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Reserve your mountain bike vacation with Dreamride.
Mountain Bike Vacation Reservations


It is not over until you have done the paperwork. Please download the pdf documents directly below. Fill out the questionnaire (sizing, interests and skills information) and waiver (statement of risks) and send them via EMAIL, or FAX to 435-259-8196.


CAUTION: Travel agencies and subcontracted guides in Moab have been masquerading as Dreamride. Sent to our website by people interested in our services, they mock up a Dreamride package, as if they were us. Victims show up at our office without warning, or they are placed in a remote inn to be served by impostors and never know what hit them! We do not allow reservations without personal contact for reasons of safety and enjoyment. As the ORIGINATOR of ENVIRONMENTAL small skills-specific mountain bike tour groups, an integral part of our method is to accurately determine skills, health, fitness and personal interests BEFORE you arrive in Moab. WE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT YOU AND THE ECOSYSTEM! Call us directly at 1-888-MOABUTAH (continental USA only), 435-259-6419 (International and calls from Alaska and Hawaii) or via EMAIL. Use a reputable travel agent for flights, but not for arranging something as potentially dangerous as guided cycling in Moab. And if you are a lawyer or a private investigator who wants to help us sue these unscrupulous tour companies and travel agents, call up a travel agent in California and set up a Dreamride vacation with the imposters and we'll trade you the best vacation you ever had in exchange for the documentation and legal help.


mountain bike toursReservations ~ Skills Specific Packages

Riding with DreamrideAdvanced Booking
Dreamride specializes in solos, couples and small groups no larger than four (open) or six (private), offering clients the opportunity to fit YOUR vacation into YOUR schedule and YOUR skills profile. Dreamride reserves its services on demand and all rides are skills-specific, unless reserved by a private party. Specific skill level is determined by the initial individual, couple or group to book package dates. You must fit into a posted skills profile to participate in pre-scheduled open packages. We do not accept beginners, children (see below) or "unfit" (see restrictions and health issues below) riders without a private booking. Moab packages can be reserved at any time, but to guarantee dates, it is best to reserve more than three months in advance. Alternative destinations and remote charters away from Utah are set up to run in December, January and February or July and August--during slower months in Moab. Hawaii's winter peak requires up to twelve months notice to guarantee booking. Click on VACATION CATALOG for a list of tour packages. Click on MOAB TRAILS for a sample of trails to highlight skill levels.


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mountain bike toursPayment

Methods of Payment
We accept cashier's checks, personal checks (with time to clear), wire transfer (we deduct transfer fees from the price of any vacation package over $2K), MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal (2% fee for use of PayPal). There is a 2% fee for international credit cards. From within the continental United States you may call toll free 1-888-MOABUTAH to reserve. For calls from outside the U.S., use 435-259-6419. You may reserve via email, if that is your wish.

Payment Deadlines ~ Deposits
To reserve any package of up to 5 days and 6 nights you must pay in full. To reserve a vacation package of 6 days or longer you must place a non-refundable 35% deposit and pay the balance in full at least 60 days prior to departure date. Failure to pay balance when due or to return necessary paper work on time may result in cancellation without refund of deposit.


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mountain bike toursAdvance Cancellation ~ Cancellation Insurance

Advance Cancellation Refund Polices
Because we only book very small groups, maintain a minimal staff of dedicated professional guides, and only book on demand, it is imperative Dreamride maintain a strict cancellation policy: There are NO refunds for any package cancelled FOR ANY REASON less than 45 days prior to departure. There is a 50% refund if cancelled at least 45 days prior to departure. All 35% advance deposits on packages longer than five days are strictly non-refundable.. See below for ways to secure your investment in case of a cancellation that is necessary on your end.

Travel, Accident and Cancellation Insurance
Protection of your investment is completely in your hands. Clients are responsible for any financial losses due to cancellation ON THEIR END. We highly recommend trip cancellation insurance from your local travel agent, AAA, or your credit card company. You may also purchase trip health and accident insurance directly from: TravelGuard, 800-826-1300; CSA Travel Protection, 800-348-9505; Access America, 800-284-8300; Berkely Group Travel Insurance, 800-323-3149; and Travel Insurance Services, 800-937-1387. Please note that policy terms and coverage vary and you must purchase before departure. Fees for vacation insurance generally run from 3% to 10% of the cost of the package. Visa, in particular, has excellent travel and vacation cancellation insurance. Contact your Visa card bank for information. Insurance will generally only cover cancellation ON YOUR END, if something comes up where you cannot make it (illness, death in the family, international terrorism, acts of nature, cancelled flights, etc.). Be sure to read the policy carefully to be aware of situations that may not be covered. See below for policies dealing with refunds and disclosure.


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mountain bike toursRefunds

Weather ~ Illness
Partial refunds are provided for daily tours cancelled as a result of severe weather or sick guide(s). There are no refunds to clients who get sick in Moab, so be sure to ask us about safe places to eat! Travel insurance is the place to look for refunds due to client illness or situations beyond our control (see above). Decisions regarding cancellation due to weather are made by Dreamride staff, NOT BY CLIENTS. There is a saying in Moab, "If you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes." We do our best to avoid cancellation due to weather, though it does happen rarely.

There are no refunds for tours or vacations cancelled due to misrepresentation of physical abilities, skills, existing or previous health condition(s), or medications that could impair judgment of physical ability. If a client fails to answer specific questions in the company questionnaire, Dreamride maintains the right to refuse service without refund. Among questions that must be answered fully and accurately are those referring to physical health (former illnesses, weight and age included), experience on a mountain bike, and former bike-related accidents. Examples of failures to disclose that certainly mean cancellation without refund (see below): 1) Over-exaggerated experience on a mountain bike; 2) Grossly false statement of height and/or weight; 3) Failure to disclose recent surgery, serious illness or physical handicap; 4) False statement of age; 5) False statement about medications. If you are modest about your weight or age, go away. Mountain biking is a dangerous sport that will put petty vain concerns into perspective in a real hurry. These policies are for YOUR safety and the safety of others in your group.


From the Gift Shop.

mountain bike toursRestrictions

Health Limitations to Participation
Carefully consider booking a mountain bike vacation if you have existing health problems such as obesity, severe ashma, insulin dependent diabetes, epilepsy, past or existing heart disease, heart disease in immediate family existing at an age less than client age, recent invasive surgeries, severe allergies or extreme vertigo. Age is not a limitation (unless you lie about it), but health can be. Age (or stupidity) combined with certain medications produces the worst avoidable situations one can encounter as a mountain bike guide. Failure to disclose existing or former physical or mental problems, or to inform Dreamride of medications you are taking that can impair judgment or physical ability may result in cancellation at any point without refund. So that we may serve you responsibly and with the highest degree of safety and professionalism, please be honest and forthcoming in stating all health-related issues that could effect your performance during your vacation. Most likely, we can help you, but only if you are realistic about your abilities and make us aware of issues that may come up, BEFORE you get here.

Seniors Over the Age of 65
Persons over the age of 65 must book their Dreamride vacation as a private package. If you are a senior, understand Dreamride has served many, many clients up to the age of 80 years with no problems whatsoever. Personal phone interviews with each and every client, and our company questionnaire are very effective in providing services for those who are honest about their abilities. If you are found to have lied about your age, your trip will be cancelled without refund. We provide fantasies for our clients, but we insist that you do not fantasize about your age or abilities. "A man must know his limitations." Same for women.


Dreamride Bikes

mountain bike toursGift Certificates

GIFT CERTIFICATES for no more than two fares, can be purchased for any private Moab package. Gift certificates are non-transferable, meaning that the name(s) given to us as the recipient(s) must be the actual client(s) served. If someone other than the recipient shows up at our door for dates reserved for another, the "undocumented" person will receive a free guided hike out the door.

Personal Contact by Gift Recipient(s)
For the sake of safety, gift certificates are only available for private packages. Recipients must be in contact with Dreamride at least six weeks prior to departure dates and all paperwork from each recipient must be received at least one month prior to departure. If these conditions are not met, Dreamride reserves the right to cancel the certificate(s) without refund or any further notice.

A Processing fee and tips are Included in Gift Certificate Costs
All gift certificates include $25 per day per recipient as a pre-paid tip for guide(s). There is a one-time fee of $150 to process a gift certificate.


From the trail.

mountain bike tours Participation by Minors

Policies dealing with minors are for safety and to insure each child gets attention appropriate to his or her age, particular interests, needs and skills.

dino tracking Dreamride is a mountain bike tour company at home in an extreme environment. Mountain biking is a dangerous sport, and if you are specifically considering a Moab mountain bike vacation, know that easy trails here are very difficult for children with limited mountain biking experience. All minors (under the age of 18) must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian daily. Exceptions may be made for repeat clients or for private packages by special request. Any package booked with children under the age of 15 must be booked as private. Participation in mountain bike rides by minors may require additional guides at additional charge. There is an additional $25-per-day-per-minor payment on top of standard or upgraded package fees for each child age 12 or under. Dreamride does not provide bike rentals for children that do not fit a 26" wheeled bike. If waivers and accompanying paperwork are not signed and delivered by legal guardian(s) within two weeks of initial booking, Dreamride reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time. Basically, if you are coming to Moab looking for a "babysitter," don't call. If you understand the sport of mountain biking and have a child who aspires to be an expert rider, then, by all means, we are certainly the best company for you.


Rock riding.

mountain bike toursStatement of Risks and Client Responsibilities

desert safety infoAll clients and parents/guardians of clients who are minors, are completely responsible for any and all medical attention or search and rescue response for any and all injuries that may occur on any Dreamride vacation or day trip. All clients must have existing health insurance sufficient to cover any and all injury or expense incurred for any and all healthcare and/or search and rescue fees. Participation in any Dreamride day tour or vacation package carries with it the risk of injury or death caused by, but not limited to, the following; heat stroke, dehydration, flash flood, accidents involving vertical drops, rough and dangerous terrain, latent or apparent defects in equipment, vehicular traffic, wildlife, unforeseen natural and human events. Mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Please read the safety and survival info by clicking on the red cross. You are not "signing your life away" by putting your signature on our questionnaire and waiver forms: You are taking responsibility for YOUR OWN LIFE. To print the waiver, questionnaire, and info on what to bring with you, click on DOCUMENTS.


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mountain bike toursEnvironmental, Social and Safety Concerns

desert safety info If this is your first guided mountain bike experience with Dreamride, please understand that guiding not only involves showing the way. Dreamride's guides are responsible for making sure trails and areas we use see little or no impact from our visits. Clients give up control of the pace and route as the guide evaluates each client's skills and environmental awareness on the trail and makes decisions accordingly. Extreme maneuvers are not allowed during the first one or two days of any ride series, and ONLY allowed for expert riders after a full evaluation of the rider and the situation. "Freeride" activities require permission of Dreamride company owners. Each ride series is designed to grow in challenge and intensity as you become educated about terrain and wildlife, and as the guide grows to trust your skills and sincere concern for the ecology. Anyone who rides Moab as much as we do knows how serious we have to be. Before booking please read ALL safety information provided on this web site by clicking on the red cross. There are no refunds for those booted off of a day ride for safety or social concerns or for cancellation of complete package(s) for reasons involving personal conduct or safety.

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Call 1 (888) MOAB UTAH in the states.
If you are calling from foreign shores the number is 435-259-6419.
FAX number is 435-259-8196.
or write to:

P.O. Box 1137
Moab, UT 84532

For email contact information click on:

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What to Bring
Dreamride stocks and has next-day access to all necessary products associated with cycling; clothing, hydration packs, components, tools, etc. If you have a specific request for anything from a complete custom bicycle to an article of clothing or a replacement part, it can be waiting for you when you arrive.

Food: While we provide after-ride meals and snacks for Elite level parties, Dreamride does not routinely provide food for or during day rides (we do carry emergency food and drink, and have some snack foods available in the shop). If you have a special dietary need, call 435-259-6419 and ask about available food sources in Moab. Dreamride offers chef services to private and Elite level parties at $35 an hour plus food costs. Servers and other special meal services are also available. We can provide many menu options, but always try to use organic sources.

Personal items: Aside from your toothbrush, we recommend bringing +15 or higher sunblock, hiking shoes, swimsuit (in summer months), camera (something suitable for placing in the pack), cell phone (keep it turned off on the rides), lap top computer, bandanas or Headsweats (we stock Headsweats).

Equipment: Your own clipless pedals are probably best, though we have a selection available for our rentals. Your own helmet is best, though we offer helmets with our rentals. Same goes for body armor. If you are attached to your saddle, bring it. You will need a good hydration pack that allows you to carry at least 100oz. of water and all necessary rain gear and clothing layers.

March - October: Long sleeve moisture wicking upper body under layer; at least two pair of bike shorts, tights, two pair of full finger gloves, bike shoes (if you use Frog pedals, bring an extra set of cleats--they routinely break on the rocks in Moab); three pair medium weight moisture wicking socks; a light weight fleece top; a wind breaker; waterproof rain jacket; head cover and/or helmet cover. For around town, bring shorts and t-shirts in summer or jeans and jackets for spring and fall. You will need to carry a gallon of water on your body and bicycle, so, make sure you have the ability to carry it on the bike and/or in your pack.

November - February: To appropriate things above, add: Shoe covers; medium weight fleece top; knee warmers, extra tights; winter gloves (along with a pair of medium weight full finger gloves); helmet cover; fleece ear cover or fleece or wool cap that will work with your helmet. In winter it is advisable to carry your own emergency kit with a lighter and matches, extra food, space blanket, and first aid supplies. Weather changes sometimes make it necessary to substitute a hike or ski trip. Bring XC ski or hiking gear, if you have it.

Bringing your own bike: Your own bicycle must be able to keep up with our rental bikes, which are designed and built for Moab terrain. Go to MOAB TRAVEL SERVICES for information on packing and shipping your bike and fees involved. Bring all necessary tools and odd ball replacement parts and tools for your bike. If your bike doesn't have waterbottle mounts, be prepared to carry more water in your pack. Your bike needs to be full suspension (29er front suspension is OK) and components must be reliable.

Most requested packages.
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