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Moab Photography Tours

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Moab photo tours are for private parties and are guided by Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner. Lee has a terminal degree in film, taught college level for many years, founded and directed film schools and has worked as a professional photographer and videographer.

Departure for daily photo trips is from 3:30AM to 6:30AM for morning sessions and 3:30PM to 4:30PM for evenings, depending on time of year and distance to subjects. Maximum one-way travel distance is 50 miles.

These day tours are not workshops or photography classes. Lee will offer tips and make suggestions when asked, but instruction in the use of your camera is not part of our photography tours. If your small group of photographers desires a workshop in photo or video collection and production led by Lee, please contact him directly through the company email.

Best time for photography in Canyon Country is late September through early December and early spring from late Februrary until mid May. Night shoots are only offered during the new moon. Mimimum charges go up in peak season, but if you contact us a week to 3 days before the date and the schedule is clear, a lower minimum charge is applied.

Moab Photography Day Tour Rates

Morning Photo Tour (3 hours) ~ $175 per person ($350 to $395 minimum)
Evening Photo Tour (3 hours) ~ $175 per person ($350 to $395 minimum)
Sunset and Sunrise (6 hours) ~ $400 per person ($1000 minimum)
All day (before sunrise to after sunset ~ $1000
Nightime Photo Tours (4 to 8 hours) ~ $500 per person ($1000 minimum)
Custom Charter Photo Tours (for up to four people) ~ CALL
Charter Air Photo Tours (for up to four people) ~ CALL

There is a 8% state sales tax on all services and equipment.
photo by Jeremy MacFarlane

Goblin Valley Dreamride

Photography Expeditions

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If you want something unique, Dreamride offers custom expeditions specifically for small parties. These trips must be reserved three months to a year in a advance, depending on destination. Each trip is custom and can include charter flights and very special lodgings and the option for camping on expeditions that call for longer treks to specific destinations. Monument Valley, Natural Bridges, Chaco Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Vermillion Cliffs, Paria Canyon, The Maze, Hole in the Wall, Lake Powell, Coyote Buttes, The Outlaw Trail, Comb Ridge, Capital Reef National Park, Kodachrome Basin State Park, Escalante National Monument, Zion National Park, Hoover Dam, Goblin Valley State Park, Dead Horse State Park, Highway 50, Cameo Buttes, Bryce Canyon National Park, Little Wild Horse Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, and Volcano National Park in Hawaii. Lodgings and other services and equipment reserved as part of the package are in additional to the $1000 per day minimum charge for a couple or solo. Groups of three or four are possible. Lee Bridgers by Jeremy MacFarlane photo by Lee BridgersDreamride

Expert Guide and Driver

Company owner, Lee Bridgers, personally guides photography tours and expeditions. He is also available to larger parties as an photography instructor. Pricing for packages listed on this page include Lee's services.

Lee Bridgers holds a Masters of Fine Arts in fine art photo and film production (San Francisco Art Institute) and two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in fine art film and painting (SFAI; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Lee directed the Rocky Mountain Film Center, the national's oldest media center for six years, and taught film, video and multi-media fine art at the University of Colorado in Boulder and at numerous other colleges. Over the past twenty years Lee has been scouting Colorado and southern Utah for commercial theatrical and amateur film, video, and photography projects. This experience, along with scouting and photography for his mountain bike guidebook, MOUNTAIN BIKE AMERICA: MOAB, has given Lee unique knowledge of photographic opportunities in all of Dreamride's vacation locations. Lee scouted and furnished Utah locations for the IMAX film Everest and a number of mountain bike and nature photography film/video productions and magazines. Lee is an in-camera effects expert for photography and film/video. Photographs on this web site, except where noted, are by Lee Bridgers. If you are interested in action photography, examples are available ELSEWHERE ON THIS SITE.

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photo by Lee Bridgers in-camera painting by Lee Bridgers photo by Kevin Davis of London photo by Lee Bridgers photo by Lee Bridgers photo by Kevin Davis of London photo by Jeremy MacFarlane photo by Lee Bridgers photo by Lee Bridgers and client