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Dreamride's hiking vacations in Canyonlands

DreamridePrivate Guided Day Hikes in Moab, Utah
Canyonlands, Arches and Beyond

Goblin Valley hike

     Dreamride, the original guided day hike provider in Moab, Utah, invites you to experience hidden trails to exotic places through pristine southwestern wilderness. Enjoy a day hike, an epic day hike or experience an overnight or multi-day hiking expedition to ancient ruins or strange and beautiful geological formations. Combine hikes with bike tours for a multi-day package that includes in-town accommodations, or *enjoy a photography workshop with a professional.

WHAT YOU GET: All Dreamride's guided hikes feature the best in local and natural history interpretation, personal assistance with photography, and comfortable transportation to and from the trail. Snacks and water are provided for all hikes, when needed or requested. Box lunches are provided on full day (epic) hikes. A variety of packs are offered for loan, rental or sale, but please bring your own gear. Hiking poles are not recommended due to the varying terrain in Moab. Hikes are staged from the DREAMRIDE OFFICE AND SHOP in the heart of Moab. Our methods focus on access and ecology. We want you to experience the wonders of canyonlands, and want you to respect the fragile ecosystems of this area as we do. We work toward an enjoyable, challenging and extremely scenic wilderness experience by personally evaluating needs, fitness and interest of each individual client. The first client to book a date makes the call on fitness level and flavor of the hike.

ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS: Dreamride is unique in its extensive land use permits and relations with holders of special public and private lands. Dreamride spends more money on scouting and land access than tour companies one hundred times its size. As with all Dreamride tours, groups are the smallest (no more than four), unless booked as a private charter (no more than ten for day hikes). Larger (five to ten clients) hiking-only group charters usually employ two or more guides. This not only insures protection of wildlife habitats and fragile archaeological sites, it enables personal attention necessary for a safe, well-managed and educational exploration for each person. For the absolute ultimate in interpretation, attention to quality post-hike time, and more physical challenge, click on ELITE GUIDING SERVICES.


Day Hike Rates There is a 7.85% state sales tax on all services and equipment.
Single day hikes that are not part of a vacation package may be booked no more than two weeks and no less than two days prior to departure date. Fees for day hikes are listed directly below. Single day hikes as part of a mountain bike vacation package can be reserved far in advance by private parties, or added on-the-fly as part of an
ELITE UPGRADE. Book a single day hike for yourself, your family or friends by calling (435) 259-6419.

Day hikes generally take from four to six hours, depending on fitness level and distance.

$175 for a single tourist, $250 for a couple, $100 per person for groups of three or four.


Epic hikes generally take from six to eight hours, depending on hiking and shuttle distance. Epic hikes do not require extreme fitness, but Dreamride will not mix experienced hikers with novices, unless the hike is booked as a private day tour by a group or family.

$250 for a single tourist, $350 for a couple, $150 per person for group of three or four.


DreamridePhotography Tours and Hiking Vacations
Coyote Buttes, The Wave

DAY HIKE PACKAGES BASED FROM MOAB, UTAH: Rates for a series of Canyon Country day hikes are based on charges for single day hikes. The benefit of multi-day booking is that packages of two days or more can be reserved far in advance, guaranteeing our services during your stay in Moab during peak season or off-season months. To calculate costs for a day tour series without accommodations simply multiply the rates for day tours above--either solo, couple or group--by the number of days you wish to spend on the trail. There are no extra fees for custom scheduled rest days. We offer mountain bike day tours in the series (when guides are not busy with mountain bike-only packages) and discounts on river rafting and rock climbing with other companies in town to anyone booking a multi-day package. Accommodations run from $40 to $200 a night, depending on luxury and location and can be booked by Dreamride or you can book your own with our recommendation. Most lodgings in Moab are within easy walking distance of the Dreamride office. Click on LODGING DESCRIPTIONS for examples of four levels of lodging, from motel style to cabins to luxurious inn accommodations. The state of tourist lodgings in Moab changes rapidly. We try to maintain the best possible lodgings at any given time for any given price.

Arches National Park hikes*Full day (before sunrise to after sunset, with a four to five hour break during midday washout) PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS with Lee Bridgers, Dreamride's owner and founder, and former university film, video and photography professor, are $325 per person (minimum of two participants) or $500 for a single photographer. Generally photography workshops and day tours must be reserved two to three months in advance, but, with luck, a single day can be booked on short notice. For information on multi-day photography trips click on PICTURE PERFECT VACATIONS.

For more advanced hikers who want something truly out of the ordinary, book a hiking package at the ELITE LEVEL. This exposes you to a wider range of possibilities further from Moab, provides a more comfortable shuttle vehicle and guarantees guiding by company owners.

Click on CATALOG or call 1-888-MOAB-UTAH for information on combinations outside of Moab that include fishing, snorkeling, surfing and, of course, mountain biking.

For our most prized expedition to Anasazi Cliff Dwellings click on: SUBURBS OF THE ANCIENTS. This particular hiking spot is perfect for multi-day trips that can include camping and/or combined with mountain biking.

Click on TRAVEL LOGISTICS for information on flights, shuttles from Salt Lake and Grand Junction, and other helpful tips relating to travel to and from Moab, Utah.

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