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26 inch to 29 inch wheel conversion kit on a Fat Chance Titanium
If 6 Was 9
~ and perhaps had a mustache


Pictured is a classic 1992 Fat Chance Titanium hardtail built in Summerville, Mass., reborn in 2006 as an All Road and Trail 29er. Now that you own a modern full suspension mountain bike, don't get rid of that older classic hardtail. It can be turned into a bike that will truly compete for your attention. The Dreamride "If 6 was 9" conversion kit will morph any bike with cantilever brake mounts to an All Road rig that you can ride to and on the trail. It will turn your past favorite into the bike you commute to work on, train on, or take with you on vacation. Find the magic of 29 inch wheels and the perfect way to resurrect the former love of your life.

brake converter
Brake mount adjusters move canti-mounts up one and a half inches to place pads directly onto the 29 inch wheel rim surface. If your hardtail has disc brake mounts, you won't need adjusters to swap to 9er wheels. Cantilever brakes are far more powerful on 29er rims (700c) than 26 inch wheels. If your brakes are classic cantis or linear pull, use them. If you have an option, go canti rather than disc. Rim brakes allow the option of a Mustache or drop bar, discs don't, unless you run mechanical discs which, frankly, offer the worst of both worlds (more weight, more maintenance, and no more power than rim brakes on a 9er).



26 to 29 Wheel Kit Options and Pricing

Complete 6-6 to 9-9 (or 6-9) Kit
~ $895

Dreamride built wheelset with Chris King Classic Mountain hubs (in available colors), Mavic A719 or A319 rims, DT Competition 14/15 double butted spokes, alloy nipples (6-9 conversions use matching smaller Mavic rims in the rear)
*Two Cantilever or V-Brake mount adjusters with necessary hardware
*WTB InterWolf or CrossWolf 700c kevlar beaded tires
Velox rim strips
Kenda tubes

*REPLACEMENT FORKS: Brake mount adjusters will not fit under suspension fork brake arches. We offer a wide selection of rigid forks suitable for this changeover (Tange steel, Kinesis aluminum, On One, White Brothers carbon, custom Ventana, etc.) at a range of prices from around $120 to $400. Have axle to crown measurement of your stock fork ready when you call, if you need a fork replacement.

*Only cyclocross tires will fit under the brake mount adjusters. These are fine for most off-road situations and are perfect for road and trail combo rides.


Mustache Rides ~ Kit & Options
Mustache bar kits
Mustache bars are traditional bicycle racing handlebars from the late 19th century. A mustache bar front end is extremely ergonomic, offering a number of hand positions available to eliminate soreness and fatigue, including a power position that is more efficient on climbs and in traffic, and a laid-out aero position that cannot be had on drop bars without a tri-bike extension. A mustache bar conversion kit turns a hardtail mountain bike into a sturdy city bike, a road bike into a classic speedster, a singlespeed or "fixie" into a track/street toy, and, when combined with a 6 to 9 inch wheel conversion (see above), produces what may be the best all-around bicycle for touring or commuting on pavement, dirt, fire roads, smooth and moderately rooted singletrack, and rails to trails conversions.
Mustache bar conversion kit parts
Mustache Bar Conversion Kit
~ $295

Ritchey adjustable stem
Cane Creek V-brake or Shimano Ultegra canti road levers
Nitto heat-treated mustache bar
Serfas handlebar tape (choice of colors in stock)
Shimano Dura Ace 9 speed bar end shifters
Cables, housings, ferrels and four Jagwire in-line cable tensioners Moots custom stem

Options, subsitutions and additions:
Brooks leather bar tape (limited to colors in stock) (add $65)
Shimano Ultegra 7 or 8 speed bar end shifters (deduct $10)
Dimension (or similar Chinese-made) mountain aluminum stem (deduct $20)
Custom Moots Ti-Beam stem (add $315 and 5 weeks) We keep a few custom Moots stems in stock.
Avid cantilever brake set and Cane Creek canti road levers (no price change)

Mustache bar conversion with Brooks leather wrap

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Visit the Dreamride on-line bike store for 6 to 9 conversions for sale. handpainted road bike packed in Serfas flight case Built in Moab.
Dreamride bikes are labors of love. Not only is each built and detailed meticulously, it is carefully packed in an oversized bike box or hardshell flight case with the respect a state-of-the-art machine deserves. These bikes perform better than they look. Pegoretti Marcelo Dreamride Edition Fittings
Contact Dreamride via email with your inseam and height measurements and we will let you know if you fit stock frame sizing. Most of our sales are via telephone (and email) consultation. We have 100% success at fitting people for mountain, road and cyclocross. We can fit you to a Tri frame with a telephone conversation and fit measurement form, if you know what you want or are just getting started.

Fitting Sessions in Moab
Using a Serotta Size Cycle we figure, with your input, a correct position for a specific bike model, road or mountain. This position produces numbers for frame and component sizing. We can also mock up stock frame sizes and give you a chance to see how each feels. You must pay a deposit in advance to reserve a specific date and time for fitting. If you are getting a mock-up, the Fit Cycle will be set-up to specs before the appointment. If you buy a bike or a frame from us, any fitting is included in the price (or refunded, if you got the fitting prior to the order).

$200 ~ basic fit session for mountain or road
$300 ~ complete fitting for mountain AND road
$100 ~ stock frame size mock-up (road or mountain)
$150 ~ two frame size mock-ups (road and/or mountain).
Moots Cinco Dreamride Fully