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Note: Safety is the prime reason for additional fees for gift certificates. Avoid gift certificate fees by having the recipient of the gift call to reserve. Simply printing out the web page of the vacation package or bike you wish to give and placing it into an envolope may be "surprise" enough. One client put the envelope in a ziplock baggie under a rock on a trail and gave GPS coordinates to her husband. Be creative! If time is an issue to guarantee advanced booking and you wish to keep the gift secret for a while, read our gift certificate policies BEFORE contacting Dreamride. A trip to Moab with Dreamride for an avid mountain biker IS the gift of a lifetime, but make sure your friend is up to it before you buy. Gift certificates for private packages eliminate worries for those with less fitness and skill and are available to just about any mountain biker. To initiate an open package as part of a gift certificate the recipient(s) must be fit and possess a minimum of low intermediate skills on a mountain bike. Additional fees, policies and paperwork for a surprise gift certificate cover expenses incurred by additional paperwork, delays, extra contact calls, tips for guides and unwanted "surprises" right here in Moab.

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mountain bike toursGift Certificate Policies

Non-Tranferable, Non-Refundable, Setting it up
Gift certificates are non-transferable, meaning that name(s) given to us as the recipient(s) must be those of actual client(s) served. If someone other than the recipient(s) shows up at our door for dates reserved for another, the "undocumented" person(s) will receive a free guided hike out the door. A gift certificate that simply represents a money amount to be redeemed in vacation services not yet specified is absolutely non-refundable and valid for one year from the date of purchase. Basically, with this type of certificate, you are buying a piece of paper, just like a department store gift certificate. A gift certificate that represents an actual booked vacation package (that you have reserved for the receiver(s) of the gift) is subject to STANDARD CANCELATION POLICIES (please click on the link and read the information on reservations, cancelation, insurance and refunds before you call). There is a non-refundable $150 fee for initial setup of a gift certificate package. This fee is NOT a deposit, but covers extra paperwork and delay when not dealing directly with the party to be served. If full payment and contract are not received within two weeks of the initial fee payment, we reserve the right to cancel the certificate or gift package without notice. Once the contract is signed and returned and FULL payment is received, all refund policies are in effect. If you are worried about cancelation at this point, you can purchase travel insurance (AAA, Visa are best carriers) that covers cancelation on your end, if the gift receiver gets ill or something covered in the policy happens prior to the trip.

Gift Packages for One to Three, Private or Open
Gift certificates can be for a solo (can be private or open package) or for a small group (must be private). A Gift Certificate can be purchased for any standard Moab package. Elite upgrades may be part of a gift, but SuperElite services as a gift must be approved by Lee Bridgers, company owner.

Personal Contact by Gift Recipient(s)
For the sake of safety, gift certificate recipients must be in contact with Dreamride within two weeks of sale of the certificate. All paperwork (waiver and questionnaire) from each recipient must be received no less than five days after this initial phone contact. If these conditions are not met, Dreamride reserves the right to cancel the certificate(s) without notice or refund.

Tips Included in Gift Certificate Costs
All gift certificates must include $25 per day per recipient as a pre-paid tip for guide(s).

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mountain bike toursRecommended Gift Packages

Learn advanced skills!
SPRING BASH SKILLS CLINIC ~ April. Our Dreamride Moab Spring Bash Skills Clinic coincides each year with the Rod Benders classic and hot rod car show, certainly the most entertaining mass event in Moab. Clinic hours are designed so you can enjoy the car show while the clinic is going on. The clinic focuses on technical skills necessary to enjoy Moab's rough terrain and takes place on our company skills course, parks in town and trails nearest to Moab. This is not a skills "camp" where you meet at a trailhead and try to hang with some semi-famous idiot who gives you are tip on your wheelie drop, then disappears off-the-front. The Dreamride Moab Spring Bash is a TRUE clinic with hands-on instruction, spotters, and body armor included. Maximum participation is 8 clients. Minimum of four. Can be reserved by a private party of four or more. The Spring Bash formula can be replicated and booked outside of the set dates in April by any party of four or more participants. Offered to riders over lower intermediate to advanced skills. Private clinics can be booked for any skill level.

3 days ~ a taste of Moab!
MOAB 3D is a three day mountain bike vacation with or without four nights of lodging. It can be booked for any dates of the year. Daily rides are tuned to your skills and interests. The series can be altered for private parties to include, or subsitute road biking, hiking, canyoneering/swimming or skiing. Maximum groups of four for open bookings (no mixed skilled groups in open packages). Private group bookings can be as large as six to eight. The 3D can be booked as a private package for a solo, couple or group of three. A group of four is always private. Offered to all skill levels.

5 days ~ our most popular package!
FIVE DAZE IN MOAB is a five day, six night, mountain bike vacation with or without in-town accommodations. It can be booked for any dates of the year. Daily rides are tuned to your skills and interests. Daily mountain bike rides and activities are tuned to your skills and interests. Maximum groups of four of similar skills, unless booked as a private package. Private parties can be no larger than six to eight. Can be booked as a private vacation for a solo rider, couple or group of three. Groups of four are always private. Great honeymoon for a private couple! For private parties the series can be altered to include road biking, hiking, canyoneering/swimming, or cross country skiing. Offered to all skill levels.

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Most requested packages.
Policies and information on gift certificates are on the left side of this page. Below are links to vacation packages in Moab that are popular gifts.
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