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We provide a wide range of stock and custom bicycle frames from Dreamride, Moots, Ventana, Pegoretti and Pinarello. Frames must be purchased over the phone, via email or from our shop in Moab.

Dreamride House Brand Bicycles
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Click on manufacturer listing in the lefthand column to go to the model's homepage for further information, pictures, builds and pricing on individual frame models.

*If you do not find the frame you are looking for in the store, call 435-259-6419. Only Pegoretti frames currently in stock and on sale in Moab are listed in the on-line store, though there may be more stock at our distributor (a href="">email for availability). Ventana stock frames take one to three weeks for delivery, except for tandems which may take up to two months. Moots frames require one to eight weeks for delivery.

Moots Rigor Mootis Rohloff frame

Ventana El Saltamontes Bike Kits
Include a Serfas flight case with your bike kit for an additional $350.


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custom Ventana frames Frames & Fittings
Contact Dreamride via email with your inseam and height measurements and we will let you know if you fit stock frame sizing in any model we carry. Because most of our sales are via telephone (and email), we have a great deal of experience fitting people for mountain, road and cyclocross with the use of fit forms, conversation and specific measurements from your current bike. We have a Serotta Size Cycle in our studio in Moab, but it is about as useful as tits on a bull--and Serotta's elaborate fitting methods are "smoke and mirrors" according to Dario Pegoretti and company owner, Lee Bridgers. We work with a standard fit form that will be sent to you as a PDF. The form, a tape measure and someone who knows what he is doing are the best tools for the job, along with a good conversation over the phone and choice measurements from your current bike. But if you are a smoke and mirrors person, you can pay us to take your measurements off of the Size Cycle. You must pay in advance to reserve a specific date and time for a size cycle fitting. If you are getting a mock-up, the tool will be set-up to specs before the appointment. If you buy a bike or a frame from us, any fitting is included in the price.

$200 ~ basic fit session for mountain or road
$300 ~ complete fitting for mountain AND road
$100 ~ stock frame size mock-up (road or mountain)
$150 ~ two frame size mock-ups (road and/or mountain).

Custom Frames
This is why we deal with in-house builders. If you require a custom frame, Dario Pegoretti is does it better than anyone. We walk you through the process. Same with Ventana and Moots. Sometimes a custom fitted frame can be less expensive than you think. Semi-customs can get the job done. Pegoretti frames in Moab Ventana factory