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Click here for samples of Dario Pegoretti Bicycles by Dreamride
Click on the image above for images of Dreamride-built Dario Pegoretti Bicycles. Scroll down for current stock, frame descriptions and pricing below. 2019 NEW COLORWAYS IN STOCK SIZES HAVE ARRIVED IN THE U.S. AND WE HAVE STOCK IN VINTAGE AND NEW FRAMES.


NEW FOR 2019-20: ROUND is a Responsorium with a beefier rear end; DUENDE CROSS/GRAVEL is new model with canti brakes and relaxed geometry. Call for more info.

Pegoretti Frames and Complete Bicycles

Dario Pegoretti began as an apprentice to Luigino Milani of Verona where he helped produce frames for legendary road racers like Roche, Battaglin, Chiappucci, Indurain, Tafi, Cipollini, Ghiroto and Fondriest among many others. Dario worked in the Milani shop until he moved to his own one-room shop near Trento in 1999. Dario was one of the first to use modern tig welding to produce state-of-the-art steel frames. With two assistants Pegoretti fabricated about 600 frames per year - all by hand. Dario had a flair for painting his frames in flamboyant designs, colors and themes and when Lee Bridgers came along and convinced Dario his work was fine art and deserved to be in galleries, Dario began to consider himself worthy of the pretention and within a few years his bikes were in art galleries around the world. Lee has treated every Pegoretti frame like a work of art, something of aesthetic value, but Lee also considers these bicycles to be the best riding road bicycles on planet Earth, machines that deserve to be ridden even if the Mona Lisa is on the top tube.
Pegoretti Marcelo Ciavete

Welcome to the world Dario created. Due to preparations he made for his retirement prior to his death and the dedication of those who remain in the studio, the Pegoretti factory is continuing on course with very few changes aside from a renewed enthusiasm and more products and variations. Aside from the sadness of our loss, there is all good news from the crew at Pegoretti.

Luigino and Day is Done lugged steel Dario Pegoretti frames are now available as special orders!

Of course, Dario is gone and that is a huge issue for us, but we've received our first post-Dario Ciavete Responsorium and it is amazing, so you can be assured that quality is as we have seen before. Pietro continues on with Dario's work and the anticipation of pure joy is still there: the ride, the quality of the engineering and now there is a large selection of colorways that can be reproduced from Dario's original works, most of the colorways will now allow the option to choose or modify the colors.

Disc brakes and electronic drivetains!

Custom Ciavete paint is available and themes are accepted if you have a passion that needs to be expressed. And all the frame models perfected over Dario's lifetime are still available: the Duende, Marcelo, Responsorium, with the Big Leg Emma, Day is Done and Luigino now available as special orders. You can thank Dario for partnering with very talented artisans and leaving behind a factory and all those designs for those who remain. The King is dead, but Dreamride and the Pegoretti studio are ready to serve you and will continue to provide the best, state of the art steel with modern fixings, if you want them. Campy's new disc brake is Magura-designed and Dreamride is a Magura specialist with 20 years of experience servicing Magura equipment. And lastly, steel is indeed real and this is where it gets fast, sexy and fastastic and now you can even get an electronic drivetain on a Pegoretti. Dario was too fat to roll over in his grave.


*Deals on newer frames in stock and packages for custom orders. Pre-CBS (prior to 2019--fabricated before Dario's death) frames are now collector's items. We are certain of the growing value of the vintage new old stock frames we've collected and stored and are now offering the following as frame only or complete bikes to those who understand the investment. Pre-2019 frame prices will NOT go down. To the contrary, these are considered collector's items and prices will go up annually to reflect the rising cost of newer, less collectible product. All frames come with factory warranty, King headset, front derailleur clamp when needed and Falz fork. No tax out of Utah. Frame only sales include free shipping in the 48 states.

53cm Pre-CBS 2018 Marcelo Mesonperso Cream matching Falz fork and Chris King headset $6000

54cm Pre-CBS 2015 Responsorium Connic matching Falz fork and Chris King headset $6500

*55cm 2019 Duende Tazza Ivory $3550

57cm Original Duende White Guantanamo (this is a rare collector's item--from the original run and colorway with Dario's hand painted blood on the wires and bosses for old style downtube shifter and matching Trigon fork $7000 (additional black Falz fork, King headsets, Fizik handlebars, saddle, tape and Italian made WR 29.4 carbon seatpost are set aside for this frame)

57cm Pre-CBS 2015 Responsorium Connic matching Falz fork and Chris King headest $6500

Call 435-259-6419 or email for details.

Pegoretti Ciavete paintPegoretti Custom PaintWe have been blessed to be able to offer Dario Pegoretti's amazing artwork and what is arguably the best steel bicycle frames on the market. We argue that the Marcelo is the best steel racing frame on the planet, but the Duende is most likely the frame you are looking for and the Responsorium is the smoothest ride and close to perfection. Robin Williams' Ciavete sold for $48K at auction. Tom Boonen won the Tour De France green jersey in 2007 on a Marcelo with Specialized logos, even if Dario couldn't tell you, know that he was the steel behind Tour de France winners. The Big Leg is a direct result of working with Miguel Indurain. Not only the professional racers are true believers. Pegoretti bicycles are collected by investors in art who appreciate Dario's talents. Even if it is fine art, if you have one, you ride it and when it gets dirty, you clean it, and when it gets scratched it doesn't matter because it has that magic feel and its scars are like your scars and every one of them tells a story. If you want to scare your friends on their carbon fiber freakouts, show up on a Pegoretti and take them into fast turns, pass them on the descent or leave them in a sprint. Steel has advantages born of centuries of metallurgy. It has spirit. It has soul. Iron is in our blood. And here is where that gets a fancy paint job.

As of MARCH 30, 2019 we are carrying the torch. For information EMAIL DREAMRIDE
Call 435-259-6419 to order.

Pegoretti Big Leg Emma dropout.
Kits and Grouppos for Pegoretti Frame Builds
Pegoretti Show Bike 2010 HMSIt may seem simple to build up a Pegoretti and for those with the passion and the hobby, God bless you. You are our best customers. We understand. But when it comes to your first or second Pegoretti, it is about fit, choosing a stock size or custom fit, understanding the racing origins of Dario Pegoretti's designs. You may need help and that is why we are here. Maybe you need a custom frame for a specific use aside from road racing or you may desire a paint design from your suggestion. At the start it is all about frame choice, the models. Then it's about colors and patterns in carbon, leather, vinyl, paint, polished aluminum and cork chosen to match and enhance and showcase the art and quality of the frame. A complete Campy group with matching wheelset is traditional road for a top notch Italian frame and sticking with a classic Campy wheelset and Italian gum wall tires is advised due to the increased value the bike will maintain into the future. Let Dario's vision take over or tell Lee to give it a flair by interpreting a theme. But remember you are considering the pinnacle of independent steel bicycle manufacture, the Stratovarius of cycling. Dario is dead, but the Marcelo, Duende and Responsorium live on, along with all the other models Dario designed. A Stratovarius performs with no compromise, not even for the sake of art. This is what makes a Dario Pegoretti bicycle so special, the way it rides, not the way it looks. BUT, in this specific case, the object it is also pop art and any owner would be wise to insure the continued value of the Pegoretti as pop art.

Specifications: With rare exceptions (at customer special request) Italian cockpits only, specifically Fizik (Deda or 3T, rarely). Brooks saddles are Italian-infected. Fizik are the very best. Selle Italia is classic. The use of components Dario preferred enhances the value of the bicycle down the line, but is not a strict rule when it comes to detailing or customizing. Wheels can be custom built for client weight and riding style or to follow a classic theme or a price point, using American made hubs, but model year Campagnolo components greatly enhance future value of the bicycle and are a basic necessity when considering the frames as fine art. The frame certainly shouldn't detract from the art at some future date.

What we do best: Building a Pegoretti is more of a slow dance than a chore. It rewards the effort like no other bicycle frame. It makes you work, but it speaks to you and allows you to decide. Fitting happens mostly via email, texting or over the phone and sometimes includes a fitting in the shop, but this is not rocket science here. There are simple measurements to take (over and over, if needed) for fitting a Pegoretti frame. Fitting the bike is just more measurments of your body and your current bikes and a talk about your level of skill and fitness, the bikes you ride, body type, terrain, road conditions and so forth. It helps to be experienced and own a really good road bike that you know fits you. Dario's stock frame geometries and fabrication were perfected over decades in cooperation with highest level professional racers, and if you know the drill, a stock Pegoretti frame is going to make most of us happy. They simply work, so an experienced racer or expert with fit for a 56cm frame, can ride a 52cm and love the thing for its stability and agility. It's always best to leave frame geometry to Pegoretti, but if you know about such things and want a specific kind of frame geometry for a specific use, that is entirely possible, as are any number of other details in frame construction.

Pegoretti Responsorium with Ciavete paint
Pegoretti Frame Models
Email or call 1-435-259-6419 for info on availablity. Pegoretti frames are measured center to center and frames are designed with an extended headtube and longer top tube to effectively increase rigidity of larger sizes. As a result of this simple and unique design feature, you will ride a smaller sized Pegoretti when compared to most other road bike frame sizings.
Pegoretti Marcelo
"The Marcelo is a very special bike that inspires confidence. I have taken some corners that I would not dare do on any other bike I own. It just speaks to me, 'Come on,... we can do this!' And the tubing is almost miraculous, in its ability to be stiff enough to take a stomping up a hill and also mute the road buzz to a massage level. I am SO thankful that you made me get this frame. I would not have known otherwise that it is a very different ride than the Duende." ~ Eric Anderson

"The more I ride it, the more I love it. I'm officially no longer held back by my equipment. I'm going to go ride it right now. This bike really makes me feel that the sky's the limit." ~ Nate Neufeld's praise for his Marcelo

CLICK HERE FOR MARCELO SHOP REVIEW (soon to be updated with comparison reviews of the Responsorium and Duende).

Pegoretti Caivete paintThis is the most popular Pegoretti frame and the company owner's favorite ride, suitable for a range of riders and uses, but most suitable for anyone from 155 to 200 pounds who wants a race bike with very quick response, stability at high speed and a solid pedaling, handling and sprinting platform. The Marcelo is a teacher when built up to racing specifications and a low forward racing position. If you want to go fast, the Marcelo is the best choice in this rider weight range. It is simply incredibly stable at speed due to its stiffness and mass. It is suggested for heavier riders for recreational use, as well. Be careful in the choice of a Marcelo if you are under 130 pounds, however. Dario once said that most people (70%) are suitable to a Duende, but most people get a Marcelo because of its racing reputation and never realize the benefits of owning the correct frame for their needs. The Marcelo is stiff, lively and very responsive. It will get you into temptation in a real hurry and the motto is: aggressive riders apply here, but if you are a light rider, a Duende will do just fine as a racing bike or long haul trainer. If this is your first Pegoretti, consider a Duende with Dario's advice in mind. If you are over 190 pounds and/or you are a very agressive sprinter, consider a custom fitted Big Leg Emma frame. Otherwise, the Marcelo is as advertized, the best steel racing frame on Earth. Constructed from oversized, heat treated Columbus "Spirit" tubing, the Marcelo is strong, yet somewhat vertically compliant, with hand cut stainless steel rear dropouts and custom drawn rear stays for stiffness and strength. Comes with a Falz fork and King D-11 headset. Weight is 3.8 lbs in 54cm. ~ Pegoretti Marcelo frame & fork: $4100

Current Stock Marcelo Colorway
New 2019 Dario Pegoretti Marcelo

Wild Woman-specific Pegoretti - Dreamride
Duende is the best choice for 70% of us. The Marcelo has been 70% of sales at Pegoretti for years due to its racing reputation, but when we have clients who own both models they tell us that they ride their Duende 70% of the time. The difference in the ride between the Marcelo and Duende is smoothness over stretches of rough pavement and on long rides in the saddle. The Duende is best as an all around go-to road bike and it can race, too. The Marcelo is a race frame for most of us under 170 pounds. The Duende feels right at any pace at that weight. If you weigh 190, it will feel a bit plush and smooth. Even riders well over 200 pounds find the Duende suitable. The Duende is a non-heat treated Marcelo front triangle mated to a Palosanto rear triangle, resulting in a more comfortable ride. Tubing is "Spirit" cromoly from Columbus. Falz carbon fork and King D11 headset included. Weight is 3.9 lbs for 54cm. ~ Pegoretti Duende frame, headset & fork: $3500

Current Stock: Duende 55cm Tazza Colorway
New 2019 Dario Pegoretti Duende Tazza

Pegoretti Big Leg Emma - Dreamride Edition
Now available AGAIN, the Big Leg Emma (The name comes from a Frank Zappa tune on the album "Absolutely Free.") is a beefed-up steel frame with huge internally-strutted chainstays for remarkable lateral rigidity, but with a bit of vertical compliance for a comfortable ride. This is an effective, efficient pedaling platform for a large or very agressive racer. The horizontal reinforcing struts inside the tubing are added for torque response. The custom tubing is made exclusively for Dario. Falz carbon fork and D-11 King headet come with frame purchase. Frame weight is 4.2 lbs in 54cm. Stock color is orange and yellow with a pea green flair, but since the "Big Leg" is a custom order, take the opportunity to choose personal colors. ~ Pegoretti Big Leg Emma frame, fork headset: $5500
Pegoretti Responsorium Ciavete - Dreamride
Pegoretti Responsorium with one-off Ciavete paint jobPegoretti Responsorium with one-off Ciavete paint jobResponsorium is built of stainless steel, the most supple Pegoretti frame. Very unique ride. Titanium without the boing. No rust. There are runs of Responsorium frames in a stock color and stock sizes,but most of our orders over the years have been customs, allowing custom paint choices. The Ciavete colorway was Dario's crazy and Dario is dead, so now is it just a chance to relate to the paint shop at the factory. They had access to Dario's designs, so we can pick and choose, swap colors, whatever. Ciavete paint is pictured above and elsewhere on this page--every one is different and the newer ones are nothing to do with Dario aside from his remembrance, though the methods may be the same. Robin William's Ciavete by Dario sold at auction for $48,000. As for the Resonsorium's construction: The Columbus XCr stainless tubing is extruded solely for Pegoretti. Fork is Pegoretti Falz full carbon. Tubing diameters are identical to the Marcelo except chainstays are 2mm less stout. Butted sections are longer and tubing walls thinner, creating an amazingly comfortable ride. Very heavy riders should look into the Round, but only very heavy guys. No weight limit on the Responsorium thanks to the new D11 headtube ~ Price of stock Pegoretti Responsorium frame, fork headset: $5300

As for the new Round, the stiffer stainless steel frame: Call or email

Current Stock Responsorium Mesonperso Colorway
New 2019 Dario Pegoretti Responsorium Mesonperso B&W

Pegoretti Luigino by Dreamride

The Lugged Frames
Luigino and Day is Done

Pegoretti LuiginoLuigino and Day is Done frames are now back in production and available as special order only. The Day is Done is basically a lugged Marcelo and can be built with components chosen for that model. The Luigino is a different animal. The Columbus Nivacrom EL-OS tubing on the Lugino frame and the handcut investment cast lugs and commemorative double layer fork crown are reminiscent of steel frames of the '50s and '60s. The classic two color paint scheme comes in any Pegoretti colors desired. Lee sees to your perfect custom fit. As always, components suit the retro mood and, as a result, they are somewhat exotic and hard to find. Since this is a chrome steel frame, prep for this model requires that machine tools used for chasing and facing be replaced or re-sharpened after the job, and careful attention must be paid to paint removal in areas where components meet the paint surface. As a result of the added attention this frame must receive to insure its safety during construction, labor costs are higher when compared to other Pegoretti frames. Steerer tube was 1" threadless. Frame weight is 4.5 lbs for a 54cm. This is the frame that got us interested in Pegoretti from the start, a classic that will increase in value over the years. Special order price of lugged steel frame and fork: $6400 (Falz fork on Day is Done, lugged steel fork on Luigino)

Pegoretti Love #3 2008 paint
Love #3 is back in production. An aluminum alloy frame with the geometry and feel of the Marcelo at a much lower weight? Not steel. Is it real? Certainly. $4500 special order.

Pegoretti track custom singlespeed Custom Track or CX frames can be fabricated. The example above was modified to include a singlespeed freewheel and Phil Wood high flange hubs.

Pegoretti Marcelo custom show bike paint Pegoretti Track bike paint Pegoretti Track bike paint Pegoretti Track bike paint

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The 2019 colorways are arriving at the American distributor as of March. You will find most recent pictures on our Facebook page, including the 2019 colorways. The Pegoretti website now lists available colorways for custom order and there is more freedom with color substitutions and suggestions for Ciavete jobs. 2018 Pegoretti Duende Piaza Red 2018 Pegoretti Marcelo Mesonperson

Pegoretti Responsorium color choices

Pop art that goes fast.

Dario Pegoretti is like those legendary builders of musical instruments who are now dead, but Dario's factory continues on. It has been an honor to be able offer a product considered by professionals as the best in category. Dario Pegoretti's frames are an investment in joy and beauty, combining a passion for art and music with the needs of road racing cyclists who demand the best and the best in steel. The frames themselves possess a feel that is literally as good as it gets, but a Pegoretti steel frame is only a beginning, a canvas for pop art that is very valuable. Dario Pegoretti was a gifted graphic artist, a rarity in the world of cycling where "kitch" usually suffices for art. Graced with graphic designs that transmit ideas and feelings so vividly, a Pegoretti bike is the perfect object of desire. Respect your Pegoretti and have Lee Bridgers build your bike for you, a fine art expert and cycling wizard who helped Dario understand his responsibility to fine art. We have a responsibility to Dario to make sure every frame with his name on it gets the respect it deserves. Consider Dario's classic colorways as commemorations of his life's work. Dreamride Pegoretti 2009 Duende Ciavete Pegoretti Responsorium Ciavete Pegoretti Responsorium paint detail

Lee Bridgers and Pegoretti Marcelo Dreamride Edition Double plate fork ~ good evening ladies Luigino with Brooks saddle and bar tape Of all the saddle/tape combos we offer, the leather-top Brooks Swallow Ti-railed saddle and matching perforated leather handlebar wrap are tops in quality and classic beauty, an ideal product to put on the bike in places where flesh meets machinery. And now that Fizik and Brooks are one company, bar tapes and saddles from both brands got even better with a wide selection of very light, very practical and stylish components. Pegoretti Luigino in Ferrari red and yellow Pegoretti Responsorium - Dreamride This is Dario Pegoretti! This is Dario Pegoretti! This is Dario Pegoretti! Pegoretti Responsorium Pegoretti Why Not Blue?