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Moab trails courtesy of Dreamride
desert safety info

novice skill level

A NOVICE mountain biker is NOT a beginner. A novice is generally defined as someone with start-up skills gained from riding a mountain bike for a period months at a rate of one ride per week. If a curb scares you, you are a novice. If a mountain bike saddle is very uncomfortable to you, you are a novice. If you don't know how to change a flat, you are a novice. If you don't know what a derailleur is, you are a beginner. For our needs, anyone who does not take mountain biking seriously, is considered a novice. Trails appropriate for novices generally include easy wide singletrack, maintained dirt roads, mild 4WD tracks, and well worn slickrock surface trails with very little or no vertical exposure. Rides for novices contain less than 700 feet of accumulated climbing and distances of less than 15 miles. Novices should not consider freeform rides for safety and environmental reasons. All children less than 12 years of age are considered novices, even if the child has years of mountain biking experience. Raw beginners can enjoy Kane Creek Road or the Old Moab Highway with is now a paved bike path. Moab now has a modest supply of novice singletracks thanks to a recent spurt of trail building, but if you are a novice we recommend a skills clinic.

"We had a brilliant time and have completely bored all our friends with the tales. I don't think either of us has ever seen such incredible scenery and thanks to excellent guiding we will remember much more about the area than on previous holidays. We are both very glad that we overcame pre-holiday nerves: there are certainly excellent rides with Dreamride for novices as well as experts- we hope to ride some more as soon as we can." ~John and Eilidh Cahill, Liverpool, England

Note: Dreamride's best routes are top secret! If you are looking for extreme solitude, hardcore riding, pristine environment and rare wildlife viewing, that is what Dreamride specializes in. Listings here are traditional mountain biking areas listed in guidebooks and on maps that can be bought. Our favorite routes are not listed anywhere.

This listing is provided by Dreamride LLC of Moab, highlighting a small sampling of trails offered as part of the company's Moab Vacation Packages. If you are looking for more information on mountain bike trails in the Moab area click on MOAB GUIDEBOOK. Be sure to visit the SAFETY GUIDE before coming to Moab. It could save your life and contains valuable environmental information that is required knowledge for all visitors to canyon country. For information on tour packages and other services offered by Dreamride in Uath, Hawaii, and Colorado, click on MTB VACATION CATALOG or CONTACT DREAMRIDE.

dinosaur tracks on Klondike Bluffs Trail

Klondike Bluffs Trail to Arches National Park

A popular tour route and one of Dreamride's skills evaluation areas, this is a true mountain bike ride for the entire family or avid riders of any skill level, fantastic for those wishing to be introduced to slickrock. Advanced riders enjoy this one as much as children do. The Klondike Bluffs Trail is perfect for your teenager who wants to be a racer. You should be justifiably worried that he might kill himself on the Moab Slickrock Trail. The Klondike Bluffs area is known for its dinosaur tracks, fossils, deposits of gem stone and, God save us, uranium, as well as its Moab Entrada Tongue slickrock. The old road now called the Klondike Bluffs Trail follows not only dino tracks, but the tracks of the huge tractor drilling rig that bored out rock samples to hunt for uranium. If you are new to Moab, sample this before you attempt more challenging rides. The ride can also include mining history detours, and we can also entertain more experienced members of your group with more challenging ventures from the main trail.

On a sad note, the dinosaur tracks in the Klondike Bluffs area are being destroyed by people who, with no skill or education, are trying to make molds of the prints to take home. We have seen everything from plaster of paris to spray foam. Needless to say, take a picture and leave the tracks alone. Please do not stand on, ride on or mar the tracks in any way.

Group maximum size: 4 for basic tours (no mixed skills), 8 for private booking only.
Surfaces: Dirt road, technical 4WD track, a bit of single track, sand, and lots of beginner to intermediate level slickrock and ledges. Lots of variety!
Distance: 10 miles + (remember that a Moab mile is not at all like a New York minute).
Attractions: Dinosaur tracks; gemstone; awesome rock formations; historic mine sites; Indian arrowhead factory; awesome stone bluffs.

A brief pedal in on the wide maintained road takes us alongside the exposed reds and greens (copper and iron deposits) of the Morrison formation to a more technical 4WD track that eventually leads to a dinosaur-tracked slickrock shelf that takes us out to former Indian camp spots and Arches National Park. The trail surface varies from sand to slickrock. All around is scattered Indian-worked chert, agate, dinosaur bone, and gizzard stones (gastroliths). We follow the dinosaur tracks to a spectacular view of the bluffs. After snacks and a short hike we return for the downhill run over bumpy ledges, sand, and slickrock to the trailhead. We offer a few routes in this area that are totally unique to Dreamride. If your group contains intermediate to advanced riders, ask about alternative routes, The Finger, The Agate Run, Book Cliffs Overlook, Bronto Copper Mine and The Toilet Bowl.

on Gemini Bridges

Gemini Bridges

Group maximum size: 4 for basic day rides (no mixed skills). 8 for private group booking only.
Surfaces: Hardpack, rock ledges, bedrock, sand, and loose sedimentary rock on a 4WD track.
Distance: 14 miles
Attractions: Western history; the only side by side twin arches; views of Bull Canyon and vast areas southward; petrified wood; fossils; strange rock formations; mostly downhill direction; REALLY BEAUTIFUL!

From the trailhead we begin our journey on the gentle and technically easy downhill run from 6,000 feet above sea level. You will be tempted to let the bike roll faster and faster, but we are with you to balance the desire for gravity with the fact that you just have to LOOK. We know of a few very interesting places off of the main trail and make sure you stop long enough to drink, take pictures, play on the ledges, and snack in just the right place. On the way to the trailtail at 191 we stop occasionally for rest, water, photography, and to discuss the natural history of the area. If you are a rock climber we can turn you on to the Crack House, a cave with inviting cracks in the ceiling perfect for hanging and climbing fun only a few feet off the ground. We have special knowledge of this area from the author's work with Lin Ottinter, the man who found and named all the formations out here. We share the secrets. If you would like to book a custom tour of this area for a specific purpose like amateur photography or beginner's mountain bike skills, then let us know. We can tailor the time spent out here to maximize your pleasure. If your private group has want more distance and challenge ask us about Bull Canyon, Day Canyon Overlook, Two Tortoise, Dog Style, Arths Pasture, Gold Bar Rim and other rides in the area.

"Thanks for the great day up on Gemini Bridges. It was the highlight of our stay in Moab. Christine in particular improved all day and we appreciated your finding some things that were more challenging for David. I hope we will see you the next time we visit Moab." ~ David, Ellen, David, and Christine Feiga

Moonflower Canyon [11k]

Kane Creek Road petroglyph photo study-scenic drive/bike/hike for families with children

This is a fun and educational trip, and can be supported by a sag wagon. This trip is perfect for scout troups and school groups.

Group maximum size: 8 (due to the low impact larger groups can be accommodated with sufficient notice)
Transportation: Van, on foot, bike.
Time: 4 to 6 hours.
Surfaces: Pavement and gravel, hardpack, and bedrock on a dirt road, foot paths.
Distance traveled on bike: 6+ miles
Attractions: OUTDOOR CLASSROOM FORMAT; easy ride; translations of Anasazi writings; some of the best example of ancient Indian rock art near Moab is just off the road; sandstone cliffs; box side canyons; fresh water springs; views of the Colorado River and Kane Creek Canyon.

Group tours for families and young school children begin with a short tour by van up Potash Road for interpretation of a series of ancient petroglyphs above the road denoting meetings and religious ritual. We then head to Kane Creek Road on the opposite side of the river. Side hikes include the Moab Rim Trail and Moonflower Canyon. There are more petroglyphs, an Anasazi ladder, and an Anasazi well. We then mount bikes and ride up Kane Creek Road to Goat Canyon to visit another petroglyph panel and a dinosaur track or two. At the head of Amasa Back Trail we will examine the man/owl petroglyphs on the opposite canyon wall through binoculars, then pedal onward to the Birthing Rock to check out a combination of Anasazi and Spanish rock art. From here, time and skill level allowing, we enjoy a ride up Kane Creek to where the canyon opens up. We will stop to drink from a lovely spring at the mouth of a box canyon and visit a few scenic spots that overlook the convoluted gorge of Kane Springs canyon, then return to Moonflower canyon. If the group is made up of fit riders we can ride all the way out to Hurrah Pass and back.

God's Golf Ball

Hurrah Pass

For novices we leave from a chosen point on Kane Creek Road, determined through evaluation of your fitness. Destinations are also tailored to your needs, but the goal is to reach Hurrah Pass where Sog Shafer once brought his cattle over the Colorado and up to the pass, threw his hat in the air and shouted, "Hurrah!"

Group maximum: 12 (low impact allows larger groups sizes)
Surfaces: Gravel, hardpack, sand, and bedrock on a dirt road and 4WD track.
Distance: 10+ miles
Attractions: Scenic vistas; bizarre rock formations; Anasazi rock art; springs; beautiful tight canyon; photography of petroglyphs and scenery; Kane Creek and the Colorado River Canyons; challenging distance for strong novice riders.

The ride leaves from Moab and travels up Kane Creek Road all the way to Hurrah Pass, stopping at petroglyh sites, a fresh water spring and picturesque rock formations. We will stop for a rest at the top of the pass then double back for the fun downhill. For more skilled and stonger riders this ride can include a ride from town, the Moab Race Course Loop, Amasa Back, Chicken Corners, or any number of options. The Moab Challenge Route is also available to those looking for a complete mountain biking experience that requires many days of riding. Call for custom camping tours.

Nasty Butte

Back of Behind

Group maximum size: 4 for basic day tours (no mixed skills). 8 for private groups.
Surfaces: Dirt road, sandy 4WD track, hardpack, a bit of slickrock and sandstone ledges is available upon request.
Distance: 11 miles
Attractions: Wildlife; fun; desert botanical variety; vistas; speed; sand slogging; beginner slickrock practice; sand dunes; stone age middens; scrambling around at the very scenic and marvelous Prostitute Butte (once an Indian camp--with caves and arches); Picture Frame Arch (a square arch, did you say?).

Back of Behind is a vast area with vast pasture broken by emerging sandstone formations. Jack rabbits and colorful lizards greet novice to advanced riders and other early birds. Many ride options including LSD or "long steady distance," especially fun for road riders wishing to make the leap to mountainbikes without having to tackle extremely technical terrain). The novice oriented route is a beautiful ride on relatively easy terrain out to and back from Prostitute Butte. It is fine for beginners, novices, and especially families, though it can be a grind back to the shuttle, so we offer a sag wagon for private groups who are not quite up to the physical challenge. From the trailhead we travel out to Prostitute Butte via the 4WD road. We ride around the butte on a trail that is a bit more challenging, visit Picture Frame Arch and a slickrock playground, stop for a snack, and return the same way we rode in.

Flat Iron Mesa

Flat Iron Mesa

A technically easy ride on a maintained dirt road. A bit of climbing. The ride ends at Flat Iron Mesa where a bit of hiking is in order. The views are stunning. Children are quite capable of negotiating this ride, though it is a bit stenuous, but with a little extra time and patience it will reward them with the accomplishment and the opportunity to be thrilled by the dizzying heights of the mesa. Great place to view wildlife in spring.
Group maximum: 4 for open tours (no mixed skills). 10 with private booking.
Surfaces: Hardpack, sand, and a bit of bedrock on a dirt road.
Distance: 14 miles (out and back)
Attractions: Scenic vistas and options to explore. Hiking at the Mesa.

The shuttle leaves from Moab and places us at the start of Flat Iron Mesa Road twenty miles south of town. We ride out to the mesa, hike, then return to the shuttle. At your request we can follow the group out, providing a sag wagon for any kids or parents may bonk on the gentle, yet steady climbs.

Needles District, Canyonlands National Park

Colorado River Overlook

A bit challenging for novices, but not too difficult if done at your own pace. This ride is for moderately fit riders, maybe someone who has been riding to work on a bike for years but hasn't tried mountain biking, or athletic children that want a challenge but don't want to get hurt. We have taken less fit riders on the trip, however. The destination is very beautiful, but if you don't make it all the way, the trip is still worth it. Great fun. Very scenic, but exercise caution at the overlook. National Park fees are required.
Group maximum: 4 for open tours. 8 with private booking.
Surfaces: Hardpack, sand, and a bit of bedrock on a dirt road.
Distance: 14 miles (out and back)
Attractions: Scenic vistas and options to explore.

The trip to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park takes almost two hours in itself, so we leave early. Historic interpretation along the way is worth the trip alone as we pass through some of the most beautiful off-hiway scenery in this area of Utah. A lot of car commercials are shot along this stretch of road. Visits to arches along the way and to Newspaper Rock are included. Not recommended in the heat of summer.

Mountains near Moab

The La Sal and Abajo Mountains

In summer and early fall these two mountain ranges, among the three youngest on the planet, are a wildlife delights and filled with lush scenery. The network of narrow service roads in both ranges contain a few novice options that offer cool forest cruising for families, but know where you are going because most trails in these mountain ranges are at altitude and can be very steep. Bike/hike options in these mountains are excellent, allowing you to enjoy the singletrack without the bike.

Group maximum size: 4 for basic open dailies (no mixed skills). 8 for private groups only.
Surfaces: Gravel, hard pack, stream bed, and sand on 4WD track.
Distances: 5 to 55 mile multi-day camping
Attractions: Abundant wildlife, beautiful views, cool forests, water. Fishing combos are great for father/son trips!

Trails: Taylor Flat, Geyser Pass Road, Aspen Flat, Elk Ridge (multi-day options), and many more.

In winter and early spring Dreamride offers ski/bike combos that include some very nice southern exposure slickrock rides.

Moab guidebook

"There are trail guides; and then there's the real deal." ~ Bike Magazine

"Mountain Bike America's Moab guide is setting a new standard for guidebooks. Lee Bridgers' first-hand accounts give the reader a sense that they have some behind-the-scenes information about Moab." ~ Brian Fiske, Senior Editor of Mountain Bike Magazine

Lee Bridgers' Moab guidebook is now available in bookstores around the world. Get a signed copy: CONTACT DREAMRIDE.

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Ride hard ~ rest easy ~ care for life

In 1996 Dreamride originated a unique environmental approach to mountain bike touring in the Mecca of the sport, Moab, Utah. Focusing on the smallest possible groups matched in skills and interests with trails carefully chosen to suit personal abilities and interests, these methods allow guides to share thrills, safety, solitude and a clear environmental conscience.

environment first Don't bust the crust!
Dreamride's mountain bike vacation services began in 1996 after a privately-funded study of the effects of commercial mountain biking on sub-desert ecosystems. Your safety and enjoyment, as well as preservation of fragile ecosystems, are our prime concerns. Your first ride serves as an environmental awareness and skills evaluation to enable our staff to tune the series of daily rides to skills, interests and maturity of the individual, couple or group. Moab slickrock skills clinics Leave Moab a better cyclist.
Dreamride's private skills clinics have been featured on Good Morning America and in Sunset Magazine. We not only give you the skills to handle your bike, but to ride with respect for the environment. You have to be good to travel in places where the ground is alive and extremely fragile. We ride the rock. Let us teach you how to avoid the vegetation.