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Shafer Rim

DreamrideDay Expeditions ~ 6 to 8 Hours

Epic hikes generally take from six to eight hours, depending on hiking and shuttle distance. Epic hikes may not require extreme fitness, but Dreamride will not mix experienced hikers with novices, unless the hike is booked as a private day tour by a group or family.

$250 for a single tourist, $350 for a couple, $150 per person for group of three or four.

WHAT YOU GET: All epic hikes feature local and natural history interpretation, personal assistance with photography (photography workshops or location services are available to suitable parties), comfortable transportation, box lunches, water and snacks. Bring a pack or we will loan you one. Groups on epic hikes are limited to four individuals (exceptions can be made for larger private groups).

Note: National Park Passes are not included. Please bring your passes or cash for the entrance fee if your trip is in a National Park.

Special Note: The trail listing below is partial. Dreamride is pleased to offer you the chance to visit Anasazi ruins and hidden rock art as yet uncharted, but we must protect these sites from looting and vandalism by keeping the areas in which they are found TOP secret.

DreamrideTrails and Areas for Epic Hiking

< Pritchett ArchNEGRO BILL CANYON -- The slang name that truly graces this canyon is now a racial slur and we dare not write it due to the "Cyber Police" in Utah, but suffice to say that African American William liked his name, was even extremely proud of it. Bill Granstaff moved into the Moab Valley after the failure of the Elk Mountain Mission, the first Mormon settlement of Moab. Bill traded liquor and guns to the Ute Indians who inhabited the Valley and ended up with the cattle the Mormon mission had traded to the Utes for safe retreat from the Valley. Bill kept his cattle and his horses in the canyon that now bears his name until the Mormons returned and ran him out of the valley under threat of death. This is a wonderful hike through a designated wilderness area to a beautiful natural bridge with a spring emerging underneath. It is perhaps the most pristine area close to Moab and is perfect for children and anyone wishing to see this area at it best and most unspoiled. See it now while the Tamarisk (a non-native plant that is the biggest environmental disaster in canyon country) still has not penetrated the reaches of the canyon.

PRITCHETT CANYON TO HUNTER CANYON -- Another beautiful, tight canyon close to Moab with a lovely creek spashing from a spring at its end and a great opportunity to experience desert oasis wildlife. We have seen mountain lion tracks along the creek. The water is delicious, the hike is truly wondrous. This hike includes a visit to Pritchett Arch and a moderately technical descent into Hunter Canyon.

CRYSTAL CREEK CANYON -- Do you want a "cowboy jacuzzi" in a stunningly beautiful canyon with towering slickrock fins. Do you have kids that would enjoy a swim in a crystal clear stream? Do you like to cliff dive? Well, this canyon offers some great swimming holes and side hikes to rock art panels. Great in the heat of summer!

POISON SPIDER MESA TO PORTAL OVERLOOK -- A strenuos hike to a fantastic view of the Moab Valley, the La Sal Mountains, and Arches National Park.

KANE SPRINGS CANYON -- Kane Creek offers some fantastic sights and the opportunity to swim and view wildlife. Get your feet wet. The hike is accomplished as a point to point with the aid of a shuttle.

OUTRAGE MESA EPIC -- One of our most popular photography hikes is expanded to include some rarely visited Entrada knobs and water pits. This route takes you across some of the most magical slickrock in the area to an astounding view of awesome sandstone spires. Not for those who are frightened by exposure to steep drop-offs.

The Mushrooms on the White RimHUNTER OR GATHERER CANYONS TO PRITCHETT ARCH TO PRITCHETT CANYON -- For very strong hikers only. This is a long route, including a very spectacular arch, some scrambling. Great during spring when wildlife viewing is best.

CRYSTAL CREEK CANYON -- This is our favorite Moab hike. Do you want a "cowboy jacuzzi" in a stunningly beautiful canyon with towering slickrock fins. Do you have kids that would enjoy a swim in a crystal clear stream? Do you like to cliff dive? Well, this canyon offers some great swimming holes and side hikes to rock art panels. Great in the heat of summer! As a full day trip, you can enjoy a wide variety of swimming holes and a lot more mileage.

THE NEEDLE DISTRICT OF CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK -- Chessler Park, Elephant Hill and many other routes are available in the prime day hike area in the United States. Photographers will be rewarded with the best shots of their lives! Just too many exciting stone formations to mention. Additional $19 travel fee per person.

ARCHES NATIONAL PARK -- For a complete coverage of Arches National Park we offer this full day tour that includes entering the park from two points, the main entrance and our own special hiking route into Klondike Bluffs, the most rarely visited scenic area of the park.

MOAB RIM TO HIDDEN VALLEY -- Our most popular full day hike is loaded with ancient art and spectacular scenery. The trip includes a beautiful view of the Moab Valley and Arches National Park, several petroglyph panels, a couple of ancient stone crows nest lookouts, huge sandstone formations, and excellent wildlife viewing.

THE MUSHROOMS AND WALKING ROCKS (White Rim) MOUNTAIN BIKE AND HIKE COMBO -- We travel by mountain bike out onto the rim for a visit to a couple of great hiking and scrambling spots on the White Rim. Fantastic rock formations and cave-like grottos offer great picnic spots and photographic opportunities. Kids love these places. We also visit Little Bridge, a great spot to experience vertigo. On the way back we travel up the Shafer Trail, if you want to climb, or return via Potash Road if you are a novice mountain biker. Ansazi House Ruin

THE SAN RAFAEL SWELL -- This is one of Utah's secret treasures and may well be our next national park. The Swell, once home to outlaws, is filled with ancient Indian art, slot canyons, and wildlife. Additional $45 travel fee per person.

LITTLE WILDHORSE CANYON -- Incredible slot canyon! Photographer's dream. This hike is only done in times of assured dry weather due to flash flood danger. Additional $45 travel fee per person.

GOBLIN VALLEY -- As part of a tour of the San Rafael Swell, this State Park is a treat for children and especially for photographers.

Click on slideshow for photos. Additional $45 travel fee per person.

THE LA SAL AND ABAJO MOUNTAINS -- Lots of sweet alpine hikes with great chances to view wildlife. Trips can include fishing! Additional $35 travel fee per person.

XXX CANYON -- Our most remarkable day expedition is led by company owner, Lee Bridgers. It is a truly challenging hike that requires strength and endurance. It leads to very remote Anasazi Cliff Dwellings. This area has the hoodoos of Moab, but is in an alpine climate with large trees and lots of lush wildlife. Call for more information or click on ANASAZI DREAM QUEST for text, photos, and fees. Minimum fee for this hiking expedition is $1000 for a private couple and the trip will require remote lodgings. Set aside two nights, travel time of 6, and one full day for the hike. We can also camp in the canyon.


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