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Dreamride build of Moots Mooto-X YBB frame. Moots Mooto-X Frames and Custom Bikes
16" & 17" Mooto-X YBB Frame sizes!


Moots Mooto-X RSL on the stand. The Mooto-X comes in three models, the Mooto-X, Mooto-X YBB and Mooto-X RSL, and the addition of a 650B YBB frame designation that is called the Rogue. We consider the Mooto-X YBB to be the very best frame of any kind we offer and now that it has a 12X142 rear, our favorite piece of engineering is even better. The RSL version builds a race bike for the privateer that will smoke the competition on most XC race courses, and the 650B may be the best choice for riders of a certain intermediate sizing.

Not only does the Mooto-X model line take advantage of 29 inch wheels to the point of near perfection, these frames are simply smart investments. Testing 29er frames, components and bikes over the past decade has given us an excellent understanding of the range of riding styles and bodies that can take advantage of specific wheel and suspension combinations and we can honestly say that Moots shocked us with the many improvements and simple beauty of these new frames over the past few years. From the increased clearance for tires and fork crowns to the wider rear axle to the state-of-the-art tube bending and welding, the Mooto-X is a winner in every sense of the word. We have our own component selections specific to each rider's needs for every frame choice within the three of the Mooto-X models. Scroll down for pricing and more information on the frames and our own chosen parts (these change over time though we do have our longtime favorites). For 2015 Moots is providing complete bikes to its dealers, so look for this option if you are bargain-minded.

Mooto-X YBB ~ Our favorite MTB frame!
FYI (for your information), YBB (why be beat?) rear suspension is perfect for a 29er set-up, offering just enough suspension for comfort and performance, while eliminating the maintenance headache of a rear shock. The Mooto-X YBB receives the finest example of artful bicycle tube bending we have ever witnessed. The gentle bend of the top tube arcs to give the YBB circuit room to operate, while the reverse echo of the downtube bend eliminates need for a custom headset race to clear the fork crown. The 18" frame pictured above is so very balanced cosmetically that it will certainly hang in a museum someday. As of 2015 the Moot-X YBB has a 12X142 rear axle and post mounts brakes! This is another good year to be a Moots dealer!

Moots Mooto-X with XTR and Enve rims


2016 Moots 29er Hardtail, YBB & RSL Frames and Complete Factory Bikes

Mooto-X RSL frame specifications $3900 Mooto-X YBB or Rogue YBB frame only. MSRP sales include King headset and UPS ground shipping to the 48 states. Complete Moots factory-built bike is $7654 shipped for free in the 48 states. No tax.

$3900 Mooto-X RSL or Rogue RSL frame only. RSL stem and Cinch post is $950 with frame purchase. MSRP sales include King headset and UPS ground shipping to the 48 states. Complete Moots factory-built bike is $$8099 shipped for free in the 48 states. No tax.

$575 for full custom frame sizing. $1200 for S&S Couplers (this includes custom sizing option).


Moots Mooto-X YBB with SRAM XX1 and Industry Nine wheelset Special EditionDreamride MODMAX Moots Mooto-X RSL


The Mooto-X RSL is the 29er dream machine everyone has been looking for. Built for serious cross country MTB Racing, the Mooto-X RSL was developed with the same principles that guided the design of the Vamoots RSL. Designed from the ground up to be the finest performing 29er titanium cross country race bike available. Quick, responsive and decisive handling come from key features like the oversized head tube for zero-stack headsets, oversized Press Fit bottom bracket for more immediate power transfer in the drive line and oversized butted seat tube to provide increased stiffness and strength in tandem with a 30.9 seat post. The curved down tube provides increased fork clearance while shaped chain stays and re-designed rear triangle offer increased tire clearance while reducing weight. All features of the Mooto-X RSL seamlessly come together to create an exceptionally fast, nimble and rugged cross country race bike.

Dreamride Moots Mooto-X RSL MAX SRAM Version: Components include Moots RSL stem, Moots cinch offset post and Moots flat handlebar. Fork is Fox 32 100mm fork with tapered steerer is standard for a slightly quicker handling bike. Opt for Magura MT8 fork for more stiffness and stability at speed. SRAM XX 2X10 (or XX1, or an XX and X.0 combo to get lightest 3X10 system) shifters and derailleurs. SRAM XX1 (1X11), XX (2X10) or FSA K-Force (3X10) BB30 crankset. SRAM Red or FSA ceramic bottom bracket. SRAM XX, XX1 or XTR cogset (depending on gear range needed). Dura Ace hollow pin, SRAM XX1 or Wipperman chain. Magura MT6 brakeset (upgrade to MT8 carbon for $200 additional). Standard wheels are a Dreamride-built Chris King/DT set with 10mm DT Swiss RWS rear skewer. Upgrade to Dreamride AM 35mm carbon rims for $300. XX1 users get complete Dreamride-built Chris King, DT wheels or Industry Nine color-coordinated set with aluminum spokes and Stan's Arch rims. We use suitable race tires from Schwalbe, Kenda, WTB and Continental chosen for your build and terrain. Wheels can come tubeless, with light weight tubes and/or Stan's NoTubes fluid installed. Chris King Inset headset. WTB Pure V titanium saddle. Time ATAC XS titanium/carbon pedals. Oury lock-on grips. Wheel upgrade option: Enve carbon rims and bladed DT spokes.

$10,995 ($10,795 with XX1, as pictured above)

Price includes labor, small parts, shipping, handling and insurance in the continental 48 states. No tax out of Utah! Dreamride Moots Mooto-X RSL MODMAX XTR Shimano XTR Choose 2X10 or 3X10 system. Components include Moots RSL stem, Moots cinch offset post and Moots flat handlebar. Fork is Fox or Magura with 15mm QR. XTR shifters and derailleurs. XTR crankset. XTR 10 speed cogset. XTR hollow pin directional chain. XTR brakeset. Dreamride-built Chris King/DT wheelset with DT Swiss RWS skewers. Any suitable race tire for your terrain needs. Chris King Inset headset. Fizik Tundra saddle. Time ATAC titanium/carbon pedals. Oury lock-on grips. Wheel upgrade option: Enve carbon rims $1200 additional. $300 additional for Dreamride 35mm AM carbon rims.

Price includes labor, small parts, shipping, handling and insurance in the continental 48 states. No tax out of Utah!


Dreamride Moots Mooto-X RSL in Moab Special EditionDreamride MAX group for
Mooto-X frame models

The MAX group has been with us for a very long time. It includes Moots Open Trail stem and cinch post, features the same top level shifting and drivetrain components found in the MODMAX group listed above. This formula creates a light, fast, strong and very technically capable 29er mountain bike that glimmers. The MAX includes a Fox Float or Magura TS8 fork with 15mm axle with tapered steerer and blends of Shimano XTR and/or SRAM XX componentry. Wheels are Dreamride custom built for each client's needs with Chris King hubs, Mavic or DT rims and DT spokes.

Our custom Moots Mooto-X MAX bikes are built one at a time for each and every client by company owner, Lee Bridgers.

SUSPENSION FORK: Our fork choice is Fox Float FIT RCL, but you may choose an equivalent Rock Shox fork, if you like.

MAX GROUPPO: Shimano XTR or SRAM XX cranks, Shimano XTR hydraulic brakes (or Magura MT6); custom-color keyed Chris King hubs and headset; Moots titanium seatpost and stem; Moots titanium flat bar; XTR or XX shifter pods, cassette, chain, and derailleurs; WTB Vigo titanium saddle; DT TK540 or wider rims, DT spokes and nipples to suit your body weight; Oury lock-on grips; kevlar beaded tires to suit use.

$9175 Hardtail Mooto-X ~ $9395 YBB ~ $9750 RSL
Deduct $575 to substitute XT or X.O for XTR or XX parts in this kit.
Price includes hardshell flight case, shipping, handling and insurance in the continental 48 states. No tax out of Utah! For more savings, we will share money we save from cc fees when you use wire transfer for payment.
Dreamride Moots Mooto-X YBB Reduce the Price with Smart Substitutions!
A good example in the picture above is the use of Dreamride carbon rims which bring the price down hundreds of dollars and offer easy maintenance in comparison to Enve. Moots stem, bar and post remain stock items in kits we list here, but deduct $400 if you go with Thomson stem and post. Sustitute a Shimano XT drivetrain components and a choice of Magura MT4 or XT brakes. Mix SRAM components to make a price point as in picture above. If we are cutting every corner to get the price as low as possible without sacrificing performance, durability or good looks, utitilize wire transfer or personal check for payment and we will deduct up to $300.

Dreamride Moots Mooto-X YBB MAX-Reducer Plus Act of Mercy
The bike pictured above and below was built up for a loyal longtime client who wanted to save as much money as possible while getting the bike to him as soon as possible, BUT HE WAS PATIENT--the most important virtue when working to save money on a very high end bicycle. He sent a box of used parts and specified a cost-effective wheelset. I went through his parts and used only what I could stand behind, then threw the rest in our "art" parts bin. I filled in the gaps with suitable new parts and things lying around the shop, including a fork I took off of my own bike. I went a bit further for him because he has been a good friend. I accepted a bicycle in trade for labor and parts I had in stock. This is how it works when there is trust. Clients in my size range generally encourage me to ride the bike for a day to set the wheels and stretch the cables. It's a smart thing to do and it allows me to take these pictures.

Dreamride Moots Mooto-X YBB MAX-Reducer Plus

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This is the frame!
The Mooto-X YBB and MX-RSL are the best hardtail mountain bike frames in the business and they build up to our best selling mountain bikes we offer. We list some very high end builds here, but we will also build to suit a budget or special request. We use Magura and Shimano brakes only because of their use of non-toxic mineral oil rather than DOT fluid. SRAM XX1 Our latest ModMAXX parts grouping comes with choice of SRAM XX1 or XTR, but we mix and match a combination of other high end groups from SRAM and/or Shimano for performance, maintenance and budget for each individual client. Industry Nine We specialize in wheels built with Chris King, DT and Enve components and offer our won Dreamride wheels with Chris King hubs and our company carbon rims. We also offer Chris King, Industry Nine and Enve-built wheelsets. SRAM XX1 components and the use of a Dreamride AM carbon, Industry Nine or Enve wheelset brings weights down to 23 pounds on a YBB bike, below 22 pounds on an RSL. Moots Mooto-X RSL on the stand. Moots Mooto-X RSL packed in flight case. Our upper end builds of the Moots Mooto X RSL may include a Serfas flight case. We routinely ship custom bicycles abroad, using the telephone, email, Skype and FAX to fit the bike to people around the globe. We exercise extreme care in shipping and handling to make sure the bike gets to you in perfect condition. Pricing, where stated, also includes UPS shipping, handling, all shipping materials and insurance.

Custom Dreamride
Moots Mooto-X Bikes

Dreamride has been with Moots 29er frames from the start and we have been working with various wheel sizes on our own frames. There are ways to take advantage of this experience that perhaps you have not thought of. Read on.

Custom Dreamride Moots Gristle/White Rim Convertible--off road 69er The Dreamride-built custom Moots Mooto-X YBB bike above and below are the same bike. With an additional wheelset and rigid fork, this particular bike can be either a 69er mtb or a 29er city cruiser. This is accomplished without any compatibility problems or handling quirks. Get the best of all worlds, off-road and street. Custom Dreamride Moots Gristle/White Rim Convertible--road, trail and city 29er Moots Mooto-XZ Moots buyers get special attention. Dreamride is a mountain and road bike tour outfitter and skills clinic provider, guiding and instructing cyclists in Moab for almost two decades. We are happy to be able to offer what many consider to be the most exotic cycling vacations anywhere to private solos, couples and small family and corporate groups. For the 2015 season we are offering a free ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE on a FOUR DAY MOUNTAIN BIKE VACATION in combination with a a maxed out bike purchase. Moots Mooto-X RSL on the stand.