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Complete Moots Bicycles at Amazing Prices!
The addition of complete Moots bike kits from the factory enables us to offer the best deals we have ever been able to offer on Moots bikes. All prices listed below for complete Moots bikes with standard parts kits include labor to build the bike here in Moab in our custom shop. Shipping is free to anyone in the 48 states. NO TAX IF SHIPPED OUT OF UTAH. PICK UP YOUR BIKE FROM OUR SHOP IN MOAB AND THERE IS A $300 REBATE AND A FREE DAY TOUR. Email for pricing on models you do not see here or for specifics on the parts kit. All Moots kits have the smartest choices we have seen for quality, performance and bang for the buck.

Vamoots RSL w/Ultegra, King PFBB ~ $7919
Vamoots RSL w/Dura Ace, King PFBB ~ $9,899
Vamoots RSL w/Dura Ace, Enve SES, King PFBB ~ $11,000
Vamoots CR w/105 and Fizik cockpit ~ $5799
Vamoots CR w/Ultegra Fizik cockpit ~ $6069
Vamoots CR w/Ultegra Moots cockpit ~ $7039
Vamoots CR w/Dura Ace Moots cockpit ~ $8579
Vamoots w/Ultegra Moots cockpit ~ $6599
Vamoots w/Ultegra Fizik cockpit ~ $5999
Vamoots DR Ultegra/CX77/RX31/Fizik ~ $6449
Vamoots DR Ultegra/DT/Moots cockpit ~ $8549
Vamoots DR Dura Ace/DT/Moots cockpit ~ $9499
Psychlo-X RSL w/ Ultegra, R685, Fizik cockpit ~ $7259
Psychlo-X RSL w/ Ultegra, R685, Moots cockpit ~ $8699
Routt w/ Ultegra/R685/RX31/Fizik cockpit ~ $7099
Routt w/ Ultegra/DTRR21/Moots cockpit ~ $8549
Routt w/ Dura Ace/DTRR21/Moots cockpit ~ $9499

Help with Custom Bicycles FULL CUSTOM TITANIUM, ALUMINUM AND STEEL: Dreamride handles every step in the process of meticulously creating a full custom Moots, Pegoretti, Ventana or Dreamride House Brand bicycle; sizing, geometry, paint, frame prep, components, detailing, building and shipping to direct to you. A custom Dreamride bike also includes deals on our guide services and vacations in Moab, Utah. Dreamride Custom Bicycles Complete Custom Handmade Bicycles

Moots Vamoots RSLDreamride is authorized dealer of Moots, Pegoretti and Ventana, and we offer our own unique Dreamride frames and bikes, utilizing mixed wheel sizes for function and fit. We work with each client to construct your mountain, road, cross or triathlon bike, whether it be a no-compromise, expense-is-no-object dream machine or the object of your affection dressed in a carefully chosen parts kit at a specified price point. Customs are customs, so we have build bikes for people up to seven feet tall and for very specific uses. Click on links in the lefthand column for examples, pictures and descriptions of frame models and Dreamride builds. There may be gaps in frame model listings, but rest assured we carry every model our manufactures produce, and more. We also carry other frame lines that we do not advertise. Prices may change without notice.

WE SHIP IN TRADITIONAL BIKE BOXES OR SERFAS HARDSHELL CASES. Since the flight case is not sized into a freight category, your own extended travel/shipping fees are lower, offsetting the cost of the case and virtually guaranteeing your bike will arrive undamaged. This durable case comes with rollers, hand strap, and easy-to-operate lockable, rust-proof twisting latches. To see a bike in the case ready for shipment, click on BIKE SHIPMENT. Click on STUFF for case-only sales.
Special Edition

*Dreamride Special Edition (DSE) Bikes

Dreamride Jumping Coyote = Special Services
Special Edition Mountain Bikes and Road BicyclesDreamride exists in a comfy
BIKE STUDIO AND GUESTHOMEin a unique spot in the center of Moab, Utah, the cycling Mecca. We specialize in custom bikes and exotic CYCLING VACATIONS for the smallest groups (one to four). We are set up to provide the ultimate in personal services for those seeking challenging guided rides in solitude, a higher level of safety and reassurance, comfort off-the-bike and true rewards for investing in the best cycling equipment. If you come to Moab for the initial fitting or to pick up the bike, we offer discounts on lodgings or a 10% discount on any guided vacation package we offer. Use your time with us to benefit from a fitting to insure perfect fit in advance of the build, but understand that we always get sizing right, if you come to Moab or not. Most know to trust us, but some people like to be reassured and have more control over the process. The Size Cycle does the trick. If you come during or after the bike is built, we provide a guided ride and tuning on the trail free of charge. See below for more info on bike purchase and vacation combos.

Dreamride Special Edition (DSE) Parts Selections
Pleasing aesthetics, dialed-in geometries, space age tolerances, extreme quality control, eye-popping detail, and attention to balance in durability and light weight combine to produce a mountain bike or road frame worthy of a DSE build. Frames dressed in these Moab-tested groups are designed and manufactured in-house, allowing custom specification of fit, geometry and finish. In our hands these frames give birth to beautiful balanced and very personal machines. Our custom groups are tuned for compatibility with a specific frame and use, insuring flawless function, enhancing overall value and minimizing warrantee issues. All bikes are meticulously assembled by Lee Bridgers, Dreamride founder and co-owner as if it were his own bike, carefully fitted to the needs and body of each client.

Bike Purchase ~ Moab Vacation Combo!
THE PACKAGE is an Elite level three to five day mountain bike vacation in Moab, Utah that can accompany the pickup, fitting and/or purchase of a Dreamride Special Edition bike. For passionate cyclists who want the best equipment and the best cycling vacation.



*Note: DSE special services are only available with builds of Pegoretti, Ventana, Moots or Dreamride frames.

On-line support for your purchase.
If you recently ordered and/or received a Dreamride Edition build, click on the "Care and Feeding" icon for info on unpacking, maintenance and support materials for your personal purchase. Clients can always CONTACT DREAMRIDE for current passwords and stay abreast of changes, new Moab trails, maintenance tips, industry updates, action shots, company developments, and any helpful information. Use of passworded portions of Dreamride websites is restricted to clients only.
Care and Feeding of your Dreamride bike
frequently asked questions      "Wow. Rode in Austin Saturday. The bike performed flawlessly. I felt much more confident on the downhill/technical stuff but I must say my times were a lot slower. Everybody kept stopping me to ask about the bike! " ~ Calvin Schlenker, TX

     "The bike is amazing and everything I had hoped for. I am sorry I am not there to shake your hands for the good work. I promise to tell all of the jealous folks on the trails where I purchased it." ~ J. Grant McIntire, AZ

     "Just a quick note to say thank you for your help in selecting the proper frame for my needs. I couldn't be happier with my choice. Lee, your knowledge and the time you spent with me on the phone was the difference." ~ Bob Higgins, TX

     "I just wanted to touch base and thank you for an awesome bike. It is week two, my back hurts, my knees ache, and my living room is muddy (you wouldn't leave that bike outside would you?), but the bike has performed flawlessly." ~ Paul Hunt, WA

Note: We have seen testimonials printed in magazines inside ads for competing companies only to hear from their employees visiting Moab that the testimonials were phony. Our testimonials are the real deal and we can prove it. Click on VERIFIABLE TESTIMONIALS FROM REAL LIVE PEOPLE for a long list of testimonials with email links to anyone who gave permission to be contacted. We have been in business for so long that people have moved or died, so be patient, you'll find a live one.

Dreamride Special Edition Mountain Bikes Special Edition

Custom Road and Mountain Bikes at a Price Point

Look at the price of the frame you think is best for your needs, then tell us your budget for the entire project. Purchase remorse sucks! Be honest, patient and a bit flexible and you will be very happy. We work with you, our partners and distributors to build the best custom Moots, Pegoretti, Serotta or Ventana for your buck. If these frames are out of reach, we are authorized dealer of LYNSKEY, a fine way to half the price of a titanium frame. We offer OTHER BRANDS, as well. We have access to overstock from years past, if you want a great deal on a Merckx. Sometimes we get very lucky. You will be surprised at the high standards maintained at prices well below cream-of-the-crop Dreamride Edition parts combos, especially if you are patient. Working freely within a stated budget, instead of"building" estimates, allows us to spend our time tracking down price breaks from manufacturers and distributors, which are seasonal and promotional in nature. The minimum price point for a custom bicycle is $1250.

How to order and how to navigate this site.

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For information EMAIL DREAMRIDE or call us at 435-259-6419. Dreamride is an authorized international exporter of all lines we carry. Email or call for international orders. Read INFORMATION ON INTERNATIONAL ORDERS AND SHIPMENT prior to contacting Dreamride about an order to be shipped outside the United States.

handpainted Moots packed in flight case Built in Moab.

Dreamride bikes are labors of love. Not only is each built and detailed meticulously, it is carefully packed in an oversized bike box or hardshell flight case with the respect a state-of-the-art machine deserves. These bikes perform better than they look. Pegoretti Marcelo Dreamride Edition Fittings
Contact Dreamride via email with your inseam and height measurements and we will let you know if you fit stock frame sizing. Most of our sales are via telephone (and email) consultation. We have 100% success at fitting people for mountain, road and cyclocross. We can fit you to a Tri frame with a telephone conversation and fit measurement form, if you know what you want or are just getting started.

Fitting Sessions in Moab
Using a Serotta Size Cycle we figure, with your input, a correct position for a specific bike model, road or mountain. This position produces numbers for frame and component sizing. We can also mock up stock frame sizes and give you a chance to see how each feels. You must pay a deposit in advance to reserve a specific date and time for fitting. If you are getting a mock-up, the Fit Cycle will be set-up to specs before the appointment. If you buy a bike or a frame from us, any fitting is included in the price (or refunded, if you got the fitting prior to the order).

$200 ~ basic fit session for mountain or road
$300 ~ complete fitting for mountain AND road
$100 ~ stock frame size mock-up (road or mountain)
$150 ~ two frame size mock-ups (road and/or mountain).
Moots Cinco Dreamride Fully