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4 Moab Day Tours on Road Bicycles

Private Guided Four Day and Six Nights Road Tours

How to Get to Moab Our four day package was added in 2008 as a result of years of custom trips for private solos and couples from abroad. It is our "Goldilocks" offering. For intermediate to advanced riders it is not too short, and not too long--just right! Riders leave satisfied, but not exhausted. We have found that exhausted people do not return to Moab. It has something to do with body memory. If you feel good when you leave, you will want to come back. The 4Day format comes with six nights of lodging allowing a rest day amid the ride series. You may opt for an additional day of lodgings at the onset to allow a chance for your body to adjust from jet lag even more in preparation for the exertion. Elite level private parties can move the rest day around inside the package and have access to a hiking guide for a Cowboy Jacuzzi hike/swim at any point in the package, including the rest day. It is customary to tip your guide.

Solos, couples and groups of three or four are welcome.

Privacy means your interests are important to us. Each ride is custom-designed to satisfy the avid road rider or a less experienced family group wishing to sightsee and visit places of interest. Rides can be scenic and educational and/or faster and more challenging.


Reserve your mountain bike vacation with Dreamride.

Green River Canyon. Dreamride4D Rates
There is a 7.8% state sales tax on all services and equipment.

*As good as it gets!
ELITE UPGRADES are available when this package is reserved for private parties of one or two, or any group of three or four.


Rates below are for six nights of lodging and include hotel taxes, though they do not include Utah sales tax. There are four levels of accommodations listed. Prices vary according to quality, location and luxury. Click on the level for a description of included accommodations. The first night of lodging is prior to the ride series (first ride is the morning after your first night of sleep in town). The last night of accommodations is after the ride series, allowing a good night's sleep and relaxed morning departure from Moab.

Private Solo (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).

Level 1 ~ $2350
Level 2 ~ $2500
Level 3 ~ $2825 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $3065 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 4 ~ $3090
Level 5 ~ $3605
Level 6 ~ $3875

Private Couple (completely private rides, guide, transport and lodgings).
Level 1 ~ $2995
Level 2 ~ $3295
Level 3 ~ $3625 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $3865 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 4 ~ $3905
Level 5 ~ $4405
Level 6 ~ $4675

Group of three or four individuals (or two couples) sharing a single room--prices listed are for each of you
Level 2 ~ $995
Level 3 ~ $1150 (OFF SEASON)
Level 3 ~ $1225 (PEAK SEASON)
Level 5 ~ $1465

Bike rentals are not included in road bike day tour rates. Ask about rental bikes when you call to reserve. Rides from town depart from our shop and do not include a shuttle vehicle, but a vehicle and driver are available in case of emergencies. A following sag vehicle and driver (additional to the guide) for rides over 100 kilometers is an additional $295 per day.

It is not over until you have done the paperwork. Please download the pdf documents directly below. Fill out the questionnaire and waiver and send them via fax to 435-259-8196 or EMAIL

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Extended Services:
Upgrade your day tour for more personal attention on and off-the-bike. The Elite Upgrade insures hosting by company owners and offers the options for extended shuttle services for downhill rides, shuttled point to point rides, mountain singletrack, early or late departures, night rides and more. Elite upgrade includes after-ride food and drink. Use your vacation in Moab to purchase a CUSTOM BICYCLE and the day tour is free. Modify your day ride to include a MINI SKILLS CLINIC. Click on the image below for rates on upgraded services. Elite guide and vacation service upgrade. Moab 3 day mountain bike and/or road ride series If you have a group of fit club riders, save money, save gas and/or include road biking in a two or three day package, consider the "ride from town" option. Navajo Reservation road and mountain biking Big Island active combos