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Dreamride Homeboy at Home in Moab Dreamride F-Series Mountain Bikes

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There are some exciting changes for 2013!
New sizes, new models!

Utilizing fifty years of riding experience and two decades of testing and development in Moab, Utah, the F-Series continues Dreamride's original design philosophy of long travel cross country. The concept caught on, don't you think? We started it, if you didn't know or remember. But we are not interested in doing the popular thing, we are interested in going faster with less energy, so the large front wheel thing is in our laps now, while other manufacturers are still trying to figure out how to market the wheel sizes in categories, we use the wheel sizes logically for fit and function and we mix and match them. In a few years this idea will be as big a deal as suitable travel for cross country use has become. The F-Series combines three wheel sizes--26 inch, 27.5 inch and 29 inch--to give anyone of almost any size and weight a distinct advantage over varying terrain. We will combine them in ways not mentioned here.


2013 Dreamride F-69 F-69 HOMEBOY (pictured above) is a slightly longer travel version of our classic F-69 specifically for All Mountain and Light Mountain Freeride use. It uses a 2X10 drivetrain, comes with internal cables and a choice of rear axles. We are using the Gibson Design Group rear end with our own Southwestern geometry. The Homeboy pedals efficiently with a tad more bottom bracket clearance over roots and rocks. The F-69 turns on a dime, handles extremely well over weird terrain and in tight singletrack and goes very fast UP and DOWN hill. Large front wheel rolls over debris, roots and rocks. Smaller rear wheel grabs and accelerates.


Dreamride F-69 Traveler Model F-69 TRAVELER (pictured above) is the classic version of the F-69 with traditional British bottom bracket shell, lighter front triangle and standard headset. Traveler utilizes a 3X10 drivetrain and pop-off full cable housing for ease of maintenance and disassembly when traveling with the bike.

To see a Dreamride F-Series bike in action, click on CLIMBING THE ICE CREAM CAKE!


mountain bikesEvolution of the Dreamride F-Series Custom
    ~ the future is here!

F-Series bikes can have a 27.5 (650B) or 29 inch front wheel. shorter riders, from 5'3" to 5'8" are generally more suited to the 650B. Utilizing the distinct combined advantages of two wheel sizes, the F-69 accelerates quickly, rolls over obstacle more smoothly and handles like nothing before it. Imagine a bike that doesn't blur you out at high speed over rough terrain. Imagine a bike that can roll over, into and out of a three foot drop without lifting the front wheel, . . and make a tight turn at the bottom, too. Imagine a bike that rolls over things like a 9er but leaves all 9er behind on climbs and exiting tight turns. This is accomplished with a bigger front wheel, the tighter back wheel, the right amount of travel front and rear, and geometry that reflects many years of product testing and development of the 6-9 concept. See below for pricing, component details and frame options. We are here to help you and know the things you need for us to know. In addition to custom geometry, travel and custom wheel combinations, the F-Series comes in two frame tubing versions, light weight and heavy duty.

Dreamride F-69 in Aspen

mountain bikes Dreamride F-Series Frame and Bike Pricing

Dreamride F-Series Frame-Only Sales
Stock colors--metallic frog green or charcoal (or custom color for $95 extra). Rear end is polished silver (or custom color for $95 extra). Fox RP-23 shock, and up to 6 inches of rear end travel. Quad pivot bearings for ultimate stiffness and reliability. Cable routing options depend on chosen model. See model descriptions above for features. Custom frame painting (front triangle and rear end): $795 for three color green camo (each design is one-off). $1295 for four color custom (no frame is the same).

$2995 for F-69 Traveler or Homeboy frame in two stock colors.
Customs for very large or very small sizings are $200 additional.

Dreamride F-Series Bike Pricing
We always use Chris King hubs and headsets and Magura or Shimano brakes. All wheelsets are built here at Dreamride using only the best DT rims and spokes with option for use of Enve or chosen Mavic rims. We use Thomson aluminum, Moots titanium or FSA carbon stems and posts. Forks for the F-Series bikes are always Fox Talas adjustable travel.

Complete F-69 bikes start at approximately:
$8500 (with Shimano XT level components) to $9000 (with Shimano XTR level components).


Dreamride F-69 frames are guaranteed free of defects for two years from time of purchase.

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Dreamride F-69 Homeboy A Testimonial:
Lee, I can't thank you enough for your attention to detail on my new bike. Talk about patience paying off! The bike was delivered tonight and I had it put back together in less than 30 minutes complete with new cleats on my shoes. The build quality is obvious and I couldn't be more happy with the paint color. When I pulled out of my garage onto my street some of the parents and their kids stopped and stared at the bike. I pulled over to let them look at it - they were really confused at the two wheel sizes. I told them to look at your website for more info on why the two wheel sizes. I will not be leaving this out in front of my house unattended!

For my maiden voyage, I went onto some dirt maintenance roads that connect to my neighborhood. They are really rocky, sandy and uneven. I figured I would take it easy getting used to the bike. But as things usually go, I couldn't help but blast my way down one of the dusty roads. This bike is a super stable ride. I set the tire pressure at 45 psi to get a feel for the suspension and frame interaction. No other adjustments were made to what you had done. I then went out onto a frontage road with long steep descents and climbs. I was amazed at the bike's performance. While it was plush, I was able to stand up on the climbs and hammer away. I could get into a good cadence and accelerate easily. The new rear end design is spot on for aggressive riding. It is truly a point and shoot bike. None of my other mountain bikes come close - my old Pivot Mach 4 and a new Trek Superfly 100 (both of which have now been donated to my step sons).

Anyway, your recommendations were excellent on how to get the most out of this bike. While I spent more than I had originally anticipated, the extra costs were well worth what I paid. Thanks again for everything and I will let you know when I get back to Moab so we can go out for a Dreamride!!

Brad Smith F-69 Homeboy dropouts by Sherwood Gibson Contact Dreamride to get your order underway.
If you want more information on parts, design, Moab vacation & bike purchase combinations or special invitational trips for F-Series purchasers, EMAIL or call 1-435-259-6419. Call the same number in Moab, Utah for an appointment at our private shop. It is best to make appointments at least a week in advance during peak season months. Dreamride Fully in Serfas flight case The Dreamride F-69 Traveler can come in a hardshell flight case.
This flight case can be part of your order, but an F-69 can fit into box large enough to hold its front wheel and the fringe triangle. The frame features pop-off cables and the suspension parts can be disassembled for shipping (you should be handy with a wrench). The case anticipates rough handling in transit with foam tubing, strapping and careful placement. The Serfas case is sized to fit within reasonable shipping-rate categories. Lockable steel latches for security. Wheels and hand-strap for transport through airports. Pictures of your bike carefully packed in the case are posted on Facebook. Dreamride color matched custom paint and Chris King hub