworth, Moots, Castellano, De Rosa or Dreamride house brand mountain bike. Purchase one of our Dreamride Edition kit bikes as part of any vacation package and benefit from special attention to fit and maintenance during the break-in period, as well as a free upgrade to Elite on any Moab package. Click on the dream catcher for information on bikes, kits, frames, grouppos, parts and accessories. Order any bike, fork or special part we offer and it will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Moab Active VacationsMoab, Utah Mountain Bike Vacations

Scroll down for a list of Moab packages. Click on MOAB HOMEPAGE for further information on Dreamride's Moab operations. Click on LOGISTICS TO MOAB for helpful information on shuttles, flights, and bike shipping to our home base. Click on CLIENT TESTIMONIALS if you have doubts. Click on MOAB TRAILS for a sample list of rides and information on skill levels.

03 spring skills clinicSTANDARD PROVISIONS: Packages come with or without lodging. Rides are from four to seven hours, shuttled and guided. Groups are matched in skills and no larger than five riders including the guide. Standard packages of more than three days grant discounts on our state-of-the-art fleet bikes and the option to buy.

EXTENDED SERVICES: There is always the option to reserve your package as completely private. The Elite Upgrade extends access, guarantees the very best in personal daily services, increases flexibility dramatically, and grants access to our extreme high-end rentals. Chef services are optional for private and elite level packages.

As good as it gets!
ELITE LEVEL UPGRADE is available for all Moab vacations listed below, insuring guiding by company owners, access to extreme high-end rentals, an expanded range of trails, more solitude and privacy, more flexible daily schedule, comfortable Toyota Sequoia transport to and from the trail, "anytime" option for road or night rides, hiking or swimming in any series, special after-ride beer and refreshments, and optional DVD rentals and photography services. Maximum group size is four. The Elite Upgrade is best for COUPLES. Elite level access and services are especially popular with more advanced riders, private couples, father-son pairs, or anyone desiring a mature and balanced approach to hardcore riding and educational interpretation.

Termination Towers Bi-annual skills camps!
MOAB FALL SKILLS BASH is a three day mountain bike clinic focusing on mechanical issues and modifications, technical riding skills, with the option for extending your stay up to seven days. The three day clinic is scheduled for November 7th, 8th and 9th, our favorite weekend of the year. Lodging can be packaged in, but is optional. Perfect for pick-up of a custom Dreamride bike. Offered to all skill levels.

3 days ~ a taste of Moab!
MOAB 3D is a three day mountain bike vacation with or without four nights of lodging. Daily rides are tuned to your skills and interests. The series can be altered for private parties to include, or subsitute road biking, hiking, canyoneering/swimming or skiing. Maximum groups of four for open bookings (no mixed skilled groups in open packages). Private group bookings can be as large as six to eight. The 3D can be booked as a private package for a solo, couple or group of three. A group of four is always private. Offered to all skill levels.

5 days ~ our most popular package!
FIVE DAZE IN MOAB is a five day, six night, mountain bike vacation with or without in-town accommodations. Daily mountain bike rides and activities are tuned to your skills and interests. Maximum groups of four of similar skills, unless booked as a private package. Private parties can be no larger than six to eight. Can be booked as a private vacation for a solo rider, couple or group of three. Groups of four are always private. Great honeymoon for a private couple! For private parties the series can be altered to include road biking, hiking, canyoneering/swimming, or cross country skiing. Offered to all skill levels.

5 days ~ bikesurfing!
MOAB ULTIMATE SLICKROCK is a PRIVATE five day/six night version of the Slickweek package below, open to a wider range of skills. It comes stock with our highest level of in-town accommodations and ELITE GUIDE SERVICES . The Ultimate features skills-specific slickrock riding, from touring to full-blown freeriding. Offered to intermediate to expert bike handlers.

Ken on Moab Slickrock Trail7 days on rock!
MOAB SLICKWEEK is a vacation for slickrock purists featuring our most secretive sandstone freeform areas in southeastern Utah. Due to remote and dangerous terrain, the Slickweek comes standard with the ELITE GUIDING OPTION and is only open to more advanced riders with excellent handling skills. Maximum groups of four. Can be booked as a private vacation for a solo, couple or group of three. Groups of four are always private. Offered to advanced to expert bike handlers only.

7 day flexible itinerary!
MOAB FREEFORM is a seven day vacation with activities decided daily by guides and clients. A flexible itinerary allows for changing weather and shifting interests. Groups or individuals can choose from a range of accommodations. The Freeform is best for novices, or anyone wanting a variety or activities such as road biking, hiking, skiing, or canyoneering. Can be booked as a private vacation for a solo rider, couple or group of three. Groups of four are always private. Offered to all skill levels.

7 days for very strong riders!
NOT A WEEK FOR THE WEAK is a seven day vacation in the Mecca of mountain biking for very strong intermediate to expert class mountain bikers and/or road riders. The cycling itinerary is based on a strenuous series most appropriate for professional or amateur athletes. It is a great vacation for anyone or any party who wants to combine training with leisure. We recommend our most luxurious lodgings for such a tough series. Maximum groups of four. This package can be booked as private for a solo rider, couple or group of three. Groups of four are always private. Maximum group is four. The entire package, or a specified number of days, can booked specifically for road cycling by private parties. Offered to very fit intermediate to expert riders.

Custom packages!
MYSTERY TOURS allow extended or reduced services based on a set of fees, possibilities and limitations. This is where you will find rates for two or four day series and packages that allow for an eccentric schedule. Maybe you need a series of four day rides or hiking treks broken by two days of river rafting. Maybe you want to cut costs by riding from town, or want to add a day long skills class to your series.

Secret Entrada photo Smoke your buddies back home!
SKILLS AND PHOTO CLINICS can be part of any package and are recommended to riders new to Moab's rough trails, loose rock, sand, huge slickrock domes, chutes and sandstone moguls. Learn basic to advanced skills in these unimagined landscapes by choosing to add or substitute one or two days of intensive skills instruction. Learn basic skills, slickrock tricks and the secrets of action photography. Dreamride's clinics have been featured in magazines and on television around the world. Offered to riders of all skill levels. Especially effective for intermediates.


Colorado VacationsColorado Mountain Bike Vacations

COLORADO HOMEPAGE is the place to go for general information on our selection of Colorado locations and packages.

Fruita singletrack!
Fruita singletrackFRUITA is a great getaway, if you are looking for smooth or rough singletrack. Fruita can be booked as a single destination, combined with Moab as a combo or you can book a Moab-based ELITE level package and have access to Fruita trails from Moab. Minimum group size of two. Maximum group size of four. Welcome strong novice to expert skill levels.

For repeat clients and special guests!
COLORADO FRONT RANGE mountain bike vacations are called "Alien Abductions." These include some of the most scenic and technically difficult mountain bike trails in the Rockies. You can do a Moab/Front Range combo or you can choose to spend the entire vacation on the Front Range. Minimum group size of two. Maximum group size of four or five. Private groups only. Great wedding and honeymoon for a mountain biking couple. Welcome intermediate to expert riders. COUPLES OR SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY!


HoneymoonsCombos & Rare Retreats

The paved road!
ROAD BIKE TOURS! Yes, we offer road bike ride series and road/dirt combos in Moab. These can be gentle and scenic or difficult and physically demanding treks on the backroads and into the National Parks surrounding Moab, Utah. We also offer custom road bike vacations in Colorado, Northern California and Hawaii to repeat clients and/or those who purchase one of our special Loop Moots Vamoots YBB road bikes. Welcome all skill levels. COUPLES OR SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY!

HawaiiWe share our favorite vacation with repeat clients!
THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII was once our home. We base daily operations from a very special bed and breakfast in the highlands of North Kohala. Don't waste money on the leper colony, seriously. There are many recreational and cultural options and the schedule is flexible to take advantage of weather, events and changing interests. Hosted and guided by Lee and Miki Bridgers. COUPLES OR SMALL PRIVATE REFERRED OR REPEAT GROUPS ONLY! Offered to fit cyclists and swimmers who know us or know our clients.

Ride both sides of the Great Divide!
ESTES ~ MOAB COMBOS combine the technical singletrack of the Front Range with the more-than-technical rock of southeastern Utah. COUPLES OR SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY! Offered to intermediates to experts only. Colorado singletrack

Singletrack and slickrock!
FRUITA ~ MOAB COMBOS combine the singletrack of Fruita with the slickrock of southeastern Utah. COUPLES OR SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY! Offered to all skill levels.

Supreme hiking destination!
CROWN JEWEL EXPEDITIONS are very special tours to what the Forest Service refers to as "the crown jewel of wilderness canyons of the southwest." This pristine canyon offers rare wildlife, cliff dwellings and ancient Indian artifacts. This is our most prized permit! For strong and fit hikers! COUPLES OR SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY!

San Francisco Bay area connection!
THE TWISTED FRISCO is more than a vacation idea. It is a way to take advantage of our personal knowledge of San Francisco and the roads to Moab. We not only know the bay area's best attractions, trails, lodgings and restaurants, we know the secrets of mythical Highway 50, the loneliest road in the USA. If you are looking to do San Francisco, but not like the other tourists, let us turn you on. If you are booking a Moab package and come from the Bay Area, you are going to be very happy. The photography chartersTwisted Frisco Package is for the recreational mountain biking couple wanting to get the best of the sins of the city. FOR COUPLES OR VERY SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY!

Custom private charter trips!
CUSTOM CHARTERS are available to anyone wishing a tailored vacation in southeastern Utah and/or western Colorado. Other destinations are available to repeat clients or those referred by former clients. Click on the link to get a picture of destinations suitable for private charters ourside of Utah and Colorado. All charters follow our small groups policies with maximum group sizes varying from four to eight according to destination and activities. COUPLES OR SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS ONLY!


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