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On-line Moab Souvenir Shop
Click on the "curios" cart for on-line sales of Moab souvenirs including bicycle jewelry, Native American arts and crafts, southwestern folk art and curiosities, minerals, rocks and fossils.



Dreamride's Ride Staging and Bike shop in Moab, Utah

Welcome to the Dreamride House in Moab, Utah. Dreamride's Moab Shop

Home base in Moab, Utah is tucked away midtown, easy walking distance of the better lodgings in southeastern Utah, restaurants, the state liquor store and other convenient services including a laundromat. We are in the perfect location for staging from-town rides with a singletrack and paved bikeway next to the shop.

Dreamride is authorized dealer of MOOTS, PEGORETTI, SEROTTA, VENTANA, MERCKX and LYNSKEY bicycles. We also offer our own DREAMRIDE mountain bike customs and provide sales of Pinarello, Land Shark and other chosen brands for our tour clients.

Fit Sessions: $195 (or free)
*In Moab call 259-6419 to make an appointment for a fit session. We use a combination of measurement instruments and a Serotta Size Cycle whereby we can duplicate the geometry and componentry of any stock frame size in mountain or road to see if works for you. We can also set up the Size Cycle for your body and preferences to build a custom frame to your specifications. Sizing is free for anyone who buys a bike or frame. Any and all merchandise shipped to your door out of the state of Utah is tax free.
Pegoretti Road Bikes built at Dreamride
A Wild Place in the Heart of Moab
How to Get to MoabfoxesThe Dreamride House is located in a cul de sac above the wetlands confluence of Pack and Mill creeks. The Colorado River Portal can be seen from the windows in the shop. Shops, theater and entertainment in one direction, wildlife in the other. A system of singletracks meander through wetlands to the Colorado River Portal, past our local BMX track, to our local movie theater, and to classic Moab trails west of town. The Mill Creek Bikeway travels east through town to Sand Flats Road and the Slickrock Bike Trail. 500 West, the main artery to get us on the road bikeway to the north, is easy to get to. Our shop grounds include a mountain bike skills course, sweat lodge, BBQ, parking area, two living quarters and space for camping. Mornings and evenings bring deer, skunks, squirrels, foxes and a variety of birds including finches, ravens, magpies, wild turkeys, redtail hawks, falcons, kestrels and golden eagles. Nighttime brings desert ringtail cats, badgers and raccoons. Hundreds of harmless bull, garter and water snakes wander the property during warmer months.
Chris King hubs and headsets in stock
*Custom Bicycle Sales
mountain bike salesDreamride specializes in high end road and trail bicycles. We build custom bikes based on Pegoretti, Moots, Ventana, Serotta, and our own Dreamride frames. We carry necessities and chi chis. If you want new set of Dreamride-built custom wheels, they can be waiting for you. If you want to upgrade to a full custom trail or road bike and include a ride series, place your order for a CUSTOM BICYCLE two to three months in advance of your vacation.

*To browse our on-line catalog of complete custom bikes, frames, kits, parts and accessories, click on the dream catcher.

Dreamride Shop
Elite Level Services
Each Dreamride package originates from the guesthome and shop. Elite Level clients enjoy refreshments in the shop (if we stink) or in the home (after showers, thank you). Organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee is provided. Movies and books are available for rent or borrow. Wireless internet and FAX are available.
Dreamride Fully Mutant HD 2008 model
"Rent-a-racer . . . Life doesn't get any better." ~ Mountain Bike Action Magazine
Our full suspension bikes are legendary for their extreme efficiency over rough terrain. Dreamride fleet bikes are kept in excellent condition. The fleet is not available for unguided activities (except for older experienced couples in our database), so they remain in perfect running condition year round. Rental bikes range in original value from $3200 to $8000. Rent-to-buy prices are $1200 and up. Rates vary and some bikes require a level of skill to reserve. Helmets, gloves, and armor are included in rental fees.
Traditional Navajo Art and Crafts
Navajo Trading Post
Dreamride On-Line Curios StoreBecause we offer cultural trips where clients can purchase arts and crafts from local artists, we end up collecting. Dreamride houses a unique souvenir and gift shop with best examples of native works, a strange collection of found objects and folk art. Alongside bicycles, frames and components we offer Moab rocks and minerals, Native American rugs and jewelry, Dreamride-made bicycle jewelry, many examples ceremonial objects and unique cycling collectibles. You can purchase many of these items via our on-line store. All items ordered from out of Utah are tax free.
custom one-off paint
Wild Custom Paint
Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner, has a BFA in oil painting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and two other fine art degrees, including a terminal MFA degree in film/video from the San Francisco Art institute. He has taught painting at colleges and private schools, has had one-man shows and received awards for his painting on canvas and paper. Moots and Serotta titanium frames are perfect canvases for his freeform compositions and elegant traditional designs. Complete bike sales at this level of commitment are facilitated by free lodging in the guesthome if you come to Moab to pick up your bike or to perform the initial fitting on site. Click on the image above for more information on this unique way to collect fine art that you can ride.
Dreamride Custom Bicycle Sales
Call 1-888-MOABUTAH to order your gear!
Payment, Shipping, and Order Policies: Dreamride accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover, money order, or cashier's check (with time allowed for clearing). 15% restocking fee for returns or substitutions made after original order. If you are purchasing your bike packaged with a Dreamride vacation, you must order at least 8 to 12 weeks in advance (depending on seasonal availability). At least 50% payment is required to secure your bike order. All factory warrantees are in effect from date of pick up. Used bikes carry no factory warrantee. All USED BIKES are checked thoroughly prior to shipping. There are no refunds on used equipment for any reason.

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Call (435) 259-6419 to make an appointment.
FAX (435) 259-8196.
or write: Dreamride
P.O. Box 1137
Moab, UT 84532


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Church of the Knobby Hobby
Dreamride's Pro-shop supports, encourages and realizes cycling fantasies. Our comfy hangout serves as a staging area for daily rides. This is where Dreamride bikes are built one at a time for one client at a time. Come to Moab for a fit session and stationary ride on our Serotta Size Cycle. While you are in town for a ride, take advantage of our many years of experience custom-fitting bicycles for one client at a time. The shop is open by appointment only, so call us at 435-259-6419 before you drop in. Dreamride Fully next to the magic fence Bullock Wetlands singletrack The Bullick Wetlands Park Trail is a good place to test one of our bikes. It connects to the Mill Creek Bikeway that takes you through a web of singletracks to the Colorado River Portal. Go east and the Bikeway takes you to the Slick Rock Trail. Service for Dreamride Clients If your rig is giving you problems, we take care of you. If you didn't buy your bike from us, we have rentals and demos that will make you wish you had. Moab cycling Our standard fleet of high end rentals consists of long travel trail bikes built from Ventana frames. We also maintain a few collectors' classics for dirt road rides, and a few Moots, Ventana, Dreamride and Pegoretti demo bikes to sample. Our bikes are only available to our vacation guests. If you already have a suitable bike, by all means, bring it, but sometimes you can save money and the hassle of shipping and reassembly by just reserving a rental. Our rental rates are competitive and our bikes are not rented to the general public, so they are usually in much better shape than other rentals you will find in Moab. Lee Bridgers with Pegoretti Marcelo Dreamride Edition Bike Collectors.
Dreamride is run by Lee Bridgers, an avid cyclist and mountain bike pioneer, who has been tinkering for over 50 years. Lee is one of the most meticulous, artful builders of exotic cycling machinery. His builds of Dario Pegoretti frames are the pinnacle of road-worthy kinetic art. Lee also hand paints titanium and steel custom frames. Dreamride Fully Elite vacation upgrades offer extended services in Moab.
Elite means greater access to unique resources, a wider range of ride possibilities, more comfort off-the-bike, and personal assistance and guiding from company owners. SuperElite services lock out company resources for private parties with special requests. Lee's sweatlodge Moots frames, parts and complete custom bikes Moots is classic cross country top dog.
Our meticulous builds of Moots frames combine the absolute highest quality titanium construction with tested components. A Moots bike will be around for a very long time. If you are looking for the last word in titanium suspension, click on DREAMRIDE MOOTS BIKES. If you want the ultimate in personalized rolling art, consider a one-off paint job by Lee Bridgers. Moots frames, parts and complete custom bikes We are now located in the "Moab Zoo."
A mountain lion was trapped in our back yard in the late 90's by the previous owner of our commercial property, Mr. Gay. We were told Mr. Gay trapped (and killed) over 300 skunks on this property. This will NEVER happen again, as long as we are here! The lion was luckier than our skunk friends, who were killed. The lion was traquilized, transported and released in Gold Basin in the La Sal Mountains. These great cats are seen frequently in the wetlands and green corridor behind our shop where creeks converge. For more on the lions of Moab, click on the picture. We would NEVER trap a lion for any reason, by the way. And we routinely greet the skunks with sweet talk and allow them to dig up the yard.