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Moab Slickrock Skills Clinics
"Worlds most prestigious MTB school." ~ Max Magazine


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Moab Mountain Bike Skills Clinics Since 1996

Dreamride was the first in Moab to conduct skills clinics and has been performing these rough terrain classes since 1996, concentrating on smooth and efficient bike handling over a wide variety of obstacles, surfaces, conditions and rough terrain.

~ from Sunset Magazine, October 2002:
Sunset Magazine
Singletrack Course On-Site at Dreamride in Moab
mountain bike tours One Day Clinic Format
Skills clinics booked as part of any vacation package benefit from our many years of combined professional experience. Instructors demonstrate techniques and act as "spotters." Instruction is based on a carefully constructed and proven curriculum focusing on equipment issues, efficiency, training, and achieving a balanced, neutral and relaxed body position. The full day course begins in the shop and on pavement in our quiet cul de sac, then progresses to our singletrack obstacle course. After a short break, we head out on the Bullick Park Singletrack that leaves directly from the property. After a spin on loops through the valley and a visit to the local BMX park where we focus on neutral body position, we break for lunch. After lunch we test skills on a carefully selected section of rough trail with a wide range of challenges. Clients wear helmets, full finger gloves, and knee-shin and elbow guards at a miniumum. Clinics generally take 8 hours including a lunch break.

Any party can reserve a single day skills clinic or add a single day clinic to the start of an existing vacation package. For example, if you book a single skills day with a MOAB THREE DAY VACATION, the class ALWAYS happens on the day prior to the start of the actual three day package. Clinics are recommended to intermediate-skilled riders new to Moab terrain, but any fit and moderately experienced rider will benefit from personal instruction in preparation for guided rides. No raw beginners, please. If you don't know how to ride a bike at all, Moab is not the best place to learn.

1 day clinic rates

Added to a vacation package:
Anyone can tack on a clinic to an existing package (example--a one day clinic + three day package = four days with Dreamride) for $550 per person (two fare minimum). Elite Private couples and groups may substitute the first day in a package, the evaluation ride, for a skills clinic (a five day package remains a five day package) for $300 per person (two fare minimum).

Not connected to a Dreamride vacation package of two days or more:
A single private stand-alone one day skills clinic is $725 per person (two fare minimum).

practicing a nose wheelie 1 day mini-clinic structure and rates

Over the years we received repeated requests for simple instruction and pointers on the trail, rather than the intensive clinics we offer below. In answer to these requests we now offer a one day clinic with a single guide (without spotters) combining simple demonstration, advice and critique with a single day ride on a classic Moab trail. This day of instruction with a guide can be part of any Moab vacation package (for an additional charge of $100 per person) or can be a stand-alone day-ride mini clinic. A stand-alone single day mini-clinic day ride is $500 for a solo rider or $350 for each rider in within a group of up to four riders. This instruction focuses on balance, efficiency, control and mountain bike tech tips for improving the performance and comfort on the bike over rough stuff.

3 day mountain bike clinics

During two peak season months, April and November, we accept a single reservation for a private party of three to six riders to be part of one of our legendary three day slickrock skills clinics in Moab. First come, first serve. Private parties only. Info on the April rough terrain clinic is at SPRING SKILLS BASH. The November format is slickrock bike surfing and info on this clinic is at FALL SKILLS BASH.

Instructor spots a client on steps
Note: All Dreamride vacation packages include skills and environmental awareness evaluation and instruction--instruction that may be equivalent to clinics performed by other companies, though much less intense compared to our formal skills camps. Dreamride's small group policies allow more personal attention and you may benefit from the first day's evaluation and helpful tips well enough to suit your needs. Differences between a standard first day ride/evaluation and an actual skills clinic are the number of guides (at least two to act as spotters), additional attention to equipment, and the amount of energy required by everyone involved. Evaluations do not include repeated attempts at obstacles! Skills clinics do. Dreamride skills clinics are HARD WORK, so be prepared.

About Bikes
It is best to bring your own bike but, if your equipment is not up to the task, our rental fleet of Moab-built long travel bikes are more than suitable for clinic use. Due to abuse bikes receive during clinics, there are no discounts and, if you wreck the bike, you must pay for repairs.

MAX magazine review

QANTAS magazine review"One of America's most prestigious mountain bike schools." ~ Australian Way Magazine mountain bike sales

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On-site Obstacle Course First in Moab. Still the very best.
Looking for the most effective mountain bike skills class on Earth? Look carefully at class sizes! How are you going to learn if you are in a group of 30 with instructors more interested in impressing you with THEIR skills than actually increasing yours? We've been doing this for a very long time and have traditionally put your education above profits. Our first skills clinic in 1996 was televised nationally on ABC's "Good Morning America" and featured the country's first ecological mountain bike skills class by company owner Lee Bridgers, and the first-ever mountain bike freeride stunts on syndicated television (stunts were performed by Shaums March). Learn how to ride with ecology, how to handle any tight trail situation that requires slow speed, how to ride with efficiency that allows for longer distances with less fatique, and how to take on rock of every sort---loose, embedded, gravel and/or massive boulders. On-site Singletrack Skills Course On-Site Singletrack Skills Course
Our yard is a singletrack skills course with a series of constructed obstacles and opposing tight up and down switchbacks. Just out our door, next to the course, is a three mile singletrack trail that weaves through trees and along creeks to the Colorado River Portal. One mile in on the singletrack is our local BMX park. On-site Singletrack Course Prepare for rides to come!
A clinic is a great way to begin a Moab Dreamride ride package. We'll put you up in the best lodgings in town just walking distance from our shop and skills course. Below are packages that are most effectively begun with a clinic. Moab 3 day mountain bike vacation Moab 5 day mountain bike vacation If you are booking your private five day series to include a skills clinic, we will allow a rest day in the middle of your trip at no additional charge. Moab 5 day ultimate slickrock mountain bike vacation The Moab Ultimate is only for more advanced riders, but most feel the need to hone rock skills prior to the start of the rides. We will schedule a rest day at your request during the initial reservation of your trip for no additional charge. Elite guide and vacation service upgrade. The Elite Upgrade allows flexibility of daily schedules, creating THE perfect package to add a skills day to. Super Elite, the next step up, allow clinic days as a simple substitution at minimal additional charge.