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Moab Active Vacations7 days of delicious torture requires
8 nights of quality rest

Ride hard. Rest easy. The NOT A WEEK FOR THE WEAK package is for mountain biking's "True Believers," strong intermediate to expert mountain bikers who desire the challenge of distance on Moab's rugged terrain with the needed relief of comfortable in-town accommodations, cushy transportation to and from the trailheads, and Moab's best guides. Routes chosen for this package are tough, rough and simply the best in the world. The trail series below are suggested. The series may be altered at any time to accommodate changing weather and to adjust for the interests of the group. If you are looking for a series with less difficulty, go to MOAB FREEFORM for a week long package that is suitable for any skill level, from novice to expert. If you are looking for a week of slickrock riding only, go to SLICKWEEK.

Note:. Dreamride does not mix skill levels unless the vacation is booked as a private package. If your group is of mixed skills, you should go to MOAB FREEFORM. The Not a Week for the Weak series are set up specifically for fit riders. Technical skills determine the make-up of the group. Open packages are restricted to same-skills groups of four or less.

The package includes technical support, transportation to and from the trailhead, discounts on local services, tourist information services, a complete pro shop and tools to work on your bike, and Moab's very best guides.

Moab Active VacationsClassic Series

This ride series is set up to deliver the very best of the classic Moab trails. These are the famous trails with the best reputaions.

1) Klondike Bluffs. This trail and the area is lies within is a great place to start. This is your first day and it is our duty to check out your actual fitness and skills and keep you out of trouble while we do so. This ride offers us the opportunity to introduce you on just about every kind of surface you will be seeing over the next few days.

2) Gold Bar Rim to Poison Spider Mesa. After an initial day of getting the legs underneath you, this ride is a true test of your stamina and technical abilities.

3) Gemini Bridges and the Eagle's Perch. This route includes over 2000' of accummulated climbing and lots of surface variety. Climbing over technical loose rock and slickrock is rewarded with one of the best downhill runs in this area and a view to die for (but don't, please--it's a 700' drop). As with all our rides, the scenery is unimaginable.

4) The Moab Slickrock Trail (plus). This is the number one classic ride in the Moab area. Navajo sandstone forms smooth rolling hills of every complexion and grade.

5) Flat Pass to Fins and Things. This ride behind the mesa called John's Up on Top is a technically difficult climb spiced with repeated stream crossings. It isn't flat, but it is short, so we spice up the end of the ride with some fin surfing.

6) Amasa Back via Jackson Hole and Hurrah Pass. Distance, fast descents. long climbs and a 400 foot vertical portage add up to a very strenuous day.

7) Porcupine Rim! Only one other trail on this list is as well known as this one. If the group is tired, we will shuttle riders to the trailhead. If the group is still not hammered, we will ride from town. If the group is made up a very strong riders who are still ready for an extreme epic ride, we add some of the Hell's Revenge Jeep route, then the Moab Slickrock Trail and a good many rough miles on the Fins and Things trail that snakes through the Sand Flats Recreation Area all the way to the Porcupine Rim Jeep Road, then up the steep and ledges to the Porcupine Rim trailhead.

Moab Active VacationsStandard Series Outline

The following series is designed to build to maximum overload--a difficult series. AN EXTREME ITINERARY IS NOT MANDITORY, but this package is set up to leave you weak in the knees.

1) Full day Moab Entrada Slickrock Tongue introductory ride. This is our warm up, where you will get to know Moab and we will be able to evaluate your riding skills to tailor the week's schedule to your abilities. The route we take allows varying degrees of challenge and mileage. If you prove to be real monsters today, the tour goes as planned. If you find that Moab is more than you bargained for, we will adjust the routes (must be booked as a group in order to customize the week).

2) Full day Courthouse Pasture round-a-bout the buttes ride. This is a notch up from the first day with the added challenge of deep sand and lots of slickrock options possibly including the very challenging Tusher Mesa.

3) Full day Eagle's Perch. This route is currently one of our most popular rides for advanced riders. With over 2000' of accumulated climbing and lots of surface variety it will make you hungry and definitely wake up those legs. The climbing is rewarded with one of the best downhill runs in this area and a view to die for (but don't, please--it's a 500' drop). As with all our rides, the scenery is simply unbelievable.

4) Sand Flats Options. These routes are technical, varied from slickrock to singletrack, a hell of a lot of fun, and when combined, one of the most challenging epics that can be ridden from Moab. You may prefer to hike and/or swim on this day to gather your wits for the next series and this option is available to you if you want a break. We have found it advisable to take it easy in the middle of the week.

5) Hardcore Behind the Rocks. One of the most challenging scenic desert day rides in the area--deep sand, ledges, slickrock, arches, vast desert, box canyons, ending with a very technical downhill run that never really feels that downhill. Not in summer though, unless you are very experienced desert riders and can carry enough water.

6) Entrada Hardcore. This ride takes you from the Waimea Bay of slickrock surfing areas into as many as four areas of solid stone moguls. As much of a mind workout as a physical one, this ride demands your attention.

7) Shay Mountain Singletrack--We saved the most difficult for last. You're gonna need a massage after this one. It is perhaps the best singletrack in the west. Not possible in Spring or after October. If you book outside of the season for this ride, we substitute a particularly difficult loop called Dragon Fart.

Moab Active VacationsMoab West Fault Series

The following series traces the Moab Fault from far to the north in the Entrada slickrock to the many miles south. It is ONLY for riders whose credentials give us reason to trust their stated skills, or riders who have ridden with us before. The series may be altered in its order due to weather, but this series is set up to include every cliffside route on the Moab Fault, remnant of the geological event that created the Moab Rim and the Moab Valley.

1) Entrada Slickrock and Moguls. Far to the north and west of Moab is the Rainbow Rocks area where the Entrada geological formation has eroded to create the best riding surface on the planet. We have a few areas of moguls here from tight and mellow to very technical and dangerous. After an evaluation of your skills we decide if you are up to the most difficult moguls.

2) Courthouse Wash to Quasimoto's Cliff is a ride that culminates with a ride along the Moab Fault Cliff face. The challenge of deep sand, ledgy technical sections of old mining road and lots of slickrock options can include very challenging Tusher Mesa slickrock, if weather allows (cooler temperatures of late fall allow more distance).

3) Eagle's Perch. This route includes over 2000' of accummulated climbing and lots of surface variety. Climbing over technical loose rock and slickrock is rewarded with one of the best downhill runs in this area and a view to die for (but don't, please--it's a 500' drop). As with all our rides, the scenery is simply unbelieveable.

4) Gold Bar Rim to Poison Spider Mesa. This is one of the most technical and possibly the most dangerous ride in the Moab area. It takes you from Little Canyon to Potash Road via the Gold Bar Rim Trail and the very exposed Portal Trail. If you are still feeling your oats and the weather and water supply allows, we descend the Poison Spider Mesa Trail. It is mandatory that riders walk exposed sections of the Portal Trail.

5) Moab Rim. The climb up to the Moab Rim is brutal and extremely technical, but allows for many stops to play on the best sections. After the climb we ride out into the plateau above for a loop that eventually brings us back down the Moab Rim Trail.

6) Behind the Rocks. This is our favorite route, with every kind of challenge Moab has to offer. We ride from south to north, which, on the altimeter, is mostly downhill, but you would never guess it.

7) Shay Mountain Singletrack! This ride is dessert. Driving south past the Canyon Rims Recreation Area, we travel 60 miles to enjoy the best singletrack in the west. If you book outside of the season for this ride (summer), we substitute a particularly difficult and secretive loop called Dragon Fart.

Moab Active VacationsTongue and Foothills--The Eastern Series

The following series traces the Moab Entrada Slickrock Tongue from far to the north of Moab to the Colorado River.

1) Book Cliffs Overlook and Bronto Cooper Mine. Get a feeling for the fragile nature of the Moab Entrada caprock, while getting in a couple of steep climbs and attacking twisting moguls. Visit a copper mine and explore gem stone deposits.

2) Klondike Bluffs Alternate Routes. Enjoy the best caprock rides around the Klondike Bluffs area of Arches National Park. Singletrack. Freeform. Environmentally aware cyclists get the goods.

3) Dalton Wells Caprock and Morrison layer colors highlight a ride through dinosaur bone and gemstone. Some of the best slickrock riding in the Moab area.

4) Courthouse Wash caprock brings you all the way to the border of Arches National Park for a view of one of the most beautiful canyon complexes in the area. Technical moguls and fragile rock demand that you have learned the techniques of environmental mountain bike etiquette.

5) Flat Pass and/or The Hogback. Flat Pass is a classic ride that has five stream crossings. It is prime for warmer months, but not advisable in cooler temperatures. The Hogback is a obscure area below the La Sal Mountains used only be the most adventurous 4WD jockeys. It is where you can find large dinosaur bone and hidden canyons and strange arches.

6) Chain of Loops takes place further south into mining areas below the La Sals. The ride features technical ledges, lots of difficult climbing, descending and solitude.

7) Dragon Fart is one of our most closely guarded secrets. Deep sand guards weird slickrock moguls, a long climb onto an exposed ridge, a huge plateau beneath the La Sal Mountains, and finally a very technical descent in sand over bumpy bedrock and slickrock and through steep gully crossing g-outs of sand and loose rock. UNBELIEVEABLE SCENERY!!



$995 per guest. Add $210 for a solo rider initiating a new package.


As of 2004 there are four levels of accommodations listed. Prices vary according to the quality of lodgings. Click on the level for a description. Rates below include eight nights of accommodations. First night is prior to the rides. The last night of accommodations is after the ride series. Check out is the following morning. ADD $50 PER PERSON PER DAY FOR ANY MOUNTAIN SINGLETRACK RIDE IN THE SERIES.

Solo booking adding to existing package (one person in a room)

Level 2 ~ $1575
Level 3 ~ $1995
Level 4 ~ $2125
Level 5 ~ $2795

Solo booking creating new package (one person in a room)

Level 2 ~ $1785
Level 3 ~ $2195
Level 4 ~ $2335
Level 5 ~ $2995

Private Solo (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).

Level 2 ~ $3145
Level 3 ~ $3585
Level 4 ~ $3695
Level 5 ~ $4385

Couple booking (two in a room)--prices listed are for two

Level 2 ~ $2425
Level 3 ~ $2875
Level 4 ~ $2975
Level 5 ~ $3675

Private Couples (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).

Level 2 ~ $3750
Level 3 ~ $4195
Level 4 ~ $4295
Level 5 ~ $4995

Group of three or four individuals (or two couples) sharing a single room--prices listed are for each of you

Level 2 ~ $1150
Level 3 ~ $1295
Level 5 ~ $1525

elite package upgrade If you are looking for the ultimate mountain bike vacation, then consider the Elite Upgrade option for the package below. The Elite Upgrade insures that daily rides are guided by Dreamride company owner, Lee Bridgers. This option also allows access to our extreme high-end Elite-Only freeride rentals and an expanded range from Moab featuring exclusive slickrock freeride areas where Dreamride has sole commerical permit. The Elite utilizes our custom Toyota Sequoia for transport and means a more social after-ride atmosphere with refreshments (that's French for beer--good beer--that's beer snob beer!), and options such as DVD rentals and photography services. For more information click on the Elite banner.

SLICKROCK SKILLS CLINICS can be part of any package in Moab. Play and learn on unimagined landscapes of sandstone by choosing to add or substitute one or two days of intensive skills instruction. Enjoy Moab's unique geology; huge slickrock domes, deep chutes and sandstone moguls. Learn tricks and action photography. Take photos better than the magazines. One day clinics are taught by our Moab guides. Action photography is taught by Lee Bridgers, company owner. Offered to riders of all skill levels. Especially effective for intermediates.


mountain bike sales

BIKE RENTALS: Rates for rental bikes depend on the specific bike. All Dreambike rentals are custom built for Moab and there is a wide choice of types and styles. Rental bikes are only for Dreamride's guided tours and are not available for unsupervised rides. For full suspension or high end hardtail bikes in the fleet, the rate for the three day package is two days of rental (you get one day free). The rate for a five day package is three days rental, two days free. For a seven day package, you only pay for four days of rental. Click on DREAM RENTALS to see the rental fleet with descriptions, photos and pricing for each bike.

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Moab GuidebookGuidebook is Free with Week-long Package

Moab guidebook "There are trail guides; and then there's the real deal." ~ Bike Magazine

"Mountain Bike America's Moab guide is setting a new standard for guidebooks. Lee Bridgers' first-hand accounts give the reader a sense that they have some behind-the-scenes information about Moab." ~ Brian Fiske, Senior Editor of Mountain Bike Magazine

Lee Bridgers' Moab guidebook is now available in bookstores around the world. To order a signed copy for $25 (free shipping and handling) call (435) 259-6419.

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