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Dreamride Moab, Utah Weather and Tourist Information

Forecasting weather in Moab, Utah during much of the year is an absurd behavior. So, we leave the guessing to people who are paid to be wrong. Check out the links to CNN or WEATHER UNDERGROUND sites and come back to us after you have had your fill. The statistics are perhaps the best judge, if you are working with a specific time of year.

Click on CURRENT MOAB, UTAH WEATHER FORECAST from the Weatherunderground site. If you are looking for a short term forecast, this is it.

Click on MOAB WEATHER STATISTICS for average monthly weather conditions on this site (no pop up windows here). This information is best for guessing what the weather is going to be like far in advance.

MOON PHASE and season dictate night riding schedules. Booking any package at the ELITE LEVEL makes night rides possible. Click on the link to see just what will be going on with the moon on any date. Dreamride's night rides are offered during a two week period from waxing half moon to waning half moon, and only from May through September.

Click on DESERT SURVIVAL INFORMATION to find out just how bad it can get, even when it looks clear and perfect. Being prepared and riding with us are the best ways to avoid unpleasant situations.

Click on MOAB MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS for helpful information on bike techniques and equipment concerns specifically for Moab terrain.

Though we like to talk to people on the phone, we don't particularly enjoy being the Moab information center. If you have questions that do not directly pertain to what we do, please call the real Moab Information Center at (435) 259-8825.

DreamrideNews March 2012

So much new singletrack that we have eliminated Fruita from our offerings simply because the new Moab singletracks knock it out. Not only are the new singletracks the very best in the world (we are not kidding), but the town is getting friendlier to cyclists by providing them with bike roads and bike lanes in town and leaving town. Moab is making a serious play to stand up to its reputation as the best cycling destination on Earth. It is true! We may not agree with the building of singletracks in pristine wildlife areas, but the trails are just too damn good not to offer to our clients. We have scouted these trails out and have been creating shuttle routes and deliveries specifically to be able to offer you the best options for connecting the singletracks with slickrock and other attractions.

DreamrideNews June 2011

A mild wet winter and spring led to a late summer with flowers that bloom usually in early May showed up in early June. High water on the Colorado brought some flooding. The Atlas Tailings pile is still a problem and the land between the tailings and the river was also flooded.

We have seen an explosion of trail building near town with most taking place in the Bar M area across from Gemini Bridges parking area. The trail we used to call The Underwire Bomber is now called Pipe Dream, and has become an excellent technical trail close to town. The trail builders are obviously good masons because the rock work in the various water courses coming down from the Moab Rim is excellent. On the negative side of trail building some of the illegal Green Dot trails further from town have been legalized, a sad precedent to be set in a place where virgin lands seem to disappear rapidly as more and more recreational vehicle users come in and demand their fair share in the gang rape of nature. The bottom line for Dreamride is that there are more trails close to town to guide on, but we are not proud of our sport for its obvious kinship with ATVs, 4-wheelers and motorcycles.

Dreamride's road tour packages are finally starting to catch on, and sales of road bikes have pretty much taken over the retail portion of our business. We hired a new guide especially for the road and now have competent help with maintaining our rental fleet, and a mechanic on-call. Stimulus moneys have not only gone to building new trails, it has gone into a face lift of the Old Moab Highway, which is not a paved bike road traveling 8 miles up to Highway 313 which has a bike lane for over twenty miles up to Dead Horse Point turnoff. This has made road biking far safer from town. In the coming years the north end of town is getting its own face lift with bike lanes along the highway (191) and a bikeway that gets us from the Colorado River Bridge to Potash Road that will eventually travel through the area that is now dominated by the Atlas Tailings Pile. Radioactive cycling coming your way!

As you can see, our websites have gotten a make-over. The additions have been a blog and two shopping carts--one for Moab souvenirs and one for on-line sales of cycling equipment and collectibles.

DreamrideNews 2010

As is to be expected from a town with so much press, Moab is changing for the worse. We are hanging in there, doing what we have always done, but now there are several other tour companies that claim to do what we do, but actually do not deliver the goods. Judging by the people that they are guiding we should be happy not to have to deal with more twenty something white guys. Let the other tour companies deal with these very unhappy souls. One company actually used the code and language of this website. Another claims to be environmental because they have solar panels on their shop, but still take massive groups into the desert and mountains to the point where we must time our visits to avoid them (it is easy, they leave late in the day, putting their clients throught the 100 degree heat). Another one is working with travel agents to mock up our packages and people are showing up at our door thinking they booked with us, but actually paid another company. Law suits, anyone? The masses of motorized and mountain bike tour companies have banded together to clusterfuck the remaining wild areas near to town, building new trails and turning Moab into a huge golf course--imgagine noisy side-by-side ATV's driving down the street. When the children start to get hit by these things maybe they will be banded from the roads, but they actually drive these lawnmowers with bench seats around town on the way to making the nearby trails unpleasant. Our job has been to shuttle further from town and avoid those trails the yahoos frequent. We are joining the coyotes and bobcats in more remote areas. More mountain bike trails are OK for business and we hold permits, but it is not our choice to ruin pristine lands with more trails when we already have hundreds to choose from. "Somebody must tell people to stop having more babies!" (Millie McClatchy's words of wisdom)


The Atlas tailings pile is even more toxic at this point. This Superfund site is a gaping sore next to the Colorado River. At one point the local paper publicized the fact that radon levels were just under the maximum amount allowed by law, but failed to mention that the law was based on CLOSED INTERIOR SPACES IN HOMES, not the open air in Moab! Breathe in deep, you are getting your free radiation treatments. The city took down the skull and cross bones signs beside the tailings pile at a time when the danger is extreme.


The Atlas tailings pile is a scenic feature of the new road bike trail that now travels all the way to Hiway 313. The four lane bridge over the Colorado is almost finished and this means that you can take the pedestrian bridge to the bike path to Arches, then past Gemini Bridges Trailhead, then connect with the bike lane that takes you to Dead Horse Point Road. This is a very welcome development for roadies. From-town mountain bike rides are a bit less interesting, though far more swift. Our road bike tours are taking full advantage of this new development! It means that you do not have to use gas to get to 313 without risking your life in motorized traffic. You only have to hold your breath while passing the tailings pile. We joke about the tailings pile, but SERIOUSLY, do NOT ride past the pile when the wind is blowing from the west or the north, unless you do not care about diseases that will crop up in twenty years. The political situation in this fucked up country will get us before then, anyway, right?


Our mayor once said, "We don't have those kind of people in Moab." Then two homeless people died behind our shop. This mayor is a "minister," sadly representing our community with blantant hypocracy, managing to lie and to put people down with a simple eight word sentence. Meanwhile, as of September 15th 2010, there is a fight going on to allow the homeless to remain in camps along Kane Springs Road. You can follow this conflict in the Salt Lake Tribune, if they have the balls or the concern to write about it. As I write this there is demonstration near Moonflower Canyon. I hope no one gets hurt! I pray the City Council meeting this week is swamped by concerned locals. People have to be somewhere and some people don't have money enough to rent in Moab. The rich are gettting richer (as in "For Whom the Bell Tolls" the fascists don't know they are fascists) and the poor are getting poorer. Something has to give. The number of humans concerned about people, without any fascist judgment as to their income or lifestyle, has been plummeting with the increase in rents and real estate values. Christians, my ass! Corporate fascism is on us like white on rice, or white on people.


This is the only place you will see us publicize this, but yes, we are considering a partnership, or a sale of up to 99% of Dreamride's tour operations and most of its assets. This is not to say that we will not be here to operate guided rides well into the future. We (Miki and I) are planning to operate guided rides in a different way, concentrating on solos and couples, mature, experienced and passionate cyclists who ride the trail and the road, want to avoid the crowds, to learn and get the best out of an active vacation. We are looking to hand over groups of three and four to anyone who wants to continue and expand our operations, while we maintain a focus in the portion of the business that combines exotic bike sales with guided rides for private couples and solos. These people tend to end up being our friends and we like riding with like-minded souls at this point in our lives. We would like to reduce their costs and still remain profitable. While groups of three and four (and more, if the partners desire and manage to demonstrate they can do it without resembling the idiotic copycat methods of other tour outfits in town). I will remain an advisor behind the scenes. I make enemies just opening my mouth, but I also say things that others consider brilliant enough to emmulate or blatantly copy. We have found that the handful of people we sell bikes to, who also come to town, or join us in Hawaii for a
VACATION are now approaching 50% of our business. We'd like to spend the rest of our lives with these people.

DreamrideNews 2009

As of March, Moab is in the dumps with the rest of the country, and thank God! This town was on the verge of completely loosing its soul, needing a wake up call. The bad economy is doing good things for us here. Electricians are no longer charging $500 to fix a $200 problem. Real estate pigs wallowing in selling the soul of Moab to disgusting people with money are now freaking out--nothing is selling. Yay! Builders who received financial assistance to produce "low cost housing" then built condos selling for $300,000 each are now actually finding that those condos won't sell for what they thought they'd get. Moab's era of supergreed is toning down a bid, and, if we are lucky and the Obama administration actually changes things, Moab could conceivably survive. Let's hope "socialism" kicks in.


The Atlas tailings pile is being moved, so wear a particle mask when driving into town. That radioactive arsenic might give you cancer on your cancer benefit road ride. The company "Energy Solutions" is moving the pile. Another company called, "RECYLCING WHATEVER" is building a garbage dump near Hovenweep National Monument. The era of George Bush English is still with us.


First, understand that we do not work with travel agencies. This policy is about safety and cost. We save you money by not giving them 10% and we save your life and enjoyment having people contact us directly, evaluating health and skills thoroughly so you don't ride with people of vastly different skills and interests. We keep it personal!

Dreamride recently had two Italians show up at the shop thinking they had reserved a trip with us, when actuality, they reserved through a travel agent, asking to be booked into a 3D at the ELITE level. The travel agency, working with local tour company that rhymes with Grim Tours, mocked up a package using our website. Grim then put them into a huge resort complex on the river ten miles outside of town where they wouldn't notice the difference. When Grim Tours was late picking these guys up for their first ride, they drove into town to find the company they thought they had booked with, Dreamride, to complain to. They gave us the story, took us onto our website and pointed out what they had booked, then headed back out of town to deal with the situation by simply riding with Grim Tours (you don't want to ruin people's vacation!). They were very nice fellows. We were sad that we didn't have a chance to serve them, and even sadder that they had to ride with the Grim guides. As it turns out, we have lost quite a bit of business this way. A lawyer is looking into this for us (see the warnings with each package).

Sun Fun, another hack tour company in town, not only copied the code in our website from the start, but are still trying hard to copy our methods, rewording our marketing spew and placing it on their site, looking like total hacks. These folks came into town, bought a long standing tour operation (just like the folks who now own Grim Tours), then directly patterned its operations from this website. If you want lesser services, bad food, to ride in a mixed group with inexperienced guides, a square trip with squares, contact them, please. They'll take you, if you have a pulse. We like the fact that they accept the idiots for us, but they also trap people who would benefit greatly from our REAL experience and TRUE knowledge. Funny thing, you cannot copy education and experience. It would take them another twenty years to know half of what we know about Moab.

DreamrideNews 2008

2008 will be a watershed year for Moab, Utah. It seems that the growth economy has a bead on the area and wants to rape every duck, coyote, bobcat and rock with a hole in it. Mountain biking organizations are piling on, building the most environmentally irresponsible trails ever conceived. The OHV lobby is watching and has now become a primary consultant in the contruction of all trails, including mountain bike trails. It seems that mountain bikers are a key in a land grab by every sort of "beauty loving, beauty destroying" recreation lobby. The news is not all bad, but all "improvements" in Moab infrastructure and public access will certainly mean more visitation and more environmental damage.

I recently wrote a letter to the Moab Times Independent complaining of irresponsible mountain bike trail construction happening north of town. I am posting the first response I received via email here so our clients can see what it is like to be an environmentalist in a right wing state like Utah:

"YOU ARE A RETARD TREE HUGGING P*SSY I HOPE YOU ENDO OFF DEAD HORSE, I CAN NOT WAIT TO TAKE MY GAS TO MOAB IN MARCH." ~ Peter Arneson --This was sent to my mailbox in a very large font. If you are looking to hire this guy for a job and have had the sense to do a search of his name and location (I'll bet it is "Salt Lake City") on Google, I'd consider his words. He cannot spell "pussy." And, when you wish someone dead, it is usually followed by the loss of something in your life. I hope he doesn't loose too much, just enough, like Goldilocks.

Moab's Colorado River Bike Bridge


Construction of a bridge for foot and bicycle travel over the Colorado River just east of the Hiway 191 Bridge is nearly completed. This may be the single most important project for local riders who have been risking their lives on the old, narrow and very dangerous highway bridge to get to roads and trails from town on a mountain or road bike. The bridge will give us much safer access to trails north for our "Ride From Town" packages.


Some idiot rich asshole wants to build a lake above the rim, a massive tunnel through the rim to build a gallery, mucho condos and massive homes into the face of the cliffs, and a bunch of other insane crap. He calls anyone who opposes him a "dirt worshipping tree hugger." Meanwhile every exploiting speculating creep from elsewhere is trying to buy up the valley to turn into condos and vacation rentals using every nasty, sneaky tactic these turds are capable of. It is getting silly in Moab. Will the greed outrun the coming depression or will we end up in fascist fantasy canyonland? We have decided to sell our Dreamride commercial property for $4,000,000. Anybody wanna buy it?

DreamrideNews 2007


A home in Moab is no longer inexpensive and rentals are now being turned into nightly and weekly rather than monthly. One of the owners of several hotels in Moab, a local Chinese American, has turned one of our favorite level 2 lodgings into monthly rentals for his workers due to the growing need for low rent housing. Moab used to be funky and cheap. Now it is just funky. Our city government is struggling to spend more money than it takes in to eliminate the funk, but it is going to take a miracle and more money than they could ever steal from the locals. Our new library is finished. An indoor swimming pool is in the works. Hurry, let's put a silk hat on this pig before the gas runs out.

DreamrideOld News


Massive crews in full HASMAT outfits with breathing apparatus were running around the hiway north of town for a month. The entire area's soil had to be removed and replaced. You won't find information about this toxic spill anywhere but right here, but don't get in the river downstream from Moab. This spill was so dangerous to health, but mainly to tourism, that local papers did not carry the story and the town and the company responsible for destabilizing the tailings pile over the past ten years did their best to bury the news that the Moab Valley just south of Arches National Park is now as radioactive as a nuclear bomb zone. For a bit of what the town is doing about the tailings, go to MOAB TRAVEL COUNCIL LIES.


We are in a NEW BUSINESS LOCATION in Moab, at the end of 200 South past the Gonzo Inn. New office and shop space is enhanced by a family-style meeting room with a view of the La Sal Mountains, fair sized kitchen, guestroom and bath. The property is next to a small Moab park. There is singletrack right out the door. A lion was trapped in the backyard a few years ago. The move to the larger, more complex, comfortable, off-the-beaten-path, private shop space signalsfocus on personalized service, vacations and full custom bike sales. Access is by appointment only. More privacy and comfort for vacation clients. Skills clinics are enhanced by our new xc/trials course, the Bullock Park singletrack and a BMX park just a short distance from us via the singletrack.


Fly directly to Moab with "God Knows Who Airlines." We have seen at least five different airlines provide lousy service to Moab over the past ten years. You can reach the Moab airport by calling (435) 259-7421 to ask them what the name of the latest airline hacks to give it a try. Do not expect your luggage to arrive with you, and don't even think about taking a bike.


the Blue Buffalo pictograph, the well known ancient Ute rock painting on Courthouse Butte, was wiped out in 2002, along with a few other pictographs in the area. The handprints finally vanished in 2004.

Speaking of rednecks, April's Jeep Week is currently the single most damaging annual event in the Moab area. It's not just the renegades, stupid. Go to ECO for more info. Go to STEAD'S STORY for an article about what it is like to book a package with Dreamride during Jeep Week.

As bad as Jeep Week is for our trails, Rod Benders seems to be a great direction for Moab as a destination. These guys bring in cool toys and don't trash the trails. Their kids look a bit more genetically endowed, as well. In 2002 there were between 3 and 4 thousand hot rods in attendence. In 2003 the event more than doubled to 8 thousand visiting rods. Just as Jeek Week had its crack down, Rod Benders got the crack down in 2003 with lots of cops and ticketing. A huge fight broke out. Now, that is what it is about. Just like the good ole days.

Thumper trucks destroying habitat


If you don't know what is happening in the pictures above, read the information on cryptobiotic soil crust (that 250 year old dark colored soil in the picture to the left) at ECO CARE. As soon as Bush was in, 25 ton seismic oil exploration trucks with 8 foot tires created a tight grid network of roads all on top of Dead Horse Point and throughout the Gemini Bridges area, destroying wildlife habitat and generally making your drive out the Canyonlands National Park an ugly affair. Oil wells going up, rearing ugly heads on the Knoll. Later, I'll bet we see more development. Once you touch wilderness this hard, it ain't wilderness anymore. Before and after photo courtesy of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. This is currently happening on the Navajo Reservation, as well. Natural gas is toxic, by the way. On the rez, they don't even bother telling locals living within yards of an unprotected well. Wells usually have a tank of smelly stuff to mix with the gas so that you can detect a leak of this odorless and invisible toxic cloud. On the rez, no tanks. Navajo people were once rounded up and killed. That is no longer necessary. We now kill them with sugar, liquor, gambling, Iraq, and natural gas fumes. Out of sight, out of mind. destroyed dinosaur trackway


An unknown group of people in 4WD vehicles have been using Great Stuff housing spray foam insulation to make casts of dinosaur tracks on the Klondike Bluffs Trail. Due to this acidic plastic foam and the complete stupidity of the people doing this, the tracks are eroding very rapidly, disappearing in front of our eyes. They are hundreds of millions of years old and all it took was Great Stuff and some not-so-great people to make them erode away in a matter of seasons. Most of what were the best tracks are now just pits in the rock with distinguising features erased forever. There is also evidence of people recently trying to remove the tracks with drills and hammers. The photo shows a good before and after example. This trackway is the only one of its kind with easy access from Moab and you can see that two of the tracks eroding away due to the foam castings.


This housing project for wealthy folks would sit atop one of the areas most beautiful mesas above the Moab Valley. It appears that the economy has done what the local hippies couldn't---kill it. Click on CLOUDROCK for a letter written to the editor of the Moab Times by Dreamride's Lee Bridgers.


As of April 2004, the grafitti is still getting better at the north end of town on the walls of Moab's most visual glaring useless eyesores. The project grew too expensive and those involved went away and sued each other. After a buy-out by one of the partners the project was completed, but it has not seen one day of operation. The county is asking for reclaimation funds that they somehow forgot to mention to the owners before the project began.

Moab's newest messWhile this lift remained idle, people would come into town and think that it was the Moab Rim lift and be turned away without even knowing where the other lift was. I guess the other lift was not ugly enough to be noticed. The original tramway was eventually sold at aution. The new owner turned the area into a recreational park, screwed up the environment on top of the rim for the next five generations, and then went belly up, too, then blamed it on the bike shops. What an idiot.


The 24 hour mountain bike race continues to trash lands rich in archeaological resources next to the Wilderness Study Area in Behind the Rocks, and along the road into Back of Behind. In 2002 they built new trail once again, right over badger and collared lizard habitat. In 2003 they return and I guess we see just what they mess up next. Click on ECOLOGY for info.


Check out our new ELITE PACKAGE OPTION that includes special rentals, extended travel radius, and cushy homestead perks.


Click on SAN FRANCISCO for information on new special travel services for anyone coming to us from the Bay Area. Lee and Miki Bridgers raised their kids in the Haight Ashbury. They return annually to see friends, research the drive and eat at the best restaurants. You can take advantage of this knowledge by purchasing a travel package for your drive from San Fran, or simply pick Miki's brain over the phone when you book your Moab package. For repeaters or friends we offer a San Francisco vacation package that takes advantage of our connections. destroyed dinosaur trackway


The first-ever truly environmental article to be printed in MBA appeared in the October 2002 issue. The article was a new direction for them, and a bit risky, but we had many coming into our Moab shop to say that they now have a different opinion of the magazine. The piece entitled THE JAGGED PILL deals with mountain biking and its impact on Moab ecology by focusing on damage to cryptobiotic soil crusts. The picture at the right is from a series taken for the article. It shows what a single track can do to cryptobiotic soil crusts that can take over 250 years to form or recover from damage. When rain finally comes, this track will be a watercourse. Stay on the trail, please. For more on cryptobiotic soil crusts, click on SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT.

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Guided Bicycling in Moab In 1996 Dreamride originated an environmentally-focused, small-groups, skills-specific approach to mountain bike touring in the Mecca of the sport, Moab, Utah. In 2006 we added road cycling tours. We guide the Moab mountain bike classics, the new singletracks, the old mining tracks, memorized routes across barren slickrock through spectular landscapes extending south into Navajo Nation Lands, and stupendous scenic road rides that take your breath away.

Guided Road Cycling in Moab

We offer rare side trips to rock art, ruins and other things you wouldn't see without us. We effectively balance safety and thrills, comfort and challenge. Our rides are in the middle of nowhere, but our bicycle studio and guesthouse is located in a quiet cul de sac next to a wildlife preserve in the center of Moab, the middle of everything. Restaurants, pubs and the finest accommodations are within easy walking distance. In-town bike paths leave from our door, heading in every direction. Moab slickrock skills clinics Leave Moab a better cyclist.
Dreamride was first to provide Moab-specific skills clinics, featured on Good Morning America and in Sunset Magazine, but you don't have to reserve a clinic to benefit from our help. The first day of any ride series includes instruction in environmental awareness and technical skills tips. The first carefully chosen ride also serves as an evaluation of fitness to enable our staff to tune following daily rides to your abilities and interests. We pay attention to your needs from the start.

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Dreamride is authorized dealer of Moots, Ventana, Serotta, and Pegoretti bicycle frames, all in-house manufacturers that allow us to customize every frame we sell for perfect fit and performance tuned to individual needs. We also offer Merckx road bikes and frames. We are the only bike tour company around to produce its own line of extreme high end biycles, using our experience in film stunts, years of R& D for well-known bike manufacturers, and guiding in Moab's hardcore environment to produce the revolutionary DREAMRIDE F-SERIES MOUNTAIN BIKES.

Moab slickrock with dinosaur tracks