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Navajo Nation cycling vacations

Northern Arizona Navajo Reservation
Guided Mountain Bike Tours and Vacations

Slickrock Playground Dreamride's Navajo Nation cycling vacations are for private parties only. Rides are staged from Bluff, Utah and Chinle, Arizona. The Navajo Nation harbors spectacular slickrock rides much more difficult and radical than Moab, the most scenic desert dirt road rides imaginable, and a culture that has survived brutal abuse, genocide and great poverty through the wisdom of its precious elders. We focus on presenting you with the best of the Navajo culture while sharing the best cycling secrets in Navajo Territory. The stories are powerful. The terrain is shocking, colorful and extremely impressive. The rides are unforgettable.

Dreamride offers cycling at Canyon De Chelly, in the Navajo Tribal Park at Monument Valley, through the lovely Chuska Mountains, to a variety of sights and attractions including the Valley of the Gods, ancient dwellings and rock art. We spice your trip with visits to Navajo families for traditional meals and stories. If you ride with us more than once, we will arrange participation in traditional ceremonies and events on a second visit. Trips during full moon in summer are perhaps our most magical offering, including night and sunrise rides in the most scenic places on Earth. Night ride tours in Summer, any Spring or Fall dates are prime and should be reserved six months in advance.

Lee and Miki Bridgers, Dreamride owners, are adopted Navajo with a large family spread out over northwestern Arizona. The Bridgers support and participate in traditional family ceremonies and meetings. Because of their immersion into Navajo culture, Dreamride provides rare access to more than warm welcomes and fond fairwells. Sam Morris, Dreamride Navajo guide, is blood son of the woman who adopted Lee and Miki. Sam was once BMX World Champion and is now a professional musician. Their mother, Mary Ann Morris, hosts Dreamride's clients in Lukachukai, Arizona. All backcountry trips in the area of Canyon De Chelley include native escorts, translators and guides from this family. In Bluff, we are sometimes assisted by members of a another clan with similar affection for the Bridgers.

Mountain biking-only trips feature a variety of cycling routes on rock, through scenic canyon country and alpine mountain forests. Mountain bike trips are available in late spring, summer and early fall and can be reserved by groups of two to four guests. Mountain biking-only trips are based from Bluff, Utah and/or Canyon De Chelly.

Road biking-only trips are available in spring and fall, based from Bluff, Utah and/or Canyon De Chelly. Groups of from two to five are accepted for road bike tours.

Road and Dirt Combos are available in spring and fall, based from Bluff, Utah and/or Canyon De Chelly. Couples and groups of three or four only.

Navajo Nation event and mountain bike combinations can include rodeos, powwows, dance contests, tribal fairs, and seasonal ceremonies open to the public. These should be booked at least six months in advance. The Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock should be booked at least a year in advance. Large events like Navajo Nation Fairs include a variety of concerts and traditional dance, as well as public native art shows. Photography is not always allowed. Family ceremonies are not scheduled until a need arises and not offered to first-time visitors.

Navajo Nation Fair, Window Rock
Four Corners mountain biking ranges from mellow cruises on primitive dirt roads through amazing landscapes along mountain ridges to technical, exposed and extremely remote and dangerous slickrock areas without marked visible routes. Cell phone service is spotty, though "improving" constantly. Hazards are abundant. We exercise extreme caution, strict environmental technique and generously spread good will to our hosts. No one sees our tracks and everyone wants us back. If they don't want us back, we don't go back. Those with a fear of heights or with less than advanced skills need not apply for the more difficult slickrock rides. Dirt rides are even better and present fit novice to expert riders with physical challenge amid radical scenery away from tourists and dangerous traffic. If you are a good cyclist looking for a mellow(er) slickrock package and the opportunity to return daily to luxury, a MOAB MOUNTAIN BIKE VACATION may be the ticket.

Valley of the Gods
Packaged accommodations are located in southern Utah and/or in the very heart of the reservation. Four Corners trips generally originate from Moab. This allows us to gradually introduce guests to Navajo artthe mystique and charm of the original people as we venture deeper and deeper into Indian territory. There are stopping points along the way that serve to educate our guest in Navajo culture such as the Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding, the best collection of Native American artifacts in the world (sadly, soon to be closed--we are hoping a patron will step forward to help maintain its collection).

Cultural opportunities can include traditional meals prepared by Dineh hosts. You can visit artisans, herbalists, medicine men and women, and historians as part of planned exploration into the culture. Many of these educational expeditions can take place from the saddle of a mountain bike. We may invite hosts to accompany our small groups on horseback across the rock to provide interpretation and to inspire deeper respect. Navajo rugs, pottery and jewelry are available during the trip from local artists, friends and hosts. You may special order custom handcrafted Navajo rugs, jewelry, pottery, dance figurines or moccasins prior to your trip or purchase them through our on-line curios store. Carrying cash on daily expeditions is wise. Trading posts generally take credit cards, but most people only accept cash.

Navajo Nation Tribal Park
DreamrideNorthern Territory 3 Day ~ 4 Night Package
Monument Valley day ride This package accommodates a sunset/full moon ride in Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods! Open to any skill level, but all participants must be fit!

2012 Full Moon Ride Dates
June 4 through 6; July 2 through 4; July 31 through August 2

Three day packages for newcomers begin with a night of accommodations in Moab and an evaluation ride on a Moab trail appropriate to your skill level the following morning. We leave for Bluff, Utah in the afternoon of the first day. On the second day we ride a Navajo Nation trail appropriate to your skills and interests with the option to choose our most highly recommended; a sunset or sunrise/full moon ride in Monument Valley. During summer months more skilled groups can choose to ride two consecutive night rides in Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods, otherwise we depart Bluff on the morning of the third day for the drive back to Moab with a third ride or hike in the Moab area. The final night of lodgings are in Moab. Prices listed include bike rental, transport from our base in Moab, Utah to and from the Four Corners area, breakfast and lunch for the riding day on Navajo lands, and transportation to the best restaurants and cultural side trips, park entrance fees, energy drinks and snacks. Extended private chef services including traditional Navajo meal(s) offered at additional charge. Visit our bike sales web site at DREAMBIKE.COM if you want to include the purchase of a custom built bike.

If you are a repeat client, all nights of lodging are on the reservation and all rides are on the reservation. Rides are chosen according to season and your skills, fitness and interests.


Private Couple (completely private rides--includes guide/driver, needed meals, all transport, bikes and high end lodgings).

Private group of three (completely private rides--includes guide/driver, needed meals, all transport, bikes and high end lodgings).

Private group consisting of two couples (groups of four include two vehicles and two guide/drivers)

Permits and escorts for extended trips deep into the backcountry of Monument Valley begin at $500 additional for any group size. Traditional Navajo meal (fresh slaughtered mutton) next a slickrock ride is an additional $300 for any group up to four. This trip is fine for novices, but you must be fit.

DreamrideEastern Territories 5 Day ~ 6 Night Package

Slickrock riding This package accommodates several exotic slickrock rides! For experienced riders only!

You must be very fit to reserve a five day mountain bike package on the reservation. Five day packages include an evaluation ride in Moab prior to departure onto Navajo lands. Prices listed include Toyota Sequoia transport from our base in Moab, Utah to and from the Four Corners area. Shuttles to chosen restaurants and cultural side trips to Native American museums, artisans, homes, and archeological sites are included. Park entrance fees are included. Snacks are included, but meals that can be provided by local restaurants are not. Private chef services and traditional Navajo meals are offered at additional charge. Bike rental fees are included. Visit our bike sales web site at DREAMBIKE.COM if you want to include the purchase of a custom built bike.


Private Couples (completely private rides, guides, transport and lodgings).

Private group of three (completely private rides, guides, transport and lodgings--one or two guides).

Private groups of four -- riding and mass events only (groups of four include two vehicles and two guide/drivers)

Want to see more? Click on ARIZONA SLICKROCK PICTURE FILE.

Want to know how to get to Moab? Click on TRAVEL LOGISTICS TO MOAB for information on flights, car rental, shuttles, etc.

Monument Valley group

DreamrideUtah & Arizona Combos
Slickrock ridingDue to proximity to Moab, we can customize any SUPER ELITE LEVEL package to combine Moab with the even more abundant slickrock of Navajo country, and special opportunities along the way. These combo packages must be booked at least 6 months in advance. To get a good idea of a sample combo package, take a look at the THREE DAY MOAB PACKAGE (don't forget the Elite upgrade charges), then tack on a custom three day Navajo lands package with rates listed here. The riding possibilities are endless including slickrock, mountain and desert rides along with the opportunity for night rides on the full moon in Monument Valley.

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Full Moon Rides!

If you are looking for memories to last a lifetime, Dreamride can provide. Dusk, dawn or midnight rides in Monument Valley during the full moon are a special treat. There are also other rides in the area that are amazing in the light of the moon. Two back to back moonlight rides in summer keep you out of the hot sun as you begin to love the desert at night.

Monument Valley full moon bike tours Sam Morris, guide, Buffalo Pass, Arizona

Navajo trading post.

Our MOAB SHOP contains fine examples of Navajo arts and crafts by friends on the rez. Most are for sale to vacation clients. Some are examples of goods that can be custom made especifically for you.

Navajo necklace

Navajo artists travel to us to present wares to clients in our shop home. By special invitation we offer travel directly to artist home(s) in Dinetah. Dorothy Haskan rug

Classless cultures produce priceless art.

The woman who weaved most of the rugs we sell in our shop guards one of our favorite slickrock havens. A trip there is a challenging and fun bike ride over technical slickrock and a visit to the artist's modest studio. Doris Haskan's rugs (pictured here) are standouts anywhere they are presented. Doris also prepares traditional Navajo meals for our party--real traditional foods, not the Navajo taco thing other "adventure" companies provide.

<Squash Blossom 'cluster' necklace

The name of the people.

These carved cottonwood root Dineh medicine dancers are an example of Navajo appropriation of Hopi techniques. "Navajo" is another tribe's name for the Dineh (as are most names we use for the many native nations). Navajo is a Zuni word that means "many farms." The legend circulated among the Dineh is that it is a Spanish word for thief. The confusion does have bearing on why the Navajo are so prolific, maintaining traditional lands after other native nations have vanished. The Dineh appropriate and adjust. Pictured below is the bear dancer, representing healing and protection of family.

Jerry Lefthand dancer figurines

Our most valuable hosts, translators and guides.

Dreamride owners were adopted by a Dineh family who made the craft of the "god's eye" available to white people in Los Angeles in the 1950's, eventually turning the random hippie pad into a record of Navajo life. Our mom and her immediate family are silver and tortoise workers and pioneers who brought the Native American Church to the reservation.

God's Eye Tee Pee

Sincere thanks to our Dineh hosts.
It is not just about mountain biking.

Dreamride is dedicated to sharing, despite the fact that we are a business. We cannot enlighten the unenlightened or heal wounds of centuries of conflict, but there are people like us who accept and cherish the knowledge of elders. Our primary goals in traveling onto the Navajo Nation are to widen understanding, build bridges between cultures and families, and to encourage responsible commerce that includes the promotion of cycling as more than recreation.