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mountain and road bike vacations for couples Mountain Bike and Road Cycling Vacations for Couples COUPLES IN MOAB | OTHER DESTINATIONS | HONEYMOONS

HELLO, people who love cycling and are a pair, FATHERS AND SONS, good friends, HONEYMOONERS, people who meet on the plane, folks who have known each other for thirty years, two humans of any orientation. YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! Dreamride is the only bicycle tour company to focus predominantly on couples. Couples are over 80% of our business. Couples can book any Dreamride day tour or vacation as either an open or private package. All of our sport vacations are not only offered to couples, they were specifically designed with couples in mind. To get the complete picture scroll down or click on VACATION CATALOG.


Moab, Utah mountain biking

mountain bike toursMoab, Utah Guided Ride Series

Moab is home. Moab is best. Moab is the premier mountain biking destination in the world, and is rapidly getting a reputation for its thrilling and scenic road rides. Private couples who reserve their vacation with the ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE can combine guided and vehicle supported road and mountain rides. All Moab packages offered by Dreamride can be booked at special couple rates and can be reserved as private for a couple. Click on MOAB VACATION CATALOG for a complete listing. Within each listing you will find rates and services specifically for couples. Click on TRAVEL LOGISTICS for information on how to get to Moab.

Termination TowersThe ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE was originally formulated with couples in mind. The extended services enhance any Moab vacation and are the only way we will offer locations outside of Utah, insuring personal supervision by company owners, access to extreme high-end rental equipment, an expanded range of trails, more solitude and privacy, a flexible daily schedule, and comfortable transport to and from the ride. A service upgrade is the way to set up options for night rides, hiking, swimming or skiing within a Moab ride series. Service options include after-ride meals, DVD rentals and access to our library. Private couple bookings at the Elite level allow for a wider selection of remote, sensitive trails and slickrock areas. This is due to the safe, efficient, low-impact nature of a pod of three riders (the two of you and your guide). Elite level access and services are especially popular with fit and athletic pairs, strong father-son pairs, or any couple desiring a mature and balanced approach to riding and educational interpretation. THE MOAB SLICKROCK ULTIMATE MTB VACATION is a service-upgraded version of the FIVE DAZE.

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Moab mountain bike vacations for couples

mountain bike toursMoab Bicycle Weddings and Honeymoons

Mountain Bike HoneymoonsIf you are looking for a special wedding ceremony in nature as part of your vacation with Dreamride, we provide beautiful locations and any frills you may request, from food and drink to photography. We will deal with legal details and scheduling. Get married by the mayor of Moab, an ordained minister or travel to the Navajo Rez to be married by the Justice of the Peace. Mountain Bike WeddingsAny Dreamride package can be reserved as private by a couple, but if you are advanced fit cyclists looking for an "extreme" wedding and/or honeymoon that includes a wide range of options, consider the MOAB ULTIMATE as especially suitable, with romantic lodgings, our extreme high end rental fleet, and private slickrock and singletrack rides suitable to your skills. If you are looking for the ultimate in cycling wedding gifts, definitely consider a matched pair of DREAMRIDE CUSTOM BICYCLES.
Dead Horse Point Private Group Site
There are a few choice sites in Moab canyon country that accommodate intimate wedding ceremonies and allow participants to ride fantastic singletrack trails and slickrock, before, during and/or after the celebration. Depending on the size of the party, sites can be chosen for extreme solitude, and/or comfortable support facilities such as on-site BBQ pits, roofed shelters, access to running water and bathrooms.
Sunrise in Arches National Park


kiss on the trail

mountain bike toursDestinations outside of Moab, Utah

Couples who vacation with Dreamride in Moab often come back repeatedly over the years. Repeater couples benefit from reduced rates on our most exotic trips by virtue of the knowledge we gain about their skills and interests. Custom itineraries are complex to manufacture. Getting to know clients during the initial visit eliminates a fair share of hassle while designing a second package. We pass savings on to repeaters in any way we can. When you understand our sincere dedication, and the nature of our support network, you are more capable of taking best advantage of our knowledge and experience. Our primary responsibility is your safety. Once we understand just how best to serve you in that regard, then our job becomes less stressful, whether we are sharing hardcore riding, wave-driven watersports, visits with the natives, lava tube caving, upscale dining, responsible support for your social intoxication, or cultural education and entertainment. Destinations include THE FOUR CORNERS REGION OR ARIZONA, UTAH, COLORADO AND NEW MEXICO, THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII, COLORADO, and SAN FRANCISCO. Hawaii Vacations with Dreamride

Hawaii Watersports, Caving and Cycling
This is our premier private trip for couples. We know the best cycling spots on the Big Island, the special surf and snorkel spots, lava tube swims and epic hikes. We have a long list of secret spots that allow us to tune each trip to your skills, fitness and interests, avoiding "stink time" and other tourists. A vacation to Hawaii can be a nightmare of traffic and bad local vibes, but it doesn't have to be. There is not much paradise left, but we know where to find it and we have a rapport with locals that is rare in a cycling outfitter. We base from a short list of the best lodgings on the island. One such location, owned by good friends, offers apartment suites at a cool elevation where a gentle morning mist keeps things green, but the sun always shines. From this central home base, we enjoy rides through rain forests on singletrack or jeep roads, over smooth and/or jagged lava rock to remote beaches. We spice cycling with surfing, kayaking and/or snorkeling at your skill level. Hawaii trips are always trip, so the itinerary is written specifically for you and flexes with weather and special opportunities. Click on HAWAII for mountain bike vacations on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Recommended trips for couples.
The foundation of our business is couples. Dreamride is owned and operated by a married couple (35 years together) who appreciate the perfection of pairs of all sorts. We welcome those who are married, shacking up, traveling with a sibling, parent or child, gay or straight, or even a couple of couples together. Scroll down and click on the pictures below to browse this website for trip ideas for couples, be they buddies, lovers, or next of kin.
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