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Happy Dreamride clients


Carina's group testimonial september 2013
Bruce and Lois Jacobs

      "It had been 7 long years since we had taken a vacation. We started with Lee and Mikki in 1998 and have ridden with them in Moab, Fruita and Hawaii, and loved it every time. After a very difficult period in our lives we decided to recapture some mojo by returning to Moab as roadies, our road bikes being the one source of escape that we have had.
      The weather sucked, huge winds, sleet, rain, snow and hail, but we managed to ride the four days scheduled. Our last ride was the "Dreamride" - from Moab to Dead Horse Point. We did not quite make it to the Point because of 50mph swirling winds and Mikki in the SAG wagon was most welcome, but we knew the magic was back and our trip will be forever memorable. Our thanks to both of you." "
~ Bruce and Lois Jacobs, Boonton, NJ " March, 2011

      "I wanted to thank you again for the great week! I really appreciate your hospitality, stories, and friendship. The week was just as I had hoped. Everything was perfect! I will definitely let you know when I come out again. Hopefully with the family. In the meantime, have a great life!" ~ William Yaeger, Altanta, Georgia," September, 2010

      "Mr. Bridgers, my name is Adam Glover, and I wanted to thank you for the autographed copy of your Mountain Biking Moab trail-guide book. You don't know me, but if I were to tell you that I was the guy that had his friend ask you for your autograph, then it would probably start to make sense. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate the gesture coming from someone that I respect so much, that has done so much for the sport of mountain biking, that continues to hold true to what they believe in their heart, kind of like the Henry Rollins of the Mountain Biking world."

Brad Barker and son
     Brad Barker and his son have purchased three bikes from Dreamride. Returning time and again to purchase a new bike is a good testimonial in itself, but Brad recently showed up in March 2010 with a newly customized Jeep painted to match his Dreamride bike.

Katherine's 'Cupcake'
      "You should have heard me sqeele!! She is outstanding..THE queen of rides. I will love her and always be grateful to you for her perfection Lee!" ~ Katherine Monroe, June 21, 2009

      "I had the honor of having Lee Bridgers himself (founder of Dreamride) guide me on some of the best (and little-known: who wants to see hundreds of other riders out on the trail? That just the spoils the magic of it...) trails out in Moab. All I can say is WOW - it proved to be an adventure of a lifetime that went WAY beyond my expectations.
      "I was looking for a no-frills, genuine, 'hardcore' mountain bike experience in what has been heralded as the mecca of mountain biking; I got all that and much more. Highly-personalized rides, lessons in geology and wildlife, historical tidbits and awareness of the natural environment: it was all part of the package. Many unthoughtful and ignorant mountain bikers have been guilty of upsetting the balance of Moab's extremely fragile ecosystem, and if this continues, we may not in future be able to enjoy the trails that we so enjoy today. Lee teaches us how not to be such a mountain biker.
      "Indeed an adrenaline-filled, breathtaking, epic adventure that also appeals to one's soul and conscience. Highly recommended. You CANNOT find a better guide elsewhere, period."
~ Shing Ee Tan," May 25, 2009

      "Micky & Lee,
     "We just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful three days of riding. We also enjoyed visiting with the two of you afterwards, it's always fun to meet new people.
     "Let Joe know we took both of his suggestions, Redamack's burgers (all the way back in Michigan), and a driving tour of the La Sal Mt Loop. Both were great.
     "Furthermore, the suggestion to ride Kessels Way [Kessel Run] in Fruita could not have been more appropriate. We rode up it first in honor of Joe's common practice for us each morning (although this was a much lesser climb) and then blasted down. It was awesome as you had explained, the continuous use of the gully to dip in and out was incredible! ~ Thanks again,
~ Chris and Dave Kleinpaste," October 13, 2008

      "The bike definitely earns its name; it is an absolute dream to ride. It climbs anything - and makes descents effortless as well. You make a bike that's fast, plush, and responsive - and managed to do it without compromise." ~ Chris Myers, June, 2008


"Ah, My Shimmering Beast

I'm trying to take you in
But hot Titanium breaths squint sight to glinty glance

At last a dry, cool morning sun
Holds you- clear
      for me to see

You do have the heart of a lion.

I ride-

But from a different side
You consent to:
      Carry me
            Hold me
                  Rock me

(Man, I'm telling you, My feet and heart-
            just float off the ground!)"

~ a poem by Charley Novak, Albuquerque, NM.

     "Goodness gracious. What a bicycle! I put it all together yesterday and it was a thrill. Immaculate. Precise. Perfectly comfortable. I love the short deraleur--there's no chain rattle and the pedals are always in the right place. The bar end shifters are even better than I figured and the moustache bars are comfortable, versatile and a perfect choice. The Moots frame is amazing to behold and you speced out every piece just right. It was packed beautifully. What more can I say? Dreamride is the right name. The bike you built me is a pretty special privilege to ride." ~ L. Sant, Washington, DC 4/2008

Dreamride La Sal Mountain Loop Road Moots Psychlo-X
     "So the bike you built is amazing. I've had a really nice time getting everything sorted out just so. The fit is perfect and I seem to like those mustache bars more each time I ride with them. I think what I like the most is just how flexible they are in terms of the hand positions you can use and be comfortable. Long climb from the saddle? Just settle back on the ends and grind it out. Nice speedy straight away? Move up into the curves and keep your hands handy on the levers. The wrap is really functional and keeps a tacky feel.
     "The brakes have been fun too. I have them pretty tight and like the responsiveness. When I want to stop, I STOP. The front brake I've dialed in a little weaker than the back, just to keep a margin of safety. But I've been riding in the rain--though not too much muck yet--and they keep the bike under you the whole time. The saddle is comfortable and light. I can't wait until it breaks in.
     "The one thing I've been a little sheepish about telling you is that I like the bike so much that I want to ride it all the time. So if I have a letter to mail, I'll hop on and ride down to the mailbox; if it's a nice day, I'll keep on going to the post office. Gallon of milk? Be right back. But it's a drag to clip into shoes so I put a pair of flat pedals on it for everyday use, which lets me take it out when the girls are riding their bikes down the street and so forth. It makes it even more into the kind of bike that an adult would use if he were still, really, riding like a kid. I've used the speedplay for some longer rides and a pedal wrench makes it easy just to swap back and forth. So you said this is the perfect bike if you just want ONE bike; I keep finding new ways that I can try to use it.
     "As for the spacers--well I'm the spacer. I've gone back through the packing materials and all the stuff that you sent and I misplaced the washers for the pedals. I'm sorry about that. I should have been more careful as I was tearing through everything.
     "You asked before if you could use my comments and email on the site, which of course you may, at your choosing. There aren't enough nice things that I can say."

~ L. Sant, Washington, DC 5/2008

     "I wanted to give you an update on the bike.
     "It's held up to be as versatile as we planned. I brought it up to Maine for the summer and she's as happy no matter where I ride, whether on the trail or the road. She's plenty comfortable whether for a long road ride in the saddle or grinding up a fire road. The cool part is that you can do both on the same ride. The drag is that I run out of legs or light before I've run out of places to go.
     "Mechanically, the bike is still flawless. I wouldn't change a thing.
     "I referred a friend and saw up on the website that you had posted my earlier comments; I thought i'd give you a better update on the bike so that your loyal fans didn't think that you and I had devised some seven-thousand dollar bike for milk runs and pedaling around the neighborhood. Splice together any of what I've said that will help you sell more bikes--if anybody wants to ask me about you, send 'em my way. I can't say enough good stuff.
      "All the best,

~ L. Sant, Washington, DC 8/12/2008

Lee and Mikki,
     "Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for an unbelievable adventure. Our guide, Jo, was awesome! He has to be the most patient person we have ever met. Our 3 day trip exceeded our expectations (we actually weren't sure what to expect). He gave us enough information so we would know what to expect but not too much to freak us out....which was perfect! We had to keep reminding ourselves throughout the day that it wasn't about the destination it was about the journey. I don't think we ever reached a "destination" as the journey kept on going. What could be better than that? Jo's knowlege and passion for the environment and surrounding area was contagious. We left Moab with a history and ecology lesson that we will carry in our memories for a long time to come. Hope to someday return to has etched a permanent place in our hearts! Thanks again for directing our trip of a lifetime."
~ Frank and Barbara Samartino, Charlotte, North Carolina 5/2008

"Hi Lee, Miki and Joe,
     "Well it has been several weeks since our tour with you and it has taken me this long to be able to completely focus on any task that does not include riding. Our Dreamride Tour was exceptional and worth every penny. I truely appreciated the time and effort spent to educate Peter and I on the delicate nature of your pristine area. Your love of the Moab area quickly became ingrained in me and I found myself loathing the atv and jeeps tearing up the trails.
     "Joe could not have been a more appropriate guide for us. His easy going nature and ability to recognize when we needed breather breaks made for truely enjoyable rides. I cannot think of any other time I have enjoyed riding as much as I did in Moab.
     "I left Moab with a real desire to improve my slow moving skills and balance. I hope to return next year and challenge myself with some more technical rides. I have already spent some time here, even though there is stilll snow on the ground, practicing balancing and slow moving skills. By the way, great advice to be careful on my old bike. True to your word, my bike felt foreign when I returned to it. Felt like I had never been on it after riding your sweet rides down there. Lee you were correct to suggest the narrow handlebar set up I had would pale in comparison to the short stem and wide grip set up you had.
     "Anyway, you run an outstanding organization and I can't wait to return.
     "Hope the season is busy, profitable and filled with people who appreciate your wonderfully beautiful part of the world!!"
~ Mark Quintilio, Alberta, Canada 4/2008

      "The frameset arrived today. It must be great because my wife saw it in my office, shook her head and walked out. Thanks again." ~ Bill Miller, Florida, March, 2008

      "I took a trip out to Tahoe this summer and rode with some friends. One of them has a Blur and he rode mine and said it was no comparison!!! Conversely I rode the Blur and am so glad I went with the Fully!" ~ Mike Simmons, Taos, NM, January, 2008

      "We both had a great time. Penny enjoyed her time with Miki very much. I've been thinking about the rides and varied the terrain since Thursday. It was tough being back to work on Mon and the rest of this week. We will definitely make a trip back." ~ Ian and Penny Lim, New Orleans, October, 2007

     "I've had a couple of rides on the bike and have been sorting out the rear shock settings to get it dialed in. As for my impression thus far - I have to confess that I was a bit worried; not that the bike would be a great bike, but that it would not be tremendously different than my Kona, and I really like my Kona.
     "Most of my rides involve several intense climbs, followed by a few good downhills -- nothing outrageous, but challenging and fun. Riding on relatively level ground, I didn't notice a significant difference, but my riding partners were complaining that I was setting too fast a pace to the hills. Then we hit the first hard hill, 1.5 miles of strong incline. I realized at about the halfway point that I had two choices - ride my normal pace using about 1/3 less energy, or expend the energy and fly up the hill. I waited at the top for my riding partners, and couldn't stop chuckling for the remainder of our 2 hour ride. We added another difficult incline with switchbacks, and I chuckled all the way up. Coming down our main downhill run, I hit 30mph and was still chuckling. The bike didn't vibrate, didn't bounce or slide, and slowed when I asked.
     "My friends were a bit put out about this whole ride. They weren't keeping up. I had already swam 1.5 miles in the morning, did a one-hour weight lifting workout, ran 5 miles the evening before, and they were expecting to drop me on the ride at the first incline. ( I was pretty fatigued before we started the ride ).
     "I've kept to myself about the bike, except to tell my friends that I like it, but need to continue to get it dialed in so I can use it's full capabilities. As long as I don't let them try it out, they'll never really know.
     "And I can't stop chuckling."
~ 3/07 Jeff Drake, San Juan Capistrano, California

     "Lee and Miki, I can't begin to tell you how fantastic a time my friends and I had on your tour. From the bikes that were perfect for the ride, to Mitch the guide, I can't imagine having a better time. The trails that were selected for us totally rocked. I was blown away not only by how much of a blast the trails were to ride, but by the incredible scenery. It was great that you joined us on a couple of the rides, your knowledge of the area and stories really added the ride. I can honestly and wholeheartedly recommend Dreamride to anyone coming out to Moab. I believe that there is no way that my friends and I could have gotten in three days on the best trails around without the likes of Mitch and Lee leading the pack. Again, thanks for making it happen for us. As a bonus, you and Miki are what I call Good People and the world needs more like you. Now I need to figure out how to earn a living and move to Moab! Take care and I hope to ride with you again!" ~ 10/06 Steven A. Myers, Indianapolis, Indiana

     "Just wanted to thank you once again for a thoroughly enjoyable 3-days of biking. The trip was everything I had hoped it would be. Mitch was a great guide and everything about Dreamride was top quality from the people to the equipment. The pastrami sandwhich in Helper was also awesome!!!! Take care - and I hope to ride with Dreamride again!!" ~ 10/06 Gary Weinreb, Indiana

Steve Myers group, October 2006

     Dreamride Fully owner: "Just wanted to drop you guys an e-mail concerning the bike you built up for me. The bike is awesome, exactly what I wanted. I probably have about thirty good rides on it so far and am getting it pretty dialed." ~ 10/06 Mike Berigan, Maui

     "Lee & Miki, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my time in Moab. The rides were everything that I expected and more. I definitely plan on coming back!" ~ 10/06 David Ward

     "Heads Up all you dreamers... I recently took the time to visit Moab Utah, and booked my trip through Lee & Miki. I knew Lee from before because I bought 3 bikes from him over the years (An Ellsworth Truth, an Ibis Ripley, and the latest greatest, a Ventana El Saltamonte)... From the start of planning, Miki was easy and eager to assist me in getting the best accommodations for my wife and I. Her planning was artful and her manner endearing, and appreciated. She is soft spoken, yet forthright, and very knowledgeable - she steered me right on everything - all I had to do was listen and say - 'Okay'. Lee and I talked about the riding - three guided rides, two days, then a rest day, and then a final ride. On the last day a BBQ -- with organic bison burgers, cooked by Miki. (There's good food to be had in Moab, but if I had my druthers, I'd eat at Miki B's every day)
      "My ride guide was Joe. He was awesome. He and Lee selected trails and rides appropriate for my fitness and skill level. Believe me, this is critical in Moab, where some trails and a wrong move can lead to a sudden drop of oh, say 1000 feet or so. I am one of those oddballs who came to love mountain biking after long stints of bike touring (the 70's), backpacking (80's), distance and trail running (90's) and now the mountain bikes... So, I not only love the rush of technical trails and swoopy downhills, but also stopping to pause and take in the scenery. I mean, what's the point of being out there in the mountains if you don't want to see anything. You might as well be on a trainer in your living room... Joe did a great job of giving a tour of the natural features, unique parts of each ride, orienteering and emergency preparedness, and shared his concern for the fragile ecosystem.
      "Lee and Joe were good about picking out some rides where I didn't have alot of other traffic too, because I like solitude. Joe showed me the best line, and waited when my sea level lungs and legs couldn't keep up on the long climbs. I had my fill of riding each day and had a little time left over to see Arches and Canyonlands with my wife (who doesn't MTB).
      "I am a shop monkey from way back, and liked hanging out with Lee and Miki after the rides too. The best part was adorning my Ventana with a Dreamride built kit while out there. When I broke my bottom bracket, I bought a new crankset an installed it right then and there. Lee built me some really sick wheels, and we decked the thing out totally. It was crazy. It was like a full on high zoot bike parts orgy, and I regret nothing!
      "My wife and I spent a day hiking with Miki. I don't want to be forced into saying the hiking was as much fun as the biking, but if you twist my arm...I will. It was a great day, and we got to eat a phenomenal yet simple lunch on the trail with Miki while we identified native flowers. The place was crazy with blooms, and intoxicating...or maybe it was the whorehouse tea plants we chewed on. Or the smell of sage, or the scenery...or being with 2 awesome women out in the woods. A man just has to love a woman you can unlock the hubs on and take off-road!
      "Being a hack guitarist I really enjoyed listening to Lee's music, too, because he is definitely no hack - at all. Impressive. And when Big Jon Rizzo the Renaissance man showed up with his tall bike and pictures from Fruita, and showed us the furniture he makes... These people are amazing.
      "Best of all though was the thousands of laughs we all had together. No wait, it was the scenery. No, the biking, no maybe the food, no the music, err, maybe the hiking...No, it was the whole THANG. Book your trip through Dreamride, and let them take you through the process; the wheel has already been invented, and Lee builds a great one."
~ 5/06 Bill Klausmeyer, Florida

The Klausmeyers
     "The experience I had with Miki of Dreamride as my hiking guide was nothing short of fantastic. Knowing that I was a beginner, Miki chose a hike that suited my level of experience, and that allowed me to really enjoy myself. I never felt overwhelmed or overtired. Miki has a vast knowledge of the flora and fauna, and she gently shared with me some of her wisdom during our day together so that I left Utah with much greater insight than if I were to have been on my own. To top things off, the lunch she made for us to eat while on a quiet section of "slick rock" in the shade, was delicious." ~ 5/06 Lisa Klausmeyer, Florida

     "Some friends gave me a hard time about the price of my private 'Dreamride.' Like most people, they know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. The memories I've taken away from Moab, thanks to Lee, will pay off for the rest of my life. You can't put a price on that." ~ Michael Stead, New Zealand. CLICK HERE FOR AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MIKE ABOUT HIS TRIP, PUBLISHED BY THE "NO STREET JOURNAL" IN DALLAS, TEXAS.

     Dreamride Fully owner: "What can I say? I needed a cigarette after every ride with the Fully in Moab. The bike is quick, incredibly balanced and drop dead gorgeous. I have been a titanium junky (Lightspeed) for years but I ain't ever going back The Fully is sweet, tight and Oh so forgiving without being mushy or inaccurate; you point it and it goes where you want it to; you CAN thread the obstacles but if you want to go over them; go and it laughs out loud! (Or maybe that was me that was laughing). The weight was what I was the most worried about prior to my first ride but it is clear now that movement forward is impeded by vertical movement and the Fully so effectively mitigates the vertical that the small weight penalty is more than offset. This bike feels friggin light.
     "About Dreamride tours: If you don't want opinions then don't ride with Lee. If you want to ride with a guy who has seen most of if not all of it; who loves Moab, the environment, the history, the beauty of it all; who can kick your ass in the midst of breathtaking scenery and who builds and loves the best bikes in the business then honey, get your ass down to Moab and ride with Lee. I have to let you in on a secret though: the one who is the jewel of the whole operation is his wife Miki. She is the unsung hero who keeps it all together and treats you with hors de oeuvres, beer and a sweet smile when you return from your ass kicking. God bless the Bridgers they are a rare lot!"
~ 4/06 Mike Simmons Taos, New Mexico

John Graubics and his stars and stripes Fully      Dreamride Fully owner: "Hi Lee, I've had my Stars and Bars Fully for almost 2 full seasons now, and I can say that unequivocally: "YOU WERE RIGHT!" Right about everything about this bike. It has the quickness of a Ferrari, with the supreme smoothness of a Bentley. There hasn't been a single time that it's failed to blow my socks off. Whether it's on fast technical singletrack, long climbs, or some sphincter-clinching downhills, it's a pure joy to ride. And of course, the paint-job gets it noticed. You know, I could go on for a long long time, but I'm going to give you some thoughts of the lucky, close friends, who I've allowed to spend some time in the saddle. All 3 have said LOUDLY within 30 seconds on it: "HOLY SHIT! This damn thing is smooth!" This is usually followed by uncontrollable joyfull laughter. Then, when we head for the more technical sections of trail, they are all amazed at how quick and agile such a "large" bike can be. Now, two of these guys have super light hardtails( 21.5 and 23 lbs) and both said that it was a much better climber than their bikes. I've only allowed my best friend some time in the saddle while downhilling. When I finally caught up to him, because he stopped to wait for me, he could NOT wipe off that silly shit-eating grin that I wear all over my face every time I ride. This bike was a long time coming (OH how LONG we waited!), but I know truly that this bike is the "Brass Ring" I was searching for for so long. Thank you for all you work on design and answering my many questions." ~ John Graubics 11/05, Virginia

     Dreamride Mutant owner: "During this morning's ride I composed an email to you in my head. Here's the heavily edited version: So, I've finally had the time to give it a good ride, and wow. Down eroded gullies, mach speed. Needing more protection than my shorts and shoes. Slalom like never before down the roughest sections with no difficulty. I could gush on and on, give you a blow by blow, but I won't bore you. Fun bike, revolutionizes my riding. So freakin fast. Don't notice the weight. The fit is phenomenal. Never anything even close before. Yeah, that fit. I'm really amazed. Very pleased." David Cain 9/05, Hawaii

     Dreamride Moots Rigor Mootis owner: "I got the bike in and put together. It is awesome. I took it out for the first trail ride to day and everything worked perfectly. I don't think there is a single part on the bike that could be any better. The bike fits great and anxious to try it out on the race course." Robert Fielder 8/05, Chapel Hill, NC

     Dreamride Ventana El Saltamontes owner: "Hi, Lee! Better than I could have imagined, truly way beyond my fondest hopes. Of course she is a lovely lady, arresting in her beauty, but she is more importantly a creature of SUBSTANCE. So light and adroit, yet stable! I just rode her to the neighborhood park last night (no trails, just curb hops, wheelie practice and handling skill drills) and I was pumped! I'm a better rider instantly. I can loft the front end, and the wheel comes down delicately and remains in-line. The back end knows what the front end is doing and takes subtle cues from me like a Lipizzaner. She forgives my fumbles and lets me be a bolder rider; I felt totally stud after her first outing. Thank Miki for her recommendation of the WTB-Speed She saddle; tender parts are protected. This evening we'e heading for the trails; the minutes till then pass sloppy-slow, on Dali-like time. Ever-so-glad Max will soon have his own version of this wonder. As a youth, I never really knew how guys could love their cars. I never loved my surfboards, skis, cars, or even kayaks. But my Tangerine? Immediately and unabashedly. Sooooo glad you and Miki and Max and I are on the planet at the same time, and we all hooked up. Gratitudes Galore." Marilyn Perry 6/05, Oaklahoma City

     Dreamride Fully owner: "Just want to thank you again for building such an awesome bike for me! (I finally had the chance to take it for a couple rides last weekend in Marin). The fit is perfect; the build is perfect, and the ride is perfect. My 5" Fully is way more efficient over and through rock and root sections than my Truth!! Where I used to get bounced around and off line on my Truth, I hold a straight line and charge either up or down. Even though my Fully is much more stable, I can negotiate tight switch back turns just as well, if not better than on the Truth. I don't know how that's possible, but I am sure you've got it all figured out. Looking forward to my next trip to Moab!" Peter Leibrock 5/05, Lake Tahoe, California

Max Cary's Fully MAXl      Dreamride Fully owner: "Everything works and now when I go over drops or hit roots the bike does not skitter or slide around. To sit on the bike is like floating on air, the ride is so comfortable. I do not know how you did it ( I'm guessing lots of knowledge) but the bike truly fits like a glove and the cockpit orientation is beyond belief. The bike also handles just great, it does not "run away" like the cannondale did. I feel really secure/stable on this bike. In fact I have been catching up to some of the people I ride with because the bike is so stable for me I simply ride faster without realizing what I am doing. I could go on and on about how much I like this bike and thank you for building it for me but I am sure you have a few other things to do. However, I really would like to say one more time -- thank you so much." Max Cary, Oklahoma City

     Dreamride Ventana X-5 owner: "Uhh...Wow! I mean it when I say that I'm simply speechless! That is the most beautiful assemblage of components I've ever seen. What's so strange is that the eye doesn't focus on any one part of the bike - it has a natural balance to it - know what I mean? What little I know of you, is that you're not the kind of person who needs confirmation - but you do beautiful work Lee. I sincerely appreciate your passion. If it can help your future clients, I would like to do that. Tell Mr. Gibson that he creates a beautiful work of art and you make it 'performing art.'" Stan Garvin 5/05, Oklahoma, 5/05

     "Thanks again for the great time. Thanks Lee for the rides and always interesting conversation, for your help with skills on the trail and all the bike info. and to Miki for making the best coffee in the morning and for having cold "real beer" to finish off the day. The dark grapes and tiny orange tomatoes are on my list of favorites too! Thanks also to Jerry for his care and attention and for showing us a piece of Fruita, even in the rain. How does he ride that single speed bike anyway? We both agreed our time in Moab was even better than last year and left not wanting to leave." Doug and Teresa Gilroy, Canada 10/04

photo by Kevin Davis of London      "Hi Lee, I'm writing to thank you for a spectacular and inspirational photographic tour on my recent trip to Moab. I've attached just a few shots from the trip; very interested to know what you think of them. Thanks again, first opportunity back out to Utah I'll be looking you up! Best Regards, Kevin Davis," London, September 20, 2004-- MORE PICTURES BY KEVIN

     "Hi Lee, I've spent a fair bit of the weekend on the bike and am very pleased with it. The weight and set up (tyres wheels brakes gears) are perfect for my riding style and body habitus as we pompously say in medicine. As you say the workmanship is faultless. Thanks again," ~ Nick Phillips, United Kingdom

     "I wanted to tell you again how much I loved the spring clinic and meeting you. I loved all of my rides, but especially enjoyed my wander with Lee on the third day. No question -- I'm an Elite upgrade from now on. Plus the best picture I got the entire time was the one you took, Lee." ~ Mary Newcombe, Los Angeles

     "Hi Miki & Lee. You guys have just given Ali & I the time of our lives. The whole package was perfect. Though I have a top end bike it was absolutely right to leave it home; yours were so much better for the terrain and inspired confidence Your guiding went way beyond the rides and route. It was the all round experience of everything the area contains without bullshit. It was obvious right away you knew your business! I'm a prolific dreamer and every sleep (since getting back at the weekend) I've been out again in sun on slickrock so the message is clear--we must return and replace the dream with reality. The nightmare came yesterday evening on my first ride back here with a nasty fall and lots of gravel rash. You'd think that at 57 I'd realise there are limits even after a week in Moab. Guess I need the Manuka honey. Thanks for everything not least the post ride times." ~ Chris & Ali, Evesham England

     "Hi Miki and Lee: I've been meaning to write you guys and give you the bike update. First off, it went together really well. Doug and our 14 yr old Stephen did the assembly, no problem. I also took it to the guy who built my road bike for a quick check. The check-up took about 10 minutes, the questions about where I got it, about an hour. Since then we've just been waiting for the snow to melt. Finally this past weekend, Doug and I got sick of waiting, linked our kids up with a friend and headed west into British Columbia, where it's dry and sunny and has super trails. We got out for 2 really good days of riding and I can truly say the bike is just awesome! It's so light and easy to handle (I think it pedals itself uphill!). And it just feels right, because it fits me so well. I rode things that I know I couldn't have done last year and with alot less effort. I was so happy to have the lock out shock, when we over shot the end of a trail by a bunch and had to cycle back up the road to the van! The bike makes me better. So thanks again for all your help choosing and building. I couldn't have asked for more." ~ Teresa Gilroy, Canada

Macfarlanes on the trail     "Dear Lee & Miki, I wanted to take a moment to thank both of you for the wonderful experience that you created for the MacFarlane family. The boys are madly editing the approximately 600 pictures taken to create a lasting memory. We will send you a CD within a few weeks, and you can use them in any way you wish. Both of you are truly unique. We came into your lives for such a brief moment, and yet you shared a lifetime of experience with us. Your interface with the service that you provide is so personal and thoughtful. The pace, the attention to detail, the stories, the snacks at the end of the rides. It felt too short. I never heard the raven story. Thanks again for showing us the gates of heaven." ~ Jamie MacFarlane, Ontario, Canada, March, 2004 JAMIE, CHRIS, AND JEREMY ON THE TRAIL, MACFARLANES IN THE SHOP, MORE PICTURES BY JEREMY

     "Both Noah and I had a great time biking and hanging with you. Thank you and we will get together again I'm sure. Sofia loved the earrings and Leilah won't take the necklace off. Testimonial: 'Riding with Lee is not just about putting your head down and grinding out as much milage as possible,he actually gets you to lift your head up and take a look around. And guess what, with his insight and knowledge, when you do look up he has a lot to show and tell you.'" ~ Michael Fuller, New York, October, 2003 MICHAEL AND NOAH PHOTO, MICHAEL, NOAH, LEE PHOTO, MICHAEL ON SLICKROCK, MICHAEL ON SLICKROCK 2

     "As we left Moab at 2:00AM to make it to SLC in time for our plane, there was a touch of sadness in the car knowing that we have left Mecca for Newark. It is not that we are Gonzo riders, far from it. But the experience is made unique every single time that we come, and we come alot, and always ride with Dreamride: Lee Miki and Ken. This time we hooked up with a couple of wild Canadians who are just super people and fine riders. It made the time spent on the trails just fly by. Each time we have come Lee's mantra has been "If you are in shape we can keep challenging you." And all the training and hard work has always paid off in what we have been offered. Nothing like a business that pays attention to its customers. We have ridden with Dreamride many times in Moab and in Hawaii. Plans are in the works for a Spring trip to Fruita and maybe Frisco in the Fall. I will be 62 in December (I have a young wife). Dreamride makes me feel young for a few days. Can't ask for much more than that." ~ Bruce Jacobs, Boonton, NJ, October, 2003

Rob kisses his Dreamride Ventana     "Just a quick note to tell you thanks for the experience a couple of weeks ago. I have not stopped talking about it since and riding a mountain bike has taken on a whole new meaning. Attached is a picture that Lee took on our last day of riding (a little before Christian ate it near the parking lot). We will be in touch to book a ride in the spring. Take care." ~ Rich Highfield October, 2003

     "The blue El Salt you created for me is a fabulous example of a precision machine. Your in depth interview and artistic wrenching gave me the cross country bike I've been dreaming of since I began riding 15 years ago. The personalized web page made assembly and set up a snap. Kudos." ~ Keith Benson, Austin, TX ~ SEE KEITH'S BIKE

     "I was a little hesitant to hire a guide and wondered why I should rent a bike when we planned our Moab trip. Those were absolutely the right decisions in both cases. Ken, our guide, was excellent. He recognized our skill level quickly and tailored the rides to our abilities (or lack thereof). He took us to see things we would never have seen if we had gone out on our own. He offered advice and showed some riding tips that were very helpful. The trails and scenery were spectacular. We have a much better appreciation for the Moab environment and the extra steps that Dreamride takes to ensure its preservation. We'll be talking about this trip for a long time and hoping we can get back soon for another. Thanks to Miki for the early morning coffee." ~ John Craig, Canada, CBV. May, 2003

     "I just wanted to touch base and thank you for an awesome bike. It is week two, by back hurts, my knees ache, and my living room is muddy (you wouldn't leave that bike outside would you?), but the bike has performed flawlessly." ~ Paul Hunt (purchased SuperEgo Ventana El Saltamontes in April of 2003)

     "Jill and I want to thank the both of you for providing us with an absolutely stunning experience last week. I am so glad you were able to share the ride and show us the way. We will never stop recommending your services to our "friends" and will most certainly be giving you a call the next time we visit Moab, or maybe Colorado. Thanks!" ~ Calvin Schlenker, who ended up purchasing an XDreamTrail Ventana El Saltamontes and sending the next testimonial:

     "thank you . . . The bike is fucking beautiful! It arrived Friday afternoon and I spent the evening assembling and then gazing at it. The green paint is so lush and with the blue accents . . . Wow. Rode in Austin Saturday. The bike performed flawlessly. I felt much more confident on the downhill/technical stuff but I must say my times were a lot slower. Everybody kept stopping me to ask about the bike! Ended up spending about 15 minutes talking to a guy who I found sitting on the side of the trail smoking a fatty. He owns a small bike shop in Austin and couldn't say enough the Ventana and the build, 'very sweet dude.'" ~ Calvin Schlenker Texas. May, 2003 ~ SEE CALVIN'S DREAMRIDE BIKE

     "I've had the Fango out on a few good rides. I am really impressed with the bike and it fits great. I'm still dialing in the Marathon fork but that rear suspension is perfect for my riding. Thanks for your help on the bike - you spec'd a good one." ~ Alan Kreikemeier

     "Miki, Lee, and Ken, Thanks for a terrific 4 days of riding. Stefan and I really enjoyed it. Stef called it "the best vacation of my life". Ken did a super job." ~ Gary Pisano New Jersey. April, 2003

     "Just I had an unbelievable experience this time which has me ready to come back for more much sooner than it took me last time. The Elite upgrade was well worth it and I would definetly recommend it to anyone. Next time I come I will bring you some high quality SoCal brewed IPA from Stone Brewing Co, as well as some of my other favorites!!" ~ Tony Blane, US Marine Corps, San Diego, CA

     "Just a note to let you know how pleased I was with our mtn-biking tour last month. It was a truly new experience, which at my age does not come along that often anymore. Ken did a fine job in selecting trails and areas we could handle, but that still provided riding and visual excitement. He was also a very good companion for three days. I just wish I'd started doing this 20 years ago." ~ John L. Snyder, Arlington, VA

     "Hey man . . . I love my new bike. I am going to save the dribble about how great it is, cause you created it for me so you already know. The ID has changed the way I ride and has introduced me to a new biking experience. I know, soundskinda corny but its true. The ID was a gift from my father prior to his passing . . . he told me to take some of the money from his small estate, buy a very nice bike and ride. That's all I have been doing since the bike arrived. Thanks!" ~ Chris Carroll

     "I have to say I had such a great time there, so intense for me, that I cried for 2 days, including the plane ride home. My t-shirt was wet, f'gawdsakes!" ~ Sue Moretto

     "MN is NOTHING compared to Moab! I feel like I am a mountain biker on steroids! I feel like I'm SO much better than before! I can successfully get over all the huge log piles I was so scared of before! I can corner faster thanks to your great clinic that first day! I don't skid my back tire anymore going downhill. And those tires are great on the trails up here too! Oh ya, I almost forgot - those brake levers are a dream!! Like butter!! People ask, "Where did you get those?!?!" "From some freak who lives in Moab". "Where?" "Moab!" "Where's that?" "Never mind!" HAhahahahaha" ~ Anna & Nathan Minnesooooooooota

     "I thought I should write to tell you how much I appreciated the tour I took with Dreamride. Everything about the trip was very professional yet still had a fun and exciting atmosphere. Lee's knowledge about the local history, geography, environment, social issues, etc was an added bonus to his excellent bike tech, skills and hydration/nutrition knowledge. Ken, our guide for 2 days was excellent, causing my legs great pain by hammering me through Flat Pass and a large part of Slickrock Trail in one day. Both guys were excellent at judging our skill and fitness level and challenging all riders accordingly. I rode my Brodie Kinetic Hardtail for the first two days while enduring Lee and Ken's constant attempts to get me on a Full Suspension Ellsworth. I finally cracked on the 3rd day and am presently shopping for my next bike. (Thanks guys, I think) All in all, the trip was well worth every penny. Everything was better than I expected, including the guides, trails, scenery, skill advice, equipment advice and lodging. (Hotel Off Center)" ~ Ben Parsons

     "It's been about two months since my trip to Moab. I can't emphasize enough how wonderful it was to meet everyone at Dreamride. Never before has warm and professional been so tightly intertwined. My riding back in NY is out of control. I've been going up to the ski areas just to get the climbs and descents I crave, post-Moab. Whenever I get to a really steep area, I hear Lee's voice saying "no, back more, more. That's right, over the rear tire". What a kick in the ass its been. I cant wait to make it back to Moab to tackle the drops and climbs I didn't try. I still hate exposure, though.
     "Please let Ken know that his guidance sent me to a different level. I broke a barrier because of him. I ride stuff today I never would have before; I jump over areas I used to negotiate.
     " I hope I have the opportunity to host you folks back in NY. Anytime. All the Best, Erik."
~ Erick Rosenblatt, New York

     "The best part of my trip was meeting you two and getting the royal treatment from Lee. I learned a lot and you'll see that reflected in future issues." ~ Jim "Jimmy Mac" McIlvain, Editor of Mountain Bike Action Magazine

     " I just wanted to write and say thanks for all the service. I NEVER had a company call me 3 weeks after I received an online purchase to ask how everything is going and if I was satisfied. Everything about this experience has been great. Thanks for everything. I just can't say enough about this bike!!" ~ Ben McQuiston

     "I did not think it could get any better that our past trip this Spring but I was wrong. It always gets better. This trip was special in that two young at hearts like ourselves could take our "baby" (early 30's -who can really ride) on a "Dream" vacation. Ken, our guide, got it right away. Lois and I wore Luke out for two days until he got his Moab lungs and then he and Ken played tag over Flat Pass and Quasimoto's slickrock while Lois and I struggled to keep pace while enjoying the pleasure of a parent/child bonding. Lois is younger but how great is it that at 60 years old I (we) can still ride some of Moab's kick ass trails with our little boy. What a great sport and what a great service that Lee and Ken can push our own level of riding to where we can ride Moab's best. I know that Ken was startled at how Lois' riding had improved over the last 6 months, not that she did not ride well before. But Lee built her an ID and she rides it like she was born on it. Great bike, better builder. Life is good." ~ Bruce and Lois Jacobs, Boonton, New Jersey

     "What a great trip we had. It is especially nice to meet people who actually know what they are talking about. You guys and Dreamride are truly exceptional on both business and personal levels. What a rare pleasure it was to have met you." ~ Bruce Douglas, Los Angeles, CA

     "Thanks again for the great time. I speak for my friend and brother who accompanied me in saying that the rides, bikes, and scenery exceeded our expectations. Ken was a great guide who mixed the right pacing with timely information about the place we biked to, and made us all much better mountain bikers by the time we left. We also appreciate that he pushed us physically on the second day just the right amount. Doing the race loop and carrying the bikes up Jacob's Ladder was one for the "long term memory banks." ~ Ken Solis

     "We had a brilliant time and have completely bored all our friends with the tales. I don't think either of us has ever seen such incredible scenery and thanks to excellent guiding we will remember much more about the area than on previous holidays. We are both very glad that we overcame pre-holiday nerves: there are certainly excellent rides with Dreamride for novices as well as experts- we hope to ride some more as soon as we can." ~ John and Eilidh Cahill, Liverpool, England (currently living in New Jersey).


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