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elite package upgradeThe Slickweek package comes standard with the Elite upgrade that grants access to freeride rentals, an expanded range from Moab, and a Toyota Sequoia for daily transport. Daily rides are guided and/or supervised by Lee Bridgers, with or without an assistant. The Elite upgrade means ultimate equipment, ultimate secret rock, more comfort off-the-bike, more information on the trail, more focused attention to skills and safety, and routes carefully tuned to your skills.


Moab MTB Slickrock Vacation

Slickweek skills clinic groupDue to inherent danger and complexity, the Slickweek is more tightly managed than other packages in Moab. The first day is focused on skills instruction and evaluation, much like one of our clinics, but without spotters (unless you request a full-blown skills clinic on the first day). A rest day cruise or swim on the fourth day in the series is mandatory. For this package in particular we only accept mature, strong and skilled riders. No riders under the age of 25, unless booked by repeat clients. Don't think you have to do any of the stunts you see on this website, but rides in this series are certainly more technical and exposed than other packages. Daily rides are focused on the magnificent exposed sandstone SLICKROCK FORMATIONS found in the Navajo, Entrada, Kayenta, Rico, and Moencopi geological layers in the lands surrounding Moab, Utah.

From 2002 through 2004 Dreamride has been expanding commercial permits to include hundreds of square miles of bare rock. Each rock area is heavily scouted, custom outes created, tested, and designed to leave no trace. Because routes are not marked and our aim is to leave no trace, it is very important that your guide know each and every rock. Lee Bridgers spends months each year scouting, preparing maps and memorizing tight routes through mazes of sandstone moguls, and is the only one here at Dreamride possessing the drive, knowledge and preparation needed to create mulitiple series for riders of strong intermediate to expert skills. Each daily ride is strictly custom and completely unique. Serious environmental focus, careful skills evaluation and advancedgroup technique make this possible. The goal is to enjoy every conceivable slickrock surface, from mellow rollies and berms to Wiamea Bay wave size bowls, slots, and hills, from silky smooth to bumpy as hell, from rippples to moguls, from grippy red to slick-as-snot green. Each series is custom designed to build challenge gradually, day by day.

Note: Routes are custom tuned to suit client skill levels and interests. This package can be overwhelming to novices and even most intermediate riders, so if you are looking for mellow slickrock that fits into a seven day package, program a day or three of suitable rock riding as part of the FREEFORM vacation package instead.

Packaged accommodations come in levels luxury and rates (see below). One or two guides (depending on group size), comfy transportation to and from the trails are included, along with after ride lounging in our MOAB HOME. Rides are from 4 to 12 hours.

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Sample Slick Itinerary

There are many full-blown slickrock areas around Moab, yielding countless routes over unimaginable complex surfaces. A great many of the places we ride are unknown to mountain bikers. If you want solitude in private slickrock playgrounds, this is what we do better than any other tour company. As you read, remember that the challenge of each package flexes with your skills. This is just a sample list of areas. There are many, many more.

Slickweek skills clinic group1) The Finger. Introductory slickrock skills evaluation, clinic and environmental etiquette lesson. This ride over Entrada caprock is in an area of typical slickrock challenges, but little vertical exposure. This is Moab Entrada Tongue, the very top layer with a variety of textures and shapes. We flex the ride it fit the group, stopping for the basic helpful tips. We learn about you and your abilities on the bike, as we gradually lay down the basics of how we will function as a group over the next few days.

2) Quasimoto. Round-a-bout the buttes. This tuned route is a notch up with the added challenge of sand and loose rock in-between a rainbow of slickrock options from rolling hills to mogul fields to mellow ripples and berms. Arguably the most scenic and beautiful area around Moab.

3) Red House. A real gem. We keep it to ourselves. You can only ride here if you have learned to follow Lee on those brain-frying technical moguls wihout leaving a mark. A very remote, pristine and unused slickrock area. Extremely technical mogul sections are broken by swooping and rolling hills, and dives around a series of pools. The best section is a spot called Paddle Out, where you can surf long gullies until you puke. There is a lot here. The third day is generally a long one.

Moab Slickrock Bike Trail 4) Rest Day. It is important in any lengthy ride series to allow for the mind and body to recover. This is especially true with rides as technical as these in the list. We will assist you with alternate entertainment on your day off the bike.

5) Fins freeride. This is a twist on the legendary Navajo Sandstone Formation just east of Moab that you see and read about in all the magazines. We get you away from the crowd.

6) Bartlett Wash PLUS The Moguls. We have many more tricks out here than you can imagine. Guaranteed to test your skills while you deal with the added challenge of trying to keep your eyes on the surface ahead of Slickrockyou. This is one of the most beautiful spots around Moab for action photography amid outrageous landscapes. You see more and more of it in the mags. Dreamride's guides and Lee Bridgers' camera were the first to record many of the tricks you see in current bike ads. Special smaller groups of no more than three (including guide) can really travel out here.

7) Oh Well. Crazy big slickrock. Big boys love it. Heavy equipment. Plenty of variety, but this stuff is in the middle of a huge wild area. Must be careful. Must be skilled. Must be afraid. If Lee thinks you can't handle it, we go to T2, still difficult, but not as big.

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$1500 per guest. Add $250 for solo rider inititating a new package.


Rates below are for four nights of lodging and include the upcharge for hotel taxes, though they do not include sales tax. As of 2004 there are four levels of accommodations listed. Prices vary according to quality and luxury. Click on the level for a description of included accommodations. The first night of lodging is prior to the ride series (first ride is the morning after your first night). The last night of accommodations is after the ride series, allowing a relaxed morning departure from Moab.

Solo booking adding to existing package (one person in a room)

Level 2 ~ $2075
Level 3 ~ $2495
Level 4 ~ $2625
Level 5 ~ $3295

Solo booking creating new package (one person in a room)
Level 2 ~ $2285
Level 3 ~ $2695
Level 4 ~ $2845
Level 5 ~ $3595

Private Solo (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).
Level 2 ~ $3645
Level 3 ~ $4085
Level 4 ~ $4195
Level 5 ~ $4885

Couple booking (two in a room)--prices listed are for two
Level 2 ~ $3325
Level 3 ~ $3775
Level 4 ~ $3875
Level 5 ~ $4575

Private Couples (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).
Level 2 ~ $4650
Level 3 ~ $5095
Level 4 ~ $5195
Level 5 ~ $5895

Group of three or four individuals (or two couples) sharing a single room--prices listed are for each of you
Level 2 ~ $1700
Level 3 ~ $1850
Level 5 ~ $2075

Want more?

For $50 per day per person, you can get two rides per day in two separate slickrock areas on any specific day in the series. We will break for lunch in town, then head out again to another freeride area. This produces a total 10 to 12 hours on the trail with a couple of hours in town as a break. This special opportunity is offered only to private packages (minimum of two fares) and is only possible in peak season months of April, May, September and October, when weather is suitable to ride all day long. Consider this option if you are thinking of spending time on action photography in the early morning and late evening light.

NAVAJO RESERVATION VIRGIN SLICKROCK vacations feature the most radical, remote, dangerous, challenging rock surfaces imaginable. Access is granted by tribal elders and guided by Navajo natives along with Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner. This vacation is certainly not for everyone, but, if you crave big rock, solitude, and a knowledge and further appreciation of the culture of native America, this is the most unique and educationally valuable, extremely technically challening, mountain bike vacation on Earth.

SLICKROCK SKILLS CLINICS can be part of any package in Moab for an additional $200 per person per day. Learn on unimagined landscapes of sandstone by choosing to add or substitute one or two days of intensive skills instruction. Enjoy Moab's unique geology; huge slickrock domes, deep chutes and sandstone moguls. Learn tricks and action photography. Take photos better than the magazines. One day clinics are taught by our Moab guides. Action photography is taught by Lee Bridgers, company owner. Offered to riders of all skill levels. Especially effective for intermediates.


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BIKE RENTALS: Rates for rental bikes depend on the specific bike. All Dreambike rentals are custom built for Moab and there is a wide choice of types and styles. Rental bikes are only for Dreamride's guided tours and are not available for unsupervised rides. For full suspension or high end hardtail bikes in the fleet, the rate for the three day package is two days of rental (you get one day free). The rate for a five day package is three days rental, two days free. For a seven day package, you only pay for four days of rental. Click on DREAM RENTALS to see the rental fleet with descriptions, photos and pricing for each bike. All bikes in the fleet are available for Elite packages such as the Slickweek.

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