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2011 Dreamride Moots Mooto-Xz RFT MAX
Moots Mooto-Xz Frames and Complete Bikes

Mooto-X RSL frame only specs and pricingCLICK HERE FOR THE ORIGINAL MOOTO-XZ PROTOTYPE REVIEW. It is old news, but the proto review will demonstrate our dedication to Moots and documents our continued testing of 29 inch wheel bike components. If you are interested in the testing and development of our RFT (Ride From Town) version of the Mooto-Xz, click on MOOTO-Xz RFT EDITION for an updated review of the production frame and the top selling bicycle for us in 2011.

Dreamride Moots Mooto-Xz builds come with a Moab-tested parts combinations capable of "Cross Country" to "All Mountain" performance. These parts groups can be custom tuned and modified to suit the client's needs, budget and riding style.

We have been a key promoter of the Moots Gristle, a combination 26 inch rear and 29 inch front wheels that is offered in rigid, YBB or Zirkel rear suspension versions. The Gristle Zirkel is featured on this page because of its similarity to the Xz. Dreamride's long travel 69er, the F-69, is our own All Mountain version for faster speeds and rougher terrain, so if you are interested in going faster, click on F-69. Things are popping and it ain't the tire coming off the rim!

Moots Mooto-Xz Frame and complete bike pricing:

MSRP frame-only price includes a free Chris King headset, free shipping in the 48 states, and no tax out of Utah. Complete bike pricing includes initial consultation, fitting, build, and all small parts. No tax out of Utah! Perks for Dreamride Edition and MAX bikes include Moab vacation and guided ride perks and deals.

Mooto-Xz 29er & Gristle 96er suspension frame pricing:
$3425 ~ Moots Mooto-Xz 29er frame only.
$3350 ~ Moots Gristle (Zirkel rear end) 69er frame only.

Dreamride Edition Mooto-Xz (with RFT option) Bike:
The Dreamride Edition group is the standard for a frame of this caliber. It is not as exotic or fancy as the MAX groups, but this is no compromise parts group. Everything is rock solid and functions at a professional level. The parts include Dreamride-built Chris King/Mavic/DT wheelset, Moots ti stem, bar and seatpost, Fox Talas 29 100-120mm adjustable travel fork, Shimano XT drivetrain components (with XT Shadow rear derailleur), Magura Marta brakes, WTB Pure V saddle, tires appropriate to your terrain, Elite bottle cages, and Time ATAC pedals. You can opt for RFT modifications to the Dreamride Edition Xz at no additional charge for a bit lighter version specifically for longer distances that include pavement (lighter, narrower tires, lighter skewers, lighter grips, lighter rims, and subsitution of SRAM twist shifters/rear derailleur and Eggbeater pedals).
$8450 (as pictured)

Dreamride MAX Mooto-Xz (with RFT option) Bike:
This is the flagship! The MAX group is the ceiling when it comes to state-of-the-art components, the extreme high end build for the Xz with full Shimano XTR or SRAM XX.0 (mixed with X.0 for more gears) drivetrain components, King Cage ti waterbottle cages, and newly introduced Magura MB8 brakes. Wheels are Chris King hubs with DT TK540 rims and spokes tuned to rider weight. We use Moots stem, post and bars exclusively (you have the option to go with an FSA carbon riser bar). The MAX RFT contains modifications for effective road performance that do not inhibit the bike's off-road abilities, but reduce rolling resistance and weight. RFT translates to "Ride From Town." Modifications to the MAX (or Dreamride Edition) group that significantly designate it as RFT are lighter, narrower tires, lighter rims, and the substitution of SRAM X.O front shifter/derailleur along with an FSA K-Force Lite triple crankset. This gives the rider a wider gear range for high speed on the road and lower gears for steep climbs. This package includes full ti Eggbeater or carbon ti Time ATAC pedals. Saddle is a WTB titanium railed Vigo or ti-rail Pure V.
$10,195 (pictures coming soon!)

Gristle custom 69er Dreamride and MAX Editions:
The Gristle Zirkel 69er receives the same component groups plus a custom designed Dreamride 69er wheelset tuned for rider weight and use.
MAX (XTR/XX.0 drivetrain): $8950
Dreamride Edition (XT drivetrain): $8225

Dreamride Moots Mooto-Xz at the entrance to Arches National Park
About the Dreamride Edition Mooto-Xz
We always use Moab-tested reliable components: Moots stem and seatpost, Magura brakes, Fox forks, Shimano drivetrain and shifters, Chris King hubs and headset, Moots ti bars or FSA carbon riser bars, DT spokes, Mavic rims, Time or Eggbeater pedals, Oury grips, Torelli cables, 15mm axles, Salsa or DT skewers, WTB or Kenda tires and WTB, Brooks or Fizik saddle. Some of the parts are modified for the sake of performance, safety or cosmetics. Chris King colors are there to play with.

The new Fox RLC Talas 29er fork is a breakthrough for the Mooto-Xz allowing on-the-fly travel adjustment between 120mm and 100mm. This means you can have the stability and tight handling qualities of the steep head angle, then pop the fork up for descents or very rough trail.

Moab's Colorado River Bike Bridge
Of all the bicycles we offer, the Dreamride Edition Mooto-Xz is the most desireable ride-from-town Moab machine for riders from 5'7" to 6'7". The new Colorado River pedestrian bridge originally inspired this modification to the Dreamride and MAX builds. The shop demo Xz RFT is available to demonstrate its effectiveness as a personal travel bike (it comes apart and packs in two suitcases) and a from-town no gas-guilt friend. We use a range of tires up to the 2.55 WTB LT, but smooth rolling narrower tires (such as the WTB Vulpine or Stan's Crow) are perfect for longer rides with stretches of pavement and dirt road on the way to slickrock.
Moots Zirkel M-arc rear suspension swingarm and rocker
The pivotless Moots M-arc rear suspension design is efficient and effective at 4 inches of travel, especially when combined with the Fox RP23 shock, which works as it should and is easy to adjust on-the-fly. The rear end is surprisingly rigid and almost completely mechanically neutral. Loosing the pivot at the rear axle eliminates that nasty flex that causes ghost shifting and wheel sway. This is a perfect suspension design at the right level of plush for these large wheels! The over-all fabrication of the aluminum swingarm is finely executed and the powdercoat finish is lush.
Dreamride Moots Mooto-Xz on Fins and Things
FAT IS WHERE IT IS AT: The use of WTB Weirwolf LT 2.55 Race tires or Intense 2.25 sticky rubber meats specifically increase the size of the already-large wheels of the Xz and the long contact patch with minimal additional weight and acceptable rolling resistance. The effect of all this rubber is best experienced on slickrock, gravel, and loose and embedded rock of all sizes. It simply flies over rough stuff. This bike's most remarkable advantage on smooth rock is its ability to "sidehill." We have found that low-gear climbing of steep rock faces is greatly enhanced by the ability to maneuver across the face of the rock, to turn in any direction in spots where a 26 inch wheel would require quite a bit more work. This effect makes up for a lot of the extra energy it takes to torque the wheels around. The tires not only stick like glue, they are tall enough to get your pedals off the rock. Keep enough pressure in them and bingo, it's a slickrock bike. Just don't loose momentum on that climb. Remember the granny gear. And, make sure the pressure stays high and the bead has been carefully set.
Dreamride RFT MAX cockpit
For those looking for the best all-around big wheel suspension bike, here it is, the Dreamride MAX-RFT Moots XZ. You just cannot beat the XZ for all-around everywhere performance. But those looking for the ultimate in OFF-ROAD ENDURO OR ALL MOUNTAIN performance, will find that they can go a lot faster over rough terrain with the DREAMRIDE F-69 (F-69) CLIMBMAX. The Xz and the F-69 are our top dog mountain bikes for the foreseeable future. If you want a bike for rides that include pavement, fire roads, dirt roads, and every sort of trail, there is no question that the Moots is the very best in our quiver, the all-purpose rig for riders in the right size and weight range (5'7" to 6'6" under 220 pounds). If you are aggressive or very large and want a true enduro or all-mountain bike for the roughest trails, higher speeds and acceleration on the uphills, the F-69 was designed to eat all comers alive in technical off-road situations where speeds are in excess of 20 miles an hour, surfaces are loose and bumpy, and hills are steep. And, if you want a compromise between the two, call us about our specific geometry for a custom Moots Cinco 69er or stock Gristle Zirkel.

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Moots Moot-Xz powdercoat rear section Thank you, Moots
We were honored to be able to offer the best full suspension 29er on the market, the Moots Mooto-Xz. This is a very refined frame born of Moots' many years of experience and testing. Dreamride Moots Mooto-Xz MAX Dreamride Edition Moots Mooto-Xz That Fox F-29 standard axle and Talas 29 adjustable travel 15mm axle forks are the only forks we will put on a Moots 29er. The Fox is decently stiff, almost pretty, and incredibly easy to tune and adjust on the fly. Maintenance is relatively easy to perform, if you are mechically inclined. The Fox rear RP23 shock on this bike is the best air shock ever produced and can be found on all of our Dreamride Fully bikes. Send both fork and rear shock to Fox once a year to avoid problems with stuff that happens on the trail and to keep it out of the hands of local mechanics, or work on it yourself. Moots Moot-Xz powdercoat rear section Moots Mooto-Xz Shimano XT Shadow Shimano Shadow rear derailleurs works like a charm to keep cable and derailleur body behind the end of the skewer nut. Shimano XTR Shadow Yes, it is a flickable 9er that can go fast and take a beating. The titanium triangle is still titanium, however, so heavier, more agressive riders might want to consider a Dreamride Ventana 9er. But, if you like the small bumps to disappear, titanium and big wheels do the trick better than any other arrangement. With that Zirkel rear end the bike sticks to and rolls over huge stuff. Take this bike seriously! You don't want to miss the chance to own perfection. Dreamride Edition Mooto-Xz RFT