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     "I booked a tour last year in June for myself and my nephew Stephen. We both enjoyed the trip immensely. The hiking tour by Miki was also fantastic!" ~ Steven Hultquist, Houston, TX. - Hultquist Package Swimming ~ Hultquist Package Gemini Bridges ~ Hultquist Package Eagles Perch ~ Hultquist Package Day One Evaluation ~ Hultquist Day Two with Guides

     "I just wanted to thank you again for making this short trip to the States a memorable experience. After reading your homepage and talking to you on the phone I thought it would be a good choice, but it is defenitely a special tour company. Excellent guiding, great trails, small groups, professional equipment - what does one need more? So I guess you can answer the question on your questionnaire if I will return to Moab with yes! best regards ~ Dietmar "Didi" Liebold, Switzerland

     "Just a quick note to say thank you for your help in selecting the proper frame for my needs. Last month I purchased a Joker frame from you and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Lee, your knowledge of Ellsworth bikes, and the time you spent with me on the phone was the difference. Hope to see you next year on a Moab trip." ~ Bob Higgins

"Three years already since I put my life in the expert hands of Lee. But these memories don't seem to fade! Ahhh, the wake up call at 5:30, the trail head at 7:00 . . . Now I'm ready to do the ride again, this time I'm bringing family. See you soon in Moab. Cheers. ~ Denis Bourdain, Paris, France

     "Johnny and I would like to thank you for a wonderful moab ride. We both had a great time despite the wrist injury, and we expect to visit moab again!! Thank you also for the non-wet-noodle Manitou fork for my bike, the orange Bomber t-shirt, and the cool bike jewlery that my friend beamed over when she received it! We did safely return Johnny to seattle (where he's basking beneath towering evergreens in 70F sunny weather), and my wrist, bruises and scrapes are slowly healing (they make for a good storyÃ… with a little creative liberty). Most of the photos turned out great (especially the ones that Lee took)." ~ Johnny and Angela, Austin and Seattle. PHOTO

     "I would thoroughly recommend Dreamride, they took care to match skills to routes, the guides were incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of natural and local history and the routes they took us down were sublime. Safety and conservation were absolute priorities for every ride, yet that didn't stop us really pushing our skills navigating slickrock and descending through canyons and dust tracks." ~Dave Barter, England PHOTO

     "Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how the bike is. JUST GREAT!!! I took 5 overall in the north/south mountian bike series 5 race series. I just wanted to thank you for building me such a great bike." ~Craig Mayer, Florida

     "Already in withdrawal. I need to schedule another trip to Moab with you guys. I think you know how awesome I thought the business, the guided rides, and especially you two were, so I won't go on and on with dribble. But here's a quote for your next brochure, 'I'd hesitate to recommend Dreamride to just anyone, because frankly I only want to share this gem of a tour company and bike dealer with my trusted friends.'" ~ Marcus Brown, MN MARCUS AND HIS DREAMRIDE BIKE.

     "At first I thought you were expensive. Now I know you are priceless." ~ Bill Cubellis, New Jersey Photo

     "You wouldn't believe how much we talk about our trip to Moab. Every time we ride together all we talk about is how great it was. If you ever want me to tell someone just how great your rides are, just give them my email address." ~ Larry Rothenburg, New Jersey

     "The bike is awesome. It allows me to get over the difficult trails that gave me trouble in the past with ease, and allows me to try things i wouldn't have set foot on in the past!!! i'm waiting for everyone . . . Jay can't wait for his.." " ~ Cary Silverman, New Jersey

     "It just keeps getting better each time. From riding at 10,000 feet in the Abajo Mountains, to the joy of riding slickrock in your hidden places, it just makes a kickass trip for both of us. Perhaps just as important, your care in handling our bikes is a rare commodity, good mechanics who care are really hard to find. See you next year." ~ Bruce and Lois Jacobs, Boonton, New Jersey ‹ also bought their Ellsworth Truths from Dreamride.

     "Thank you, Miki and Joe for the great guiding. You are true to your word, find out what we like and give us more of that. Jan, especially appreciated the efforts. I've already begun plotting my return to Moab and Dreamride." ~ Phil and Jan Abram, New Jersey ~ PHOTO

     "I wanted to take the time to tell everyone at Dreamride how happy I am with my Dreamride Ellsworth Pretty Truth. Thanks again to Lee Bridgers for the excellent job. The bike is amazing and everything I had hoped for. Initially I was very apprehensive about spending that kind of money on something I had seen over the internet. I am glad to say that everything went perfect and the bike is gorgeous. I am sorry I am not there to shake your hands for the good work. Thanks again and I promise to tell all of the jealous folks on the trails where I purchased it." ~ J. Grant McIntire, Tempe, AZ

     "I just recently returned home to my all too familiar and routine world back here in Massachusetts and I wanted to extend my extreme gratitude for making my stay in Moab THE highlight of my travels. And your generous offer of a ride to Grand Junction greatly reduced my exposure to riding in the "knock you on your ass" desert heat. I'm sure you hear this a lot, but it is truly refreshing to encounter a company, organization, individual, or whatever who places environmental concern and education as a top priority in their mission statement/ideology. As far as I'm concerned you guys set the standard by which all other guide services should be judged. And the ridingÃ… What can I say but SUPERB? My expectations were more than met, and I'm left with not just a desire, but a conviction to return and experience loads more of the best riding on earth. ~ Pete Travis

     "We really enjoyed our tour with Dreamride! It lived up to all our expectations. Let us know if anything new is planned for next year, maybe in Fruita where they serve real beer. ~ Jay Katzanek

     Very special thanks to Jay and his group, Dom, Tod, Mike, and Tom, for providing us with the fannies in the heading photo above. Thanks for the wise cracks, guys! It is a joy to ride with people who love to laugh. For photos of this group with their shorts pulled up click on: ON THE EDGE - THROUGH THE SHROOM - ACROSS BARTLETT - DOM ON HIS NOSE - ENTRADA - QUASIMOTO VIEW - URANIUM ARCH - SITTING ON JANE.

"Hey Lee,
     I'm just back to normal after the great riding in Moab. I dream Slickrock, among other things. The "Crack-Rock" picture looks great, but the names in the text and the asses don't match. My girlfriend thought I was Dom! Correct ass order (L to R, not by rank): Todd, Mike, Tom, Dom, Jay.
P.S. Remember pulling cactus thorns out of my butt? I have proof."

     "The bike ride was in the middle of a beautiful scenic desert and I would have been totally unprepared if I had gone on my own. Especially with the amount of knowledge Lee displayed during the ride about geology and history made me glad I went with Dreamride. I learned a lot about the history of Moab and saw a ton of dinosaur tracks and Lee even could pick bones out of piles of rocks! The other riders were very friendly and a lot of fun to ride with. The route we took was a fun challenge on the slickrock and the views were amazing! Thanks a lot!" ~ Kyle Jansson 8/16/00

     "Thanks for a great week. I wanted breathtaking views and challenging rides and you supplied both in abundance. The night ride was awesome. Those slickrock bluffs bathed in moonlight were glorious. Thanks for your care and attention to detail. I think I learned more about the desert ecosystem in that one week than I have in my entire life. No matter where I bike or hike, I will always think twice before leaving a tread mark or footprint. I also loved your stories of Moab's history and locals. It left me thinking of Moab as a living thing, from the very soil it's built on, to the people who inhabit it, the birds that soar above it. I now know why you fight so hard to protect it. Thanks for the lessons." ~R. Edward Ishmael, Jr. 4/22/00

     "Thank you for a great time in Moab! Wendy and I were nervous that we could go out and ride together with enough stuff to keep me happy technically and keep her from suffering. You were able to keep both of us very happy and overwhelmingly satisfied with our Dreamride vacation." ~ Gordon Stevens and Wendy Howard, October, 1998. Click on SLIDESHOW OF WENDY AND GORDON'S TRIP.

     "As an Australian freelance journalist, I have travelled all over the planet researching and writing feature articles for magazines and newspapers. Last year my photographer and I had the pleasure of spending some time with the team at Dreamride and we were very impressed. Our stint with Lee and Nate was the most fun we've ever had on any trip anywhere in the world." ~ Stephen Lacey, Australia

     "A quick note to let you know that the three of us had a great time riding with you and are definitely interested in coming back again. Now it's back to reality and work." ~ Greg DiBernardo

     "One of the reasons that Lois and I went to Hawaii with you both is your absolute joy for doing anything. I never felt so good as when I was in Moab. You both had a lot to do with that. Most important was the concern you showed for Lois, who was suffering through a medical problem. We can't think of two nicer or better people to spend our quality time with. After our personal 'personal' time which includes riding, and other things we do, riding with you (and spending time) came to the top of the list-easily in the top five." ~ Bruce and Lois Jacobs, Boonton, New Jersey

     "I just wanted you to know how rich Kathryn and I found the clinic. The teaching just couldn't have been better! Tony, Phil and Nate were very skillful, tremendously encouraging, and endlessly patient. I was saturated by the end. Any worries we had that the whole thing would be too advanced for us dissolved.
     "Thanks so much for taking us to such beautiful places and for providing such wonderful people to be with. I was sad to leave, didn't want to say goodbye."
~ John Chichester and Kathryn Daniels, Boulder, Colorado

     "A big kiss!" ~ Ursula Grueter

     "Lee takes safety VERY seriously. He leaves NOTHING to chance. Lee's navigational skills are incredible. He has radar. His rides are not found on any map or in any other guidebook of the Moab area. You would NEVER find these places on your own, and you could die trying. I trusted Lee explicitly and look forward to riding with him in the future." ~ Regina, New York

     "Lee was right. I got back and I dreamt about it and I just have to get back there. I loved the mountain biking." ~Kevin Newman, ABC News

     "I have learned that there are 3 things of essence in order to achieve a dream ride:
      A dream trail
      A dream guide
      A dream bike
Thanks for providing the 3 elements in a superior way. Wendi and I were delighted with our dream vacation."
~Javier and Wendi Perez, executive head of MasterCard Europe and wife. CLICK HERE TO SEE WENDI IN PIG HELMET.

     "Lee's the man for rides. When I go with Lee, even though I can navigate Moab pretty darn well after 15 years of riding there, it's a really relaxing experienceÃ… I don't have to do anything but ride and enjoy. A lot of times it's not a different ride, but a variation that you'd only know if you rode extensively in the area." ~ Tony Ellsworth

     "My recent 3-day guided tour with Dreamride was by far the best outdoor adventure of my life. Since I am lucky if I get to ride my bicycle once a month in the real world, the last thing I wanted was to be struggling to keep up with a group of hardcore cyclists with bulging calves in the desert mountains of southeast Utah. It turns out that Lee Bridgers can ride circles around most guys half his age (and he had successful careers in music and filmmaking before becoming a full-time Adventure Guide, so he is on the downhill side of 40). But in addition to skill and stamina, he has the wisdom to know that safety is paramount in the desert and the experience of having personally scouted all of Moab's 100+ bicycle trails. His groups usually consist of two to four people with similar interests and abilities. With such a versatile tour guide, each day's ride or hike can be customized right up to the last minute to accommodate changing weather (or sore muscles from the previous day). If you have explored Dreamride's excellent website, you know that Lee is an accomplished teller of tales. He certainly kept things interesting during the three days I spent biking and hiking with him. An unexpected bonus was Lee's natural ability to motivate people to reach new heights and meet physical challenges in a fun way. Dreamride is not the least expensive guide service operating out of Moab, but you would not be able to live with yourself if you traveled all the way to this remote and wonderful place without drawing on their years of experience and knowledge." ~ Larry Samuels, M.D., March 1998

     "You can't get this kind of food anywhere! It is incredibly delicious, but what is really special about Miki's cooking is how it makes you feel, so happy, so strong and healthy. I'll back Miki in her own restaurant if she moves to New York." ~ David Karmelli, Damoka Corporation, New York, New York

     "Thanks for the fantastic time you provided Reed and me last week! That the tour was done on such short notice and as a tagalong on a trip that matched our limited abilities was very much appreciated! Can't really express how much we appreciated your patience. Reed has talked about Moab and 'the bike trip' constantly since we arrived back in TN yesterday. He has carried his pictures everywhere and shows them to anyone who will hold still long enough to look at them. To get a 'cool' 14 year old to appear to be excited about anything takes some doing. You were able to get him to appreciate the area and want to go out and do things and actually appreciate your setting, things which were 'uncool' before. He's already starting to bug me about the next trip!" ~ Steve and Reed Stevenson, Knoxville, TN

     "Just a note to say thanks for a great mountain biking adventure. As you well know, this was my first experience in true mountain biking. I really had no idea of what to expect other than great scenery and hanging out with good friends. Well, I was astonished, to say the least. The biking was tough and totally challenged my physical fitness. Thank God I worked out hard for two months prior to the trip. The scenery was beyond my expectations and worth every effort to get to the best locations. And most of all, both you and Miki went beyond yourselves to make all of us feel great. Our trip was totally worth the time and money we spent. Hopefully we will be back again with a few more of our friends. Thanks again." ~ Jim Mercon, Chicago, Illinois

     "Had a super time in Moab. You folks are the greatest! You show great consideration for the environment and your guests, both on the trail and off. The scenery, the ride, the geology, botany and paleontology lessons were awesome and will be remembered for the rest of my life. And special thanks to Miki for taking care of me when I got the stomach virus! The herbal remedies really did the trick." ~ C. Wayne Terry, Ontario, Canada

     "I have not heard of a finer guide service anywhere, or for any other sport. The laidback professionalism was a welcomed surprise. I have heard a variety of nightmare stories from friends who have gone to Moab and went with other guides and I will be referring them to Dreamride in the future." ~ Tony Blane, United States Marine Corps

     "Thank you one more time, for THE most memorable vacation we've ever had! Hopefully all the pix come out! I'm having trouble explaining our trip to friends other than telling them it was Incredible! We'll be back. George momentum=goodÃ… stopping=bad." ~ George and Brenda Angus

     "Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the rides we did with you May 23 and 25. Your friendly, professional approach was much appreciated by someone unfamaliar with Moab and slickrock riding. A special thanks to Judy for her expert and caring instructions to Carlene. Carlene is not a strong rider, and HATES going uphill‹Judy gave her GREAT support and instruction on how to make the "work" part of the ride fun!! It's only a 9 hour drive from our home to yours‹we will probably be contacting you again in the future!!" ~ Anne Payne

     "I really wanted to thank you both for a wonderfull time in THE mecca of mtbiking. I promise to advertise back home, so get that english/french dictionary out o'the closet (where you left it 15 years ago) and start answering these french callsÃ… I will E-Mail you my address as soon as i get one, I hope you'll take the time to send me a word. I got my pictures today, they came out fine (except mountains and rocks should be the main subject, not me, LeeÃ… ) and I was able to show everybody in CO. how much fun we had. So long! Happy trails! Come ride in france for a vacation, that will change your minds. Denis "I got you babe" ~ Denis Bourdain, Poitiers, France

     "Lee-Sorry we took so long to let you know what a totally excellent time we had last August! We have been providing free advertising for you back East. We can't wait to return and attack some unobtanium trails. THE MANITOU WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am currently trying to decide what the new ride will be. You were right, the trip was more expensive than I thought(i. e. New Bike). Cindy wants you and the staff at the Hotel to know how much she appreciated their hospitality. It really made our trip complete. Hope all is well and will look forward to seeing you and Slickrock real soon! Stay in the ZONE-DUDE!! ~ Keith Murphy and Cindy Cramer, Edgewater, MD

     "Hey Lee- Did you get the CD I sent???? I thought you might like that I know you had trouble finding it. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me out with something. The Iron Horse that I rented from you was such a great fit for me, I don't know if you remember how we talked about the length of the top bar being a major factor in my lack of lower back pain while riding. My bike just doesnt feel as good. If its not too much trouble, I was hoping you could measure for me the proper length from the handlebar stem to the saddle stem. Thanks, I'm going to start shopping for a new bike soon! Hope all is well for you guys in Moab!! Thanks again for everything, Tim and I had a blast on our trip. Take Care." Michelle Gutenstein, NYC, NY

     "I hope you got the pictures we sent a few weeks ago. We had a really nice trip last spring. We look forward to coming out again." ~ Charlie & Danielle Miranda, Medina, OH

     "Thanks for a great introduction to mountain biking - I loved our ride. Kathryn and Sam send their regards. We look forward to joining you on the TripleX hike/bike trip - let us know if you have a group - we are planning a visit regardless. See you soon and thanks for the bike. I love it! Best regards, El." ~ Elinor Grabar

     "Lee's stories really made the tour for me. He really set the experience apart from what I expected from a mountainbike tour company." ~ Carol Kreter, Rochester, Minnesota

     "This was the most exciting mountain bike tours I have ever been on thanks to my awesome tour guide, Lee. We rode the Gemini Bridges trail and the scenery was breathktaking. I hope to come back soon and ride a multi-day trip. C-U soon!!!!" KEVIN KOEHLER

     "Really enjoyed the trip. It just wasn't long enough. You're the greatest." ~ Terry Jackson, Hollywood stuntman (Bruce Willis' stunt double)

     "Thanks for all the help. Every shot was an A+"' ~ Greg MacGillivray, director of Everest

     "From two sprocketheads who rode with you on Flat Pass and Behind the Rocks: THANK you VERY MUCH for the great time." ~ Ulli Koch, Germany

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