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Ventana Mountain Bike Frames and Complete Bikes
2011 Ventana El Ciclon asymmetric chainstays The Ventana four-bar linkage system is not a marketing slogan, it is a proven design. Over the years we have sold Ventana frames from the days when Ellsworth was Ventana and Ventana engineered and fabricated the Dreamride F-Series bikes. We are still hammering away on these same bikes in Moab and know them like we know the trails. We cannot find a better bike to perform on Moab terrain. Ventana frames are so good that the bikes in our rental fleet have frames that are ten years old with new parts, still rock solid and everyone wants to buy one when they ride it.

*All Ventana MSRP frame-only sales include free UPS shipping costs in the 48 states.

Brad Barker and son with matching Jeep and Ventana
     Brad and his son have purchased three bikes from Dreamride. All three of were based on Ventana-made frames. They showed up with a newly customized Jeep, painted to match his custom Dreamride-built Ventana El Saltamontes bike.

Ventanas on the Big Island of Hawaii

We've been living with Ventana bicycles for many, many years, working with them, riding them, renting them, selling them, playing with them, experimenting with them, improving on them, putting our logos on bikes made by these same people and loving every minute. When we look back on the past decade we see that Ventana has played a great part in vacation/bike purchase packages. Why? Because we can save you enough money on these high end guided vacations to pay for the bike. Ventanas are certainly not cheap, but they are definitely the best frame value in the industry, giving you features and construction that are tops in this price range while competing on a par with much higher priced mass produced mountain bikes. Don't spend your money paying for Trek's or Specialized's marketing campaigns that push carbon fiber frames that don't last and run-of-the-mill parts that are uninspired, when you can get a handmade product backed by real people in the real world. MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! NO BULLSHIT! NO LIES! NO PROBLEMS!

Ventana El Conquistador de Mantanas S&S steel tandem

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happy Ventana client
The Family Component
A Ventana mountain bike makes a fine gift for a graduating son or a cycle-obsessed spouse. Dreamride is not only a bicycle studio in the Mecca of the sport, we offer environmentally-focused CYCLING VACATIONS catere to the smallest parties of one to four. 75% of our clients are solos or couples--married, long-time partners, gay and straight, or a solo parent with a son or daughter.

Ventanas in Hawaii Ventana El Saltamontes in Hawaii salt build from 06