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Mountain Bike Skills Camp ~ Moab, Utah
Three Day Rough Terrain Clinic Format

How it's done. Offered to private parties only.
Reserve any open date.
Two fare minimum.

This is our Spring Bash, the original mountain bike skills course format we have offered since 1996. Get ready for three days of proven, careful, progressive mountain bike skills learning on company grounds and the legendary trails surrounding Moab, Utah. Transportation is provided. Body armor is provided. Our rental fleet is available. Two or three instructors are present at all times, depending on group size and skills curriculum. Participation is limited to four participants. Only fit riders of low intermediate to advanced skills are accepted for three day clinics. Novices click on PRIVATE SINGLE DAY SKILLS CLINICS for best results.

Good Morning AmericaDreamride's Moab Spring Bash was featured on ABC's Good Morning America in 1997. "I dreamt about it." ~ Kevin Newman

MAX magazine review"Worlds most prestigious MTB school." ~ Max Magazine on 1999 Spring Bash.

Click on Slideshow of Dreamride Skills and Photo Clinic for photo sampler.

QANTAS magazine review"One of America's most prestigious mountain bike schools." ~ Australian Way Magazine

Read what Sunset Magazine published in October 2002 after putting two journalist "spies" into a Dreamride skills clinic.
Sunset Magazine Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner Instructors Lee Bridgers, Dreamride founder and co-owner ~ Riding off-road on bicycles for 50 years. Lee was a college and university teacher, fine art lecturer, and technical film school director in Northern California, Colorado and North Carolina. Lee also worked in the movie industry as a location scout, mountain bike stunt co-ordinator, cameraman and production manager and spent much of the 90's scouting southeastern Utah from a plane and on the ground. Dreamride began as a mountain bike film stunt service, but soon morphed into a tour company offering hardcore freeride clinics and rough terrain cross country classes. Lee runs the show, focusing on efficient use of energy, relaxed-yet-focused body position, rough terrain attitude at speed, mountain bike design, bike maintenance and performance, safety, survival, and environmental awareness. Lee has practiced constructive criticism as a professional for decades. Jo MaehnerHe sees what you are doing and very effectively explains how to improve. Lee is not a spotter. Don't expect him to be. Lee watches you fall, critiques your acrobatics and tells you how not to fall next time.

Joachim Maehner, is a longtime Dreamride guide (over 10 years), a former member of the Marlboro Adventure Team and pro Cycle Baller in Germany. Jo's Cyle Ball skills give him amazing slow speed control. Jo is also highly skilled unicyclist. He demonstrates trials riding techniques for tight trail and rock obstacles. He will show you how to whip a bike around on one wheel. Jo can pick a rock up with his front wheel, toss it into the air, then whack it with incredible force and control while balancing on his rear wheel. Ask Jo questions to get best results. Jo reacts to your interests and detailed requests very effectively. Jo is a body builder and under that jersey, he's really ripped. Because of his physical strength, Jo is a comforting spotter.

Other company guides may be present to assist and instruct, depending on group size and needs. mountain bike clinic begin on company grounds Clinic Format The first day takes place in the Dreamride cul-de-sac, on company grounds, the Bullock Park singletrack next to our shop and in a local BMX park. We begin with equipment evaluation and make any needed adjustments or changes. If your bike is not up to what we are doing, we insist on upgrades (or downgrades) for safety, or you can rent. We evaluate each rider's level of skills and particular needs and proceed to work on neutral body position while on a narrow line, singletrack twists and tight turns, hopping front and back wheels over curbs, dropping repeated small to moderate ledges, panic braking and accelerating, slow races, etc. We take a mid-day break, then return for more instruction and to discuss how to prepare for the next day's ride. Jon Rizzo spots a drop The second day: Yes, it's about mountain biking. We shuttle from town heading directly to an area that provides a high level of diversity of challenge, where the first day's lessons are expanded upon. Dreamride's skills specialists demonstrate and assist clients in negotiating more and more extreme terrain as the day progresses. Riders are specifically asked to perform maneuvers suitable for their skill level, with personal instruction in areas where each rider needs work. This is when you will want to be aggressive in asking for attention. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The third day combines a long, difficult mountain bike ride (for most riders) with personal instruction. We focus more and more on riding smart with efficiency, how to conserve energy through appropriate muscle relaxation, breathing, heart rate, food and water consumption. We may run fix-it equipment drills. We ride hard for short distances, maintaining the group's unity. Expect slickrock moguls, technical sand chores, sharp-edged and rounded ledges up to four feet, loose rock climbs and fast very rough descents. This ride is equivalent to 35 miles in most other locations. We focus on pacing, breathing, food and water consumption and emergency equipment drills. The final ride is especially scenic. Action and landscape photography tips are gratiously offered.

There is a 7.8% state sales tax on all services and equipment.
This three day mountain bike class is $1495 per person in a group of three or four (lodgings NOT included).
For a Private Couple includingfour nights lodgings ~ $3750

Meals, and bike rental are not included.

Bike Sales and Rentals for the Clinic
mountain bike salesAbout bikes: Dreamride advises bringing your own rig, if it is a full suspension trail bike with sturdy construction and current components. If your bike is not up to the task, Dreamride has a rental fleet of bikes specifically built for Moab terrain. Due to abuse bikes receive during our clinics, there are no discounts on rentals. Any damage to equipment, aside from the armor, is paid for by the client. Descriptions and rates for fleet bikes are listed at DREAM RENTALS. Only standard rentals can be reserved for clinics.

Custom Ventana, Dreamride, Lynskey and Moots bike sales are available to participants of this event. If you are interested in a purchase as part of the package, call 888-MOABUTAH. Custom builds for the skills camp require orders at least three months in advance.

The Spring Bash requires a minimum of two participants and all bookings are private. Click on the reservations icon below for information on booking and cancellation policies. We highly recommend purchasing cancellation insurance through your VISA card or AAA. No refunds for cancellation for any reason.

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Call 1 (888) MOAB UTAH in the states to reserve.
If you are calling from foreign shores the number is 435-259-6419.
FAX number is 435-259-8196.
or write to:

P.O. Box 1137
Moab, UT 84532

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