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Moab Mountain Bike Guides


In 2014 the band got back together when Ken Moody returned. Dreamride guides experienced, mature, highly skilled, and understand how important your trip with us is. None of us would work for another tour company because Dreamride is unique among outfitters. We cater to private groups and specialize in fun and sharing the beauty that surrounds us. Our largest group size on the trail is four plus a guide or two. There is one exception to the four maximum: We offer unique wedding parties the chance to combine best-in-the-world singletrack with a wedding ceremony and feast.

Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner and tour manager


     "If you're looking for a guide and are willing to pay top dollar for top-dollar services, give Lee Bridgers a call at Dreamride. Lee pioneered many of the area's best rides and shares them only with elite mountain bikers who appreciate highly customized service: you'll eat in his house, listen to him play the guitar, and try to keep up as he shows you secrets." ~ Outside Magazine

Lee Bridgers on Dreamride Mutant
Dreamride founder/co-owner LEE BRIDGERS guides standard and elite rides occasionally, but focuses mostly on invitationals, skills clinics and is available as a private guide as part of SUPER ELITE custom ride series. Lee leads or oversees packages away from Moab in Hawaii, San Francisco and the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. Lee is designer and builder of our Dreamride mountain bikes. Riding and tinkering with bicycles off-road since the 1950's, he has supported a passionate cycling hobbie for thirty years by playing music and teaching fine art film production in some of the best mountain biking areas of the country. Lee's San Francisco Art Institute and University of Colorado film classes were notorious for uniquely funny and touching personal films, camera-laden mountain bike rides, wheelie drops off of lab tables in adjacent departments, and trips to Moab, Utah to "shoot film." Lee's Moab trailguide, MOUNTAIN BIKING MOAB, documents 40 trails, Moab's history and local color, as well as twists and turns on his journey to Mecca. Lee has edited and provided photographs for other guidebooks and for other authors. And yes, Lee is a musician. He writes songs as DK Bridger. There is a somewhat sound isolated music room in the bowels of the Dreamride house, so visiting musicians are more than welcome to bring instruments. Click on SHORT STORIES AND ARTICLES for uncensored writing samples. For more information on Lee go to the BIO, TRAVEL SERVICES, and CURRICULUM VITAE.

Lee Bridgers ~ MBA author bio
Dreamride Moab Invitational

Click on the image above for free samples of Lee (Dink) Bridgers' music. All selections are copyrighted by Lee Bridgers 1972-2006. It is forbidden to reproduce, reprint, copy or publish any audio or visual materials from this website without the written, signed consent of Lee Bridgers and Dreamride LLC.


Moab guidebook "There are trail guides; and then there's the real deal." ~ Bike Magazine

"This guide is setting a new standard for guidebooks. Lee Bridgers' first-hand accounts give the reader a sense that they have some behind-the-scenes information about Moab." ~ Brian Fiske, Senior Editor of Mountain Bike Magazine


Miki Bridgers guiding in Hawaii
Miki Bridgers, co-owner, interpretive guide, booking manager Miki Bridgers co-owns Dreamride, personally books all packages, leads Moab area hikes, and assists with families, Elite level bookings and Invitationals. Miki worked as a professional herbalist for twenty years before moving to Moab, is an amazing cook and multi-lingual. Miki ran Lin Ottinger's Moab Rock Shop and booked for Ottinger's Land Tours for three years. She is quite good at mineral identification and rock art theme hikes, but her knowledge of herbs is what people appreciate most. Even Navajo elders find Miki's knowledge of herbs helpful. Miki is Belgian, speaking fluent Flemish and Dutch. She knows what you are saying in German, French, so watch out.

     "You can't get this kind of food anywhere! It is incredibly delicious, but what is really special about Miki's cooking is how it makes you feel, so happy, so strong and healthy. I'll back Miki in her own restaurant if she moves to New York." ~ David Karmelli, Damoka Corporation, New York City

     "One of the reasons that Lois and I want to do this Hawaii trip with you both is your absolute joy for doing anything. I never felt so good as when I was in Moab. You both have a lot to do with that. Most important was the concern you showed for Lois, who was suffering through a medical problem. We can't think of two nicer or better people to spend our quality time with." ~Bruce Jacobs, New Jersey


Joachim Maehner has been with Dreamride for more than a decade. If you have been with us before you will remember Jo as the cut German fellow who launches rocks into outerspace with his front wheel. Once a top Cycle Ball player in Germany (the picture is a good demo--with the correct bike and ball for the sport), Jo moved to Moab in 1996 for a beautiufl woman and the natural beauty surrounding us. He began working and guiding here as part of the Marlboro Team. Jo's slow speed skills, balance and hoping technique are extraordinary due to his background in Cycle Ball. His specialty is the Moab Slickrock Bike Trail where he demonstrates unique and useful slow speed skills for clients fit and skilled enough for us to allow him to take you there. Just don't follow Jo when he tells you not to! If you want a fluent German speaking guide who knows Moab, here he is. Jo is a gentleman guide with experience that brings a calm and duty to the job that is truly unique and appreciated. Jo guides on a Dreamride Stud Muffin play bike hardtail. Jo is a contractor in Moab and loves long motorcycle trips into Mexico and along the west coast, so reserve Jo far in advance if you want to guarantee his company.


Ken Moody returns after ten years. We are very happy to have him back. Ken was a pro road racer in Europe, worked with Jo, Miki and Lee as a guide and skills clinic instructor for three years. Ken has been one of the best chefs in Moab since he arrived. He ran the kitchen at the Slickrock Cafe, then at Buck's Steakhouse and now runs his own private catering business. With his return, we are a team once again. His sense of humor was missed. More laughs are always good.


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'Jo' Maejner Ride hard ~ rest easy
Click here for Moab Vacation listings. You have found THE alternative to traditional horny-singles, boy-scout-camping-trip mountain bike tours.

In 1996 Dreamride originated a unique environmental small-groups skills-specific approach to mountain bike touring in the Mecca of the sport, Moab, Utah. We cater to the smallest private parties and set up open groups of four comprised of riders matched in skills and interests to offer more challenge and solitude. This is accomplished with better equipment, smarter guides and a thorough hard-won understanding of our craft through experience. Our small staff of mature professionals possess unique talents, skills and knowledge specific to our services. Most have been with the company for over 10 years. Our list of trails and ride options are practically bottomless. Trail(s) and guide(s) are carefully chosen to suit each group daily, as we work to share pure mountain bike thrills, beauty and solitude with a clear environmental conscience and a high level of safety. Others look to copy, but no one can duplicate our methods on the trail or in the shop. Other tour companies require a pulse from their clients. Dreamride requires passion for the sport and the environment. Dreamride is not only for cyclists who demand quality and experience. Anyone who wants to balance safety, challenge, and intellectual stimulation within the mountain biking experience of a lifetime is going to be very happy with the decision to choose Dreamride. Bicycling Moab Our uncanny knowledge of Moab geography and history comes from Dreamride's origination as a professional mountain bike film services company, specializing in location scouting, bike stunts and equipment co-ordination services for film, video, photography and print media productions and features. Lee Bridgers, Dreamride owner, first explored the Moab area from fixed wing aircraft and helicopter. Every desireable area was noted then fully explored on the ground with a Jeep and a mountain bike. From this research, Lee created maps of challenging and scenic routes, producing Moab's best guidebook and the Dreamride Tour and Equipment Company in the process. We offer much more than classic Moab trails. We hold special permit for unknown riding areas, rare sidetrips and unique fun routes through mazes of old mining roads and across slickrock. Our standard packages offer a wonderful balance of safety, thrills and levels of luxury in-town accommodations. VACATION UPGRADES are available for more flexibility in services, scheduling and activities. Additional services include bike purchase combos, food preparation, creative shuttles, night rides, road rides, rides from town, guiding by company owners, and expanded travel into Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Rides are staged from and supported by our SHOP AND TOUR OFFICE located in a quiet cul de sac next to a wildlife preserve in the center of town. Restaurants, pubs and the finest accommodations are within easy walking distance. Trails and bike paths leave from our door, heading in every direction. Moab slickrock skills clinics Leave Moab a better cyclist.
Dreamride's private skills clinics have been featured on Good Morning America and in Sunset Magazine. environment first Don't bust the crust!
Dreamride's mountain bike vacation services began after a privately-funded study of the effects of commercial mountain biking on sub-desert ecosystems. Your safety, enjoyment and the preservation of fragile ecosystems are prime concerns. The first day of any ride series serves as a class for environmental and skills tips and an evaluation of fitness to enable our staff to tune following daily rides to abilities and interests of the individual, couple or group. Dreamride Fully Mountain Bike Combine a vacation with purchase of the ultimate mountain bike:
Dreamride is an authorized dealer of Moots, Ventana and Pegoretti, all in-house manufacturers that allow us to customize every frame we sell for perfect fit and performance tuned to individual needs. We are the only bike tour company around to produce its own line of extreme high end biycles, using our experience in film stunts, years of R& D for well-known manufacturers, and guiding in Moab's hardcore environment to produce the revolutionary DREAMRIDE F-69, currently our top-dog mountain bike. Special attention goes to MOOTS BUYERS with free lodgings as part of any three day package. Dreamride Pegoretti road bikes Custom handmade road bikes
Looking for an exotic custom road bike built by an expert? Call us. We are authorized dealers listed by Bicycling Magazine as one of the ten best cycling studios in the country. We build exclusively with frames manufactured by MOOTS, VENTANA, PEGORETTI, and MERCKX. Lee Bridgers