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Reserve your mountain bike vacation with Dreamride. Family Mountain Bike Vacations and Day Tours

DreamrideMoab Family Mountain Bike and Multi-Sport Vacations

guided mountain biking for familiesDREAMRIDE of MOAB, UTAH provides families with guided private hiking and cycling DAY TOURS and VACATIONS that include mountain bike ride series and optional hikes tuned to the interests and fitness of the family group. There are options for food, rentals and a choice of lodgings. Founded by an educator, Dreamride offers rare interpretive guiding for curious teens and young adults with educated and skilled mature guides who have been with us for many years. Among our circle of guides are a botanist, a skills specialist, an herbalist and guidebook author. We have Flemish/Dutch and German speakers on staff, as well.

Dreamride family trips are personally hosted, managed and sometimes guided by company owners, Lee and Miki Bridgers, who have been guiding families together for 15 years. Your trip with Dreamride can include road cycling, mountain biking, hiking, and a variety of swimming activities. Because every Dreamride family trip is private, we are experts in arranging itineraries to suit the fitness, needs and desires of your collective family group. And because we set aside two guides/drivers (sometimes three) for Dreamride's private family trips, it is possible to split the group to cater to members who would enjoy more or less technical challenge, or who might need a break with an easy hike or a relaxing soak in a natural cowboy jacuzzi. For couples and family groups no larger than three or four, we offer private custom charter trips in HAWAII. We also offer a special family vacation for gay couples and their children in SAN FRANCISCO. Trips outside of Utah are hosted and guided by company owners, Lee and Miki Bridgers, and must be reserved up to a year in advance.

Family ride into Arches National Park

dino trackingYou and your children will have our undivided attention on the trail. We offer rare flexibility, adjusting to weather and special opportunities on-the-fly. The amazing things that happen during our trips, the "Dreamride moments" as clients have described them, happen because we seek them out. We see double rainbows, golden sunrises from a sacred Anasazi fertility site overlooking a green valley. We routinely see desert cats, eagles, hawks, coyotes, jack rabbits, and a variety of lizards and snakes because we cater only to the smallest groups, time our rides carefully and choose our trails specifically for the desired experience. We offer night rides on the full moon and crystal creek swims in stunning sandstone canyons and in clear lakes below canyon rims. Do your kids love dinosaurs? We will take them to a quarry, show them tracking spots and give them a dinobone shard to take home.

Is your teenager interested in being a mountain bike racer or simply wants to hone his or her skills for the sake of safety and enjoyment? Dreamride's SKILLS CLINICS are a perfect supplement for any mountain bike vacation package and are guaranteed to elevate the technique of riders of any skill level--this means you, too, dad and mom. We offer a "mini-clinic" to specifically serve those who simply need a bit of personal attention on a ride in order to increase skills and awareness as we enjoy the trail and the environment.

For a complete list of packages click on VACATION CATALOG. Any of the offerings can be set up and/or customized for your family--simply use "private" rates and add $25 per minor per day. Minors can only participate in a ride if accompanied by a guardian. Technical mountain bike or water sports skills are not a prerequisite for anyone, but a reasonable level of fitness is required. Because our trips are private no one will have to deal with trying to keep up with hammerheads or be slowed by riders with less fitness. Each tour is set up for the least-skilled rider or hiker or swimmer in your family group. We ride together, or we plan to ride in two separate pods.

In Moab our most popular family vacation has been based on our 3D format that includes three days of riding and four nights of accommodations. Our 4D with four days of riding and six nights of lodging includes a rest day in the middle, has also been popular for families. For a sample of Moab trails that will help you understand our skills ratings and your own abilities, click on MOAB MTB TRAILS. For a sample list of hiking expeditions suitable for families with children click on MOAB HIKING.

Moab Family Vacations and Day Tours
DreamrideSample Three Day Family Package
We cater to a range of skills, and prefer families of experienced, fit and skilled cyclists without minors. If you are of this type, you will find descriptions of packages suitable to your level of skill in THE MOAB VACATION CATALOG. Just use the private rates.

For everyone else what follows is an example of one of the easiest of trips we do. Rates for this sort of trip are found with the 3D private family tour package at 3D RATES. Below is a sample itinerary for a fit family of novice mountain bikers (not beginners, but not very experienced). It is about as tame as we can make it. The best version of a package like this includes Dreamride's ELITE SERVICE UPGRADE that includes additional guide support, food, and expanded use of shuttle vehicles (sag support) and four nights accommodations in the finest Inn in Moab, which happens to be next door to our shop and guesthome. Each day's guided activities are up to 6 hours in length. The price includes bikes (kids must fit a 26" wheeled bike), transportation to and from the trail, and snacks on the trail (boxed lunches are extra, or they are part of the Elite upgrade).

Dino tracks The Dino Slickrock Ride takes place in an area rich in dinosaur bone deposits, as well as Native American stone artifacts. The trip culminates in a mellow slickrock playground perfect for young novices longing for bragging rights. This ride can also include a visit to a dinosaur bone quarry. Box lunches are provided for ELITE PARTIES or for a fee.

Hike and Swim! Hike up a beautiful desert canyon to a private swimming hole. We have three separate locations for this kind of fun and we will choose the site perfect for your family's interests, strength and skills. Rock Art, wildlife, a long hike, short hike--visits are decided upon as the vacation progresses to suit your fancy, skills, or the weather.

Klondike Bluffs *Kane Creek Canyon Day Tour. This is bike tour treats adults and kids to Native American Rock Art and a moderately challenging ride (you may be pushing the bike a bit) that can be as long as any rider in the group wants it to be. There are side hikes to dino tracks, fossils, and petroglyphs making this a rare, rewarding and educational tour for kids as young as 9 years old and adults up to 75 year old.

Flexibility: The sample above is best for families with kids from 10 to 18 years of age who have some experience on a mountain bike. If we find that you are being challenged too much or too little, or you come up with a special request or the weather changes, we can adjust at any time. This is one of the many benefits of a private package.

Moab GuidebookNeed a Guidebook for Moab?
Moab guidebook "There are trail guides; and then there's the real deal." ~ Bike Magazine

"Mountain Bike America's Moab guide is setting a new standard for guidebooks. Lee Bridgers' first-hand accounts give the reader a sense that they have some behind-the-scenes information about Moab." ~ Brian Fiske, Senior Editor of Mountain Bike Magazine

Lee Bridgers' Moab guidebook is now available in bookstores around the world. To order a signed copy for $25 including shipping and handling call 1-888-662-2882. If you are booking a family vacation and have kids under the age of 18, the book comes free with your information packet.

Sunrise in Arches National Park

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The foundation of our business is private parties which, by their very nature, open the door to personalized services and much more flexibility. Adding the ELITE UPGRADE takes personal service to the next level, where we provide after-ride food and drink, creative shuttles, access to our extreme high end rentals, night rides, road rides, hiking days and the option for private chef services (early morning breakfasts and kosher buffalo recovery meals are highly effective for epics and night rides).
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