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Dreamride Moots Psychlo-X RSL custom painted cyclocross racer
Custom Moots Routt fames and bicycles
Moots Psychlo X RSL and Routt Customs
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The Moots Psychlo X RSL is the pinnacle of cyclocross racing frames and now Moots has released the longer, lower, Mooto-X RSL frame specificationsslacker Routt that has become the best selling frame in the line-up at Moots. The Routt and the Routt 45 frames are the base for a state-of-the-art “gravel bike.” But you can't lock these frames into a category. You can turn a Routt or a Psychlo into a road or dirt road commuter or an all around recreational bicycle or a world traveler. A Routt 45 can be a classic mountain bike. These frames can be singlespeed, operate with a mountain bike drivetrain or be geared like a road bike. You can have 130mm or 135mm rear spacing and under downtube or on toptube cable routing. Custom options include S&S Couplers, custom sizing and geometry, fender mounts and waterbottle mount modifications.

Benefit from our years of experience with this frame. Whether you race in the mud as a privateer or simply want a versatile all-road bike, we can turn your one-bike-does-it-all bicycle fantasy into reality with this specific frame model.

Frame Only ~ Frame and Fork ~ Complete Factory Bike

Psychlo-X RSL frame only ~ $4500
Psychlo-X RSL frame w/ Enve disc fork and cantilever mounts ~ $4960
Psychlo-X frame w/ Enve fork and cantilever mounts ~ $4110
Psychlo-X RSL w/ Enve fork and disc brake mounts ~ $5070
Routt frame only ~ $3325
Routt frame w/ Moots fork and cantilever mounts ~ $3785
Routt w/ Enve fork and disc brake mounts ~ $3895
Routt 45 option (more tire clearance) ~ $65 additional
Routt YBB ~ $270 additional
Complete Routt bicycle with Ultegra 6870 Di2/R785 Hydro ~ $8049
Psychlo-X YBB w/ S&S Couplers ~ $email

Custom Moots Psychlo-X RSL frames and bicycles

The Psychlo-X RSL likes attention!
No it's not usually green, but we wanted to show you just how pretty it can get. The Psychlo X RSL is no-compromise CX racer that can be modified into a really fun city bike. Following in the footsteps of the Vamoots RSL and Mooto X RSL, this frame was designed to make it the leader in its class. The overall objective was to build the lightest and stiffest, high-performance titanium Cyclocross bike available to racers today, and to do it without compromising the unique Moots ride quality or lifetime durability. Moots has chosen a 44mm oversized head tube to increase front-end stiffness and enhance handling responsiveness. This feature also allows you to run a 1.5 to 1.25 inch tapered fork, if you wish. Next, Moots spec'd a large-diameter, thin-walled, US-made seamless, double-butted tube set to increase overall frame stiffness while reducing weight. The frame also incorporates an oversized Press Fit BB to achieve greater stiffness for more immediate power transfer under acceleration. For the rear section of the frame, Moots uses formed and tapered chain and seat stays to increase clearance while providing an elegant look and a supple ride for those times when the cross course surfaces turn ugly. Finally, the top tube is formed to provide comfortable shouldering for those stretches when the course is better raced on foot.

Intended use for the Pyschlo-X: Elite and Serious Recreational Cyclocross Racing, but . . . let's have a little fun.
44mm head tube Double-butted U.S. titanium main frame; Shouldering-friendly top tube; Oversized seat tube; 30.9 seat post; Press Fit BB 30; Formed mud-free chain stays; Tapered seat stays; Tapered chain stays; Sculpted drop out; Replaceable derailleur hanger; ISO disc mount optional!

Built around: 395mm axle to crown fork w/47mm rake. No head tube up sizing.
Dreamride Moots Psychlo-X RSL custom painted singlespeed city bike Think outside the box with the Routt and Psychlo-X, if you are looking for something extra special. You haven't had enough fun on city streets until you discover the handling qualities of this cyclocross frame rigged and modified for curb hopping.

Or maybe you are looking for something a bit more traditional . . . Moots Cyclocross frames and bikes This is simply a smart budget-minded build of the Psychlo X RSL frame that is also suitable for a Routt or Routt 45. It combines Moots RSL stem and Cinch post with a rugged and reliable Dreamride-built King/Mavic wheelset and a carefully chosen list of parts that include the SRAM Force CX group combined with SRAM X.0 components for crisp, solid and consistent shifting along with a wider gear range.

Moots Pyschlo-X YBB with S&S couplers Dreamride La Sal Mountain Loop Road Editions
This "Super Commuter" can be off-road capable!
The Moots Psychlo-X bike above with YBB, flat bars, disc brakes and S&S couplers (as pictured) was built to be a travel and commuter bike for on and off road use. Cost: $10,500.

Special Edition Moots Vamoots LSMR cable routing around headtubeWith the price of gas going up, we are putting new focus on commuter bikes that are fun to ride and can handle recreational and practical duties. Below is our "Loop" parts kit, a fantastic all-around bicycle that can handle century rides and, with the right Moots frame, will handle off-road trails. If wet or very cold weather is an issue with your commute, Moots has recently released a Rohloff and fender kit that turns our Loop build into a storm chaser.

The La Sal Mountain Road parts group
Alpha Q ~ Paul ~ Phil WoodThe La Sal Mountain Road build was originally inspired by Moab's weird and lonely mountain backroads. This group is for the long haul over mountainous terrain and, if you choose the CX version, it takes into consideration the temptation to venture off-pavement. Based on a Moots Vamoots standard, CR or RSL, Moots Pscyhlo-X cyclocross or SEROTTA CLASSIQUE OR COLORADO frame, this build is designed to handle rough, difficult road conditions, steep climbs and descents, allowing you to enjoying the scenery without becoming part of it. A Psychlo-X frame with a variant of this rugged and light build can be a road and trail bike, a commuter, and/or cyclocross race bike. The La Sal Mountain Road's front end, can feature Nitto Mustache bars and bar end shifters, any suitable drop handlebar (add in-line brake levers, as well as a variety of systems based on a Moots ti flat bar--see example below with Dirt Road Flyer mods). The mustache bar cockpit includes the necessary custom-szed Moots ti stem. Save several hundred dollars with the option to substitute a stock Thomson stem and post, or any other suitable offering. The Dreamride-built wheels come with Chris King or Phil Wood hubs (road or cyclocross) and Mavic Open Pro road, CXP or A-series rims (Edge carbon rims are options at $1500 additional). You can subsitute a suitable factory-built wheelset, if need be. We use an effective mixture of high end drivetrain components that can be straight-up road, a combination of road/mountain, chosen for your specific use. For 2011 we offer Campy or SRAM component groups. Mix them up for best value or go with a straight group. Choose from FSA, Campy or SRAM crankests in compact or standard, mated to a brutally strong, fast shifting and easily serviced Conex Wipperman chain and SRAM Red or Campy Record cassette. SRAM, Campy, Zero Gravity or Paul brakes stop the bike. There are disc brake options with the Psychlo-X frame. For comfort and longevity our chosen saddle is a Brooks Swallow ti-railed saddle with matching bar tape. We spec Alpha-Q (Moots labeled) carbon forks up front or you can choose and Edge with suitable offset. The build produces a classic, speedy, momentum-building bicylce that treats your body with courtesy. It's about going faster, safer, efficiently and more reliably in comfortable classic style. If you live in San Francisco, Marin, DC, Portland or Seattle--this bike is perfect for urban commuting and recreation. If you ride in traffic, you will dearly love this build. Moots Vamoots versions are around 18.25 pounds with pedals. The Moots Psychlo-X bike pictured is 20.5 pounds. If you a super commuter based on a Psychlo-X frame, we will specify mounts and install custom racks, lighting and fenders. CALL 1-435-259-6419 or EMAIL FOR MORE INFO.

"The Moots Psychlo-X bike you built is amazing. The fit is perfect and I seem to like those mustache bars more each time I ride with them. The saddle is comfortable and light. The one thing I've been a little sheepish about telling you is that I like the bike so much that I want to ride it all the time. So if I have a letter to mail, I'll hop on and ride down the the mailbox; if it's a nice day, I'll keep on going to the post office. Gallon of milk? Be right back. I put a pair of flat pedals on it for everyday use, which lets me take it out when the girls are riding their bikes. It makes it even more into the kind of bike that an adult would use if he were still, really, riding like a kid. I've used the Speedplays for longer rides and a pedal wrench makes it easy just to swap back and forth. So you said this is the perfect bike if you just want ONE bike; I keep finding new ways that I can try to use it. There aren't enough nice things that I can say." ~ L. Zant, Washington, DC ~ See complete testimonial and links to client's email at CLIENT TESTIMONIALS.

Dreamride La Sal Mountain Loop Road Moots Psychlo-X
Moots Psychlo-X versions
Only want to own ONE bike? With the Routt or Psychlo-X frame the La Sal Loop Road is a fantastic all-around BICYCLE!--a city commuter that can easily perform those simple, yet abusive maneuvers that help you AVOID traffic. With or without YBB suspension, it can be your weekend singletrack bike that can get you to the trail and back, as well. With YBB, you will find rooted singletrack to be a breeze--lock it out when you don't need it (use it to load the spring with or without sag to tweak geometry on the fly).

Dreamride Moots Psychlo-X Loop All-Road Flyer Hybrid
La Sal Mountain Loop All-Road Flyer Hybrids
Paul in-line cross leversThe La Sal Mountain Loop Road build can combine the best of mountain, road, cyclocross and city bike technology to build a bike that will serve many tasks, among them CX racing. With Moots' Psychlo-X frame so close to their Mooto-X 29er we can piece together parts from both to produce a bike that can handle pavement, carriage trails, fire roads and technical singletracks. This build can produce a fine cyclocross racing bike that can double as your century bike, road tourer and mountain bike. You will end up commuting to work on it because it will beg you to do so. Choose between drop bars with Paul in-line levers, titanium flat bars with barends, Dreamride Moots custom 14 degree titanium flat bars, or Nitto Mustache bars. The standard wheelset is handbuilt at Dreamride and features Chris King or Phil Wood hubs, Mavic rims and DT spokes to suit your weight and specific use. Choose between two Paul brake caliper designs or disc brakes for cyclocross frames. We always use a Chris King headset to match the hubset. Cranks from Campagnalo, SRAM or FSA are chosen for specific use, budget, your weight and riding style and the overall look of the bike. We would like to see the bike get a Brooks saddle, but you can choose from Selle Italia, Fizik and others. Expect the complete package with build, shipping costs and hardshell flight case to be close to the price listed above. For the only full suspension mountain bike that can be considered an excellent choice for rides that include road surfaces as well as trails, click on

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Dreamride Moots Vamoots Compact We will build the Moots Psychlo X, Routt or Routt 45 as a full CX race bike, a commuter bike, a travel bike, a city bike, a round-town do-all bicycle or a singlespeed for road or off-road use. Dreamride Moots Vamoots Compact Unique Custom Paint

If you are looking to be different for the sake of art, bring style and elegance to your Moots road bike with a personalized paint job. Lee Bridgers, Dreamride founder, is a highly trained and experienced artist. Lee will paint Moots frames ONLY, interpreting your words into color and form. This is the opportunity to have a unique work of art that will increase in value over time. Why Moots? It's the best canvas. It is the best of its kind, and it lasts. Dreamride Moots Vamoots YBB Dirt Road Flyer Hybrid Dreamride Moots Psychlo-X Cross Bike Paul Neo Retro brakes on Moots Psychlo-X La Sal Mtn Loop build Dreamride Road Tours in Moab, Utah and Hawaii Combine road rides in Moab with your purchase.
For solos or couples Dreamride offers free lodgings in Moab as part of any guided day ride series accompanied by the purchase of a Moots bike. Simply join the company owner on a dreamy training series or, for the ultimate way to break-in your new Moots, reserve a point-to-point fully-supported road tour for your family and friends.